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Now is the time to support

By Walter Broeckx

This Saturday as you know we will play the semi final of the FA cup. As it is a while ago we went that far in this competition I think we must make our minds up. Will we support the club from now on till the end of the game completely.

Or will we hope that we fail so some can repeat their mantra’s about sacking the manager and all involved at the club?

Of course you know the Untold point of view. We will support the players, manager and club completely next Saturday. Tony will be there of course. And so will I.  And Drew, and Andrew, and Ian and his sons.  Untold will be there in force.

But with all of us there neither Tony nor I will be available to write an after match article. But we will see how it goes from here. 

Speaking about the match. On paper it should be a simple affair. But this is football, this is the FA cup and there are no easy matches in the FA cup. Certainly not when you reach the semi finals.

In a way it is amazing what Wigan has done this season. Maybe even more impressive than them winning the FA cup last season against Manchester City. At that moment they were still a PL club. So you could expect any PL club playing the final to have a chance of winning it.

But what they did this season and certainly when playing in the quarter final and winning at Manchester City is very amazing. I have seen a part of that match and what I learned is that they were very resilient in defending. And were lucky on a few occasions. Manchester City missed a few big chances that they shouldn’t have missed. But it is football, the FA cup and Wigan did the impossible thing.

So we are up to a team who know how to produce a miracle. So those who think it will be an easy match might be proven wrong. Now of course if I would be there it might turn out an easy match. Well if things keep going like they did for me when I came this season.

It will be important to not underestimate them. For them the FA cup is their only chance to shine at the highest stage – although they are still likely to get into the play offs for a possible return to the Premier League. So I expect them to be fully up for this match.

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And we all know that the timing for us is not really the best. Still a lot of players out injured.  Wigan have only one player out on a long term injury – that is quite a contrast with us.  And after the last weeks confidence might be a bit low.

But this is the FA cup and maybe the players can use this match to chase away the doubts. Maybe this is the time to show what they still can do.

We have to treat Wigan with respect and not think it will just happen for us. I think that for most players this is something they look forward to a lot.

And I think maybe the foreign players even more than the English or British players that are left.  Because the FA cup is for most foreigners the competition they could see on their TV when they were young. Some 15-20 years ago the FA cup was the competition that was shown live on TV in most other countries.  I know in Belgium the FA cup was shown live from in the 70s.  So for the players playing in that scenery of Wembley (be it the new Wembley) will be an even more amazing thing to do.

In a way you could say that for players like Oxlade-Chamberlain it is more business as usual. He has played there and can and will play many more games at Wembley in his career. For most foreign players this will be the chance of a lifetime.  So I hope that they will be ready for it and will show what they can.

So slowly the building up to the semi final will begin. And now is the time for ALL supporters to stick to the team. No ifs. No buts. This is the time to show what you want. You want what is best for Arsenal? Then stick to the team and give them your believe. Show them you will support them.

If not…if you really are not capable of doing this then I really wonder when you ever will be able to do it. And then I wonder why you still are around.

Now is the time to support. Nothing else matters. Support them and carry the team and help them to reach the final. That is what we should do. That is what I will do. Be it in Wembley in person or in front of my TV.

Come to think of it. This is what we should do from now till the end of the season in each and every match. That is if you want to call yourself a supporter of course.

41 comments to Now is the time to support

  • Micheal Ram


    Please inform Tony that Google, Android and does not recognise your security certificate for your blog anymore. Corrupt bastards. At least, you guys are well known in the international scene now. So, the battle starts. Im always up for it.

  • Brickfields Gunners

    @ Micheal – not sure what you mean ,but something weird is going on .I got the 404 message earlier on this article and on re-clicking went to another ‘parallel’ article where this article does not come up .

  • Brickfields Gunners

    I saw a comment by bjtgooner to me the OF MICE AND MEN article and I answered it ,but it has since gone missing.
    Have the aliens landed ?
    Are we being jammed by unforseen forces ?
    Is it time to pray and repent ?

  • finsbury

    It was intriguing to see the support for AFC upon this site described as resembling something from the STASI archive.

    All that is required to highlight the absurdity of this suggestion and those who suggest it is a simple exercise – compare and contrast with coverage today elsewhere:
    Those headlines were a year ago, the same writers are writing the same old jibberish today. They are still pursuing the same programme. Historically, over the eons, such bias has been described as propaganda. How could anyone who supports or loves AFC support such obviously disingenuous attacks upon their club? E.g. “The manager doesn’t do tactics”, this is most definitely not what most normal football fans discuss after games everywhere from non-league upwards. They would be discussing whether they liked the managers tactics for a certain game (if they managed to work out what they were), whether they agreed with the tactics. But to allege “no tactics”, the idiots self-flagellating meme of choice at the moment, that is strange behaviour. Or it is the regurgitation of a gibbering mind that believes that it is good at PR.

  • Brickfields Gunners

    April 10, 2014 at 10:27 am


    Excellent stories, very much appreciated & breakfast not displaced!!

  • Brickfields Gunners

    This was the comment ,which does not appear here.
    Whats going on ? Anyone ?

  • nicky

    “Now is the time to support” the headline says.
    Nothing is further from the truth.
    On Saturday, Wigan Athletic will be in force at Wembley Stadium, both team and supporters.
    They want blood. Our blood.
    Now, we have a better team, better manager and better stadium.
    We are better than Wigan are, in all respects bar, possibly, vocal support.
    We have to be equal or better as the VOICE of ARSENAL on Saturday. No letting up when things go awry (as they will).
    Whatever the result, let it not be said that we were out-shouted by the folk from Lancashire.

  • Mauritius Gooner

    From Mauritius Island,we are 100% behind the team.

  • bjtgooner

    I agree with nicky – it is vital we really get on to Oliver early and make him think he is at the Emirates rather than Wembley – and to encourage our team to the maximum.


    As I posted just a few minutes ago on the Mice & Men thread, I have just returned for a trip & noticed your comments about my earlier comment disappearing. Something strange happening, not sure what.

  • Mutiu Jimoh

    Yes Walter ,we should all support them well on saturday because they need us behind them. fuck all thebad fans and they should not come to Wembley on saturday but Im sure it will be a easy one for Arsenal.

  • AL

    Fully behind the team, this weekend and always. COYG!!

  • Damilare

    Thanks Walter for a great article as usual.

    Yes Wigan had smelt and tasted blood- Mancity’s blood in recent time. So they could have more reasons to believe especially given our recent performances.

    We are more or less becoming underdogs on Saturday. But will it matter if being underdogs deliver the final ticket for us?

    I appeal to all fans going to Wembly to turn the match on their heads. I have a feeling that fans’ support will win the match on Saturday.

    Go for it gunners, go go go Arsenal.


  • Dwyane

    Hear hear let’s get behind the team for a change. I jushope we ddon’t let the recent performance effect the team

  • soglorious

    Was so surprised when a Friend, who happens to be “an arsenal fan” told me he wishes that we lose Saturday s match so that Wenger could be sacked. Sometimes, some people could be so callous . He even said if Wenger still remains the manager by next season, he will quit supporting Arsenal.
    Walter, and all that will be there on Saturday PLEASE support the team. I beg you in the name of whatever God that you serve so that this my ‘friend’ can unit arsenal.

  • soglorious

    unit should read ‘quit’

  • Dwyane

    George, like Arsene, was too stuck in his ways to make the changes. We kicked out George, made a mistake with Rioch, then brought in Wenger. He brought us inline with Europe and had an instant impact. Better training, better diet and better players.Move Arsene on,  bring in better fitness, better pre and post match analysis and bring in, ironically, better players…  and you’re bloody laughing.‘BUT LOOK AT MOYES’I think people forget that Manchester United were replacing the best manager in the world. Not only the best manager, the best backroom team. Moyes came in, wiped it out and put in something substandard.At Arsenal, we’d be clearing out an ageing backroom team that hasn’t delivered for ten years. I’m not suggesting we wipe out everyone, but certainly take the ‘freshen up’ stick to the stagnant areas.Scouting, keeping, analysis (I joke, we don’t have analysis!), I’m moving on Boro and I’m getting me a new fitness guy. Fresh, qualified, hungry blood… it’ll be awesome.Jokes aside, I really do think Wenger is going to sack it in. How can the manager sign up to a new deal with feelings as low as now? If he didn’t want to pen the deal during the 126 days we’ve been top this season, he sure as hell isn’t going to when journos are asking him about his replacement in interviews.All the signs point to him moving on. The body language, the performances, the lack of hunger to win and obviously the standard Groundhog Day capitulation.

  • Brick Top

    Support the team yes. But going by some of the on this site, one would think Arsenal is coached by someone who does it pro bono. You blame everything under the sun, but the man who calls all the shots!

  • nicky

    Don’t rock the boat at this vital time of the season.
    We can still qualify for next season’s CL AND win the FA Cup.
    Wait until May before wanting any heads to roll because NO-ONE is going anywhere before then.
    I can foresee a fair old clear-out from the Emirates during the Summer, as well as quite a bit of new blood coming in.
    In the meantime, have patience and give support until the end of the season.
    The team, who always tries its best, deserves nothing less.

  • Mandy Dodd

    Agree, time to support. An interesting day awaits for Sanogo or KK?

  • Mandy Dodd

    Bloody hell, seems all that wengers critics and copy and plasters can talk about is Groundhog Day….shit film and getting very boring in an Arsenal context, change the record. Almost as bad as the AAA misquoting Albert Einstein, though must admit, have not heard that one for a while, maybe they have cottoned on to the fact he never said it

  • Dwyane

    Lads it’s not me rocking the boat… It’swWenger

  • Dwyane

    By the way have any of youhheard of this place called London mandir Baps. I visited it, close to Wembley stadium. What a magnificent place. I recommend you all visit. Including you Wenger, you need to rid your ego ASAP before the time chops you off.

  • To all my Untold peeps,

    It’s been a while. I relocated recently and by golly, was it a pain in the neck. I mostly missed my broadband connection. But I’m baaaaaaaaaack!

    It hasn’t been a great last few weeks for us and our darling team but supporting Arsenal has never been for the lily-livered. My hopes for the team have been dashed in the league but we are still in the hunt for that elusive trophy. We are officially 180 minutes of football away from putting that “no trophy in — years” talking point to bed. Fingers crossed.

    Walter’s rallying cry is timely and apt. This is not the time for whining and self-pity. This is the time to get behind our team.

    Respect to all my friends who have posted positive comments above. We’ll all get our reward in May.

    Keep the faith!

  • bjtgooner


    Nice to see you back!

  • bjtgooner,

    Thanks my friend. It’s good to be back.

  • Florian


    Stop the yaaaps and get behind the team. We value the diversity of opinion but what you’re doing goes way beyond that, and is unacceptable by this site’s standards. If you don’t believe me ask Tony. The alternative is for you to bugger off.

  • Micheal Ram

    I hope Wigan dont bring along their underdogs tags and start to kick and smash Arsenal players because they know referee is gonna do nothing

  • omgarsenal

    Dwayne…..what have you been smoking for breakfast?

  • Dwyane

    Throughout the course of one’s lifetime, from the very first breath until the last, man is in search for something that provides happiness – as one meanders through the peaks and troughs of life, these desires change, and one wishes for more. As the material value of one’s desires increase, the objects become more exclusive and difficult to attain – until the point at which they are locked away. It is said that certain decisions that one makes, or certain individuals that one meets, can unlock such doors.

  • Brickfields Gunners

    I was not able to get online today at work and as it was a slow day with intermittent rain to boot , I watched “Fever Pitch” which was saved on my computer and boy or boy was I rejuvenated !
    No need for me to visit places of worship to reaffirm my faith . That ‘sacred ‘ movie does it all for me .
    Keep the faith and get behind the team and lets finish the season in style.
    Oh ,yes , ignore those smartypants AAAA types ,pundits , journos and their ilk – they don’t matter as they have no minds !

  • jambug

    Hi Boo,

    I too have been absent, but for different reasons. When we have a bad run I cant stand the abuse.

    The problem was even UNTOLD, my oasis of sanity and love, had turned into a minefield.

    No matter where you turned there was a Rupert or a Spirez spitting there bile.

    When we lose all I get is sad. I’m not angry. I’m not spitting feathers. I’m not throwing my toys out of the pram. I’m sad.

    I want to talk to people who feel the same.

    This doesn’t mean they can’t think we had a bad game, or Wenger made selection mistakes. All teams have bad days. All managers make mistakes.

    But I just want to talk about it with people who have the ability to keep it in perspective. To people who know the lads didn’t do it on purpose. To people who know the boss was doing what he thought was best. To people who still have faith in the long term aims of our great Club. And what’s more, the belief that wenger is still the man to lead us to these goals.

    After all, that is the type of person this site was set up to cater for.

    Jeez, it couldn’t be said any plainer on the front page could it!!!!

    Of course these people have the right to think and say what they want, but why on here?

    It’s like a crowd of ‘One direction’ fans going to a ‘Black Sabbeth’ concert and then getting all uppity when they don’t like what they hear !!!


    This is a pro Arsenal, pro Wenger site. Surely there’s enough other sites for them to vent there spleen ??

    So it was with great relief that I read Tony was going to do something pro active about excluding these mindless trolls and to try and stop them from infecting this board with there hatred.

    I really hope it works because this site really is something special and I would hate to lose it to the sad bastards that blight our magnificent football Club.

  • Gunz


    (April 10, 2014 at 9:56 pm)
    Cut-n-pasting a comment from and using it as your own. Tut tut! #YACAP (Yet Another Cut And Paster) 😀

  • bjtgooner


    Well spotted, I have not counted but this seems about the third YACAP you have identified in the last week or two!

  • jambug,

    I agree with your comment. The Doomers have infiltrated this blog as we all knew all along that they would once things are not going well for the team. While I find them irritating, I will not request that they be banned as long as they are not using offensive terms. Hissy Fitt was the first and only commenter that I have ever requested to be banned and it was because s/he was being obnoxious and offensive. For all the others, I just use the scroll button. Life is too short.

    Dude, sometimes I read your comment and it feels like you are in my head. Your 3.21pm post one of those.

  • jambug


    Thanks again for your kind words.

    It does indeed seem we are very much of the same mind, except for one thing. It seems you have the enviable ability to dismiss these trolls with the contempt they surely deserve. Where as I want to bang there heads against the wall, very firmly, whist at the some time, and this is the fun part, sticking a red hot poker up there good for nothing arses.

    Is that wrong?

    Do I need help??

  • bob mac

    Play with a very high tempo.

    Have constant diagonal movement in front of the ball.

    Press in groups, and defend as a team from the front.

    ALL things Arsenal are very very good at.

    Produce a team performance…….goodbye Wigan.

  • bob mac

    Play with a very high tempo.

    Have constant diagonal movement in front of the ball.

    Press in groups, and defend as a team from the front.

    ALL things Arsenal are very very good at.

    Produce a team performance…….goodbye Wigan.

  • Rupert Cook

    @jambug yeh you do need help. I’d say everyone on here is pro Arsenal. We just have different opinions. Not something that deserves some form of punishment from the Spanish inquisition.

  • jambug,

    You are alright man. It takes great effort to ignore idiots but then I have more time to engage in more fruitful and enjoyable conversations with other positive Gooners.

  • jambug


    I doubt even the Spanish inquisition could extract a good word about Arsenal from you.