Away to The Hull Badgers

It’s Cup final season, so in the spiritual sense every game is a cup final. This one is no different, aside from it being a little different from your classic cup final. What it is though, is a nice chance to size each other up before Wembley.

Hull City are one of the few struggling Premier League clubs, in recent memory, to reverse their fortunes in the January transfer market. Instead of the usual search around for Christopher Samba and then throw-a-blank-cheque-at-him, they decided to buy a pair of able Premier League strikers.

The transfer of Long was a bit of an odd one at the time, almost like altering the balance of a see-saw, WBA dropped – Hull City ascended and here they are now, in relative safety on 36 points. Which of course is two points behind the hallowed 38.

The Jelavic and Long partnership continues to thrive. Indeed it has impressed me greatly, though the question I continue to ask myself is can they really do it on a sunny day in Hull? – I’ve never asked myself that question; in fact I doubt anyone ever has, but whether a balance can be struck in the bigger games when playing two strikers, remains to be seen.

An on-going scuffle betwixt citizens and tigers continues to rumble in Hull – which makes it sound far more interesting than it really is. The reality is, the owner has recognised that Hull aren’t a particularly glamorous team and has decided the best way to right this, is to rename them Tigers (apparently something that will make them more popular in Asia). The logic is sound, as tigers are undoubtedly cool. But unfortunately for him, a section of the local fanbase hate tigers. The rest seem to feel that as long as Allam keeps spending the money, he can name the club whatever he bloody wants.

 Hull Badgers?!“But only if you sign Christopher Samba, Mister Allam.”

The team might look like this, but my line-up guessing skills have plummeted lately…



                 Sagna                Mert                  Koz             Gibbs

                                           Ramsey             Arteta

                         Rosicky           Chamberlain         Cazorla      


Cheers all




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84 Replies to “Away to The Hull Badgers”

  1. Gibbs is still kyboshed and Arteta is knackered so I suspect we’ll see Verm continue at LB and Flamini start today. Will Ozil start or begin on the bench, can Rosicky play two games in a week? I also think we might see Poldolski start. Whatever the team, come on your Gunners!

  2. The tiger hating north easterners of Hull are unlikely to see Gibbs marauding that left touchline, but i think Monreal would be the nacho replacement. I’ll get me coat.

  3. It is something of a relief that after being down to the absolute basics in the semi final we now start to have choices again.

    Ramsey + Ozil, two thirds of the great triumvirate of the attacking midfield, actually back on the pitch together.

  4. Stuart, I am working on an article on chelsea’s reaction.

    Meanwhile, here’s the team

    Szczesny, Sagna, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Monreal, Arteta, Ramsey, Cazorla, Ozil, Podolski, Giroud


    Fabianski, Jenkinson, Flamini, Kallstrom, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Rosicky, Sanogo

  5. Off topic again, but I’ve just seen yet another prime example of SKY sports double standards when reacting to incidents involving Liverpool compared to Arsenal.

    Suarez has just been tackled fairly but rolled around on the floor clutching his ankle, which replays show clearly wasn’t touched, as if he’d been shot. Liverpool did immediately win back possession and miracle upon miracle, up shot Suarez like a Phoenix from the flames.

    Honestly it was an embarrassing joke.

    What do we get from SKY? SWEET F**K ALL.

    Seems as with Liverpool players punching the ball clear, rolling around trying to win free kicks, and fellow professionals booked, is hardly worth a mention !!!

  6. Agree JAmbug. It also seems the FA have changed their rules ….allowing shirt pulling ..and that Skirtel is the first to be made aware of it.
    As for why we don’t get such benefits, guess we are all aware of a few reasons, one of the main ones being THEY don’t like our manager. Was also struck by wengers remark about TV schedules regarding Chelsea….it seems we have not raised this issue, or complained before, despite Ivan’s influential positions of power on various bodies. Are we just too accepting of our lot?

  7. On the edge of the Liverpool box I’ve just seen one of the most blatant free kicks your ever likely to see waved away. Absolute joke.

    Refs are giving it to them and SKY are loving every minute.

  8. Jambug,
    I couldn’t believe my eyes too when sakho took snodgrass’ both legs, from behind, without coming anywhere near the ball, and marriner just waved play on. And like Mandy said, lots of shirt pulling in the Liverpool box with nothing give. Guys, I’m afraid we’re witnessing a reincarnation of Manchester United in the form of Liverpool.

  9. There was a minute’s silence before the game for Jock Davidson of Hull who died recently.

    Remarkable to remember that in the 1970s the authorities had to give up on any such celebration of the life of a player because there was no chance of it being respected.

  10. Is Sagna in the PFA lineup? Can’t think of a better RB than him in England right now…

  11. Come on Moss.
    11 mins gone a red card not given for a studs to the face from a Hull player and a penalty on Özil not given.

    What are you up to?

  12. Just thought I saw Ozil’s legs taken there, in the box and yet again nothing given. These refs are a complete joke

  13. Alan smith is a complete prick, Arteta was just elbowed in the nose and he says perfect challenge? WTF!

  14. Al, I don’t know but he certainly has had a good season.

    Mert booked. Arteta got blood on his face but the Hull player not booked. Hull close to scoring with the free kick from Mert’s foul.

  15. Yes Tony, can’t think of anyone who has had a better season in his position…

    Back to the matter at hand it’s not looking good for us; too many terrible challenges from Hull not getting the punishment they deserve.

  16. Bent,biased…and this ref is not even one of the worst, though FIF has some very interesting things to say on him

  17. Excuse me for this incessant moaning but not happy at all. At this rate we will have no team left and be forced to field reserves in the FA cup final.

  18. Our away support is staggering in this game.

    You can tell this is a rugby league city from the way the crowd are reacting to overt Hull fouls. Easy to get confused I guess.

    Meanwhile Niall Quinn is talking about Irish sports. Is it curling or hurling? I can’t quite get what he is saying. Whatever it is, Sky are showing it in the summer.

  19. 2-0 TO US AT HALF TIME.

    Ramsey scored the first and made the second. Ozil might be ignored but just watch a rerun of this and see how much he is contributing.

  20. 2.0 up, well done lads. Now make sure we increase it 2nd half, as Hull look likely to score at the moment.

  21. Amazing goals…..and Ozil is back! Really hope there is nothing in these reports of Poldi going this summer, he really is an amazing finisher, and we need that.
    At the risk of being northernerist….why is it these type of teams can only play in such a way……and more importantly, why are they allowed to go about it unpunished?

  22. What a difference Ramsey, and to a slightly less degree, Ozil make.

    And we even have supposed Gooners on here dismissing vital players absence as an irrelevance.

    It’s not the cause of all our ills but it DOES make a big difference.


  23. The Liverpuddlian on Sky is hard to understand as he is not speaking much English, but from what I can make out, before the game started he was saying he could not understand the Arsenal line up, as it had no pace. At half time he is saying that what Arsenal have missed is the pace of Ramsey and how that is making all the difference.

    All sourcers sound the same to me, but I think he is the player who was sent off and got a three match ban for throwing a coin into the crowd at Highbury.

  24. Para.

    Agree, we need another 1 or maybe 2 because it is very open and you can definitely see Hull scoring.

    Also I hope the ref hasn’t been affected by the Hull lot in his ears and feels the need to ‘even it up’, even though it wasn’t a foul anyway.

  25. Tony,
    Yes, Ozil and Ramsey involved in both goals,and what a peach of a pass from Giroud for the second. Just shows how much we missed these guys. Sorry I think it’s Niall Quinn who said it was a perfect challenge on Arteta, not Alan Smith. But yes, the mobility is back!

  26. In 45 minutes, Ramsey has just scored and assisted another. This is his 2nd assist in 2 games. His absence has affected us much more than anybody’s ever recognised.

    I am saddened by what injuries have done to us this season. Watching Liverpool beat Norwich and inch closer to the EPL title was hard for me today (although I am definitely in favour of Liverpool over the Oilers). Our team for the more than half of this season was superior to Liverpool but injuries have done us in.

    Has anyone heard anything from the pundits who were unanimous that the title is between either of Man City or Chelsea?

  27. I wonder where someone finds a text commentary that is accurate? Sports Mole coverage is nothing like what you have brought up.


  28. Amazing, that’s now two pens and at the very least one red this ref has ducked. On the pens, compare and contrast to a certain team above us I can think of…who have had 13 this season….

  29. I cannot recall the last time we have an half as easy as this second half.

    It is great to have Ramsey back.

    We missed you Aaron!

  30. After they realised the kicking was not really achieving much….a pretty easy game. Great to have the returned…..and a game that sends out a bit of a message.

  31. How to go Arsenal!

    On the stats side of life, it is now impossible for us to win the league. And we are 2 points away from St. Totteringham’s Day.

    A tie for the last match of the day?


  32. Game Stats
    Possession 42 – 58
    Shots 13 – 12
    On Target 4 – 6
    Corners 7 – 0
    Fouls 10 – 7

    Kind of surprising Corners stat, with how much possession we had.

    How did Ozil look on his return?

  33. What a elbow hook on Giroud!!! Im guessing Hull is saving their worst for the cup final. Oh god, I hope not the same ref again…

  34. Great win for the team despite some very poor refereeing, the ref missed two penalties and a red.

    Great to see Ozil and Ramsey together in the midfield again. And how brave was Arteta, he got a kick on the head very early on and later in the first half seemed to have a tooth knocked out – and still finished the match.

    Well done the team.

  35. Cazorla and Arteta was awesome. Conquered the game for Arsenal these two. The movement of Ozil and Ramsey really destroyed Hull’s midfield. And aha Podolski!

  36. Off topic but pardon me.
    Watching Everton. Vs. MANU now. Whatever happened to Van Persie? How many games did he manage so far this season and how many goals?

  37. Well done Arsenal!

    Mandy, this has been the story of the season; we didn’t get two pens today and a possible red card, while the team you mention could’ve have had two pens against them, and maybe two yellows to a certain player.

  38. WOO HOO , HOO ! Awesome display guys ! After the 3rd goal they weren’t interested .
    In the last half hour , in seems like Arsenal were going through their training routines and just about checked myself before I would have shouted ,” Boring , boring ,borrringgg!”, which was exactly the thought going in my mind !
    The Arsenal were LOUD ! Well done guys ,you done us proud.
    Up the Gunners !

  39. Welcome back Ramsey and Ozil.

    A potentially tough game navigated with consummate ease in the end.

    Well done lads.


  40. Yes Al, looks like they are the chosen ones this season, though I would not write off Chelsea getting a result there. A one off gift before normal oilerism resumed next season onwards? Think I read somewhere they have had more pens this season than we have had in the last three. And look at the fuss the ref got from the media when he failed in giving a possible pen to them in the recent cup game

  41. AL

    Thanks for that.

    So we know what SKY have on VT right there.

    Be interesting to see if we get that thrown in our face, day after day, like we had with the Sagna incident or it’s conveniently buried like the diabolical hand ball Liverpool got away with last week !!

    They only showed one replay of it during the game so I know where moneys going !!!

  42. Many Dodd.

    Yep that’s the media for you.

    One Pen Liverpool don’t get and the outrage in the media is palpable.

    Anything goes for them, be it pens, or a diving, cheating, little prat getting away with rolling around like they’ve been shot(again thanks AL), and it’s past over as a mere irritation.

  43. @Al

    Good link. What an appalling cheat Suarez is. He should be retrospectively banned for that performance.

  44. Yes, I think they have had 13, which is a record as even utd under Fergie(with Riley as ref) never got that many. I did point out to Tom last week to expect more controversy favouring them, and against anyone else perceived to be their rivals. It certainly has appeared to be the case this week.

    I do feel the chavs will get a result there though. As their type of game is designed to overrun their opponents in the first 10-15 minutes. And then hit the other team on the break while they try to reduce the arrears. The odd one, fortunately for his boring style in this case, uses a style that can work effectively against attacking teams. It’ll be an interesting match up, that’s for sure.

  45. Tom,
    Sorry everyone for a bit of a throwback but I have little bit of ‘unfinished’ business with Tom. Tom, if you recall when we last spoke about this I said expect Liverpool to get a few more debatable decisions going for them, while everyone else does not. I also added the only team that may get a favourable decision go for them will be Everton. Well, guess what, Everton got a penalty today for their first goal against Utd. According to some stats that’s the first penalty they have scored against Utd in the last 42 years! Ok, it may have been a penalty or not(actually Phil Jones slipped and handled the shot, but that’s not the basis of this post), but the timing is what raises eyebrows, especially if a novice like me could see it coming from a mile away. And that its Clattenburg(someone who seems to be single-handedly on a mission to decide the top four outcome by himself this season) who awarded it doesn’t help.

  46. Even Jose smells a rat with the pgmol, and if anyone knows about the darker workings of the game , it is him. I know Chelsea have had their moments, and are not called cheatski for nothing, but in recent years and current times, looks like the favours being bestowed almost exclusively in the north west. Good for business as Mr Scudamore might say

  47. @Mandy Dodd

    Jose is a rat, so if anyone knows one when they smell one, it should be him 😉

  48. “Refs are giving it to them and SKY are loving every minute.”
    Yes, exactly what the vicious Maureen screamed yesterday, after getting a taste of his own medicine from The Dean. For slating the Dean and Riley, both by name, Maureen may see some banishment if they dare. That will seal the deal, though it seems sealed already. (btw, John Henry should be sealed in ice for lying about Suarez contract, arf arf.)

    “One Pen Liverpool don’t get and the outrage in the media is palpable”
    Mandy Dodd,
    You’re right, Riley’s Unlimited are hell’s bell’s to give ’em the poisoned chalice, but, let’s be honest, something is happening here which is not an Oilerism. (Especially when the leading oiler is a Rusky, in this political season.) I do think you’re right about the EEEEEpl’s desire for a new Manure, and proper English Masthead for the marketing, and the Scouser’s rise from the ashes of Hillsborough ’89 is irresistible to those merchant-cynics at the till.

  49. Here is a question:

    when did PGMOL switch their bet on different horse?

    I mean, Chelsea should have played with ten men against both us and Liverpool for bigger part of the match before New Year (Obi Mikel and Samuel Eto’o respectively got away for dangerous tackles on our Mikel and Henderson respectively). They got a pathetic penalty call against West Brom.

    And don’t let me start on the other Oilers. Manchester City’s Yaya Toure has made two offenses that should have put him on the stands for at least seven matches (three for that foul on Giroud and additional four for that crap against Norwich). They even had an upper hand against Chavs (but lost that game anyway) at Etihad. People forget that Tiote’s goal that was ruled out for “offside”. Or that goal Silva scored that wasn’t ruled out for offside despite the Spaniard being offside.

    And this is just what I can recall.

    When did Liverpool become more acceptable bet for PGMOL than both Oilers and why?

  50. Josif.

    There’s no coincidence that it was about the same time that the Media switched there allegiance !!

  51. @jambug – I presume media like heart-breaking stories. I mean: “Steven Gerrard’s story about his first Premiership title”, “Stevie G’s ups and downs – from playing with David N’Gog to the title” and all other crap about that.

    Media also like penitents. “Luis Suarez – from Beast to Beauty”, “Suarez – a diving cunt or a divine player?”

    And, media tend to be a bit racist. Brendan Rodgers is British unlike other managers from Top 5. “A real British club with British captain, two British strikers and British manager!”

    Merge all that and you get a really sellable thing.

  52. @Josif

    Yep, that’s exactly the kind of thing.

    Suarez in an Arsenal shirt would of been nothing short of a catastrophe for us.

    They forgive him his sins solely for the sake of the bigger goal of Gerrards and Liverpools quest for glory.

    Todays antics alone would of got him a ban in an Arsenal shirt.

  53. jambug, Josif,
    Yes,…. and the mercenary/opportunistic use of the terrible tragedy of Hillsborough ’89 to provide the moral legitimacy of this year’s title:
    This was a terrible tragedy and their fans were dealt a terrible injustice, which only now seems to be (finally) coming into the full light of day. Yet their turn to it to justify the current EPL title drive feels both normal and extremely crass. That is, the football higher-ups have recognized that they have on hand an amazing seamless and irresistible (emotional and financial) blend of people’s justice and commerce.

    What do you guys think? Is this a step to much in trying to explain why the Oilers have been dumped for a return to what is truly English? (And with it, with Sir Don Fungus gone and Rooney getting stale and beyond greed, Steve Gerrard becomes the renewed face and heart of all that is English Premiere Hegemony.)

  54. Mandy Dodd,
    Would love to hear what you think of the above posting as a possible reason for the seemingly sudden switch (and for Maureen’s outraged bleats of betrayal about how “fantastic” [brilliant wordplay there on his part] are the backstabbings by The Dean and Micky R.).

  55. p.s. Mandy, that would be Maureen, she of the earlier-this-very-season charm offensive: of how she wants to be at Chelski for the next dozen years, and longs to bestow his brand of well-oiled stagecraft upon the scept(ic)ered isle. Sir Maureen, that would be (the next Lord Football). Alas, her name isn’t Alex nor is it Brendan. The ‘ho part does fit, however.

  56. @bob

    “…..and the mercenary/opportunistic use of the terrible tragedy of Hillsborough ’89 to provide the moral legitimacy of this year’s title:”

    In addition to what you suggest there are many things I would like to say on this subject, in fact I did start to type a few thoughts, but on reflection I decided they where best left un said.

    Very dodgy ground I’m afraid, and alas I feel that some thoughts are best left as just that, thoughts.

  57. jambug,
    Maybe revisit them in a less charged atmosphere, or somewhere else between the lines? Really interested whenever you shed some light thereupon. Cheers.

  58. @bob

    Basically it’s very raw and my thoughts are with the poor victims and there relatives and I would hate to insult them, or incriminate them, in any way, with my thoughts on how Liverpool FC have behaved in all this.

  59. FYI, In terms of leveling the pitch:
    This season, Major League Baseball now has a remote video system where (after the 7th inning of a game) a team manager can request that the umpire/referee makes a call central HQ for a ruling about a close play. The central HQ has several independent camera angles that do not appear on TV. This ruling then will override or confirm the umpire’s ruling on the field.

  60. @bob – you made an excellent point, as usual. The main problem is that there is a lady called Karma and that lady will probably punish English national team for the crimes of English FA with another defeat on penalties. The way English referees have been doing their job in the last decade has earned at least 40 years of unlucky defeats for English national team.

    I just feel sorry for The Ox, Wilshere, Theo and Gibbs as they get screwed on both club and international level.

  61. @bob.

    Personally I think if anything, something along the lines of Cricket/Tennis’s 3 challenges system is the best.

    It wouldn’t take long and the tension it invokes in the crowd actually adds to the excitement and doesn’t detract from the game at all. I don’t see why it wouldn’t do the same in football.

    But as Cricket has shown it is actually highly unlikely to improve them as refs. I mean a bad ref is a bad ref. But I think it could do away with bias. I mean imagine how ridiculous they’d look if every other penalty they awarded to Liverpool was overturned.

    By the way it will never happen, but I think It could work, and what’s more it would be fun.

  62. Interesting view on the switch Bob. Wary of even mentioning that terrible tragedy in the same sentence as the activities highlighted on this site…..but a terrible event, a miscarriage of justice, an establishment cover up that went right to the very top and included much of the Uk media….well guess from that point of view, Liverpool and some of their fans are owed much more than a league title. But whatever the merits of the current team and the clubs recent historical grievances, just cannot take the way the EPL and media works. Thirteen penalties, a media coverup on Suarez, once a media bad boy when they wanted Mancs to win. Selective reporting, a vast media outcry when Liverpool supposedly denied a penalty against us….putting serious pressure on subsequent refs.
    Of course the title is not yet decided, but there has been a media and pgmol shift…..a one off in an emotional year for a club? A new flagship team? Keeping things in the north west unless Chelsea spend even more? An attempt to give the world the impression the EPL does not give the oilers everything in the year of FFP? A declaration of distaste in the oilers….but if so why do we ….as the very antithesis of oilers get such treatment? BUT , though Liverpool are by no means oilers, they have made losses of ninety million in the last two years, putting them ultimately in dangerous FFP territory….not that it will be enforced of course. So big spenders, a lot of home grown players worldwide brand, attractive football, good team, not as offensive as some rivals, north west, and the point mentioned in above posts….and they don’t have a manager despised…or maybe feared by the establishment

  63. @Mandy Dodd.

    Liverpool have a Net loss/spend over the last 3 years of £93 million on transfers alone.

  64. @ Journalism

    > Journalists get lied to so often that they generally end up fairly cynical, or perhaps to put it more kindly, sceptical. And let me say straightaway that I am not accepting the journalist’s account without question.

    Journalists work on “stories”, on fabrications. How can the ordinary person accept what a “journalist” prepares?

  65. Liverpool is definitely favoured by the media and referee now. I guess the top guy is gonna build the EPL brand on Liverpool now. No wonder some ex-players cum pundits sugeest English Arsenal players to move away from the club. They just wanna send their biggest threat into the abyss forever. The old divide and conquer tactic.

  66. Problem is Suarez is both a great footballer and a great cheat in equal measure. His diving in every game is outrageous- and is now being overlooked by refs.

    Whilst I don’t think there is a conspiracy by English referees- if I just judged them by their behaviour-the refs in England conform to the media’s stereotypes-the media can’t cope with a guy who is both good and bad-he is either all good or all bad.

    In Liverpool’s case the myths the media have created this year are the result of having so many Liverpool fans and sympathisers working in the English media. The Times for example are a joke there’s not even the pretence of neutrality.

    Liverpool are the new Manchester United- the new royalty of English football. The ones chosen by the PGMOL not to have penalties and blatant fouls awarded against them.

  67. If there has been a switch it is feasible that events in Eastern Europe have affected Gazprom’s popularity in the MOB circles?

    Some try to insist that politics and sport dont mix but they always have and they always will.

  68. Goonergerry, even refs which are not biased, or bent….which is hopefully the majority of them will have noticed the completely over the top media roasting of the ref …think it was Webb…who failed to give the saintly other worldly team of Liverpool what they thought was a penalty to hopefully help knock us out of the FA Cup….and as a result, refs have since ended up very wary of giving anything that can be construed by the media as being against this years chosen team. The refs were put under exactly the same pressure to favour Utd, tho admittedly, fergie is much more scary than Rogers, although if anything,I think some of what we have seen this season, especially the second half is at the very least on a par with anything Utd received
    Myself and others on here think media pressure is also a major part of the reason we get so little from the refs. As has been pointed out, the media are dominated by Liverpool ex players , fans, and to a lesser extent Spuds, as well as those who fawn at the feet of the most successful managers whatever they do.

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