Watch out Mourinho, Dean is not one to mess with

By Walter Broeckx


Note:  Because of serious cyberattacks on our site we have been off line  for a few days. Slowly we are back on track and we will publish articles again. This one is slightly out of date but still very interesting to see what will happen in the future.


Dean in the middle of a little outrage about his decisions? Well we as Arsenal fans have been down that road a few times in the last 6 or 7 seasons. So rather familiar. But Chelsea? Not that much.

The reaction from Mourinho after Chelsea lost at home to Sunderland are the reactions of a man who takes all the credit when things go right but who refuses any blame when things go wrong.

Now I know most managers follow this principle. But from a special one, one might expect that he is above such things. Which is clearly not the case.

I wonder how Dean must feel about this attack on him. Not that I am not familiar with attacking Dean. Oh no. I think I am still a few attacks in front of Mourinho when it comes to Dean.

In a way one could say that Mourinho is a bit like the modern football supporter. The one that only remembers the last pass of a player. Was it a good one then he is the best player ever. Was it a bad one then he has to be sold as he is clearly useless and not fit to wear the shirt.

Now if I might add my two cents to the controversy surrounding Mike Dean I just want to say that the worst decision from Dean was to not send off Ramires for a deliberate punch on the face of Larson. Ramires turned his head to see where the Sunderland player was and then lashed out at him. If the Fa doesn’t take action against this then I cannot understand things anymore. From our referee reviews we have found that Ramires just like Yaya Toure are players that get away with murder before a ref dares to take action against them.

When one of your players have done such a thing without punishment it is better for a manager to shut up about any decision of the ref later on.

And if we first go back to the match at the Emirates between Arsenal and Chelsea it was the same Dean that refused to send off 2 Chelsea players for a studs over the ball tackle against Arsenal players. And it was the same Dean that refused to give a penalty for Arsenal when Willian clearly stepped on Walcott his foot in the penalty area when Walcott was brought down.

So if Mourinho would have known his own history he would have known that Dean isn’t that anti Chelsea at all. Anti-Arsenal yes, that is well documented. On this site and even the national media had to follow us on that.

In fact what many people missed in this whole saga is that in this match it wasn’t Dean that much who helped Sunderland at all. Because if we look at the critical decisions in this match and now I am talking about the penalty and the disallowed goal from Chelsea it wasn’t so much Dean who acted. No I think he would have let them go on both occasions. I know his body language a bit and I could see him not moving at first.

It was the assistant in fact who ruled out the Chelsea goal as it was him that signalled the push from Matic. And again it was the assistant who signalled the penalty foul. But I don’t mind that Mourinho singled out Dean. The way I know Dean a bit is that he might try to upset Mourinho again when he is given a Chelsea match. And it can go on for a few years as we all know. It took Dean a few years to get over the Birmingham-Arsenal match when he was criticised for his awful decisions in this match. I think only recently he has managed to put this behind him a bit. But it was only after that the ‘big media’ picked up on our findings and stats that he became a more normal ref for Arsenal. Apart from his decisions going against us in the Chelsea match of course.

I really do think that because him being rightfully criticised in that match at Birmingham, he turned against Arsenal for many years. So be careful Jose…He can bite you back.

Not that I would mind that Mourinho gets a few decisions against him. The soft (certain for him) penalty given in favour of Chelsea in the extra time against WBA, earlier this season by Marinner that gave Chelsea a point to rescue the unbeaten home record from Mourinho was a ridiculous decisions which he took with both hands. That this decision cost a manager his job is of course of no importance for the special ego tripping one.

That the same Marinner made a mess of the Chelsea- Arsenal match is also brushed under the media love-in carpet. And as I said Dean hasn’t been bad for Chelsea at all over the last years. But two decisions from the assistant was enough to enrage the anger of Mourinho and make Dean his target.

Do I mind other people attack Mike Dean and also Mike Riley? Of course not. I have attacked them for years.

But when I blame Riley for not having enough refs I don’t do this because Arsenal would benefit from having more referees in the PL. I do this because ALL  teams would benefit from having more refs and reducing the influence of all the refs on all the teams. That would bring a more level playing field to the PL. And I don’t believe for one microsecond that Mourinho wants a level playing field in the PL. He only wants it to go his way.

So I cannot take Mourinho too serious when he talks about referees. If he would have had the balls to come out after the WBA penalty farce that rescued him and would have openly admitted that he was saved by the referee after that match then he would get any credibility. But by defending that ridiculous decision he showed that he is just a self serving manager when it comes to referees.

So not that special, the special one.



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  1. The PGMOL have heard and listened to the rant about Mike Dean as they have appointed Martin Atkinson to officiate for Liverpool v Chelsea.

  2. Think Jose firmly believes the powers that be have settled on Liverpool this season, and with their 13 penalties, media cover up on the cheating of Suarez and the way the media went for Webb when Liverpool did not get what they perceived was a penalty against us in the FA cup game, it is hard to disagree with him. FIF on twitter…rightly or wrongly suggests Jose will play a weakened team at the weekend in protest against corruption, just the thought of that gesture amuses me…if indeed thats what it is!
    And, Mike Dean is a Liverpool supporter, like a couple other EPL refs, tho JM did not directly mention this.
    Seems to me that the natural football bias goes to the north west these days, but wont be feeling too sorry for Chelsea, they have the money and malign influence to turn things back their way in the very near future. Lets face it, Chelsea have falsely accused an innocent ref of some fairly terrible racism…..with inpunity. If an Arsenal player had made such a false claim, I dread to think what would happen to us.
    Agree on Ramires, he has since been charged, but like Mikel and Essien…and the eye gouger himself, gets away with far too much

  3. The FA has already acted, and Ramires got 4 games.


    With respect to high studs interacting with heads (apparently Arteta has had his tooth repaired, does say they found his tooth?), a goaltender in Gabon died from being stepped on the head.

    Arteta was lucky.


    Chelsea lost 2 players in Champion’s League, and sought permission to field a weak team (and lose) to Liverpool. I suspect Atkinson’s pro-Chelsea bias (+6 versus -5 to Liverpool) isn’t going to be enough to get points out of that game at Liverpool. I suspect Chelsea is expected two wins to finish the season with 81 points, guaranteeing at least 3rd place.

    As near as I can tell, most of the remainder of referee assignments for the weekend produce results in line with predictions based on performance (in particular, the predictions of the Muppet Lawro at the BBC). There is a small difference of Lawro predicting Palace ties ManCity, where the bias table shows a ManCity win (fuzzy, as no data for Palace, so I am guessing, Walter might want to comment).

    Which leaves us with a pair of games. At some point, Andrew will tell us about Arsenal versus Newcastle, and performance points to an Arsenal win. Hopefully Andrew will fill in what I am going to leave out.

    The other game is Southampton versus Everton. There is data lacking about Southampton, but I will suggest in the absence of data, that Southampton (and Swansea) can be approximated by Arsenal. I am suggesting the bias table points to an Everton win. The BBC muppet (approximating performance) was looking for an Everton loss.

    Guessing at what Andrew writes, PGMOL is looking for Everton and Arsenal to swap places this weekend, whereas performance says things get better for Arsenal this weekend (and point to St. Totteringham Day to be Monday).

  4. Ramires only gets 4 games? For deliberately elbowing a player in the face? But Suarez gets 10 games for a bite? Ridiculous.

    And what happened to the FA investigation into the Kompany hand signal a few weeks ago? We never heard of it again. But not for Wilshere, oh no.

    And there really is something dodgy about Mourinho and his agent and their ties to several players. Chelsea and that Dutch club. The clause in Courtois’ contract. Even Matic makes me suspicious, simply because it’s Chelsea. Was a thorough check done into Abramovitch as a fit owner of a club? What about the sheik at Man City, does no one care about human rights abuses in the UAE?

  5. Mourinho was charged with bringing the game into disrepute. The FA got the charge correct, but they missed who they should have been charging. Mike Riley is the one who should be charged.

  6. Yes Mourinho kept his mouth shut earlier in the season when Chelski were benefiting from ref bias or mistakes, but when the tide turned he could not help himself, he had to vent like a spoilt child – what a hypocrite!

    Which way will the PGMOL now react – will they grant Chelski and their rich owner some additional favours, or will they help Chelski to implode over the last three games? Interesting.

  7. Off topic, but has anyone seen the reports in the media concerning the efforts of the Spurs chairman Levy in trying to prevent the sale of certain Real Madrid players, including Ozil, to Arsenal last summer. Nothing much made of it by the press (can you imagine the outrage if Arsenal tried to do similar) but what a shameful thing to try to do, and reinforces my opinion that Tottenham have absolutely no class.

  8. All of this would disappear if video technology was used. Simple. EVERYONE can see it. It’s used in ALL the other major sports. Why not football?

  9. @Mick

    I saw that report; if true it certainly shows up Levy/the Spuds in an especially bad light. Such attempted manipulation is not far off cheating – a bit like monitoring private phone conversations!

    I wonder if sections of the media were in on the Spuds antics – because when we eventually signed Ozil there was a thinly veiled hostile outrage expressed by elements of the same media?

  10. Mourinho her Mourinho there, i just did not know that sarcasm was a crime. There goes(goes? long gone) free speech. Now for me this “praise” by Mourinho was spot on. He could have ranted and raged but he chose to praise the ref, a little too much really. Once was enough and then leave it there, then he would have had a better chance of escaping the fallback. Anyway i get the impression he was expecting something like this since the middle of the season.
    The ref situation is getting silly. How can a ref organisation like that be in control of the PL? Not enough refs, false decisions that go unpunished etc etc. It is disgraceful.
    Anyway, enough of that. 3 games left, and two of them at Arsenal “unsuitable” times, 20.00 and 13.30. Hope the lads are switched on for these last games as we tend to be somewhat lacking at these times, especially 13.30.
    Forward on gunners, get the foundation(4th and FA) needed to start our new season with a smile.

  11. Tony and Walter.

    With the cash that the EPL generates, the PGMOL should include ALL the UEFA Champions League group of qualified personnel?

    The match officials (as a set of 4 or 5 for each game) would be drawn by lot. No more Webb and Dean picking and choosing the games, they wish to officiate at.

    It is obvious that by feigning praise for Dean and Riley, the culprit escapes!

    To get into the site, I had to piggy-back, via another site!

  12. @Gord,

    re the lack of data on Crystal Palace, may I suggest looking at the data on Stoke under Pulis? I’ve not watched any Palace matches this year, so I’m more thinking aloud than anything, but could the manager be the operative factor in this particular situation? Other managers (eg he of the floral dog)seem to have been in the past.

  13. Mixed feelings on Mou. Good that more managers can complain about the pgmol/refs. On the other hand, to see mou uncomfortable is also good.

    I would not take the ‘hypocrate one’ any serious though. Anything to wipe his crocodile tears away?


  14. If Palace can assume Stoke for data, that does lead to the bias tables favoring ManCity. Not as strong as some bias swings, for example many involving Arsenal.

  15. Jose is the world’s biggest hypocrite, along with the largest ego ever!

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