Wenger stays, worries about Sagna and Vermaelen, Untold at the Final

By Tony Attwood

According to comments circulating Friday and Saturday,  Arsène Wenger has told Arsenal he will sign a new deal to stay on as manager.

After 18 seasons in charge and with the challenge for Champions League spot still on, we now find Arsenal as the only rival to Real Madrid for longevity in the Champions League.  As such there was a general disbelief in the football world that he could possibly leave at this time even at the age of 64.

Manchester United have the record number of consecutive participations in the Champions League with 18 from 1996–97 to 2013–14, with Real Madrid having participated in 17 consecutive campaigns from 1997–98 to 2013–14 and will make it 18 next season.  Arsenal have 16 consecutive campaigns from 1998–99 to 2013–14 and will hopefully make it 17 next season.

Indeed in an interview broadcast on Talksport, Mr Wenger suggested the issue had never been in doubt, but like so much else in football, the issue had been nothing other than the hype of the media, bolstered by their fellow travellers.  As Mr Wenger said, “I have said that many times already, I have given my word to this club and that I want to continue where I am … that means to stay.”

Obviously the Everton defeat has given us all another boost ahead of Monday’s game against Newcastle. Thomas Vermaelen should be ok after his hamstring injury, Kieran Gibbs is still out with his hamstring problem, and Jack Wilshere is close, but not quite ready.

Meanwhile it seems that Bac Sagna is really intent on moving on.  Man City and Monaco who having seen the concern of Uefa over their spending are keen to bring in free transfers, look to be the most likely target.   On this subject Mr Wenger said, “At the moment, the talks are not progressing.  We know what we want from him, he knows what is on the table, and that’s where we are.”

Asked if he was less confidence about re-signing Sagna he said, “Yes, the ball is not in our camp any more. It is in his camp, and he needs to come back to us.”

I think most of us would like Sagna to say, given that he has been so solid at full back, but ultimately there is a question of loyalty. If a player wants to follow the money, no matter what, then there is nothing one can do when the oil clubs come in.

There is also talk that Thomas Vermaelen may want to move on, and Lukasz Fabianski has already said that he will find another club.  Both players have found themselves slipping down the order, and I think it can be said that even when Vermaelen has played of late he has not shown himself to be as stable in the centre as Per Mertesacker and Laurent Koscielny.  But he is a valued backup at full back and in central defence, and there is no reason to think his earlier form will not return.

Overall I would still argue that what we have to do is increase the size of the squad to cope with the number of injuries we will get from the constant lack of protection given by referees.  Unfortunately this is hardly something that can be said to professionals, as it draws attention to the fact that Arsenal players do suffer many more contact injuries during matches than players of other clubs

The last bit of news, as we try to catch up from all the time in which Untold has been unavailable, is that we have secured our first FA Cup final ticket – with hopefully some more to come.  5th row back, upper tier, just by the half way line.  I shall give a way.


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105 Replies to “Wenger stays, worries about Sagna and Vermaelen, Untold at the Final”

  1. Shame if Sagna goes.

    Meddles? I know meddles are important but really how much is a meddle worth on the back of joining an ‘oiler’?

    Money? Percentage wise, in the great schemer of things, how much difference is it going to make to his life?

    I just don’t get it.

    The sweat and toil, not to mention the loyalty and dedication, he’s put into Arsenal. He’s been there through all the difficulties of the last few years. Put up with all the shit.

    Yet now, at this point, when we are on the verge of being right back in the mix (ok no guarantees but ?) and he wants to leave.

    As I say, I just don’t get it.

  2. PS.

    Vermaelen is different. At least I understand why anyone who is on the bench wants regular football.

  3. Hearing the news about Sanga is a bit of a downer . Still , he will be remembered fondly and I feel no animosity if he wants to leave .

    Really great news that Wenger is staying . Unless catastrophe occurs , 4th place and FA Cup are ours . Ramsey has been sensational and our defence has been amazing(bar a few titanic aberrations) .

    Wish I could be there for the finals 🙁
    Have fun guys and cheer extra hard for those of us unable to make it . Up the Arse !

  4. Also is there anything more annoying than listening to Mourn-inho ! All the media love to kiss his ass and regurgitate every damn word he says . I wish he’d shut up for once !

  5. Sagna has been the most consistent player over the years, a real shame if he leaves. If there is one player who deserves a winners medal then it is surely Sagna.

  6. Like thousands of others I’ll find out on Wednesday if I will get a ticket for the final..
    I also suspect that until Arsenal know how many first team players are needing to be replaced our search for the world class forward and beast of a DM won’t get very far although I’m sure that Arsenal have identified likely players for all positions
    I watched the Southampton v Everton game earlier and thought that Clyne the Southampton right back had a great game and thoroughly deserved his MOTM award. If not a one off performance might be a possibility?

  7. I think Arsenal is going to get stuck until the end of the season again. If ManU (or some other team?) make an offer for Fabregas, do Arsenal want to bring Fabregas back?

  8. This time, I did not have to piggy-back!

    As for Bacary Sagna, one has only to turn to last season’s match against Norwich.

    Sagna had recently from a leg break. A Norwich player deliberately stood on Sagna’s leg, to break it again. So much for Lambert, as a manager.

    Is someone in a meddle with a medal, or is it a muddle?

  9. This has got me worried, why? The news circulating is that Van Gaal will sign for manure after the WC. Liverpool is likely to win the epl. So will attract players because of their cl spot. Mancity, hellsea will spend, (i don’t think that FFP) will make a difference to them. Manure will spend because they have to get into cl or else they are f’ed because the investors will pull out. Where would this leave us? I really hope that e don’t have the injuries we has this year because we will be looking at 5th spot.

  10. ref: Fabregas’ return

    I think we would love to have him back but how would that work? We may have first right of refusal but who sets the price? If indeed Cesc is open to going to another club with a shedload of money we probably wouldn’t match the offer. I mean if ManU offers fify million pounds for him would we match that?

  11. Terrible if Sagna and Vermaelen leave. Sagna can play anywhere in defence, and Vermaelen covers CB and LB, so we probably need 3 new defenders to replace them. It doesn’t look very good for the transfer window. Who can step up from the youth system? Hayden? Bellerin?

  12. That is my understanding GGG. I suspect how much Arsenal might want to pay, would be a function of what team was bidding. And I suspect our limit with ManU would be higher than most others. But, I don’t think we would want Fabregas to end up at another EPL team. I suspect Fabregas would only be interested in Champion’s League elligible teams, which ManU wouldn’t be. So, I don’t know how this might work.

  13. Bellerin is a great prospect at full back but ready to step up though? Not yet better than Jenkinson in my opinion but probably will surpass him in two years. The question for next year really becomes is Jenkinson good enough to be the first pick right back? He is a true Gooner and will always work his socks off but I’m not sure that he is good enough to replace Sagna on a full time basis.
    For centre backs no one ready to come up to be third choice, maybe as fourth choice but I thing we will need to buy a centre back if TV5 goes.
    Jorge Bird is the real person to follow for Youth Team news he can be found at http://arsenalyouth.wordpress.com/ and is well worth a look. It hasn’t been the greatest season for the U21s though and next year they will be in the second division at that level.

  14. I don’t think bringing Cesc back will be a good idea now. The team has moved on from that setup.

    Mr Wenger staying is a good news. I hope he retires with us. I hope he does it on a high. He deserves it. This is a team he has built. It is his responsibility to see it through the final steps.

  15. In much of its history, Arsenal FC has been parsimonious in its treatment of incoming and retiring players.
    New blood is valued by the Club, beyond which it will rarely pay.
    The wages of players are generous but invariably less than other top rated clubs.
    Players who retire after long service are not greatly rewarded. I well recall Eddie Hapgood, Arsenal and England captain for many years, who, after WW2, fell on hard times. He asked for help via a testimonial match. Arsenal replied by sending him a cheque for £30.

  16. Andrew, I was assuming Jenkinson would naturally become our first choice RB, and Bellerin would step up to be second choice.

    Hasn’t Hayden done some training with the first team? Presumably then he could be the fourth choice CB. Jenkinson has said he can play at CB, so there’s that to consider too.

    I am familiar with Bird’s website, and I must add that it *is* very good, and well written, I just can’t spend as much time following our youth teams as I would like.

  17. It’s an amazing record to qualify for the CL for so many consecutive years and not win it once. It may never be equaled.

  18. Rupert Cook (@11.50),

    That is why you are a valued member of the Untold community. No one denigrates Arsenal’s achievements better than you. No Tottenham fan could have said it better. Kudos and I’ve always said, you are an inspiration to Gooners everywhere.

  19. @jambug, Sagna has probably been told about Wenger’s summer targets and wants out fast 🙂

    But seriously what don’t you get?

    Players want to win medals, that’s why our better players left because they doubted the club’s ambition. They couldn’t care less if it’s City or Chelsea. And as for money plenty would play for any old team if they got better wages. Sort of mirrors real life.

    Sagna may well leave us with an FA Cup medal. That’ll be a good send off for him and then he’ll go to a club that could actually win the league. Can’t really blame him, he’s ambitious or maybe he’d just like a league medal before he retires.

  20. Hope we can keep Bac and TV, but have my doubts. Someone like TV deserves to play regularly. Unless we have youngsters coming through , we are going to have to be active fairly quickly in the transfer market. But not easy to bring in a defender willing to compete with two of the best going, unless maybe young prospects or experienced vets, Bac can also play Cd making it even harder to replace him.
    Looks like Cesc could be available….but could we fit him in….false 9?

  21. @bootoome, yeh mate, you’re an expert at sanctimonious old nonsense. Still I gather you know Wenger personally so I’ll always bow to your superior knowledge.

  22. The return of the corrosive cook, yet again snide and yet again deliberately disruptive and distracting – a bit like a virus.

  23. In my opinion, Mer and Kos will always be first choice. TV will not be content with bench option and we have respect his decision. Sagna on the other hand is a solid fullback and an excellent CB option but he is getting older. I never doubt Sagna’s defensive qualities but he is very poor in his decisions when attacking. That has caused the team a lot of goals actually. The Arsenal setup will not work at its best with Sagna playing at RB. I think the team needs a attacking wingback like Cafu or Lauren. Their attacking excellence well match with their defensive prowess. For the period Sagna has been at the club, he failed to improve his positional play, crossing and running of the ball. His passing is always a touch of nervousness and lack conviction. And he rarely works with the midfield in the attacking sense. If the team is gonna be attacking enough to worry the opponents’ wingers, an unstoppable wingback is needed. Every one of us failed to realize at that time the technical qualities a player like Lauren provided to the Invincibles. Even Pat Vieira said Lauren was the best RB he played with. Almost everytime he attacks, Arsenal was rolling over the opponents. Sorry, Sagna. I respect you a lot but you do have your limitations. And your wife successfully blinded your economical intelligence like other overpaid players. Peace, man.

  24. Glad UA is(sorry, this maybe coming a few days later,but just arriving back in England and that’s one of the things I checked first:)). And I’m with those saying this should be reported to the police, those who work in IT know what stiff sentences await those that access data/resources that don’t belong to them. I am also convinced the police will act, they don’t have much choice, cyber crime is a new form of terrorism which simply can’t be ignored.

    Back to football, good to hear AW is extending his contract. Shame about Sagna but I’d read an article some 3 to four months back saying exactly what is happening, afraid money has a lot do with it unfortunately. I can understand TV, it’s hard being captain and not getting a game. Oh, well done Southampton 🙂

  25. Rupert Cook.

    The one good thing about Untold going down is not having to read your drivel.

  26. Barcadi, Soda, I mean Sagna, is negotiating his last bumpber contract before the dust settles on his career. He obviously wants to stay at AFC but they are not meeting his demands. So what do you do? What would anyone do? They would consider the pro’s and con’s. That’s AFC for us all….try to short change players and then we wallow in the mire. Nobody can ever suggest that the Ashley Cole deal was, after hindsight’s 20 20 vision, better for Chelski.

    I hope the Barcardi man stays, but in the end of the day….heads should rule hearts.

    Captain Verminator: I would love him to move on so that he can try and get back to the type of form he had originally, i.e. the bucaneering, goal scoring defender that usually got beaten on crosses & hopelessly out of position a few times a game.

    I take the authors point about versatility regarding both the defenders. If they both go….then blimey. we will have to seek recompense from within our ranks or splash cash? I prefer them both to stay and we splash cash on some strikers.

    But will verminator’s ego allow him to be a first reserve? Nieine Mieie Liebe.

  27. Rupert Cook,

    Did I hurt your feelings? Poor baby, I thought I was only praising you for your innate ability to see the worst in Arsenal that is oblivious to us deluded fools.

    For someone who likes to dish it out so much, you can be tad sensitive when called out for your bullshit. Apologies for hurting your delicate feelings.

  28. Sagna’s effectiveness will obviously decrease as he gets older, a long term contract would suit the player but probably not the club, ask utd about the value of rvp over the next two years.

    Vermaelen is still under contract, therefore no need to sell.

    PL limit the squad to 25, if more experienced players are brought in the the pathway for our talented young players would be diminished, again not the Arsene way.

  29. Rupert
    You’ve been and gone and done it this time haven’t you! You’ve crossed the single most important person in the world wide Arsenal blogosphere and you’ll probably now be dispatched to the Unsullied.

  30. @Pierce Holt.

    “That’s AFC for us all….try to short change players and then we wallow in the mire.”

    How do you know we are trying to ‘short change’ him?

    Do you even know what he has been offered?

    Have you even considered he may be being ‘unrealistic’? Greedy even?

    Do you think we should give every player looking for a “last bumper contract” whatever they want?

    Answer me that one, well do you ??????????????

  31. Bob mac, even if Sagna’s physicality drops off, he can be converted to a third choice CB, a position that is less demanding physically, and still provide cover for the fullbacks. So I think he would still be a vital part of our squad.

  32. @Jax, I’m not worried about this lot, they’re as soft as Diaby’s legs.

    @Bootoome, I really have no idea what you’re smoking. You’re quite weird though as I remember you said you were nearly in tears because Wenger was not being praised on some radio station or something. Is he your dad? I mean you claim he’s an honourable man so I suppose you must know him well, you don’t make claims like that about strangers.

    If Spurs were celebrating 16 years in the CL we’d all be taking the piss because they’d never won it. Different rules for us I guess.

  33. Rupert Cook.

    You have absolutely no admiration at all for anything Arsenal football Club, Arsene Wenger or the players do.

    The mantra at the top of this site says:


    I just don’t get it.


  34. So the old man has promised us another two years. Never doubted he would. It’s going to be great fun, the usual endless transfer speculation with us linked to everyone bar Messi, the probable endless transfer negotiations, the capture of some French kid from the French second division and a last minute splurge on whichever star the big clubs haven’t hoovered up. Then the usual struggle in the CL, probably going out to a big club after finishing second in our group, then a good run in a domestic cup, the usual injuries and the expected collapse around March.

    Well I hope so; I’m getting old and I hate change.

  35. Rupert Cook.

    I ask Pierce Holt a simple question.

    Do you think we should give every player looking for a “last bumper contract” whatever they want?

    As is the way with people who just come on here to rant they can never answer a simple question.

    Similar to you really.

  36. Another YAAAP from the corrosive cook – with more than a hint of age discrimination – must be close to a yellow.

  37. @jambug, Herbert Chapman, he’s the man that made Arsenal. I wonder if he’d ever sell his best player to a rival and then happily say that’ll help them win the title. Shame we can’t resurrect him, I’d love to hear his verdict on modern Arsenal.

    Wenger was a great manager once, I hope he can revitalize himself. That way we’ll all be happy.

  38. Rupert Cook.

    “Well I hope so; I’m getting old and I hate change”.

    Surely not. You sound about 5 years old !

  39. Rupert Cook.

    So, as usual you refuse to answer.

    You are a very sad individual. I despair at the youth of today.

  40. @jambug, I’ve no idea what Sagna wants and I’m not privy to the negotiations between him and the club.

    If we need Sagna that much then we should give him what he wants. After all how much will it cost to replace someone of his calibre? Jenkinson is barely good enough for the reserves at the moment.

  41. Guys,why don’t you avoid feeding the troll. Some of the statements about our players and manager that are being made wouldn’t even come out of a spud.

  42. @Al oh it’s the genius who thinks no one ever scores after a penalty has been given. Welcome to the wasteland.

  43. You are a very sad individual. I despair at the youth of today.


    Hilarious, I was in a good mood before, now I’m ecstatic. Comic remark of the day.

  44. Rupert
    They’re all out today. How about the bloke with excessive question marks? is he about to self combust or what? Truth be told I’d say he’s the only one of “that” lot who actually attends matches, so has some valid input. For the record I’m pleased to see Wenger re-sign.

  45. As usual when the corrosive one appears the normal debate is disrupted – it all has to be about him and his gripes against the club.

  46. In terms of the league today, the bias table is doing well. Chelsea said they were going to field a weakened team, and supposedly were given permission, and did so. With +11 difference in bias in their favour, Chelsea have been wasting time since before the game started, and so far Atkinson has not done anything (according to BBC commentary). Can Chelsea hang on to their goal lead on the verge of half time?

  47. @Jax

    “For the record I’m pleased to see Wenger re-sign.”

    I am very pleased to note that comment; but it might upset your anti Arsenal pal – the corrosive cook – and we would not want that, would we?

  48. @Jax, well I knew you would be but though we have this difference of opinion on Wenger at least we don’t call each other stupid names or invoke this devil called the AAA. Most of the clowns on here are terrified of debate.

    Arsenal has got most things right in the last few years. Financially solid, commercial improvements, we’re in a strong position. We just have a manager who is stagnant and seems unable to take us to the next step. I think that things are changing if he’s only getting a two year deal. The club maybe thinking that time is almost up with Wenger. What they expect from him is a consolidation of this season, we won’t sink with Wenger we’ll just glide along. A new manager will probably create the ambition that I think some of the board are longing for and that will become more pronounced if we cannot mount a serious challenge in the league within the next two years. Wenger is stuck in the past as is much of our fanbase.

  49. @Gord

    The answer to your question is yes – and they scored a second breakaway goal just before full time.

    The first Chelski goal came from a slip (literally) by Gerrard – quite amusing unless you are a Dipper.

    Not a great match – Chelski parked the bus for most of the time – but they are very good at negative football.

  50. Bjtgooner
    We were saying this only last week (think Mandy brought it up) that the way pool are set Chelsea were the exact type of side that could nullify them. And so it turned out….

  51. Rupert Cook.

    I didn’t ask your opinion on Sagna. This is what I posted:

    “You have absolutely no admiration at all for anything Arsenal football Club, Arsene Wenger or the players do.

    The mantra at the top of this site says:


    I just don’t get it.


    I know you are insistent that you are indeed an adult, your comprehension suggests otherwise ! As I said, I despair.

  52. Rupert
    I read somewhere today that Monaco had offered to quadruple his salary to something like £12 million after tax. If that’s true and he turns it down then he really is an honourable man. Two years is probably about right, but if we somehow get some world class players in and look like winning the CL then maybe he’d reconsider. I’ve been multitasking here today. Reading, listening to music and keeping an eye on this blog. So tiring.

  53. bjtgooner & AL,

    As it turned out, the fact that Liverpool were leading the table does not necessarily mean they would win it, you know just like Arsenal were for 18 weeks in total. Except of course, the whole pundtwit(trademark) world were adamant that Arsenal weren’t going to make it while this afternoon’s match was billed as a coronation event for Liverpool.

    This is why I am patiently waiting for the winners to emerge before concluding my piece on the 2013/14 league. I have a lot to say about the media. Surprise, surprise….I know 🙂

  54. I guess I’m an optimist. It looks like Sagna’s leaving…so we’ll sign someone else. As much as I like him, he is not the core of the team. We’ll get by and I hope we’ll do even better next yeaer.

    Let’s just beat Newcastle tomorrow, shall we?

  55. @Jax, don’t think he’ll leave for Monaco. I can’t see us ever winning the CL under him, he had his chances when we had players capable of doing it and a style of football that wasn’t based on endless tippy tappy which has been found out in recent years. Our squad is too injury prone and too mentally weak though if we win the cup that might change. To get world class players you have to pay for them and I don’t think Wenger likes paying big money for players despite Ozil. I suspect that he might have been gently prodded to make that deal. After all the main priority seemed to be a striker and he baulked at offering even 45 million for Suarez, a player we needed more than Ozil.

  56. Well Arsenal now has a big summer ahead, and we will all see what is done in summer to take our great team into great(er)ness. It is clear we need a bigger squad, but as someone mentioned above, our bringing players through would be limited because of the 25 player squad issue. As good as our team is, there are things we need to sort out. Good cover for the injuries we tend to get, and things need to be done about these injuries too. 4th place is no longer enough, even 3rd would be much better, that already takes some games off the busy schedule, but i do see great things coming for Arsenal, depending on how we improve the squad this summer.
    All in all, we have seen a glimpse of the real Arsenal this season, and we all know that our team is good approaching greatness, lets hope to see Arsenal firing in our last games and next season.
    COME ON GUNNERS, WE’RE ON THE WAY, and this is why AW can/would not leave now i suppose.
    Whatever one thinks about Mou, he has done it again and again, shown that tactics are a vital part of the game. Every war chief knows one has to know the enemy one is fighting against. Liv 0-2 Che.
    This really pleased me, as i really did not want pool coming back and winning PL before us, that would have been too much to take, hope City manage to do it.

  57. @Bootoomee

    Yes, the media have had to re-write their script this afternoon. I am not too concerned about which of the present top 3 gets over the line – probably I detest Mourinho most and that will have an influence on my thinking.

  58. @Jax, take a break and nip down to the local Wetherspoons or take a walk along the promenade.

  59. Bootoomee
    Absolutely. Today was supposed to be their coronation day, saw Rush, Hansen, Caragher, etc in the crowd. Can’t wait for your piece!

  60. Boring boring corrosive cook.

    The same crap regurgitated yet again: –

    “I can’t see us ever winning the CL under him,” – destructive and demeaning.

    “Our squad is too injury prone and too mentally weak” – maligning.

    “I don’t think Wenger likes paying big money for players” – character assassination.

    “I suspect that he might have been gently prodded to make that deal.” – more twisting.

    “he baulked at offering even 45 million for Suarez” – who was telling lies? – Liverpool!!

    So corrosive cook – lets see the evidence to support these claims.

    Walter/Tony – this site supports the team and manager, an ideology that I agree fully with. The endless regurgitation of so far unsupported anti Wenger and anti team propaganda from the corrosive one consistently flaunts the ethos of the site and is demeaning to the persons and aims we support. Time for at least a yellow?

  61. bjtgooner,

    Same here. I can still stomach Man City. Their manager is not an attention whore and Kompany is an okay guy.

    Nothing will give me more joy than for Chelsea and their Special/Happy One to end the season trophyless.

  62. @bjtgooner, I bet you were the little tell-tale at school that everyone hated.

    Grow up, this is a forum where people may say things you don’t like. Character assassination, seriously where do you live? In Camberwick Green?

    Destructive and demeaning saying Wenger couldn’t win the CL? All the evidence suggests it’s so, after all he’s had numerous attempts. My saying this is hardly destructive or demeaning but thanks for your high opinion of my influence.

  63. @corrosive cook

    How on earth does a mild analysis of your comments allow you to wrongly relate to my school days – no don’t answer that – I don’t really want too much of an insight into your dysfunctional mind.

    Lets see your evidence as requested above – restating an opinion is not evidence.

  64. To Walter and Tony.

    In support of btjgooner who says the following:

    “Walter/Tony – this site supports the team and manager, an ideology that I agree fully with. The endless regurgitation of so far unsupported anti Wenger and anti team propaganda from the corrosive one consistently flaunts the ethos of the site and is demeaning to the persons and aims we support. Time for at least a yellow?”

    Considering the mantra of this site (as reproduced above,) I have repeatedly asked Rupert Cook as to why he frequents it.

    Read his posts and if you can find one that is not either derogatory, insulting or both, to Arsenal FC and Wenger, then you are a better man than me.

    As I say, I have asked him many times, why he comes on this site when he clearly does not agree with anything this site stands for.

    As of this post he has failed to answer.

  65. Bootoomee

    I too would prefer City.

    Okay, they are ‘Oilers’ and have spent ridiculous amounts of money, some of it to prize away a few of ours. But as you say, at least there manager seems a decent guy and apart from the odd exception I quite like a lot of there players.

    Also, unlike the other ‘oilers’ they do at least try to play attractive football.

    Talking of Chelski, I just cant abide them at any price. There odious players. There even more odious manager. What more can I say, I hate them !

    Liverpool. Media love-in. Just makes me want to puke really. How, now it suits, they seem to be able to overlook every disgraceful action that Suarez has ever done is sickening.

    That being said Suarez is a top player and they are good to watch on there day but I just couldn’t bear the thought of the Love-in being racked up even higher. God, Perish the thought.

    So City I hope for and City it looks like being.

  66. Take care when you wager on football.

    The mirror has some crazy bets:

    The bias table really had something to say about Everton yesterday, and got that wrong. The bias table was correct in the two games it predicted different than Lawro today. What happens tomorrow?

    Crazy year. If ManCity win their game in hand, we have 2 teams with 80 and 1 with 78 and 2 games left. And if Arsenal win tomorrow, it is St. Totteringham’s Day! Apparently Ben Arfa did not make the trip to London with Newcastle.


  67. Look forward to your media article Bootoomee. Yes, a bad day for the Liverpool supporting masses in the media. Liverpool have played very well this season, and are not quite oilers, though they have spent rather a lot, made some huge losses and had debts paid by outside sources….so in some ways they may be the team most neutrals would want,to win the league. But , City are on my wish list, great team, manager seems ok, play some nice football, despite a horrible business model, and like Liverpool…and Chelsea, get away with a hell of a lot with the men in black.
    The reason I take city over Liverpool….strangely only really to do with wenger, Liverpool win it, and his critics have yet another stick to beat him with. City win, and it remains, the only teams consistently more successful than us in recent years are still those with far greater resources.
    Agree on the joy if Chelsea end up trophy less, especially if the so called specialist in failure ends up polishing silverware after this season.
    To be positive, All in all quite a good day for our top four hopes, City now have every reason to throw everything at Everton
    Para, agreed we have a massive summer ahead. We need to strengthen, replace anyone leaving, be prepared for post World Cup injuries and fitness issues, and hopefully, be ready for what could be a tricky CL qualifier, before we even to start to take on strengthened EPL teams with new managers. We are going to have to be quick and decisive in the market this summer, waiting til the last minute to get deals may not be an option, but now, we have money, we will need to spend some of it.
    Ian Rush, Alan Hansen, Cilla Black, Jimmy Tarbuck, mark Lawrensen, MOTD, the mail, sun, express, telegraph, mirror, , The Liverpool Echo, Jerry and the Pacemakers, Mike Dean, pope John Paul 2, Col Gadaffi, Mike Myers, Samuel L Jackson, Nelson Mandela, Kim Cattrall, Dr Dre and Sven, …..you all unfortunately have had a pretty shit day!

  68. Nice one Mandy. Best post today. I didn’t know Samuel L Jackson was a ‘pool supporter. Big, bad Sam. How sad is that.

  69. I would prefer a city win too, for the reasons stated above really and also for what Mandy said that if Liverpool win it’ll be another stick to beat Wenger with.

    I still think there’ll be more twists though, what with the pgmol being unpredictable as they have been lately. Last week they give Dean(a ref from Liverpool) a match involving Chelsea. Mourinho cries foul and what do they do, they send Chelsea’s favourite ref to do their next match. I just feel they will manipulate the next few games this way.

  70. Mandy Dodd,

    I agree with your sentiments concerning Liverpool and Man City. The only team that I really, really, really don’t want to win it or any other trophy this season is Chelsea.

  71. Samuel L Jackson? Is this not just a case of the media collaring him in the arrivals and asking him what he thinks of Steven Gerrard? Anywho, don’t matter, I’ll still love his movies 🙂 By the way, why is Madiba in that list? 🙂

  72. Mandy Dodd.

    Samuel L Jackson. A closet scouser. Who’d of guessed? I always wondered what the ‘L’ stood for. Now I know !!

  73. Yes guys, I probably agree about the Oilers – although I have not forgotten the assault by Yaya on Giroud. But the other two clubs are even more obnoxious.

  74. I was rooting for Liverpool and I still want them to win it but the way that the media and that non-existent section of our fans have been praising Rodgers is stomach turning.

  75. I agree with what the other regulars have said. Its time to act on the troll Tony/Walter. He has proved again and again that he does not belong here and as bjt said, he is disruptive and always seeking attention. Time for a red

  76. Must say these recent days are the first time I enjoy Everton’s defeats.
    Very positive results for us!

    So, last summer will be our only quiet and happy summer, won’t it?
    So sad, given all those never old pains we have suffered.

    About Sagna: I might be able to accept the final result myself. He’s 31, has been with us for 7 seasons, I would call it quite an Arsenal career.
    But our captain Thomas, so many regrets came to my mind thinking about him and his (would be) too short journey (in my opinion) with us. From the first day he beacame part of Arsenal till today: things have changed really sadly indeed. And the reason? Well, even sadder. Cannot forget our last match last season, with him and the others cheering about our 4th place. That attitude remained in his latest game.
    And Bian… always love him. Had so much hope when he stayed last summer…
    Somehow things I would give the most thoughts to are often regretful and much unfulfilled ones.

  77. “We are going to have to be quick and decisive in the market this summer, waiting til the last minute to get deals may not be an option, but now, we have money, we will need to spend some of it.”

    Mandy Dodd,
    From your keyboard to Arsene’s deeds.

    [p.s. in being pragmatic about why you wanted them to lose, you did admit that Liverpool’s bid was authentic (if tainted, and who is simon pure?) and yes, non-oiler. Almost oiler, yes; but almost oiler is not oiler. As for John Henry, the Boston Red Sox and ‘Pool owner, he is well hated by all NY Yankee fans, like me; and doubly hated for his slime-bag chicanery toward us over Suarez’s contract details. So I am beyond glad he’s been crushed today (and no love in my heart for the nearly-sainted Gerrard, randy goat of Anfield).) Though I’d so wish that said defeat came at the feet of a relegation-defying team; rather than via vicious (repeat vicious) park-the-tanker Maureen.]

  78. Yes, Samuel J is a Liverpool supporter, the media tell us so it must be true!

    We have some interesting supporters as well….allegedly Bin Laden, the queen, her mum, her grandson Harry and the odd Arfican ruler is reports to be believed! And Piers Morgan of course. Unlike Liverpool, not sure we have any Popes despite having the Welsh Jesus…..no offence or blasphemy intended…..

  79. Bob…not sure who Simon pure is…..did I put that? If I did, a dodgy auto correct. Guess Liverpools bid was a genuine one, historically, I have had nothing against them, just don’t like the help they seem to have received, but that might not be their fault…maybe powers above them! Not knocking how well they have played at times…..but also worth how good we were at full strength at home to them in the league, we made St Stevie look very ordinary. Was not aware of the dislike of their owners with rival teams in the US. Guess Liverpool are not out of it yet, yet could still be finished off by a relegation candidate ….or a team thereabouts.
    Thanks Jax, had to get this one right after my Profumo affair mistake…..and had not long ago seen that awful Scandal film….so no excuse there!

  80. Suarez wins PFA Player of the Year, and couldn’t find anyone to bite. Chelsea players banned from attending. PFA Team of the Year is: Petr Cech, Coleman, Cahill, Kompany, Luke Shaw, Lallana, Toure, Gerrard, Eden Hazard, Sturridge, Suarez. Nobody from Arsenal. PFA Young Player not yet awarded.

  81. PFA Young Player is Eden Hazard of Chelsea. Daniel Sturridge second, and Luke Shaw was third.

  82. Mandy
    I remember meeting (by chance) Pete Murray at Highbury back in the ’60s. He was there with Arthur Mullard. Wonder if Pete still goes. I know Kate Hoey’s still a regular. Saw her next to Beckham & kids recently

  83. Pete Murray…that is a name from the past, he must be getting on a bit now? Some impressive sightings there.
    Did once see Roger Daltrey with a red and white scarf in Chiswick Park….know he is also a fan. Also read Ray Davies of the Kinks is a Gooner, and his brother a Spud….no wonder they kicked the shite out of each other on stage the odd time….

  84. Gord, unfortunately, none of our finest have been fit all season to get player of the year, tho think BFG must have been knocking on the door for the team of the year….and expect us to figure in goal of the season.
    Expect Ramsey, ozil and Jack to be very strong contenders next year

  85. Off topic, but does anyone else know why a six man defence, rotational time wasting and fouling, losing to Palace, Sunderland and villa equates to tattical genius?
    Is tactical genius and negative football the same thing?

  86. I think I prefer ManCity to win this year.

    My big problem with having Liverpool win, is that while for many years ManU supporters felt they should be awarded the league trophy before the season ever started, is that one could always find Liverpool supporters who felt the same way (as Liverpool once “ruled the roost”). And the press seems to be expecting that if Liverpool wins this year, that automatically means than 15 of the next 20 years will have Liverpool winning the league.

    The team that wins the league EARNS it! It is not something to be expected on the opening day of the season, or any time before the end of April.

    And I think I see this idea about Liverpool ruling the league in the future, from a headline about Dalglish. Apparently Kenny the Wonderful feels Giggs should be given the permanent manager status. Sure, he would. Let’s put another untrained, unproven manager at ManU, and they will hopefully finish even lower, hopefully even getting relegated (like Liverpool did).

    ManU was much more than a single year turn around when Moyes started, it it still much more than a single year turn around. And expectations of UEFA football should not be assumed. This coming year, or even the year after that. Good luck finding the super manager who will buy and sell 2/3 or more of the team in a single summer and perform a miracle.

    We’ll be prudent over here.


    Mandy, I was hoping that Mourinho would have acknowledged that the referees did not add enough time for stoppages in either the first or second halfs today, and he didn’t (as near as I can tell).

    I suppose he was a tactical genius for winning. Good luck finding fans to fill the stadium for 90 minutes of every game, if a top team plays park the bus to win.

  87. The PFA have a narrow definition for player of the year. Sure, it is easy to see how Suarez could be easy to pick for their Player of the year.

    On many human arguments, Suarez should not have even been considered.

    But on the playing field when he isn’t degrading opponents on the basis of race, or biting opponents, he is a good player.

    If Suarez ever tests positive for Hepatitis C or AIDS, he should be banned from playing football. You cannot have such a person biting opponents, EVER! The flesh eating version of Staphlococus should be included. And really, it should be a test administered before the beginning of any game he plays in.

    And that should be extended to every player who bites another player, regardless of circumstance.

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