Liverpool in financial meltdown

Blimey – I write a bit about the financial situation and how Liverpool Insolvency might be in trouble, and the next thing you know, they are on the brink.

Liverpool (to recap) can only pay the interest on their loans by constantly being in the final stages of the Champs League.  Without that income they don’t have enough to survive.  In essence they have been holding on desperately hoping for a buyer.

Now two things have happened.  First, all the banks are being nationalised, as the west turns to the socialism (in the sense of the state owning some of the main aspects of economic society) that it rejected with a sneer during the Thatcher-Regan era. 

In such an era the banks will be ready to loan dosh to firms that do something for the economy, rather than those that are already totally bust and with no way of paying their interest.

So the situation was already desperate for the Insolvency when suddenly, out pops the news that your local friendly Arabs (the Maktoum family) are not interested in buying a bankrupt club after all, and actually would rather take over Charlton Athletic.  Charlton, who have a solid local support policy, sound finances, and a neat new-ish stadium, look a great bet for investment, and one thousandth of the price that it would cost just to pay off the insane debts that Liverpool carry.

Sheikh Hamdan Al-Maktoum, son of Dubai’s ruler, Sheikh Mohammed, is the man of the moment for those in south London who consider Millwall to be not quite classy enough (and maybe just a smidgen too neo-fascist) for their taste.

George Gillett and Tom Hicks are now not so much kicking themselves as being kicked by every Scouse being who can find them.  Indeed the Arabs also turned down the chance to buy the League’s laughing stock  Newcastle Zebras.

Hicks even went to Dubai to try and virtually give away his 50% stake in the insolvent Liverpool, but came away still owning the shares he does not want.

Then Mike Ashley – the man filmed drinking booze in view of the pitch at the Ems had a bash, but found that his beer gut ruled him out (Islamic religions don’t like the booze).  

Rothschilds, one of the banks yet to be nationalised by the state not only dealt with the nearly extinct Liverpool but also worked with  Charlton.  That’s the link – these spiv bankers get everywhere.

Now here’s the really funny bit.  Liverpool always support the football authorities since the days when they were found guilty of match fixing, and yet retained their place in the First Division (this was when Arsenal were promoted from Second to First, in return for their not insisting that the guilty clubs be expelled).    The Premier League and Football Association (that Liverpool always kow-tow to) have ownership rules that state that a single owner can’t buy two clubs in the same competition.  So if the Arabs buy Charlton they can’t touch Liverpool.

The funny thing is that this rule came in after Sir Henry Norris, chairman of Fulham bought the bankrupt Woolwich Arsenal in 1910.   Norris wanted Arsenal to play games at Fulham’s ground, but when refused he moved the club to Highbury.  The League and FA brought in the double ownership rule to stop it happening again, and it is that very rule that is going to send Liverpool over the edge.

While Liverpool have zero money and live totally on what they can borrow week by week, Charlton exist on loans from the directors – exactly as Arsenal did in the Norris era.  Charlton may have annoyed their support by the sale of Bent to the Tiny Totts, but that laughable 16 million pounds made them an attractive nearly debt free club – and that’s why the Arabs are in.

Obviously Arsenal always have been and always will be my club, but I have a soft spot for Charlton.  They don’t have pretensions beyond their position.  When they were forced to ground share they worked hard to rebuild a stadium in their homeland, and cater for local people.   They don’t play stupid games and aim to be a top three club, and like Arsenal, they don’t go in for crazy borrowing.

As for Liverpool, insolvency will follow meaning the creation of a new club, and at least 10 points deducted.

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  1. The walls of Jericho are tumbling down all around us. I agree with you re Charlton – I’ve always had a soft spot for them too although I’m not so keen on that little englander who’s currently in charge of them!

  2. Great blog but what are you basing it all on? Post links to your information please and keep up the good work!

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