Can the Lord Wenger travel in time?

I have often pondered the notion that the Lord Wenger has god-like powers but now I am forced to add to his abilities the fact that he can see into the future.

As one with a degree in economics we might expect him to have some insight into the collapse of capitalism but when you contemplate what is going to happen next it seems he has put Arsenal into an amazing position.

Football cannot escape the current catastrophe and several things look certain to happen:

First the value of everything football will decline – including the value of players.   So clubs that havejust spend 30 million or more on some spout or other will find that his sell-on value is far less.

Of course the player is still just as good – but if the banks demand a quick sale to reduce debts then the amount being brought in by each player is much smaller.  In this situation money in the bank is worth everything  and that is exactly what Arsenal has – thanks to Wenger’s approach.

Was it chance that he didn’t buy anyone when all the world was demanding yet another central midfielder?  Was it arrogane on his part?  Did he believe we had the best players possible?

Or did Zeus take him for a ride into the future, revealing the chaos around the corner, showing him that any player he fancied buying would be avaialble at half the price come January.

Football has got another year or so of its Sky money before that runs away down the drain as well and we return to football as it was pre-Sky.

Funny old game, this capitalism lark.

3 Replies to “Can the Lord Wenger travel in time?”

  1. It does make you wonder doesn’t it? But a lot of fans still can’t see what a genius he is – with the youth programme coming to fruition, Arsenal should only need to buy one or two players a year to keep going for some time.

  2. Bloody brilliant commentary, analysis, and pundit-like opinion over these last few articles Tony! Your views on the collapse of capitalism as seen through the lens of British footballery is as good a read as the Economist most evenings!

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