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April 2021

Arsenal transfers in and out this summer: the Untold list

By Billy the Dog McGraw in consultation with Mrs Prodnegast’s magic cat

It’s the summer so there are transfers.  They come and go day by day, and most of the time get forgotten quite rightly, because most are a load of old cobblers.

But just before the press have a chance to remove them all from their web sites and deny they ever said anything of the kind, or worse, now start pretending that they predicted Arsenal were going to buy Ozil before it happened, here’s the rundown…

Part One: The generalities

Quite why these get run out by the media each year I have no idea, but they do, so here they are…

The Budget:  Estimated by the media to be £100 million, although this also includes wages as well as transfer fees.  On the other hand that is an awfully round number so likely to be just a piece of made up flippery.  What about £97,583,847 36p?  Equally made up but at least not just a lazy set of zeros.  And you heard it here first.

The Strategy:  There was a lovely analysis in the Telegraph (I use the word “analysis” in its comical sense) in which the “strategy” seemed to be that we buy a goalkeeper, a defender or two, a defensive midfielder, an attacking midfielder and a centre forward.  In short, a team.

Actually the strategy is to find players like Ramsey who will become brilliant in a few years time, and players like Ozil who are brilliant now.

Who runs the show?   This shows just how lazy journalism is, if anyone asks this question (and they do).  The answer is either

a) the charming lady who serves Tony coffee near entrance 99 in the upper tier, but who can’t actually work the till

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b) Mr Wenger

You choose

Part two: The big ones

1: Karim Benzema from Real Madrid.   26-years-old.   France striker Arsène Wenger has wanted several times in the past.  Has one year remaining on his contract at Real.  Cost around £30m.   If Real buy a striker (Luis Suárez?) then Benzema could move and the Suarez move is more likely now the chair of Liverpool has admitted he is an inveterate liar.  Not a clever stance when you are negotiating transfers.

2: Mario Mandzukic, also a striker, from Bayern Munich.

3: Xavi.  Barcelona midfielder.  This from The Star (see also below).  They say Manchester City and Manchester United are also interested.  Yawn…

3: Other names mentioned in the press: Lars Bender, Javi Martinez, Calum Chambers, Julian Draxler of Schalke (you’ve heard that before), Jackson Martinez,  Angel di Maria.   The latter is the Star’s favourite – from Real Madrid £29 million.

Part three: The little ones

1:  David Marshall.  Cardiff goalkeeper

2: Serge Aurier. Toulouse right back, centre back.  £7m  (The Independent)   He is 21 and plays for Ivory Coast.

3: All sorts of players you have never heard of and won’t be mentioned much in the press, one of whom will turn out to be brilliant.

Part Four: Leaving Arsenal 

1: Bacary Sagna according to everyone.  Sad, but he wants to go.

2: Laurent Koscielny is wanted by Real Madrid as a replacement for Pepe. This story has actually been recycled by the Express since Koscielny signed – and since he got his own song.  Total rubbish.

23 comments to Arsenal transfers in and out this summer: the Untold list

  • seb

    Thomas Vermaelen might also leave

  • AL

    I hope the suarez to Madrid saga gets drawn out all summer and keep people distracted while Wenger moves for his targets. Well, wishful thinking, as that’s likely to involve ‘Benzema to Arsenal has to happen first'(Higuain all over again?). So no, we won’t stay out of the spotlight unfortunately.

  • blacksheep63

    off topic but i watched the Damned United again last night – great film. The portrayal of 70s football (Leeds and Derby) as a violent sport (on and off the pitch actually) made me wonder what rating FIFA74 would have to have – 18 at least!

    what about the Cesc rumours Billy, what does the cat say?

  • Pete

    I’ve heard that we are looking hard at Kieran Trippier at Burnley. Given his prior experience and age, could be the new Lee Dixon?

    Hope to find out a bit more tomorrow…

  • Ben

    I also heard Arsenal buying back Vela as there is a buy back clause in his contract plus he has scored 1 more goal than Bale.

  • bjtgooner

    In addition to the players noted above, our two loan players Viviano and Kallstrom will leave.

    Viviano will need replaced as third goalkeeper. Replacing Kallstrom would give AW the opportunity to tweak the midfield slightly.

    Bendtner leaving is not a great loss, given his attitude the last few years, the regret is that he did not knuckle down a few years ago. However, that frees up a berth for an additional striker. Will Park leave this summer? If he does that may allow an additional recruit – or will Campell join the squad?

    The hope would be that Sagna and Fabianski do not leave, however if they do they would need to be replaced.

    The media and blogsphere have already entered a state of infantile speculation overdrive re transfers as they try to grab headlines or induce website hits – following both is a complete waste of time – the players they name are very rarely the true targets.

    It will be fascinating to see who AW adds to the squad and which of our younger players he feels are ready to step up.

  • proudkev

    Morning all.

    One thing everyone should know about Arsenal is that we don’t go running to the press leaking stories. Therefore, I take 99.9% of what I read as pure journalistic license. These guys lie for a living. Of course it is good fun to speculate and discuss signings but it always makes me laugh when fans start hitting their keyboards in anger after reading a story produced by one of the liars.

    By the way, that Tom Fox interview was fantastic, can I post the link?

  • proudkev

    Here is the Tom Fox Interview. He clearly contradicts a lot that is said in the media and by the nay sayers. A really insightful piece, that covers building our brand, revenue, sponsorships, North America and fair play. I just wish the Arsenal PR team would be more active in promoting the positives about our great club because this is a great article from someone who really is in the know.

  • Oliver

    There is some chat of Vela on twitter..
    Bendtner was actually in a training pic this week so apparently he’s still around. Can’t imagine he’s staying, he almost looked like he had a chance to redeem himself. I reckon getting injured scoring that goal against Cardiff probably was unfortunate, maybe he never really recovered mentally.

    I wouldn’t rule out Vermaelen leaving, it probably won’t but it could happen.

    Xavi? really? more chance of Fabregas tbh

  • Mandy Dodd

    I would certainly add Cesc to the list, I am quite sure we will bid, IF the new manager makes him available

  • proudkev

    Morning Mandy, I would love to see Cesc come back, what a player he was and a good lad too. he offers us

    When you look at the squad and the team, there isn’t as much missing as some like to make out. Certainly a fit Ramsey and Theo strengthen us, the latter will be like a new £20 million signing. Ozil will be in his second season and we can expect big things from him.

    We need to replace those that are leaving like Bacary and the lad from Toulousse looks perfect and offers us more offensively.

    But if you made a list of what we need it isn’t as long as some would have us believe. But I would love to see Cesc back but cant see it.

  • Cesc back, hmmmm. Yes of course, wonderful player, and he’s got Arsenal in his DNA… oh, hang on, did someone use that before.

    Right, Carlos Vela he’s got…

    But the cat told Billy to tell me that in terms of keeper number 3 we already have Damien Martinez playing at Wednesday, and he might even be thought of as good enough to be no 2.

    I’ll do a piece on the loan players in due course. Actually I’m not busy on saturday afternoon, so could do it then.

    Oh hang on.

  • bob mac

    Additions probably not required, only possible replacements for anyone who is out of contract.

    Vermaelin is NOT out of contract, therefore Arsene will decide.

    Having Theo, Jack, Aaron, Mesut, Lukas,and Diaby basically injury free will equal new signings to the value of almost £200 million!!!!!

  • Micheal Ram

    Serge Aurier is a good replacement for Sagna. Then we would have TWO diehard Arsenal fans at RB. Aurier can play CB, RW too. Fabregas is a unique issue. We buy him back and our young midfield protégée will suffer. Unless put him as a DM like Arteta. Fabregas is very discipline and very good defensively. He can play that deep lying playmaker like a duck in water. Vela is more worth it than Campbell. Gained more experience and playing time he needed at Spain. He is definitely more flexible and technically sound than Campbell. A good replacement for the aging Rocisky. Of course these are personal opinion but Arsene knows best.

  • Mandy Dodd

    Will be very interesting to see what happens with Cesc kev. Already a lot of rumours out there, but they for now remain just that. Guess it depends if the incoming luis Enrique wants him kept at Barca.
    I am sure he is one of wengers most favoured players ever….but there is the point made earlier that he could affect the development of our MF players……unless he plays false nine or just off giroud? If indeed that is possible? Wenger is clearly, and rightly wary of buying big…..but this is a player he knows so well, could easily see it happening, but depends on Cesc and Barca of course as much as anything else. But Cesc, ozil and Ramsey in one team…..let along other players we have….that would be something

  • Brickfields Gunners

    @ hooshimine May 16, 2014 at 11:05 am – thank you for that link .Not only was it very nostalgic , it also felt like I was going through my family’s old photo album .
    Am saving this one .

  • Sav from Australia

    Transfer are entertaining but all I can think about is that in 24 hours, its kick-off. I really could care less about the AAA or the media or rival supporters. A work mate was bating the Arsenal boys at work, sent an email with a ticking clock of the last time Arsenal won a trophy – its the first time its ever happened to me that I have such nonsense, but nonetheless, a learning experience. I replied with a picture of the Emirates stadium – he’s a Liverpool supporter so there’s resonance – there’s the trophy I said. Then couldn’t resist, included a picture of London Colney – there’s another trophy.

    But media and all other idiots aside – winning will help the team in a tangible way to push on and win more. And I do not see why we cannot do it. Probert is not a great referee for Arsenal but not the worst. The way I see it – if we play to our potential then we win. In the words of Darth Vader – ‘There’ll be no one to stop us this time!’


    Thanks for the link to Tom Fox’s interview. As you said above, very informative and from someone who actually knows. He comes across as a very clever man.

  • Sav from Australia

    But in terms of transfers, Cesc would be great but I do not think he coming. Replacements to those that leave will surely occur.

    But I feel there is a surprise or two on the way. Its like being a child and having to wait till Xmas to unwrap the presents, eh.

    Biggest transfer would be Diaby fit for 80% of the season.

    Here’s a question. Who will disagree if I say: Ramsey, Ozil, Diaby – all fit for AT LEAST 80% of next season – we will win the league and/or champions league, possibly both. What say the jury?

  • Gord

    BBC has to keep their dumb muppets employed, and so Hartson is predicting that 10 “big clubs” (worded as if there are many more than 10 clubs bigger than Arsenal?) are going to bid for Ramsey during the summer.

    But, a slight inaccuracy in the text is annoying:
    > However, he broke a leg against Stoke City in February 2010

    That is NOT CORRECT! He didn’t break a leg against Stoke City; Shawcross from Stoke City broke his leg! What Shawcross did always had a major chance of doing severe damage, it was not an accident.

  • jambug



    Hardly a surprise coming from the guy who found it funny when Villa where kicking us off the park at the Emirates.

    And he’s ex Arsenal.

    Honestly some of these people are an embarrassment.

  • Valentin

    Let’s forget that romantic notion that Cesc could come back. Arsenal does not need Cesc anymore. What we need is one powerful dribbler striker (who can play with or instead of Giroud), a mean powerful defensive midfield player (Lars Bender or Guereye the Lille Ivorian), a left side offensive player (Vela anyone?), a right back (Serge Aurier voted best right back of Ligue 1 like Bacary was when he joined us) to replace Bacary, a goalkeeper to replace Fabianski.

    Martinez is not yet ready to play. On loan he has been less than impressive. I suspect that Josh Vickers may even be ahead of him.