Something nasty this way comes

And that something is… Rio Ferdinand.

This is the man who says ‘Croatia were fined a few thousand quid. What good is that? It’s not going to stop people shouting racist or homophobic abuse.’ but who remains utterly silent about the abuse given to Sol Campbell.

Then he says that we are all being very unfair booing Ashley Cole like that.

Right – this is the guy (RF that is) who called Chris Moyles a ‘faggot’ live on air.

Or if we are to believe the Sun – “Rio Ferdinand was dishing out the most stick: players chipped in with limp-wristed hand gestures and camp accents…. shouting ‘chase me, chase me’.”

Or how about his crusade against gang violence: ‘I want kids to see it’s not just drug dealers who drive decent cars – kids need to know that trying to be a gangster isn’t cool.’ That’s the guy who puts on his Myspace site Notorious B.I.G., the dealer, shot dead in in 1997 after recording such masterpieces as ‘Niggas Bleed’, ‘Somebody’s gotta die’, ’10 Crack Commandments’ and ‘Fuck you tonight’.

A government source said: ‘Kids have no male role model. Rio’s just the man.’

Thank you, you ignorant twirp – I think I’ll just carry on booing Ashley Cole if it is all the same to you.