Arsenal Colorado deal back on – an Arsenal 2nd team in the USA in the making

Stan Kronke is coming to Arsenal in order to discuss the much delayed deal with his Colorado team. 

A year ago it was stated that Colorado Rapids would change its name to Colorado Arsenal, and that there would be a formal link between Arsenal and the Colorado team that plays in the Major League.  Gilles Grimandi, now the chief French scout, and an increasingly powerful figure at Arsenal, played briefly for Colorado.

Kronke owns 12.19% of Arsenal – about half the amount owned by the Usmanov group which includes David Dein, and neither Kronke nor Usmanov has signed the lock down agreement about not selling shares.  However Usmanov in particular is unlikely to sell since his shares are now worth only around 80% of what they cost him.

It looks like the Colorado deal will now go through, and within it will be an agreement that Kronke will not sell his Arsenal shares without first offering them to the Board.  Arsenal will then use Colorado as part of its growing network of training clubs.

Last week we were looking at the possibility of Arsenal finding another team with whom they can place the players who are just outside the first team squad.  One option was to run a team in Spain – but it looks now as if Colorado is going to be the route taken.

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