All the transfers (PS some of these may even be true… or not)

By Tony Attwood

The transfer window isn’t actually open yet, but of course you wouldn’t know it as everyone publishes all their transfer rumours, all day, every day.

If even half of them are true we’d have a complete new team – which of course is what we need because everyone signed for us is moving “as expected” or involved in a “shock move”.  No matter that they signed a new contract a month ago, they are going.

It is also the “under the noses” time, as each player is stolen from under the noses of another interested club.  But don’t worry, just as every other club is stealing every player Arsenal want from under the nose of Mr Wenger, so they too are having every player they want stolen from under their own noses.

Which puts a few noses out of joint but in the end no one moves anywhere.

Here’s just one sample – in case you missed any of them. It turned up on Soccer Lens.

AC Milan striker Mario Balotelli has been in Arsenal’s radar ever since the Gunners signed the contract with Puma with various reports suggesting that the kit manufacturer are ready to help them to land the Italian, who is also their brand ambassador.

That’s a nice twist, throwing in Puma.  And Wenger has given the “green light” to the affair.  It really is cliche time.  Oh and Arsenal “desperately need” a striker.

So “Arsenal are in pole position to sign him if a fee can be agreed with Milan.”  And if not, it is all the fault of Wenger and his stinginess.

Thus we now know the big main one – but there are shocks on the way if we care to glance at the rest of the press.

Arsenal “in shock move” are taking the Mexican goalkeeping star Guillermo Ochoa who (in another favourite of the moment) “issued a come and get me” plea.

Gonzalo Higuain want to move, again, suggesting that instead of Napoli he’d like to go to Arsenal, Chelsea, or Manchester United or maybe all three.  According to the Guardian he has said that “Arsenal are a fantastic club… anything’s possible.”  Or was that Mario Balotelli talking again.

Vermaelen is off to Man U says the Telegraph, while Arsenal will take one of Man U’s unwanteds in return… Tom Cleverley.  And while in the north west, home of England, we will have that Gareth Barry from Everton on a free along with Seamus Coleman.

This is all exciting stuff, but is countered by the fact that Julian Draxler doesn’t want to come to Arsenal although in difference sources he is on the verge of joining Arsenal.

But this is also the time for rolling out tired old cliches about the ones that got away.  Soccer Lens tells us that Loic Remy is being stolen from Arsenal’s grasp by grasping Tottenham.

Nicklas Bendtner is looking at Leicester, Burnley, Crystal Palace and Hull City and they are looking at him, according to the Sun, so that’s probably not right.  I looked at Hull once and didn’t like it.

And Chelsea are going to sign Alex Song who has been told by Barcelona that he isn’t wanted any more.  That’s in the Express as is another “lazy Arsenal” story say that Romelu Lukaku is going to go to Liverpool rather than Arsenal, while Everton are going to nick Alessio Cerci ahead of us.  But we want their “player of the season” Seamus Coleman.  But then again we don’t we actually want Samuel Eto’o, who is instead wanted by Chelsea.

Back in the north west again, we have made an offer for Pepe Reina but out of spite because Liverpool want to take Max Meyer from Schalke for £8m.  And Arsenal have agreed personal terms with QPR forward Loic Remy.

And yes, already it is transfer day because Iker Casillas has been offered a five year contract, just as we are going to sign Edison Cavani for £56m and we are “targeting” Southampton’s Calum Chambers.

But just as we thought we had him Tottenham could steal Loic Remy from Arsenal- and this must be true because that is “according to reports in France”.

Just after signing a new contract Santi Cazorla is off because he didn’t like the way Mr Wenger treated Cesc Fabregas.

So it goes.  Shall we have a look at this page again on September 1 and find out how many are true?

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37 Replies to “All the transfers (PS some of these may even be true… or not)”

  1. It’s transfer window cliché time, that is for sure. I missed the line ‘he snubbed Arsenal’ somewhere Tony 🙂

  2. Tony, I don’t think you mentioned the current favourite transfer ‘word’…. snub. No self respecting transfer rumour spreader can do without the word ‘snub’. We are either the victim of a snub or we are inflicting snubs on the likes of Fabregas. I feel for Fab poor chap, snubbed by Barcelona, snubbed by Wenger, snubbed by Barca and Gunners fans alike he will soon be suffering a ‘snub complex’ and will need medical help.

  3. No point purchasing average squad players anymore.We need big time players to challenge the current squad and refresh areas that are in need. I dont see why losing some of aging players is a problem. We have ended our trophy drought now and believe that we are in the rebuilding phase again to win the EPL and eventually the Champions League. We need strength in depth and game changers. Give me the reported 100million and heres what i have come up with. Improving the current 11, strengthing the bench players, building for the future, trying to keep everyone happy and adding Arsenal type players.

    Team 1
    Sanchez (20million) Balotelli (25million) Wallcott
    Ramsey Kherdia (20million)
    Gibbs Kos Mert Aurier (7million)

    Team 2
    Podolski Giroud Griezmann (22million)
    Wilshere Arteta
    Monreal Williams (5million) Smalling (swap) Jenkinson




    TV (swap with Smalling)
    Santi (18million)
    Park (3million)
    Coquelin (2million)

    Therefore 76Million estimated spend
    Santi is my favorite gunner at the moment but with age against him along with a interested party right now would be the best time to sell. Balotelli would improve any team and is world class. Sanchez can play any where along the front line and has real quality about him, only 25 still has many years and adds trickery. Kherdia is calm on the ball and reads the game like no other. Aurier could become an Arsenal legend and hold on to the RB position for the next 10years.Griezmann is young and exciting, has an eye for go and adds go forward.Williams is experienced and a real hard man, he comes at the right price and could step up into the 1st team at anytime, Smalling is young enough to still develop and can cover many positions. Ochoa had a great game last night but i believe that getting him on a free is the real positive. With this squad we still meet the FFP and have the right amount of homegrown players. Squad is young enough to develop but also experienced enough to no how to win. Either Mert or Rambo would become my next club captain.

  4. Tony, why don’t you compile up a list of players linked to us and publish it on the 31st of August.. that way we will know exactly how many players are linked to Arsenal every transfer window… sure will be a good read hehe

  5. Swoop, swap, big blow to Arsenal as target blah blah blah. These words cause me a bloated stomach

  6. Up to now, Tony, I had no idea of our transfer dealings this close season, having decided to dedicate the summer to the various positions in which Rooney will take his country to the WC trophy (or main drain as the case may be).

  7. About Santi I’m not sure if it’s because wenger treated fabregas as we know that in AMF position we had enough player and better rather than Fabregas such as Özil and Rosicky so it would be wasteful if Arsenal sign Fabregas , Santi should know that and Fabregas useless if Arsenal put him on the front side , so I think Santi now playing with his ego and anyway Fabregas snub us for Barcelona right ? Now it’s the time for payback

  8. @Declan : Flamini had poor defense , ball control , speed and old enough I think that Arsenal have to release him and sign younger DMF as subs if Arteta injured or tired . Because if Arsenal stick with Flamini our mid will be considered as weak point

  9. Also, we are “eyeing” various players, many of whom are “linked with” us, MU, Chelsea, Spurs.

    We are likely to “miss out” or “lose out” on numerous “targets”.

    Arsenal, of course, don’t do “swoops”, but we do “panic-buys” instead.

    I miss the old days, when managers used to do a “motorway dash” to sign players, usually with a Tesco carrier bag filled with cash.

  10. Five Away PL fixtures after the prospective CL games if Arsenal get past the qualifiers?
    There’s a surprise, I’m sure no one could have predicted this:

    this from Walid Arsenal ‏@1Walid1
    CL (Qual)
    Everton A
    CL (Qual)
    Leicester A
    Villa A
    Chelsea A
    Sunderland A
    Swansea A
    West Brom A
    Newcastle H

    It’s a funny old game.

  11. The transfer window has already opened on the 10th of June in England. Check this!

    Summer would a perfect time for these media muppets to write about REAL stories in world football. Match-fixing, illegal betting, sweatshops manufacturing the football club merchandise, child labour, the agents bringing African players to Europe and leaving them empty handed, the disgusting and disrespectful behaviour of the managers, professional footballers, owners, media muppets and so-called “fans”… and also the lack of transparency in football finances. None of the media muppets have demanded similar openness to contracts and finances as in the REAL sports as the NHL ice-hockey. Nothing has been talked about very slow punishment process of the FA and who is responsible for it. In the NHL hockey it worked really well with the Department of Player Safety and Brendan Shanahan was the face of the punishment process and decisions are made the next day after the game. Loads of resources have been put to different RESPECT campaigns, but the punishments are never given. Significant 10-match suspensions, wages donated to charity and several millions of pounds fine for the club will definitely change the behaviour of these millionaire muppets in the professional football.

    There are loads of REAL stories in football world, but the media muppets are focused on lies and self-made stories about possible transfers. Where is truly significant investigative football journalism? Perhaps it’s the lack of education, brains, general football world knowledge, language skills… The football media is really the lowest form of media work and it’s no wonder these “reporters”, “journalists”, “match commentators” and “studio experts” are not hired in REAL media departments. I’m sure the very poor quality of sports journalism is laughed at the REAL media departments.

  12. @ Bootoome

    Not sure that you any of the CL teams are being given preferential treatment.
    The timing of the two qualifiers in relation to the start of the season distorts yours but its how they fell in relation to the start of the season and indeed the attempted custom to alternate each season the the first game of the season home to away

    Chelsea’s games following a CL game

    Man C Away
    Arsenal Home
    Man Utd Away
    Everton Away
    Sunderland Away
    Hull Home

    Man City
    Chelsea H
    Villa A
    WHU A
    QPR A
    Soton A
    Leicester A


    WHU A
    WBA H
    Hull H
    Newcastle A
    Stoke H
    Man U A

  13. BTM

    Same as last year, the year before, and probably the year before that…
    ..As Mike T attempts to imply it must all be a coincidence. Just like, I don’t know, Probert missing four penalty’s in a cup final including a two fisted flying punch inside the six yard area in homage to Superman.

  14. ..fortunately we had the Untold refwatch previews 😉

    The previews really were good fun to read before a game, useful references too.

  15. Still, it is nice to speculate who Arsenal will get/have got at end of transfer window, even if that’s all the newspapers are doing too, so don’t be a spoil sport, come speculate with us too, after all it’s only the World Cup going on at the moment.

  16. off topic, but seen the opening fixtures, some tricky games for us. Utd have one of the easiest opening 6 fixtures you could imagine…..can see the looking after of Utd becoming a theme again next season

  17. Mike T,

    As this scheduling affect 3 of the 4 representatives, isn’t that reason enough for the FA to review this? Anyway, for the sake of Arsenal, Chelsea and Man City, let’s hope they do.

  18. Flamini is doesn’t weaken our midfield, he adds a solid defensive element to close out a game (a tactical change)

    With regards to the fixtures we have basically one considered tough game. I like this.

  19. The fixture list shows a relatively easy February and March, compared to most seasons. A reasonaly hard start I think is good for us

    We stay alert to the machinations of the PMGOL. May the devil arrest thier souls!

  20. Following Jose Mourinho’s comments on Riley, regardless of his intentions with those comments, I came to the assumption that someone in his camp has been reading Referee Decisions/Refwatch.

  21. @ Finsbury

    Season 2011/12 Arsenal played 8 CL games. In 4 cases the next game was away and in 4 cases at home

    Season 2011/12 Chelsea played 12 CL games .In 8 cases the next game was away and in 4 cases at home

    Season 2012/13 Arsenal played 10 CL games. In 6 cases the next game was away and 4 at home

    Season 2012/13 Chelsea played 6 CL games. In 5 cases the next game was home and 1 at away

  22. I am only paying attention to the Balotelli story. Others aren’t bad either way they go.

    It would be very interesting to have him. The fun won’t end but can he be put to go use on the pitch is another story. He is still a bomb but a more stable one.

    Griezmann is another story that might change the game. That one is even harder to see.

    Just wait and let Wenger+his man do the job.

  23. Mike T your figures could be intersting and/or relevant if you took out the knockout round games. But, I don’t really care about all that gas from Gazprom, sorry!
    I did enjoy it when Drogba got upset: “it’s a disgrace”, it was reassuring to see it doesn’t only happen to the Arsenal 😉

  24. Shame there were no video replays available in that game that so upset the Chelsea players.

    What price some credibilty and support for the officials? Not much is the answer seeing as most of the kit is already in most of the grounds and the tech has already been trialled in Hockey etc. and has been used for years now. I guess for some that price is too high.

  25. @Bootoomee

    In terms of which is most beneficial playing at home before a CL game or playing away following such a game is up for debate. Its all about opinion and I guess where you have to play the away game and on which days you have to play the games has a major part to play in that debate.

  26. Mike T/Boo

    Personally I think it is who you are playing that is the key factor.

    A top 4 side, maybe 6, always makes it tough because basically you need to play your best 11. No chance to rest anyone if it’s before, can be a problem if it’s after, regarding travel, fatigue, injuries etc.

    Nightmare scenario is, which we had at least once last season, is a Toughie before and after.

    That can make life very difficult.

  27. Regarding the fixture list, I’m ecstatic. For the first time in 4 years, we don’t play 4 of the top six clubs in a row (some on 3 days rest) during the crowded holiday season. And again, later in the season, playing 4 of the top six in a row.

    And, don’t forget, the other top clubs maybe had one tough stretch of games, but never during the crowded holiday fixture schedule and never twice during a season.

    Let me repeat again, Arsenal played 4 top 6 opponents in a row, 2 times a year, and one of them during the crowded holiday schedule for the past 4 years. Manchester City, Chelsea, Manchester Untied, and Liverpool have had one tough stretch here or there during a season, but not consistently year in year out for the past 4 years.

  28. Looking through Google News, Evening Standard had some pictures from Aaron Ramsey’s wedding. Which made me think of Stoke. We play Stoke twice about 1 month apart: just before the Christmas Rush and just after.

  29. If Arsenal finished outside the CL places one season only for fixtures to be moved to help the CL sides the following season,you lot on here would be going mental,citing favouritism. There is a case for the TIMING of fixtures to be changed once teams reach the latter stages,but giving teams “easier” fixtures during the group stage,behave!!! The extra ££££ssss earned from qualifying enable you to strengthen your squad to deal with such situations; if you fail to do so or spend the money elsewhere tough.

  30. From the Brickfields Gunners ‘ Blog ….

    ” Arsenal transfer target Mario Mandzukic assaulted by former Gunner legend , Alex Song ,for singing the praises of Arsene Wenger during the Croatia vs Cameroon game !”

    In what appears to be an unprovoked attack ,Alex Song elbowed Mandzukic in the back in an off the ball incident . He was promptly sent off by the referee . Not since Zinedine Zidane’s headbutting of Materazzi in the 2006 WC Final has the world see another dumbfounding , mind numbing senseless act of thuggery .On the field I meant – FIFA’s dumbfounding, mind numbing and senseless thuggery of the world cup nations is for another expose !

    Till press time we are still not sure what infuriated the Barcelona player to act thus , as Mandzukic is supposed to be a good karaoke singer according to the Bayern players , who are also not unduly perturbed that he is London bound .

    It is thought that certain words in the Croat and Serbo-Croat languages may sound similar to certain offensive words in the various dialects of Cameroon and it may all be a misunderstanding.

    From Wikipedia …. the official languages are French and English. There are also numerous endemic living languages spoken by the people that reflects the diversity of the country.[1] These languages include the Akoose language, the Gbaya languages, the Fula language, the Gyele language, the Koonzime language, the Mundang language, the Ngiemboon language, and the Vengo language.[2] The Vernacular languages from the ethnic groups in Cameroon are well over 200. Some of them are Ewondo, Beti, Bamileke, Duala and Arabic in the North and Far-North regions.

    FIFA and Septic Bladder in the meanwhile have denied that this will prompt the swift introduction of eavesdropping technology to get to the root of the problem as the association have in their employ numerous multilingual lip readers to misinterpret the on field chatter .

    Arsene Wenger ,who was at the game claims of having not seen the incident and when asked about the veracity of the ‘rumours’, just smiled and asked , “What rumours ?”, and the press beat a hasty retreat and let him to scout around for bargain buys ,as he is rumoured to have a Million Pound ‘ War chest ‘ , according to the ‘experts’.

    NB – As the Brickfields Gunners’ Blog is not quite operational , follow him on this site for further updates and new articles. Or don’t !

  31. Tom Cleverley to Arsenal? That’s got to be the most laughable transfer rumour of the summer! Seriously, I hope for your sakes that doesn’t turn out to be true 😉

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