Top 10 Arsenal transfer slogans and the players behind them

By Tony Attwood

All of these have appeared in the last 12 hours.  If we sign them all, there’s going to be a problem fitting them in.

1. Closing in on: 

Arsenal are closing in on Chile forward Alexis Sanchez and France’s defensive midfielder Morgan Schneiderlin, 

2. Set to:

Arsenal are set to sign Feyenoord right back Daryl Janmaat has told the Dutch club he is leaving this summer, according to the Daily Mail website.

3. On the radar

Sadly today there is nothing on the radar.  What is the matter with copywriters today?

4.  Believed to have opened talks with

Arsenal are believed to have opened talks with  with FC Porto over the availability of striker Jackson Martinez.

5.  Arsenal makes move

Arsenal have made a move for Queens Park Rangers striker Loic Remy and Bayern Munich forward Mario Mandzukic, according to the Express.

6.  Arsenal in talks with

Reports have claimed Arsenal are in talks to bring Mathieu Valbuena to the Emirates.

7.  Arsenal to offer

Arsenal are preparing a £44 million offer for Juventus powerhouse Arturo Vidal.

8.  Arsenal deal looks set to happen

Arsenal target and Feyenoord right back Daryl Janmaat has told the Dutch club he is leaving this summer, according to the Daily Mail website.

9.  Arsenal to make summer move

Arsenal are set to make a £15million bid summer move for out-of-favour Bayern Munich striker Mario Mandzukic.

10.  Arsenal look at
Arsenal look at Lars Bender. The Express have reported that the Gunners are ready to test Bayer Leverkusen’s resolve with a bid for their prized possession.

Other phrases bubbling under:

  • Arsenal look at
  • Arsenal set to trump rival’s bid
  • Arsenal to make moves for
  • Arsenal target ready to quit
  • Arsenal swoop
  • Target confirms he is on his way
  • Arsenal now favourites to sign

And because Arsenal seem to have dropped off the radar and to round it off, here’s one more from today

Arsenal agree personal terms with Serge Aurier 

Unfortunately the article claims that although Arsenal have agreed personal terms, they haven’t actually spoken to the selling club.

Now we know.


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31 Replies to “Top 10 Arsenal transfer slogans and the players behind them”

  1. Arsenal miss out on
    Arsenal to face competition from
    Arsenal target signs new contract

    The best area that tells me what media and public think about Arsenal is the odds to win the Premier League 2014/2015. Currently 10/1 fifth behind Chelsea, City, United, Liverpool.

  2. As the summer goes on if we have not made a big signing,with the media , it will be,
    wenger dithers,
    wenger beaten to player x by team x,
    wengers Brazil beach holiday costs arsenal in the transfer market,
    wenger pulls out of deal for player x over five thousand pound difference in valuation
    Wengers lack of transfer activity could mean a shift in the balance of power in North London,
    Wenger panic buys player x

  3. Wenger looks to sign French flop
    Wenger fiddles while Rome burns
    Never, in the history of football management has so much been wasted on so little talent as with wengers purchase of player x
    It is not the end, nor is it the beginning of the end, but perhaps the end of the beginning of wengers summer of inactivity

  4. Surely the most overused word in transfer jargon is ‘snubbed. Wenger has been snubbed by more potential signings than I have had hot dinners.

  5. X is a far far better player Arsenal buy today than they have ever bought

    to miss out on one exceptional talent may be considered unfortunate, to miss out on two smacks of incompetence

    once more into the negotiating room dear Dick and Ivan, or fill it up with the glorious deals we have missed out on

    or (Morrissey) I was happy in the haze of a vapor trail, but heaven knows I’m miserable now

    [I’m here all day]

  6. @Mick,
    I agree.
    Historically, Arsenal are never turned down politely,
    declined courteously,
    refused respectfully or rejected graciously.
    That is for all the other clubs.
    Arsenal, in its incandescent rage
    Sagna has just snubbed us, even Bendtner snubbed us on his way out.
    And next season whenever we appeal for a penalty, the referee will not refuse us……he will snub us…;)

  7. French, Romans, countrymen, lend me your right backs, I come to bury wenger not to praise him

  8. Great stuff.

    This just demonstrates, yet again, how much the tabloids have corrupted both thought processes and the language of the general football loving public.

    Not that the broadsheets are much better, either.

  9. Mandy Dodd
    June 29, 2014 at 10:41 am
    Hi Mandy,I hope you don’t mind me quoting your post in full.
    ” As the summer goes on if we have not made a big signing,with the media , it will be,
    wenger dithers,
    wenger beaten to player x by team x,
    wengers Brazil beach holiday costs arsenal in the transfer market,
    wenger pulls out of deal for player x over five thousand pound difference in valuation
    Wengers lack of transfer activity could mean a shift in the balance of power in North London,
    Wenger panic buys player x”

    If we don’t buy a striker to replace the I quote “!!!!!!! Giroud” I am sure at least one your of your phrases will be used as a mantra attacking Arsene, this will include no doubt the BBC’s team of know alls.

    However they all should look at a BBC page. It seems that Arsene knowing we will need a striker to complement the attack 2014 – 15 signed up Joe Campbell from Costa Rica!

    I bet none of our wonder Arsene experts will mention Arsene’s ability to plan for the future!

  10. Colario, no worries, and Joel Campbell on what I have seen of him will be a great addition to the team

  11. It is always fun amongst fans to suggest who we might like to supplement our squad. We all have our favourites and dreams. Also I can easily recoil in horror at some of the total no-marks the rubbish papers come up with. There is more sincerity in fan sites and blogs, than the paid media. Most of the fourth estate see themselves as equal in fame and stature to players and managers. Ignore them all, they are next to useless Arsenal haters.

  12. Had an update from my source… unfortunately, a little vague.

    Looks like Balotelli IS a very serious prospect after all. Can’t say I’m delighted about that, but so it goes. Just reporting…

    Beyond that, the influx will have a French flavour – and likely to be significant. “French” may include Aurier although that wasn’t clear. News of signings (if any ready to go) would be held back until after Puma launch – which I think is Tuesday so not long to wait!

  13. Mandy,
    Though the transfer opens in 2 or 3days time, the anticipated bad press has already started. Today, Arsenal News let it be known:

    “Stingy Wenger tries to negotiate cut price for Columbian star”. The actual rumor being so captioned is that Wenger is looking to offer £20m for a certain 27yr old Jackson Martinez who his current team values at £33m.

  14. Other club owners , managers , media ,fans and the AAAA demand to know what the Arsenal board , Arsene Wenger and Untolders are smoking .

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  16. As you say, it’s started Shakabula!
    Ballotelli…..that surprises me Pete….good player and all that, but wary of this why is it always me stuff….that does not suggest a team player? French…..could that also mean a certain Southampton MF? Not sure there will be any Soton players left there come sept.

    On the slogans, a bit more Shakespeare…
    Now is our winter of discontent made laborious summer by this son of Strasbourg…

  17. Brickfields @ 1.35. What you have written is philosophy which i am sure is in some of the ancient text. Its brilliant.

  18. Aarrrrghhh!!
    Robben dives again, cheating b€&@@d when did football become netball in the penalty area?

    Brickfields, write a book please, if you haven’t already.

  19. @ Dec,

    i hate robben…as any self respecting arsenal supporter ought to. i wonder if mexico might get more love for losing because of this cheat that arsenal ever did?

  20. Then they showed shots of Robben diving, including against Arsenal’s goalie. Absolutely blatant dive. All the pundits laughed incredulously. Shot of Arsene turning away with a smile of disgust. Still Chiles manages a little put down of Arsene.

  21. Well you forgot “lining up” ! which is (in my opinion) the most ridiculous one of them all.

    Sounds like a friggin snooker set up, lining up…

  22. Brickfields that was beautiful. Now if Arsene is out on the beach playing head tennis or swimming one thing I do know for sure, he has got it all under control and know’s who and what he wants. I trust him 100 percent and I bet we will all be hearing about new signing’s. Why should’nt he enjoy his time in Brazil also he will get enough crap from so called Arsenal fan’s when he get’s back not to mention the media.

  23. @ gouresh , Dec & Linda – Glad you like it .It was an old e-mail which resurfaced when I clicked on an old and forgotten site .Since I just cut and pasted it I definitely cannot print it !
    I thought it was apt tale to describe the patience in planning and building of that towering stadium we call home ; the gentle nurturing and the progressive maturing of the present team ,
    as well as a tilt of the hat to the unwavering support of those true believers – known to all here as the AKBs !
    Did that sound too cheesy ? Yes ? Good ! Then my work be done !
    Just waiting for those shitheads, the AAAA to come on take pot shots ,with me trusty bamboo ready in hand !

  24. Ain’t it the truth !

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    7. Business conventions are important because they demonstrate how many people a company can operate without.

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    9. Scratch a dog and you’ll find a permanent job.

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    11. There are no new sins; the old ones just get more publicity.

    12. There are worse things than getting a call for a wrong number at 4 AM. It could be a right number.

    13. Think about this … No one ever says “It’s only a game” when his team is winning.

    14. I’ve reached the age where the happy hour is a nap.

    15. Be careful reading the fine print. There’s no way you’re going to like it.

    16. The trouble with bucket seats is that not everybody has the same size bucket

    I just love the following …..

    17. Do you realize that in about 40 years, we’ll have thousands of OLD LADIES running around with tattoos? (And RAP music will be the Golden Oldies!)

    18. Money can’t buy happiness — but somehow it’s more comfortable to cry in a Corvette than in a Yugo.

    19. After a certain age, if you don’t wake up aching in every joint, you are probably dead.

    20. Every time a well thought out , truthfully researched and informative article appears on UA , those pesky vermin , the AAAA come out in droves to pour scorn over it and try to wrestle down to their level !

    Ain’t it the truth!!

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  26. Arsene waited until a World Cup end to sign a certain Gilberto Silva. Very small fee but massive ‘Invincibles’ core. Have some faith.

  27. Since there are no takers at guessing the answer of the Psychopath quiz above , I will assume that no could get it . Or else is that nobody bothered to try ?
    Anyway as promised….


    She was hoping the guy would appear at the funeral again. If you answered this correctly, you think like a psychopath. This was a test by a famous American psychologist used to test if one has the same mentality as a killer. Many arrested serial killers took part in the test and answered the question correctly.

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