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April 2021

Training has started and guess who is fit?

By Walter Broeckx

The players that didn’t take part in any world cup action are back in training at Arsenal.

We have the likes of Arteta, Monreal, Flamini, Jenkinson, Gibbs, Szczesny and of course Ramsey. But that shouldn’t be so obvious that Ramsey is in training.

Remember a few weeks ago one reporter who probably woke up from having a big party around the new year and now only got sober wrote that Ramsey was injured again, had to see another doctor, would need an operation and probably would be out for the next century. That last bit is maybe a bit exaggerated but it was as if Ramsey was Diaby II.

It was so utterly ridiculous that even Ramsey felt the need to put a few dots on some i’s and send out a message that it was absolutely rubbish and nonsense and that there was nothing wrong with his muscles.

And so we see Ramsey all smiles in training at Arsenal these days. No wonder. He just won us the FA cup, was player of the year and would have been player of the PL if he hadn’t been injured for so long. He showed what he could do when being completely fit at the start and the end of last season and my God I must even say that I never thought that he was that good.

I have been a fan of him since he came to Arsenal and I saw glimpses and I saw the promise. But Wenger knew he still had a bit of work on him and that was shown in his early days when at times he was a bit too risky in doing some things. His broken leg threw him back a few years then but gradually he came back to his earlier level.

No, no, no let me rephrase this: he surpassed his earlier level. And how. And the crazy thing about him is that he is only 23 years old. He now will be entering his best years as a footballer. Can you imagine him even getting better?   And with Wenger in charge he will make sure he will improve. As that is one of his specialities: improving players.

The thought is enough to wet my pants. More than the thought of Sánchez signing for Arsenal. But will get a spare pant out just in case….

Another player that is fit and we have to be careful when writing this as it might jinx him again and…. just the thought of it… Abou Diaby is training with the rest of the boys who are back in training. Will he have the chance to play finally? Will he finally be able to overcome all that has been troubling him since he got kicked to shit back in 2006. Yes it has been that long. May 1, 2006 was when his career got shot down by a tackle that broke his ankle.

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The last time Diaby was fit in pre-season was 2012-2013 when he single handedly dominated Liverpool at Anfield in a 0-2 win for Arsenal.  Then he got kicked off the field again by Chelsea and another long period of suffering came his way.

So now he is back and I really hope that he will remain free from injury from now on. But I really don’t know if it will happen. I think he is in his final year of his contract. And this might spell good news for Arsenal as usually players in their last year seem to do rather fine at Arsenal. Flamini, Sagna, his French compatriots, have shown it before so we can hope he steps in their footsteps. But maybe if he does it like them and shines in this season we can hope that he will remember who has stood with him all these years.

In the pictures of the training we also saw the young Gunners who are close to the first team. I saw Gnabry who surely will be more involved this season and hopefully he also is completely recovered from the injury he got near the end of last season. I have seen Bellerin who might play in the first friendly at right back after Jenkinson giving the starting place. Gedion Zelalem was also there present and we might get to see him more and probably will in the league cup matches.

Zelalem a player with great talents as we have seen but also maybe a player that needed to do some work on his body. But he probably will always be a more fine player compared to other who have a big physical presence. But it is better to be smart and use your brains than to be strong and don’t have a brain at all in football.  I wonder if we also  might see Danny Crowley in pre season. The only 16 year old scholar has been said to have impressed Wenger when playing last season. But let us not burn him and throw him in front of the lions that easily.

With the way some journalists try to destroy all and everything from Arsenal we better keep him away from the centre stage a bit till he is completely ready.

But main thing is that the boys, or some of them, are back in training. And that can only mean that the new season is getting nearer. Bring it on is what I say, just bring it on

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16 comments to Training has started and guess who is fit?

  • Hisham Hashim

    Totally agree Walter, normal life is resuming. That’s quite a bunch of players already in residence, of whom many EPL teams would gladly have in their starting eleven. What, there’s still more than a dozen players yet to return from World Cup duties.

    Speaking of whom, the WC returnees will come back in drips and drabs. The last of whom will be our German heroes. What, not till the day after the Community Shield game? Will they be ready to play in the Champions League qualifier so soon after that?

  • beje

    We are scary to opponent team when we have no injured in our starters. Who even believe we beat Reds twice but lost third one (when Walcott and Ramsey injured)in 2013/14 season. Manchester City wouldn’t be a champ if Silva and Yaya get injured. Arsenal with new players and no injuries will be like Bergkamp era -esh part.2.

  • bc

    You haven’t seen gnabry mate, he is injured Along with ryo Walcott and rosicky, none are in training

  • ogban

    I’m just imagining what a fully fit Diaby would mean to Arsenal’s season. I am starting a prayer and fasting period to ask dear God to let this happen. But the man must assure me that he will not do a van Persie thereafter.

  • ohworho Omonigho

    ‘we can hope that he will remember who has stood with him all these years’… These players have short memories when it comes to showin Loyalty, at least from an Arsenal standpoint: Flamini (B4 d 2nd coming), Teary Henry (hmnn! Also B4 d 2nd coming), Csex Fabregas (guess he has an opportunity 2 complete his Unfinished Biz in d EPL), Cashley Cole, Gael Clichy, Emmanuel AdeBastard, Samir Nasty & the Grand Daddy of them All Sir Robbing Van Pesty… Their Collective Back Stabbing shud hav Broken Wenger’s heart afta Le Prof stood by them and made them Special. But i guess there is stil space left on Wenger’s broad back 4 more Daggers.. So dont Count on Prince Abobou’s Loyalty against next season should he stay Injury Free (Fat Chance) this coming & actually Impress..

  • oldgroover

    Any sign of Campbell yet?

  • WalterBroeckx

    I thought I had recognised Gnabry in picture 11 of this

    But I could be wrong as I have troubles in recognising people that I don’t see very regular

  • Ben

    I didnt see Gnabry in the photos. Number 11 looks like Coquelin.

  • Rantetta

    I see Gibbs is wearing number 3.

  • Damilare

    Yeah, the guy in photo 11 is Coquelin. And that tells you Wenger wants him back after his loan spell. Still want AW to sign a DM? Arteta, Flamini, Ramsey, Diaby, Wilshere and now Le Coq. I doubt it.

    Lesson from Braz1-7 drubbing is: A team is as good as it’s 2nd choice players.

    Bring on tomorrow kit presentation and let the real football starts. Tantalizing eh?


  • nicky

    I hope Walcott is back in training after most of last season’s disaster. Good news on Diaby, I trust he will be used sparingly (keep him away from Barton, Shawcross and thugs like that).
    Would’nt entirely agree Walter

  • nicky

    that players in their final year usually shine. Neither Henry and Cesc did so.

  • Mike T

    Thought the following would interest you

    Arsenal’s group stage World Cup players are due to return on Monday July 21, those who made it through to the round of 16 go back on July 24, quarter-finalists start work on July 28 and the German contingent who will contest the final do not have to return until Aug 8.

    That means Özil, Mertesacker and Podolski will not play any pre-season fixtures for Arsenal ahead of the Premier League opener against Crystal Palace on Aug 16.

  • para

    Can’t wait.

    @Mike T
    This should give us a chance to see some of the young ones in pre-season play.

  • Hisham Hashim

    Thanks @Mike T for the updates on returning WC players.
    What will be interesting will be the formation AW will use for the new season. The World Cup tend to influence clubs in the way they play after each tournament. With new players coming in, will Arsenal depart from its 4-2-3-1 formation regularly used last year and opt for the 3-5-2? This might be a way to accommodate Vermaelen.

  • oldgroover

    Mike T
    That’s pretty much the pattern for players returning from tournaments, and gives them a chance for a bit of a break before the season’s slog.
    Can’t think what sort of sides we’ll be putting out against Red Bulls, City & The Emirates Cup opponents.