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April 2021

Transfers: the alternative world view

By Tony Attwood.
It turns out to be rather strange these days trying to follow the transfer window dealings whether you want to follow the up market right wing Daily Telegraph, or the infinite number of blogs who run the “Arsenal in major transfer set back” type headlines and stories that are about six lines long and say nothing.
At least with the latter you know what you are going to get, which is a re-hash of stories from elsewhere.   With the Telegraph one has in the past got something deeper more insightful.
At least until the last couple of days – even if it was all anti-Arsenal.  But on the evening when the latest Arsenal transfer – Mathieu Debuchy – was announced, they tried something more in line with “1984”.  
The other main papers in the UK immediately updated their web sites.  But not the Telegraph.   Even the next morning there was not a mention of the transfer, although their web site helpful announced that Arsenal “are still searching for right-backs, while Loic Remy from QPR is a target. Mario Balotelli is also available but Wenger is waiting for the outcome of a merry-go-round including Karim Benzema, Mario Mandzukic and Alexis Sanchez. A holding midfielder is also a priority, with Southampton’s Morgan Schneiderlin on the list.”
The Balotelli story of course won’t go away, even though Mr Wenger laughed quite a bit when it was put to him, and he said “no”.   But the Star will have none of it saying, “Mario Balotelli has dropped a huge hint that he wants to join Arsenal by being photographed in front of the Gunners’ logo.”

Elsewhere “Arsenal right-back Carl Jenkinson is a £5 million target for West Ham according to the endlessly unreliable Sun, while (although no longer a concern of Arsenal’s) it is interesting that ESPN says that “Eintracht Frankfurt’s pursuit of Nicklas Bendtner is on hold after the former Arsenal striker opted to cover the World Cup final instead of linking up with a new team.”    Leicester City, Burnley, Crystal Palace and Hull City are said to want him.

The big talking point remains Sami Khedira, and the Mirror helpfully tell us that the problem is his wage demands.  Wow.  Never heard that story before.   They also say we are going for David Ospina.

Cesc is getting the feel of what he has let himself in for having found that he has Chelsea DNA in his blood.  The Chelsea manager has had one of his anti-Arsenal rants with a load of invented stuff.  So we are back to the days of him producing a dossier of Arsenal’s misdeeds.  Hey ho, it was ever thus.

But perhaps the most interesting issue of all is Liverpool, whose past expenditure leaves them teetering on the brink of FFP problems when they are evaluated for next season (if they qualify).  Of course they have the money from the vampire sale to Barcelona, but they seem to be ignoring the issue and talking up the notion of spending all that money and £30m more.

That has two problems.  One is that it will put them in the position of Man City last year, and the other is that there is a chance that Barcelona (whose finances are a disaster area) might not pay up all the transfer installments on time.  That could leave Liverpool struggling as they commit every bit of borrowing they can arrange to rebuild the old stadium.

It could be a load of lies of course, just like the story about there being no £40m buy out clause for the vampire last summer.   And that’s their trouble.  Once you start boasting about being able to tell lies, people believe you less than they ever did before.

18 comments to Transfers: the alternative world view

  • insideright

    It would appear that Brendan Rodgers, having been let down by the ungrateful Suarez, has now been further punished by his own club who decided (sometime previously) to locate themselves in Liverpool where the likes of Alexis Sanchez doesn’t want to live.
    Who saw that coming?
    Meanwhile Mourinho tells us that it was easy to sign Cesc – forgetting that Arsenal had already cancelled their first refusal option – perhaps in return for taking one up on Sanchez instead?
    Do these people ever think before they open their mouths or are they just taking bad advice from their media managers who still live by the princple that ‘all publicity is good publicity?
    Maybe they are just being used as click-bait but surely pointing out positives rather than negatives would acheive the same and lead to them (and their clubs) being viewed in a more favourable light?

  • Magneto

    As far as I am aware, the signings of Sanchez and Debuchy mean that – in line with the artificial and highly restricting 25 man squad rule – we only have room for one more non home grown player.

    That is, assuming that Joel Campbell gets a proper shot at establishing himself in the squad this season, and that no other current non home grown players leave or are sold.

    If this is the case, then a back up goal keeper is probably going to be our next signing.

    Unless one or more of our current non home grown players are moved on (to give Arsene wiggle room) it may possibly be our last significant first team squad signing.

  • oldgroover


    But there’s a little hint that Poldi may be leaving

  • Magneto

    Thanks for that Oldgroover. Interesting.

  • Micheal Ram

    Everybody now doing their best to unsettle Arsenal FC as usual before the season starts. It’s due to get worse the following seasons as Arsenal gets stronger economically and performance wise. Don’t be surprise if top managers and players starts bending down for Arsenal FC in the near future. Shut up, Mou… Arsene never wanted Fabregas back. Enough, Rodgers, Alexis would have chose Arsenal even if they were located in the Caribeans.

  • H Bo

    Poldi to leave not sure I’m happy depending on who comes in but I have also heard rumours about a promotion for Martinez in goal not sure I’m convinced with the limited premier league experience but would leave room at the inn.

  • zuer

    I think Magneto might right there. We definitely going to sign a backup keeper. The only question is who. Its seems like Wenger will persist with Jenkinson as second right back. Just check and it seems that Coquelin has been given the jersey number 34. Where previously he don’t have any number. It might be an indicator that Wenger is willing to give him a chance. Therefore, Debuchy, Jenkinson and Bellerin – no new right back to be sign; Arteta, Flamini, Diaby, Coquelin – no need to sign any other new DM. If Magneto is correct about our current 25-man squad limitations, it all more truer.

    Well of course anything is still possible. Campbell might not get his cance (highly unlikely to me), Vermaelen and/or Podolski might be sold off thus freeing 3 space for mor signings. But I don’t think thats the case as this season Wenger started by letting go players not in his plans (first team and reserves) so whats left is the squad he wanted to retain including Vermaelen and Podolski. Things might changes though especially Coquelin and Campbell, the pre-season might be the time Wenger finalise his squad members.

    Well anything can happen since there still lot of time until the transfer windows changes.

  • zuer

    *until the transfer window closes.*

  • bob

    “Barcelona (whose finances are a disaster area) might not pay up all the transfer installments on time…”
    Red top style, directly and indirectly, you’ve been predicting Barca’s imminent disastrous collap$e for quite a while now – so one day it might happen if you keep on with it. (In fairness, their charmed way of life also offends me.) I’d think they’re Houdini-like Escape Artists because they have squirreled means, and friends, and backers-in-high places; and, of course that MASSIVE brand value, etc. which irrationally (but such is the market) is still higher than ours.

    But more interesting and related to your posting is whether or not Barca have finally repaid all outstanding installments from the summer of Cesc? Perhaps any arrears and late fees were “forgiven” by AFC by actually being rolled into the AFC/Barca deal for Sanchez? Perhaps that made it work. Quien sabe? Do you have any specifics on that? (Or perhaps Darren “The Lesser” Dein has been secreting some loans back their way in thanks for his services in brokering the once and recent host of top AFC players who sailed off like Ulysees to the siren songs from Camp Nou.)

  • bob

    (p.s. Or perhaps our getting Sanchez at whatever the agreed on price – methinks they could have gone for 40M – was part of a deal where we waived any first claims on Cesc’s return, enabling Barca to cut a better deal with the ‘ho of Chelsea?)

  • para

    Had to laugh at Mou, he has started already, and Rogers is also getting in on the act.
    Van Gaal looks timid to me for all of his projected strength, maybe it’s the impression i get because of the language, but we’ll see.

    Looks like just a GK to come for the main squad. We are pretty solid now, and have to use our players sensibly this season, missing one game can sometimes works wonders.

    Some rumours of Morgan Schneiderlin from Southampton instead of Khedira.

    There will be other signings of players though, probably younger ones to replenish the academy.

    1 hr 40 mins to go for first match of season. yea.

  • goo

    GOod article

  • nicky

    I enjoy all this media news about Arsenal, as well as the childish chatter from the self-styled Special Spouter, Mourinho.
    It reminds me of an Arsenal manager in the 1930’s who once said “I don’t mind any talk about Arsenal as long as we are worthy of being talked about”.

  • john L


    u21 players do not have to be registered. so i believe we still have two slots available. i think we could see loan moves for ryo. i think maybe coqulein is there just incase we are unable to get a DM that we want. if we do i could see another loan or even a transfer for him.
    the way i see it is that we still have room for a GK and a DM. as i believe that zalalem and gnabry do not have to be registered?

  • john L

    i think campbell will be our signing up front. if we bring in a GK and a DM that would complete our 25 man squad. with ryo, coquelin and djouruo cut. i think that coquelin and djourou are there in case we are unable to sign a DM or varmealan was to leave and we were unable to find cover.

    next season we will have space again, as i believe rosicky, diaby, arteta and flamini wont all stay into 15/16 season. maybe two but not all.

  • Quincy

    That tweet doesn’t appear on Podolski’s Twitter account:

    And personally I think another CB is more important than another DM. Vermaelen’s future is unsure. Can’t blame him if he does leave, he’s been a fantastic captain and he deserves to be playing regularly.

  • Linz

    Schneiderlin counts as homegrown ……….

  • Linz

    Also Djourou is no longer an Arsenal player. Hamburg activated a clause in the loan deal in april which enabled them to buy him.He is on their website registered as a defender for the 2014/2015 season.I don’t know why he is still on the AFC website,inefficiency I would guess from the administrators.