All aboard. But who is all?

By Walter Broeckx

So on board the team will go today heading for New York. A few more players started training this week. The players from teams from the world cup that went home after the group phase.

Santi Cazorla posted a picture of himself seemingly in a very happy mood when going back to his first training again. The Spanish exit will have been behind him now. And well Spain going out was for me partly down to not giving Santi enough match time. But I don’t mind it at all.

And we will also have the English players back. The Ox and Smoking Jack. A lot of fuss has been made by some after a picture was posted with Jack having a cigarette in his mouth. Which is a stupid act from Jack. Smoking is bad. I think everyone knows this even people who smoke. Wenger will have a word with him (another as this was the second time) and that is it for me. It is Jack who is responsible for his acts. If he smokes then I find it a shame as he might get sick after a while and it might bring his performances down.

If he doesn’t really smoke or just the odd cigarette when being with some friends then I suggest he looks for other friends who don’t force it upon him.

But I have been young myself once. And stupid. And silly. And did stupid things. Like smoking. I even smoked a lot when I was not even 20. Luckily I managed to stop myself when being 21 years young. And never touched another cigarette since then. But those thing can happen when you are young.

I don’t know if it was a coincidence but that same Jack came back to the training ground half a week earlier than he was expected to come back. Was it a public relations move from his part? Or was it just him wanting to start the season as soon as possible and being very hungry? I hope the latter will be the case.

Jack is 22 years now and now is the time to make the big step forward. The Aaron Ramsey step one could say. Ramsey is a year older than Jack and he made the step last season. This time it should be Jack to make that step from being potential to start really producing.

I have heard that in the summer of 2013 when most players were on the beach Ramsey was running on his own. He wanted to be completely fit. More than fit. And from the first minutes he played in the Asia tour you could see the new Ramsey. Completely dominant in every way. And confident. That dedication during the summer paid off for Ramsey.

Let us hope that the dedication from Jack to come earlier to training also will pay off for him in the next season. And let us hope that he gets over the little niggling injuries he suffered from last season every now and then.

The same could be said about Oxlade-Chamberlain. After his promising start in the first 45 minutes of the season he got badly injured and was out for many months. And at first when he was back he was on fire but then  he again started suffering little injuries that kept him out for shorter periods. But his season was always disrupted for one reason or the other.

I hope that the Ox will be completely fit this time and he posted a picture of himself running on the treadmill last week. We can hope he will be back to complete fitness very soon and will be able to start practising with the rest of the team as he also was injured in the world cup.

I wonder if Wenger will take those 3 “newcomers” on the plane to New York. I hope so as the more players get involved in matches the better it is for finding their match rhythm again.

And then it also will be very interesting to see which from the youngsters will be taken on board to the big apple. Do they still call it that way? I have been there some 15 years ago and the last thing I thought of when I was in New York was an apple to be honest. Bricks, concrete, buildings, cars, taxis, anything like that but not an apple. So I wonder where this apple thing is coming from. I ‘m sure one of our readers will know the story and tell us about it.

Back to the youngsters. Zelalem might get a trip as he is also a US citizen I think. Will Bellerin be on board? I hope so. Together with Akpom who impressed me also last Saturday. Probably one of the young central defenders will be on the plane as we still have nobody left there. Or did Vermaelen return to the training ground? If so he has been quiet about it. But I doubt it as Belgium got behind the group stages so he probably will only be back next week.

Playing with no central defenders against a team that has Thierry Henry in their ranks….the world cup surely has some real negative effects on our preparations this season.  On the other hand a real chance for some youngsters to show what they got…or don’t have. Time to show themselves to the boss and to us.

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  1. Walter,

    I gotta to disagree with you on Wilshere. Enough already with the fixation with the smoking issue and I am very disappointed to see you dedicate half of this write up to it. On every picture of Jack posted on Facebook by the club, you see ALL comments referring to the smoking incident. You see not-very-smart fans torturing themselves to come up with unfunny smoking puns – every single one of them. Idiots! They piss me off to no end. What is wrong with people and why is every fan all of a sudden an anti-smoking crusader?

    Let me be clear, I have never smoked in my life and I am against smoking in any form but I also hate unthinking mob-like fixation on issues concerning individual choices. Let Arsene Wenger deal with the issue as he has promised he would as soon as he has all the facts. That is good enough for me and should be good enough for all of us fans.

    Please, please, please Walter can you stop making references to the matter? That kind of thing is beneath Untold in my opinion, let’s leave it to Facebook commenters. Let it go.

  2. What of Abou Diaby? You made no mention of him. Or has he got the “thing” again? (too afraid to mention injury)

  3. @ BOO I disagree my friend.

    It’s not about smoking, it’s about the fact that smoking means he is not taking himself seriously as a professional athlete and not taking Arsene seriously, as well as breaking his promise to Arsene.

    BTW I smoke about 2 cigarettes a day. However, I run an average 15 miles per week. Am I in better shape than most people my age? I would definetly say yes. So my point is not smoking in itself but rather his conduct as a pro and his relationship with the boss.

  4. Bootoomee:
    I tried to figure out why we are extremely sensitive about the smoking issue…
    It all goes back to Henry’s quote last year: “What are they smoking at Arsenal?”
    Well, possibly. Anyway, one way to participate in the anti-tobacco crusade is…
    To come out and say “it was not tobacco, it was hemp” to the people.

  5. John J Fitzgerald coined the phrase the ‘ big apple’ writing for the NY Morning Telegraph paper on 14th January 1920 about 6.30 am (NY Time)
    He printed the slang term used by Afro American race track workers that they used to mean the big time.
    Incidently New York also was known as the ‘Big Onion’ because it used to smell of horse urine….

  6. Bootoomee

    I totally agree.

    I have said on another thread that perhaps it is not the best of examples for kids but people really need to put there toys back in the pram.

    I gave up a 60 a day habit (that’s cheap Spanish fags for ya) about 20 years ago. My partner(now Mrs Jambug 🙂 )still smokes. In all that time I have never moaned once. I have only suggested a couple of times that she should try to give up as I worry about her health.

    She still smokes, but that is her choice.


  7. I really do not understand why the topic of Jack smoking is not to be commented. After all is the second time now.

    I for one, now that it is the second time, think that there may well be a problem that AW and Jack are aware of.

    Any how, hopes he gets his head on again and is ready for the season ahead. He must know that he is a part of a great thing and is a part of making it greater.

  8. On the Wilshere angle

    He was drunk at a party, during the off season, during his holiday, where someone at tha party offered him a cigarette and he accepted, big deal. What I find scary is that there is always a camera lurking for some reason to photograph these incidents, Can’t we fuck up in peace in private.

  9. Smoking is NOT the major issue here with any player. It is the fact that Wenger (a committed non-smoker himself) insists that his players lead healthy and disciplined lifestyles appropriate to professional Footballers. That means the following:

    1) Keeping oneself fit and ready for competition,
    2) Avoiding dangerous substances and habits like smoking, taking non-prescribed drugs and alcohol abuse, etc.,
    3) Healthy eating habits and getting regular sleep,
    4) Safe driving,
    5) Regular medical checkups (usually done by AFC doctors),
    6) Proper and moderated physical training,
    7) Development of a balanced mental approach to themselves and their lives/careers,
    8) Prudent personal hygiene and social lifestyles,
    9) Avoidance of questionable social associations ( staying away from gamblers,criminals, etc.).
    10)Being involved in the community and giving back to the AFC stakeholders (fans, etc.)

  10. swing,

    Your last sentence is exactly my point. Every controversy about JW has been because of pictures taken by some paparazzi types. Leave the guy alone.

    I want to believe that us Untolders trust Arsene Wenger and he has promised to deal with the issue as soon as he has all the facts. What else do we want and what else can we do that can make an iota of a difference: berating the guy on the Internet?

    About JW not taking care of his body: how do we know this? From a few pictures?

    I have seen young potentials like Wilshere ruined by fixation of the public with their every indiscretion like it is unique to them until such youngsters are driven further and further into self destruction by the inhuman pressure that we put on them. Then when they finally crack, the same public then shed crocodile tears for them about what could have been.

    I honestly think that we should leave Jack Wilshere the fuck alone and let his manager deal with him. I trust a man who sorted out an aging drunk like Tony Adams to take care of Jack, who in my opinion is nowhere near the reckless character that he is being portrayed to be. The cries of woe on JW’s actions usually far outweigh the actual misdemeanor, real or framed.

  11. Re Wilshere smoking.
    Totally agree with bootoomee. Some of the extrapolations made by some idiotic people on the evidence available are plainly ridiculous. Some self appointed experts have concluded that his injury problems are somehow connected to the smoking of a couple of ciggies. Or is it a couple of thousand ciggies? The point is nobody knows how many or how much he smokes but are only too happy to give their ill considered opinions and advice on the matter as to how the fags somehow contributed to the ankle/foot injuries. Wenger has the right approach when he says he will find out the FACTS before commenting. He also said he did not consider the matter a problem.
    Only today I see that the paragon of virtue Ray Wilkins, the convicted drink driver who verbally abused the police officer, says that Wilshere’s bad habits preclude him from consideration of the England captaincy but at the same time offering up the whiter than white, brothel frequenting Rooney (who also enjoys the odd fag) as the only viable candidate. Never heard Wilkins complain about ‘shag my mates wife’ John Terry when he was captain. And we are supposed to take this blokes opinions seriously, give me a break.

  12. Mick,

    I absolutely second your point about ray Wilkins but then I have always known that English pundits are hypocrites.

    What gets to me is when we Arsenal fans help them to perpetuate whatever negativity they have decided to hang unto our club, our players or manager. It is just like the “no trophies in X years” nonsense. It became a staple of everything about Arsenal in the media because of Arsenal fans crying like toddlers whose toys have been taken away over lack of trophies. You would think that all the other teams in the league win trophies every other season but then I don’t know any other set of fans who moaned about lack of trophies anywhere near how Arsenal fans did. I wonder how their lives have changed since we won the FA cup 2 months ago. I know that mine has remained the same.

    I detest the media a lot but I get more pissed off when I see Arsenal fans doing their dirty jobs for them.

  13. I didn’t mention Diaby because I assume he will be on board as he is a first team player.

  14. About smoking. I have smoked myself. Too much. But I could stop fortunately.
    I don’t agree with the anti smoke crusade that is happening. I don’t really have a problem with people smoking in pubs or so. The law makers do but I usually disagree with those people anyway. 😉

    But what I don’t like is that people who have the world on their feet, who can conquer the world don’t do anything they can to completely make it. Look at Bendtner. We may think of him what we want but it is obvious that his outfield antics preventing him from fulfilling his potential.
    I would find it really sad that the same could happen to Jack. If I would be his father I would have a good word about it. But I am not. I am just an admirer of Jack on the field who hopes and prays that he makes it like Ramsey did this season. And to do that he should do all in the best possible way.

    Enough about smoking. Lets get drunk… 😉 oops forgot I don’t drink either.. 🙂

  15. He’s on probably close to 100,000 per week, doing a job most of us could only dream of, the boss says no, and you don’t do it. Kids idolise him,.wear his name on their shirts – it’s a position of responsibility.
    Yes he deserves privacy, but really, sweep it under the carpet? He has the supreme talent, but the difference between being a good player and a great player is application of that talent and. We all want to see him reach his true potential.

  16. Walter,

    Unfortunately you are not his father but there is somebody who loves Jack just like you, who is a father figure for him and who can actually get to talk to him – i.e. Arsene Wenger. Let us adopt his tactic in dealing with this matter. It is the best and the most likely to be successful.

    BTW, I still don’t think that JW is anywhere as bad as he is being portrayed to be. And Bendtner was ruined by his over-inflated ego and attitude. Let’s not mix things up. Wilshere loves the game and the club and I have no doubt that if he gets kicked less, he will fulfill his potential.

  17. With respect, could someone please answer the question I posed at 1.43pm.
    Will we, in the UK, be able to watch the game on TV?
    Unless I get an answer I may be forced to get out one of my old briars, fill it with St Bruno Ready Rubbed and start smoking again.

  18. Why all this fuss about Wilshere smoking?
    Teddy Sheringham, smoked, drank, bedded beauty queens, yet still played football at the very highest level. Does it get any better?

  19. If I were Jack Wilshere and saw Jordan Henderson take my place at the World Cup I would take a good hard look in the mirror and ask myself if there are things I can do different. The last couple of years Jack has not developed as he should, he has SO much potential!!! BUT he has to put the work in AND he has to live like a professional. Sadly I think if he doesnt get a new lifestyle or new friends he might loose his opportunity. I will be a sad sad day if Jack Wilshere is sold because he didnt make it at Arsenal. But lets hope he got what it takes to turn it around, this year will be very important for him. But I have to say I dont see him a first 11 starter right now if everyone is fit. I even would have Rosicky in the team infront of him…

  20. Edda

    Smoking or not, to suggest Henderson is better than Wilshere is ridiculous.

    Wilshere was injured by yet another ‘assault’ whilst on International duty.

    He is kicked to pieces, unchecked, week after week, in the PL.

    Apart from the understandable set backs in his development due to these injuries I personally think he is developing well.

    In the little time he did get in the WC he acquitted himself very well. His stats where good.

    If people made as much fuss about the kicking he gets on the pitch as they do about him having a fag, then perhaps we would now have a World Class player in our midst.

    With a bit of luck we still might.

    Henderson better than Wilshere? Don’t make me laugh.

  21. Not sure what Henderson was doing anywhere near the England squad. He’s about as useful as the completely useless Cleverly.
    A completely fit and focussed Wilshere is worth his place in any England team if only he were able to sync fit & focussed.
    This season is so important to Jack.

  22. jambug,

    Great point about more being made of Jack’s alleged smoking compared with the kicking he gets, especially by us Gooners.

  23. Oldgroover…..with Henderson, think it may have something to do with the team he plays for, the media obsession with that team and a weak England manager who seemed to pander to the media this time.

  24. @Edda
    I don’t know about Jack but if I was you I would take a good hard look in the mirror and ask myself if there are things I can do different. Yes there are things you could do different like start to think for yourself rather than regurgitate all the cliched media claptrap you just spouted out.

  25. To all of you responding to my post about Jack. I totally agree that he should be better than Jordan Henderson, but last season he wasnt, plain and simple. Is it down to injuries ? Maybe, but then like I said this season will be very important for him. Aaron has made it through injury with hard work, then Jack should be able to do the same. Nothing will please me more if we can get he old Jack back, where he could skip pass players with a drop of the shoulder and burst of speed. And he played crisp passes like we now see the young Zelalem do. I really hope he can find it back, but I havent seen it in a while, and the competition for places in the Arsenal midfield will be very tough, do u guys think he will be in the first 11 ? I hope so, but cannot see him getting ahead of Aaron anytime soon…

  26. @ Nicky

    Setanta are showing the NY game live in Ireland.
    Don’t know what Premier Sport is in UK or how widely available it is.
    A cheapo Ryanair spin to Dublin, watch the game and back to the bigger rock next morning? Change left out of a tenner!!

    All les Gunners!

  27. If in any case Jack do read this blog, then it’s worth it for me to write this. As a former pro footballer, I literally screwed my life up by picking up smoking when I shouldn’t. Not only it reduces your stamina by ten folds, it also effects your fitness because your body constantly fighting the minor disease from tobacco. It also effects your bone structure and muscle growth as smoking downgrades the full potential of the function of your bone marrows. The level of oxygen in the body will be low so the the ability to generate adrenalin to cope with mental and physical pressure is very low too. Weak body immune system and body dehydration soon follows. Thus, any minor or major injuries will heal longer than usual, so creating lack of playing time, lack of trust and lack of understanding among fellow pros. Moreover, causes fading physical appearances and self confidence. Leads to depression and in some cases, the loss of fear to commit suicide. If otherwise, will not able to live life normally because of previous hype, current reputation and disability to work professionally besides football. Need extreme mental strength and environment tolerance to finally dig yourself up from six feet under.

  28. My take on Wilshere.

    Seems to me that the media have got Arsenal dancing to Jose’s drum. He says something about the smoking and Wenger has to answer media questions forcing him to speak publicly about the player. I would rather Wenger have said it is no one’s business what a man does in his spare time and other managers should stick to managing their own players.

    Also, I see now certain pundits and media outlets have said that Wilshere is past it, washed up, not filled his potential. Bollocks, the kid is 22 years old. How many of these journo’s can say they were at the top of their profession at 22? I think this season will be the media bash Jack season.

  29. “a weak England manager who seemed to pander to the media this time.”

    Do you think he would’ve kept his job, if he didn’t pick the team the media told him to and still went out in the group stage. End of the day , he chose whats best for him 😛

  30. Exactly R Iris. And for his next trick, there is a good chance he will make a once good player, but deeply flawed character England captain.

  31. Excellent article. One of our greatest ever footballers Sir Bobby regularly smoked in an era when less was known about the dangers. He did however manage his private life and let his football do the talking. Jack has a golden opportunity and it seems he is responding in the right way. I doubt Wenger will allow anything else. Jack surely must realise he is marked by the modern day media machine and needs to be more careful. I like this article because it contrasts what can be achieved and what can be lost by behaving like an idiot albeit young. Surely its all about influences and how a young brain computes them.

  32. Human nature being what it is I would bet my bottom Dollar on the fact that at least 10% of professional footballers smoke. Not just in the PL but in Seri A, La Liga in fact every league.

    I would also bet my bottom Dollar that nobody could name them judged on performance alone.

    I’m sorry, as much as smoking is bad for your long term health, I strongly refute the argument that it will have any discernible detrimental effect on an otherwise very very healthy, fit young man.

    In the same way back in the 70’s and 80’s non of us would of been able to tell the smokers/drinkers from the Non smokers/Teetotallers back then.

    Adams and Merson never displayed any discernible lack of relative fitness to my eyes, and we all know the drink/drug issues they had.

    The first we really knew about it was when it impacted on there personal lives, and NOT on there professional lives.

    I remember at the time I was shocked. There was no way you could tell that they consumed such copious amounts of Alcohol. In the same way there was no way I could point at players at say ‘I bet they lead a healthy life’

    Nope, sorry I’m not having it, as bad as smoking is for you ‘long term’ it’s effect, over short, on healthy young athletes, is minimal at worse.

  33. Rantetta

    Cheers for the link mate.

    That was Cushty, those geezers where Wicked man. No, better than that, they where Triffic, verging on Reem.

    Can’t wait for the match it’s gonna be so bad man !

    You yanks can look forward to a proper drubbin coz we are the Arsenal and we haven’t had any dinner !!

  34. OMGArsenal

    Great post!
    As a matter of fact all of the points you listed but 4 and 7 are most likely in Wilshere’s contract which would mean Jack has found himself in the breach of it again.

    For all others who don’t think Wilshere smokes regularly , I just have a simple question .

    If you don’t smoke, how often are you being offered a cigarette by people who know you? My guess is NEVER!

  35. Jambug

    Apples an’ pears, innit? (Though I’m not sure why).

    But what pisses me off bout the Jack thing is that it’s all entirely due to him being an Arsenal player. FULL STOP.

    Sorry, it’s NY Weekend, so PERIOD!

    Your mates in the press (I jest) as alluded above, are, frankly, just a bunch of ****s, who’ll always be ****s, who spend all of their time attempting to **** up Arsenal. (As we and others have said many times).

    The ****s. I hate them.

    **** ’em up, Jack.

  36. “What gets to me is when we Arsenal fans help them( the media and AAA) to perpetuate whatever negativity they have decided to hang unto our club, our players or manager”

    You mean like the time you took offense to Wilshere’s comments on foreign born players playing for England?
    Funny, you didn’t think then Wenger was capable of handling the situation and should’ve been trusted to do so. It wasn’t good enough for you then , was it?
    As a matter of fact you thought Wilshere should’ve been more sensitive and politically correct in his statements.

    What happen to ” live him the fuck alone?” Oh wait , I know ! You decided it was worthy of commenting and wasn’t beneath Untold standards to do so,was it?

  37. I agree….smoking kills! Wilshire would be given all the information as do all pros in the healthy lifestyle training. Stop doing idiotic things when the media dogs are around or indeed so called friends ready to mobile snap and sell on. Is this not part of being professional?

  38. i rem the english media after the brasil vs england friendly at wembley singing praises to jw,some even said he should have been in yellow and blue…how long ago was that,that shows if jw dsnt gt kicked too often he puts in a stellar performance. i think a while ago untold published an article about the tackles the players receive and jw had a daylight comparison to others and yet it wasnt even half season yet,so the media and fa should buzz off,anyone ever wondered what if jw played for manure players would need a signed permit from the queen to tackle him

  39. Rantetta

    “But what pisses me off bout the Jack thing is that it’s all entirely due to him being an Arsenal player. FULL STOP.”

    Not exactly. When Rooney got caught smoking some years back , quite a lot was made of it by English media then.

  40. Tom

    Yes, Rooney has been slated for years for his off field antics which overall have been much worse than Jack’s.

    The point I’m trying to make is that Arsenal’s players are almost Saintly in comparison with many other English clubs, thanks to Wenger, actually. In one of Jack’s early Prem games, he was sent off. Whilst the tackle was naughty, I’ve seen Rooney punch and kick, swear to camera, hold his club to ransom, and all sorts. The stuff Wayne gets away with and the stuff Manu and slurgy got away with, and the positive reporting of their oft crap football/favourable refshite, etc, gets comparatively little reference.

    I suppose most other Prem players do nowt wrong, eh?

  41. Only in the US!

    A man and his wife were getting a divorce at a local court, but the custody of their children posed a problem.

    The mother jumped to her feet and protested to the Judge that since she had brought the children into this World, she should retain custody of them.

    The man also wanted custody of his children, so the judge asked for his side of the story.

    After a long moment of silence, the man rose from his chair and replied : ” Your Honor, when I put a dollar into a vending machine, and a Coke comes out, does the Coke belong to me or to the machine ? ”

    Don’t laugh, he won . . . No kidding!

  42. GOod God I have just read that Wenger has ‘internal’ solutions for certain positions. Thought it would be too good to be true.

    Eboue right midfield, Nik Bendtner right midfield, Andrey on the left wing…

    If there was a requirement for an anchorman last week, there is still one this week. We shouldn’t be gambling on square pegs with a player who is constantly injured. It seems an outrageous risk to take.

    Also, this is a familiar issue when we don’t get our targets. Instead of getting someone else, we wait at the detriment of our title challenge. We can’t get Schnederlin now, so we’re putting it off until next season when it’s more likely Southampton will let him go. Just like with Chamakh and Cazorla.

    If Arsene thinks our squad was basically one player away from being competitive, I feel he’s badly misjudged things. I also think he’s probably found himself caught up on the Diaby is for headlights. Sure he’s fit, but we all know that has a ten game shelf life…

    We have no back up centre back despite having a pretty good idea that Thoma Vermaelen wants to leave and that Arsene has no time for him, we have no centre midfielder despite us being desperately short of a high impact power house there and we’re short a right back as our first choice has gone to Liverpool.

    Feels like a mess is brewing…

  43. yes, Olubenga, I have also seen the article you have copied and pasted from Le Grove.
    I would advise caution before judging the relative merits of all this, the Le Grove writer has taken his info from an article in the Daily Mirror. I need say no more.

  44. Mandy Dodd

    Whilst I thought the post was nonsense, I’d no idea is was a simple copy n paste job. Glad you have the fortitude to sift through he crap. I’ve never visited La Thingy.


    Depressed Stance, Brilliant.

  45. Rantetta

    Never visited that dump either. Never will.

    For reasons shown above I guess we should be grateful some of us have the fortitude to wade through there crap.

    Well spotted Mandy.

  46. Olubenga: Thanks for the article from Le grove. I do agree with some things from his article but please note this guy is blinded by his rage against wenge.

    Although I do feel wenger doesn’t help his cause by ot strengthening in the right places… as always.

  47. Tom @11.49pm,

    Point 1: You are a retard if you think that making xenophobic statements is equivalent to being caught smoking. When you play in a team that is about 80% foreign, making xenophobic comments in the media is fair game and open to discussion, irrespective of what your manager might later discuss with you. If a picture surfaces of you smoking in private, I will prefer that your manager, whom consequence of your smoking might most affect in the short time deal with it.

    Let me be clear though, you are an idiot for even comparing xenophobia with smoking.

    Point 2: As a non-smoker, I hate smoking as it has no benefits to your body but does only damages. I was never advocating for Wilshere to not be dealt with appropriately, I just think that the fixation on this very private individual matter is excessive, particularly from us Gooners as exemplified by Walter’s article.

    Do this small test if you have a Facebook account: Post a picture of Wilshere on your timeline and see the comments that it will generate. I can confidently predict that 80% of them will be about his smoking and they will all likely come from Arsenal fans.

    Finally, your ‘little man’ syndrome and desperation to be right or re-fight old battles that you lost often blind you into posting disingenuous gibberish which might make you feel warm inside. It must really suck to be you.

  48. Tom,

    Lest I forget, Wilshere actually made xenophobic statement about foreign players but all that you have been bloviating over is a picture. There is a reason why Arsene Wenger said he wants all the facts first before saying anything. With your limited mental faculty, it’s not surprising that you are following the mob to lynch the poor guy over a picture that might have been photoshopped or be of one of those artificial cigarettes that are common nowadays.

    I don’t know if either of the above is the case but I am willing to shut the fuck up until the facts emerge. It might be a good idea for you to do the same but I know that you don’t roll like that.

  49. The Speed Limit

    Sitting on the edge of the highway waiting to catch speeders, a state police officer saw a car driving along at 22 mph. He thinks to himself, that car is just as dangerous as a speeder. So, he turns his lights on and pulls the car over. Approaching the car, he notices there are 5 old ladies, two at the front and 3 at the back, wide eyed and looking like ghosts.

    The driver, obviously confused, said, “Officer, I don’t understand, I wasn’t doing over the speed limit! What did you pull me over for?” “Ma’am,” the officer said, “You should know that driving slower than the speed limit can also be dangerous”.

    “Slower than the speed limit? No sir! I was doing exactly 22 miles an hour”, the old woman said proudly.

    The officer, trying not to laugh, explains that 22 is the route number, not the speed limit. A little embarrassed, the woman smiled and thanked the officer for pointing out her error.

    “Before I go Ma’am, I have to ask, is everyone ok? These women seem badly shaken and haven’t said a word since I pulled you over.”

    “Oh! they’ll be all right in a minute, officer. We just got off Route 142”.

  50. Bootoomee
    Re:1 it’s you who are a retard for still thinking Wilshere’s comments were xenophobic when the vast majority of civilized world doesnt (Arsen Wenger included ) according to your own logic – “give it up , you are in the minority. Take it like a man. ” – to quote you word for word from another thread .

    And spare me your psychobabble please. ” it must suck to be you? Really? That’s the best dig you got? Well let’s see now – comfortably retired at 48, traveling the world over including going to London twice a year , yea it can be rough , I admit.

    You on the other hand must be so content with your own succes in life you can hardly contain your anger , can’t you?

    Lashing out at other posters for speculating about transfers on another thread, trying to dictate to others what topics they should be able to debate. Here’s an idea! Set up your own blog , oh wait ! You did. What’s the verdict on that I wonder?

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