How quickly you get used to winning things

By Walter Broeckx

Last year around this time the non-existing AAA were all over the place. Predicting their gloom and doom. The main point of their reasoning was: as long as Wenger is here we will never win another trophy. I remember that I even wrote a few articles about it. Saying that if you only love Arsenal for the ‘trawfies’ you don’t really love Arsenal for all it stands for.

I love Arsenal because they somehow touched me in my heart back in 1979. Love is something you cannot really explain. I think 1979 was just a good year for me to fall in love with the loves of my life. I think I have said it a few times before but my first Arsenal match ended with Arsenal on the losing end. We lost 0-1 at home to Wolverhampton Wanderers. And yet I fell in love with Arsenal. So I never can be considered to be someone who fell in love with the club because they were a winning team.

Lots of the younger supporters do that however. And that is not their fault at all. It is Wenger who is responsible for this. In the first 7-8 years he managed the unexpected at Arsenal. Titles, FA cups, a season unbeaten…. something we had never seen before.  So young kids who grew up in that era might have been attracted by Arsenal because they were a winning team. And so I can understand that it was a bit more difficult for them to accept the barren years after building the Emirates.

It is something typical for today’s youth that they want it now. Those of us who are older (their parents) have largely been responsible for this.  Everything moves faster, and youthful eagerness wants it all.  Now.  We probably also felt the same when we were younger but we have maybe forgotten it.

But last year whatever the age of the non-existing AAA they proclaimed that we would never ever win anything as long as Wenger was in charge. And after the defeat on 17 August 2013 (the opening day of the season) against Aston Taylor they flooded the internet – including Untold.

As usual we kept calm and told them to wait until the transfer window shut completely and then to wait and see how the season would go.

A season that went rather well. By matchday four (14 September) we were top of the league – and we stayed there for the biggest part of the season. Only injuries to the key players threw us back at a bad moment in the season. But maybe the most important thing was the fact that we won the FA cup.

And that was it for most of the claims from the AAA. The claim that Wenger would never spend money was put to bed when we bought Özil. Just as Wenger had said, but they wouldn’t listen to him: “I’m not afraid to spend a high amount of money on the right player.” Özil seemed to be the right player for him. And as usual Wenger was right.

And the claim was that we would never win anything under Wenger was put to an end on that glorious day in Wembley when we came back from the most disastrous start of a cup final by Arsenal (and by any other team in the modern era in the FA cup). Our win was followed by a big celebration in London and all over the world. I still remember the images from Gooners all over the world celebrating our win in different pubs, clubs, hotels, wherever they had gathered to see it happening.

And now not even 3 months further we have won another trophy. This time we went in to the Community Shield with lots of question marks. After losing to Monaco some of the non-existing AAA came out again. Of course their claims of Wenger not spending and not winning were no longer to be used.  So the “3 big defeats” mantra was used as evidence of what a useless creature Wenger was.

So now we have won another trophy and I do agree it is the least important trophy of trophies that can be won. It is a one match trophy that can be seen as a reward for how the team did in the season before. So nothing like the league title or even the FA cup. But still the team out there was hungry and wanted to add that trophy to the list. It showed that the players many who are not completely match fit had the desire to do what was needed.

This time the celebration was not as intense as winning the FA cup. For the above mentioned reason of course. We all know this. But on the other hand this is the first time I can remember the media downplaying the CS as a trophy. They never did this when MU, Chelsea or Man City won it. Strange or not that strange at all if you have been with us for a while.

This season Arsenal could win five trophies. And the first trophy competition we entered (be it a short competition) we won it. This weekend the next competition for a trophy starts. The longest competition to win something. And as most of the time it will be an up and down experience.  With good results and bad results.  For the players it will be about hard work on the field. For us it will be about enjoying the wins and suffering when we don’t win in the stands, in the sofa, or wherever we follow the Arsenal.

If we win another trophy at the end of the season I will consider this to be a great season. If the football gods are good and kind to us and we win two trophies at the end of the season it will be an amazing season. I would love a hattrick of trophies at the end of the season of course but that would be the most amazing thing ever to happen to me in my lifetime as an Arsenal supporter.

But when you are an Arsenal supporter you know amazing things can happen to us. Just as the invincible season was something nobody could have dreamed of (apart from the One Who Knows Best) I since then learned that any dream can become true  when Arsenal is playing.

I’m really looking forward to the new season. Calm and confident. I know the squad is already very good if not great. We have talent, experience and we now know what it takes to win things. Let us put all of this together in the next season. And let us all stand together behind the team. Most of all when they need us most. As they probably will at one point in the season. They always do. Just make sure you are there for them. We will!

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  1. It creeps up on you and its sometime before you realise its happened.

    You know that you are supporting a great club with a great past some dips in success and a great present but you don’t realise you follow the team – the club with fear in your stomach and hope in your heart and with a certainty that the next great moment is just round the corner.

    This week two teams played each other in the first round of the league cup, that had an Arsenal bearing. Luton v Swindon, (1-2) both inflicted heart breaks on all Arsenal supporters but the despair soon turned into ‘great moments’. 1971 after Swindon and 1989 after Luton.

  2. Good article Walter.

    Two trophies in less than three months apart will do nicely for the player’s confidence going forward, especially beating Man City regardless how many players they were missing by choice and not injuries.

    Having been to both matches in person (that’s two for two at Wembley for me personally), I can say it was a different atmosphere on both occasions.
    Whilst the FA cup final had an aura of almost the ” edge of the knife ” and the “win or else” proposition for Arsenal FC and Wenger himself , the CS had more of a laid back atmosphere in the stands but not on the pitch, at least where Arsenal were concerned.
    Arsenal were better and looked sharper all over the pitch and thoroughly deserved the win and like I said before, beating MC will do our players a world of good.

    As for the new season, I don’t necessarily think we need to win a trophy to have a good one. For me personally, as long as we play attractive attacking football and go deep into CL and FA cup and stay in contention for the league title till the last weeks of the season, this will be a good season but especially we need to avoid the lopsided defeats that put Arsenal in a whole mentally , players and fans equally.

  3. “Just as the invincible season was something nobody could have dreamed of (apart from the One Who Knows Best)”

    Walter, do you mean Paul Merson? 😛 He pretty much predicted that we would win the league without defeat.

    About this season… We will know a lot of things by 5th October. If we manage to get through the period between 16th August and 5th October unscathed, I think we will end up on the top of the table come May. Here is a bit I wrote on the post that compares current team and Invincibles.

    The team looks very fine to me. Our opponents will have to replace their goalkeepers at 80th minute due to tiredness from going for the ball into the net.

    Giroud – provided that he gets 30 matches to start and 8 in which he will be brought in to face tired legs of the opponents’ defenders – should get involved in at least 30 league goals. He will have a lot more space to operate with Alexis and, hopefully, healthy Theo on the flanks. When you add two world-class midfielders Ramsey and Özil who can both pass and make runs behind the defence to ease the burden from Giroud, the Frenchman should enjoy a really great season. Also, let’s not forget about Debuchy – he seems to me as better attacking option than Sagna and his crosses for Giroud – something that they probably did in the national team as well – might add another dimension to our attacking play. So, let’s say Giroud would score 20 goals next season.

    Alexis – to me at least – is the most exciting signing since certain Bobby Pires opted for Arsenal instead of Juventus and Real Madrid. As Walter pointed out, Alexis will add a lot to our defensive solidity. Of course, his main duty will be goals. Özil’s touches of magic behind the defence, Alexis’ dribbling and shooting technique (just take a look at his goals in El Classico last season or against Atletico Madrid in that title decider) = 15 goals at least, with possibility to get involved in at least 25. He might be used as a lone striker as well but Wenger mentioned only flanks last time he was asked about the Chilean. So, it’s already 35 goals from Giroud and Alexis.

    Theo will get a slow introduction following injury but when he returns, he can get us at least 12 goals.

    Then, there is Ramsey. One of the best midfielders in the world – provided that no butchers harm him this season – can get at least 12 goals as well. He can do it from the outside, he uses his head in both meanings and it seems to me his IQ on and off the pitch is second to none.

    Özil should be ready to shine again. He knows what he can expect from Premiership and what he should add to his game. His perfect passes and magical left foot should secure us at least 25 goals in which he’ll be involved with 10 of those scored and the rest of them being assists.

    Provided that Mikel Arteta plays a regular role in the team, we might score at least five penalties. Alexis’ dribbling will force the opponents to tackle him in the box. The thing is, now when we are obviously the title contenders from the Day One, PGMOL might instruct their…personnel to turn the head on the other side whenever Alexis or Ramsey get the ball in the box. Still, I’d go with five penalties for Arsenal and Arteta’s 100 percent record. He has missed just one in his Arsenal career.

    Full-backs should get more goals than they had had last season when Sagna scored a header against Stoke and Jenkinson scored his second first goal for Arsenal against Norwich respectively. Debuchy to score at least two goals, Gibbs – provided that he stays healthy – at least one and Nacho can get one for himself as well against weaker opponents. I’d add one for Bellerin as well but Walter might get too excited about that one. 🙂 So, let’s stick with an improvement in the full-back-department from two goals to four.

    Our central defenders will get in the attack. It’s a safe bet Laurent Koscielny will score at least one goal, probably in the middle of March, to secure us another St Totteringham’s Day and perhaps one more so the forces of Evil don’t recognize him as Saint Laurent of Totteringham’s Day. BFG can get at least one. If Chambers adds one, it’s four goals from our central defenders.

    Then, there are Santi Cazorla and Jack Wilshere. I don’t know how many games two of them will get as I see them as our 12th and 13th player respectively. Four goals from Cazorla and four from Wilshere over the league season wouldn’t be a bad contribution. So, that’s eight. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain might add four of his goals to that tally so it would make it twelve. Then, three goals from Joel Campbell and two from Yaya Sanogo will be matched with five goals from Lukas Podolski. 22 goals from our bench…or not. We should never forget Tomas Rosicky. He can get us at least one goal, probably in NLD against Spuds. I don’t expect more than that as I see him in a more deeper role in the midfield. Speaking of deep-sitting-midfielders, Flamini will score one as well. So, that’s 24. If there is any luck left, Abou Diaby will get one as well for all those years of pain.

    So, league goals:

    Giroud – 20,
    Alexis – 15,
    Walcott – 12,
    Ramsey – 12,
    Özil – 10,
    Podolski – 5,
    Arteta – 5,
    Cazorla – 4,
    Wilshere – 4,
    Chamberlain – 4,
    Campbell – 3,
    Sanogo – 2,
    Koscielny – 2,
    Debuchy – 2,
    Mertesacker – 1,
    Chambers – 1,
    Gibbs – 1,
    Monreal – 1,
    Flamini – 1,
    Rosicky – 1,
    Diaby – 1.

    107 goals – if wisely spread over 38 games – should be enough for the 14th league title.

  4. sometime its difficult to swallow that your darling noisy neighbours are supporters of the mega rich clubs. I started supporting arsenal in 2001 when I was just 12 yrs old but the love didn’t leave even if I could only enjoy success for 3 yrs i.e 2005 and was left in a heart break for 9 yrs, but the love didn’t left me.
    I always go back to my room whenever their is disappointments and the fear factor of reading arsenal news on blogs with appear because of Anti – Wenger and Wenger must go attitude of the deluded arsenal fans.But I always believe that success will surely come and I hope this will mark the beginning of many more success and fans must be ready to back their darling arsenal without any groaning of complain because the good times will surely come.
    Arsenal has never reached a decline by finishing below 4th position and its only man utd and liverpool fans will appreciate A. Wenger for staying in the top 4 throughout this turbulent, unsuccessful and trophyless period.
    Arsenal is my blood and will always be my team.
    Up Arsenal
    you can follow me on twitter @temiolalekan

  5. Been there done that, but in my case we went 15 years without a trophy. The thing is nobody made a big deal of it, we were crap and we knew it, but at the same time had to suffer Spurs, Liverpool & United covering themselves in glory. After a couple of seasons loaded with trophies we went in a 7 year slump, so expectations were never an issue until the George Graham period. I think it was then some of our supporters began to think of “entitlement”. I’ve got no problems with this attitude, at least it’s positive.

  6. oldgroover

    “I think it was then some of our supporters began to think of “entitlement”. I’ve got no problems with this attitude, at least it’s positive.”

    How is ‘entitlement’ in any way shape or form ‘positive’

    It is the bane of this generation.

    The belief in your ‘entitlement’ to whatever you desire, is surely what undermines the need to set yourself goals, which in turn precludes the need for the hard work and dedication to reach those goals, which in turn completely eliminates the joy, the pride, and the feelings of self worth, that prevail with achieving those goals.

    I couldn’t think of a LESS positive trait than that of ‘entitlement’

  7. Brilliant article.

    Let’s all look forward to what will surely be a quite amazing season.

  8. jambug

    It’s the opposite of supporters saying “we’re crap and don’t deserve to win anything” I’ve known that attitude on the terrace.
    I’d much rather hear someone say “we’re good we usually win so we’re entitled to win something.”,
    If you’re looking at it from benefit spongers point of view then it’s as you say “bane of this generation”
    That’s the best I can do, hope it explains my point.

  9. oldgroover.

    The opposite of:

    “We’re crap and don’t deserve to win anything”

    is surely

    “We’re good we usually win so we DESERVE to win something’

    To feel you are ‘entitled’ to something is a lot different to the feeling you ‘deserve’ something.

    I think I get the point you are making, and broadly agree. I just think ‘Entitlement’ is very much the wrong word to use.

  10. Jambug

    Yes, deserve is a better word, but you must remember the new Arsenal crowd who jumped on board after the early Wenger successes who seemed to think we were aways going to win because it was their entitlement. Like I say, rather that than a defeatist attitude. Anyway, it’s no big thing.
    By the way, we’re top of the league right now, we’re number one.
    How about that for positivity!

  11. Should be a good season, have not felt this relaxed over the summer regarding Arsenal for a long time. I think a lot has changed for the better….including perhaps things behind the scenes we are not told about. Not sure what the angle of the aaa and media will be this year….of course any bad result, they will be on the case, if as I suspect we don’t sign this mythical dm and make do with what we have….they may be upset, but think the critics are going to have a season clutching any straw,they can find. Whatever does it,for them. On the subject,of critics, and I am all for free speech..BUT, anyone else see legend Tony Adams developing something of the Stewart Robson about him? Hope someone close to him has a word. But critics aside, I cannot wait , this should be a very enjoyable season.

  12. Yeah saw the Tony Adams article criticising the club for letting players go easily. He was referring to TV, who only started a handful of games last season and was in his last year or he’d leave for free. Don’t think any of that mattered to Tony.

    I see, according to the Telegraph, fabregas was this summer’s best signing. Really? Wonder if we’d have that article had he rejoined us. No doubt a dig at Alexis and the club. Anyway, know Alexis will do his talking where it really matters; on the pitch.

  13. Al, Spain and Barca fans I know…unfortunately for Cesc ….might disagree with the Telegraphs upbeat opinion on him. Not to say he won’t regain form of course, but think we got the best years of Cesc ….so far at least

  14. It’s good to get back to winning ways, it is also good to see the club in a stronger position to compete in the market and most of all it is good to hear Ramsey state that the team is more together than ever before and that everyone wants to work hard and help out everyone else (or words to that effect).

    Winning two trophies in quick succession should mean that the monkey is off our backs – although the plonkers in the media, aided and abetted by the idiots of the AAAA will still twist, turn and complain. Their apologists, will always find something to yap about – but screw the lot – we are on the up, we have two trophies, a super team and we should do well this season – despite the PGMO(L), media, AAAA twits and their hangers on.

  15. Food for thought. How come in Spain, Italy, Germany, France, and other countries when the league winners and cup winners meet to start the new season it is called the Super Cup or something similar. When the British media totaled up old red-nosed Ferguson’s trophies they always included the Charity Shields he won. We win it and it is just a pre-season game. FUCK THAT. As far as I am concerned the Arsenal has just won the English version of the Super Cup. FUCK THE BRITISH MEDIA.


    Let the media spin our victory anyway they want. We just won another freaking TROPHY. You are absolutely right, it is the Super cup. And we just won it.

    I also don’t give a rat’s ass about what team Pellegrini presented. For fuck sake, they cost about £240 million again about £130 million for us. Fuck it, we won by beating another team of 11 players with no player sent off.

    I can’t recall anyone diminishing Chelsea’s 2-1 victory over our youngsters in the 2007 League cup final. On the contrary, Arsene Wenger was excoriated for being stubborn and not fielding his strongest team (the fact that the great man had promised the youngsters that if they made it to the final, he would let them play in it was conveniently ignored).

    Fuck the media and the moronic pundits. We won 2 trophies in less than 3 months and I am shouting it from the rooftops.

  17. There are a number of whorenalists presenting their (paid) opinions as to who will finish where. For example, I think Phil McNulty of the BBC (2 brain cells? 3?) is predicting Arsenal finish no higher than 5th (6th?).

    The New York Times had an “independent” paper in Paris (?), which they have now brought “closer to home”. But as Association Football doesn’t have any useful value to the New York Times, one can hope that this (almost) independent coverage by “The Express Tribune with the International New York Times” might have a chance at minimal bias.

    Today (Aug 14) was their prediction of ManU in the Top-6 of the EPL. This was the 4th of the 6. Arsenal will be 1 of the remaining 2 writeups, who will be the other?

    In any event, there is:
    20140811 Chelsea
    20140812 Liverpool
    20140813 ManCity
    20140814 ManU
    20140815 ?
    20140816 ?

    I think it is probably best to wait until the series is done, before reading any of it. But the URL to the ManU story is:

  18. Many of these so called AAA are:

    1) players of computer games… where you can replay and wind every match and think you are a great manager

    2) glory hunters

    I become a fan because of Wenger and because he beat Man U. Its sort of glory hunter attitute but you can say I am no more because after the low time, I am still with Arsenal and Wenger.

    The “big 3” thing is the worst I have seen in a while. You can lose half of those games and still win EPL.

    Strategically, I would suggest Wenger to set for draws in those “big games” (Chel$ea appraoch) and then hope to exploit chances on the pitch.

    If Chel$ can get the players together and $ity runs well as usual, they are the teams to beat.

    Like many pointed out many times, you don’t need the greatest team to win the league. The chance is not as good as those two but its entirely possible and winning it won’t really be a surprise.

    Again, if Wenger bring in defenders to cover the extremely thin back line (6 players for 4 positions…) and upgrade may be two more positions, this team would not only be a champion’s team, it would be a team to beat.

    And again, I do not three such signings this year. Problably one for defender and if there’s one more, its already very good. Its budget problem and Wenger will do more upgrades next year. He’s someone who goes step by step according to plans and a set of logic.

  19. @Nelson Wong

    I am going to guess that you are in part, named after Admiral Nelson, who I gather was reasonably good at tactics and strategy. And you seem to look along those lines.

    In the EPL, if you play against a team you are unlikely to score against, but who is capable of scoring against you, it seems first choice is Park the Bus. In international play, I believe both Germany and Italy have played a different game, possession. You can’t score if you don’t get the ball. Even in the past few years, the Top-N clubs knew that Arsenal was capable of scoring against them. And last year, we seen Chelsea Park the Bus.

    But, Arsenal has players good enough, that should we at some point win the ball, we can keep the ball for a long time. Germany and Italy were somewhat one dimensional, in that the ball tended to stay at the back. I don’t think Arsenal needs to keep the ball at the back. Which means all of the attacking team needs to do more work to “close down” Arsenal, if we decide to play possession.

    There may be other strategies which also work. And it may be that at times this season, Arsenal Parks the Bus. My hope is that should parking be necessary, that is because we have a lead, and the parking is meant to preserve the lead.

    But, I don’t know. I am not meant to be a manager, and I don’t like to think that way. Perhaps this is something you do well?

    Have a great day!

  20. Before Arsène, Arsenal recorded just 23 top 4 finishes in 92 seasons. Under Arsène, we have 18 top 4 finishes out of 18!

    Arsenal have finished in the top 4 for 18 seasons straight. The previous longest run for the club was 5! [1930/31 to 1934/35]
    Yet, there are ‘fans’ who question if he ‘knows!’

  21. Bill From Manhattan

    Super Cup’s Ok, but the Community Shield is developed from the FA Charity Shield which was formed in the late 19th century and continued until recently when the charities commission forced a change of name due to the FA not disclosing how money raised was distributed. Over a century of tradition lost because of FA creative accounting. Tony did a recent article on this.

  22. FA acting more and more like FIFA every day.
    Now it’s Community, the money can go anywhere.

  23. I was introduced to our beloved Club way back in 1983 by the neighbour of my schoolmate. Back then, we were the mid-table club, sort of. Most of my other schoolmates were fancying the Man U then, and both of us was considered as a minority. Back then, the attitude was: Win, Lose or Draw (though we very much disliked the latter two), We Are Arsenal. Nowadays, some fans look only at the Winning part, and will not hesitate to disassociate themselves with the Club if we are not winning, even when the players put in their best effort but could be having an off day! Whatever it is, I still believe, if we are fans of the Club: Win, Lose or Draw, We Are Arsenal!

  24. Good sensible posts all round. Stats will say we won two cups, and no amount of whining will change that. Just as much as they showed, and we were constantly reminded on a daily, that we hadn’t won anything in 8 years. Real won the super cup v sevilla last week and I never heard anyone denigrate that cup.

  25. @Al, yeh course the fact that the Telegraph picked Fabs as the best summer signing a dig at Arsenal. It wouldn’t be a dig at Manu and Pool though would it? Despite the fact that they’ve made significant signings too. Perhaps the Telegraph believe he’s the best signing of the summer. Could be? Bit premature though as the TW is still open.

    I think it’s ridiculous claiming any player is a great summer signing until we’re a long way into the season. If Fabs gets injured and misses half the season then he won’t be a great summer signing.

  26. A story (with a moral) of what happens to those who get used to good things.

    A guy goes to the doctor: “My stomach doesn’t feel alright”.
    So the doctor examines him and says: “I’m sorry to inform you, but you have a very tapeworm in your stomach”.

    The patient. understandly, very stressed, asks: “Oh no! What shall I do!?”
    To which the good doctor replies: “Return tomorrow with 2 hard boiled eggs, and a Snickers”.
    The guy returns the next day, and the doctor instructs him to take off his pants and lie on his stomach. The doctor then shoves the 2 hard boiled eggs and the Snickers into the patient’s asshole.

    “Come back tomorrow, bring 2 eggs and a Snickers”.
    The guy returns the next day, and the ritual repeats itself: 2 eggs and a Snickers down his asshole.

    After a week, the doctor instructs the patient to bring 2 hard boiled eggs and a 10 kilo sledgehammer. The guy arrives the next day, takes off his pants, and the doctor shoves the 2 hard boiled eggs down his asshole. As the doctor swings the sledgehammer in the air, waiting to smash it down, the worm sticks its head out of the guy’s asshole, screaming: “Where is my Snickers!!!”.

  27. @ TommieGun – nice one ! It is a metaphor for the AAAA isn’t it ? Now I wonder why that came to my mind ?

    In a similar vein….
    They say laughter is the best medicine…. I think punching an asshole square in the face and then laughing is way better!

  28. @ Brickfields – I knew you’d like that ! 🙂

    In any event, they will be screaming for their Snickers unless we win something, that’s for sure.

  29. Of course it is a dig at Arsenal and not Man u nor Liverpool. If you cared to read the article(read the first two paras or so myself) you’d have seen they were making comparisons with Alexis. The fact both players are coming from the same team joining rivals in the same league also has to be considered. If you add Fabregas is an ex-gunner, we had first refusal on him which we chose not to take, it clearly IS obvious its a dig at us. If you cannot see it that then its up to you. Also this is the same paper(perhaps the same writer?) that ran articles saying Chelsea were going to outwit us and ensure we don’t get any cut from his sale from Barca, thorugh Chelsea offering just below the amount required to trigger the clause that would mean we get a cut. This was all before he signed for Chelsea, so imo they are continuing with their theme. Any more questions, Rupert?

  30. On the other hand, the regularly anti Arsenal Mail are reporting an Arsène snub for Cesc, who they claim is the “top summer signing”.
    I don’t know about that, It’ll become evident who is or isn’t a great signing as the season progresses, but what I do know is he has really aged. He looks about forty now.

  31. Some fewdays ago au succeeded throu stick it up in to bt ***.bt guyz ican mute my tv.The only disturbing thing icant handle is some rupertshit walter oldgrover

  32. Guudman
    You obviously can’t read English, so why are you attempting to write it.
    You seem to have a problem with my post which is supportive of Arsène, by saying he snubbed Cesc, while the newspapers have been saying Cesc snubbed us.

  33. Guudman
    Or have I misunderstood you, because I hope you’re not using me to get at somebody else.

  34. Guudman

    I always appreciate people having a go at other languages but to be honest it is pointless trying to debate if your level is such that it is too difficult to understand.

  35. Al
    Yes, your probably right, but I still can’t figure out what he means, so I’d best leave it alone.

  36. I think Goodmon is saying he’s stuck two fingers at BT. And he is not bothered by whatever crap they come up with as he can just hit the mute button on his TV. But what he cant stomach is the constant whining from Rupert lol. I’ve to say I could’ve got it wrong, but that’s what I thought he was trying to say 🙂

  37. Since Pulis has left Palace by mutual consent, I have to submit this spoonerism:
    Tony Pulis and the Risky Venture.
    I hope you guys like it.
    I also hope Tony does not ban me.

  38. Guudmon

    It can’t be easy if you’re sending from a smart phone & using a virtual keyboard.

  39. @Al, what’s so anti Arsenal about comparing one player to another and concluding in favour of another? That’s their choice. If you remember last year Manu were up for buying Fabs but they couldn’t get him. For all you know they may have tried again this year so the DT could be anti Manu too. Or doesn’t that suit your agenda? In the end who bloody cares?

    It’s like people forever moaning about BT Sport posters highlighting the three heavy Arsenal defeats. Why do you think they did that? Because they were goalfests and a great advert for football, if you’re not an Arsenal fan anyway. If we’d thrashed anyone last season they’d be highlighting that.

    I’ll repeat : I think it’s ridiculous claiming any player is a great summer signing until we’re a long way into the season. If Fabs gets injured and misses half the season then he won’t be a great summer signing

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