Oh Thierry, what have they done to you

There’s this advert running on Arsenal TV in which they show the Henry wonder goal against the Tiny Totts, wherein he runs more than half the length of the pitch, beats the entire Tiny defence and scores, and then runs all the way back to go on his knees in front of the Tiny supporters who are calling him a wanker.

After that he talks about the goal, and how he felt – its a good interview.

I watched the second half of Basle vs BarcaBlackSheep last night, there not being much else on, and there was the self same TH14, playing as always these days as a substitute.  And it is fair to say he is nothing like the man he was.

There are moments of course – but mostly they are reflections of what the great man could do – as if some new player had inhabited his body.   A new player who knows he has to sit on the left wing, who knows the body language – so instantly recognisable – but who doesn’t have that amazing ability either to score or to lay the ball off to others.

There was one other thing.  Basle, at home, got thumped 0-5.  You might expect the ground to be half empty by the end – but no.  Everyone stayed, waving the flags, jumping up and down, just supporting the team.  They were utterly out of their depth, but none the less the crowd still said, “yes, this is our team.”

That was a joy to watch.  But to see our Thierry… that was sad.  He is not a bad player – not at all.  Most clubs would want him in the team if available.   But when compared to the genius we had the honour of watching, it is sad to see this.

I never felt with with Bergkamp.  Somehow, playing under Wenger, even though he lost lots of his touches and speed towards the end, he could still on occasion (usually the right occasion) pull the rabbit out of the whatnot.   That’s what Thierry seems to have lost.

Incidentally Hleb was playing too, and he also looked rather a shadow.  All those tricky dribbles – they seem to have gone out of his game.  Funny how players change when they leave us.

4 Replies to “Oh Thierry, what have they done to you”

  1. That is so, so sad. Do you think he has been wrongly utilised, or is it a confidence thing, or perhaps that he is burnt out?

  2. What, did’nt you anticipate Titti’s decline?
    He should have thought about it and finish at the
    club where he was an icon. However, I am over him now
    especially after reading what he said during the he was introduced to media by Barca chairman. He namely said that the chase was over and the dream has come true. You can interprete the way you want but for me its like hearing your ex louding her new lover with things she used to say to
    you like : “Oh, you animal”. I was certainly not amused.

  3. Simple truth is that careers begin to wane with age!, i dont think are are any top players that can move from one big club to another at 29/30 and expect to be the same player.

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