Bentley speaks about life at Tottenham

“It’s been shocking.”

“It’s been a bit shit.”

“It has been a bad start to the season, especially for me.”

“We have not been together.”

“We have not known where we are running or what we have been doing.”

These are the statements of that ex-Arsenal player who left us to play in the highlife and wild excitement of Blackburn and left them to reach the top four with the Tiny Totts. These comments all come from an article in the Guardian today.

It’s funny because there were 38,000 people at Highbury for each game who could have predicted where his departure would lead him.

Still, if players want to leave and go and take a wander down the Lane, that must be up to them.

Funny old world, isn’t it?

One Reply to “Bentley speaks about life at Tottenham”

  1. So, Bentley is disappointed or is surprised? Its sad that a good looking lad like him has nothing between the ears. After leaving us on his own volition, he should have knuckled down and shut his mouth. You’s expect a kid who grew up with Arsenal would have at least known of the hoodoo that strike all who leave in bad spirit.

    Take for instance Silvinho, he left us to Barcelona after Ashley Cole emerged as the best thing since slice bread or Van Bronchorst. The just did all that was necessary to be in the 1st team of Barca. Still after 8 or so years they are still going strong. Silvinho is even contemplating joining Celtics while Bentley is stuck at Spuds bench.
    Poor twat

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