Tot supporters chant “Pedophile” as they get their first victory in ten years.

They had to wait until Arsenal put out a team with six first team regulars missing, and a team for most of the game including our 4th and 5th choice centre backs, but it had to happen one day.

After 10 years of waiting, after the endless defeats and humiliations, Tottenham finally managed to beat a desperately weakened Arsenal team in the league.

They will undoubtedly bring out a celebratory cup, video, dvd, bus tour, signed shirts, and silver chalice to celebrate what for ten years we have taken to be everyday – the beating of the local rivals.

But it is worth noting something else.  Ten years ago Arsenal FC went to enormous lengths to get rid of any remaining anti-Semitic chanting, and they did it with great success.  At the Ems one does not hear those chants at all.  I am sure that someone there are a few who still indulge, but you do not get hundreds joining in.  And before anyone contradicts me let me add that until this season I was a silver member and sat in different parts of the ground for each game.

Ten years on, what do we have at Tottenham?

Remorceless chanting of “Sit Down You Pedophile” at Arsene Wenger.  And what did the club do?  Not a thing.

It is the usual trick: they looked at Manchester U and did not see a warning about utterly unacceptable behaviour, they saw a blueprint, which they have mindlessly copied.

Such abuse is not  racist or homophobic, and so is not illegal.  It is just utterly unacceptable in even a semi-civilised society.  And clearly Tottenham is not a semi-civilised society.

About four years ago I started calling Tottenham Hotspur “The Tiny Totts”, as it seemed a bit of a laugh, it was not abusive, and it seemed part of the banter of football.  What should they be called now?  To throw the pedophile chant back in their faces seems to reduce ourselves to their level which is now several hundred feet below the gutter.

Of course the defeat hurts terribly, but then I think, they have had ten years of success.  And if, when Wenger came along anyone had said to me, “you’ll now get 10 years without Tottenham beating you in the league, I’d not have believed it.

So, what positives can we take from this?

  • Van Persie was wonderful – oh how much we have missed him.  Let us pray for a safe time in South Africa, and if only we could have him all season, surely we would be top of the league.
  • Bendtner has scored nine in 11 games. I noticed someone saying on this site how crap he is.  Basically I will accept crap at that level in the Arsenal team.
  • And absent was such a collection of talent... Cesc, Song and Arshavin stand out among them.   No wonder we scored so many goals early on with that team out there.

How do we stop these injuries that have so destroyed our chances of winning these last three years?

We can’t – the only thing we can do is to bring in yet more players, in the full and certain knowledge that we will always have half our first team injured.  Wilshere, Djourou and Emmanuel Thomas will help, and I am hoping Eastmond is ready to step up.   This last summer Wenger pulled Vermaelen out of the hat – let us hope he has something else like that up his sleeve.

As for the catastrophists (I am fed up calling them doom and gloomers) I am going to do something I haven’t done before and reprint an email just arrived.

I want to give it extra publicity, because it is so stupid, so inept, so silly, so utterly lacking in any perspective or sense, that the only reaction one can have is to laugh at it.

And that is what I think those of us who share a positive vision of Arsenal should do. (Of course this is just my opinion – I would never for a moment want to tell anyone want to do – I just make a suggestion).

For the past two years we, no sorry, I (I am the guilty one here ) I have been patiently replying to the catastophists and pointing out the errors in their arguments.  And yet there is no argument.  It is just a set of mindlessly childish statements which have no relationship with the truth.

Actually I don’t know who I despair of the most, those who seemingly live in or below the sewers of Tottenham with their chants of “Sit down you pedophile” or people who write this sort of stuff.

I know that the many tens of thousands of Arsenal fans who do Phil, Walter and I the honour of reading this site on a regular basis will be back tomorrow and the next day and the next endlessly supporting Wenger and Arsenal because it is our club and because as a club we have had such wonderful times in the last ten years.  And because we believe that we or on the edge of something even better.

But I think it is time (for me at least) to stop arguing with people who write stuff like that which follows, and just have a laugh.  Because although Billy The Dog sometimes enters another universe, I don’t think he ever gets as far removed from the real world as the person who wrote this.

Tony Attwood


This is really the worst Arsenal team I ever have the absolute honor to witness. I absolutely hate Bendtner. I can’t describe how angry I am for us to have him as striker. Can’t play his teammate can’t play himself. Everytime he runs it makes me fuming mad. I don’t see how the goals are coming from this absolute shambles of a team. If this match is not the absolute testament that Wenger’s lost it and should be go back to Japan, I don’t know what is. Absolute joke. Did I mention I hate Bendtner? Oh and freaking Aluminia. My god, I can’t believe I’m stuck with so many muppets in this team. UNBELIEVABLE. Seriously, can’t Arsenal give me something to be happy about?


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111 Replies to “Tot supporters chant “Pedophile” as they get their first victory in ten years.”

  1. This day had to come once. Sh*t happens and today it happened.
    Now lets start all over for another 10 years of victory’s against those ********.

    catastrophists, that is a name you can give someone who writes mails like that.

  2. Phaze, that is the spirit.

    If you see how Van Persie was dangerous from the first seconds on the field…

    They can blame who ever those catastrophist want to blame, the only reason if we don’t win will be the loss of many players for long periods in this season.

    Like you say Tony, we have to look after this and see that we have 2 or 3 complete teams ready.
    And we will have them in the future.
    And after the game I thought : now it is over. But even another member of our Benelux club still believed in it and then I thought just like after the Chelsea defeat : it isn’t over till it really is over.

    We just must try to win our 4 remaining games. That’s all we can do.

  3. Yes Walter, I am thinking catastrophists is the right word to replace Doom and Gloomers.

    And maybe Tottenham Sewage just about sums them up – at least how I feel today.

    Agree totally with you Phaze – I shall be wearing my Arsenal shirt tomorrow. You are right. This is the moment.

  4. Ok the result was disappointing but apart from one wonder goal which he would never score again even if he had 100 chances to do so! and some slack defending from our 4th and 5th choice centre halfs (putting it into some perspective).

    Even though were missing Fabregas, Song, Arshavin, Gallas and RVP for only 20 mins we were the better team and were unlucky not to win but with 4 brilliant saves from Gomes!!

    So lets just think positive, with a full team we would of absolute murdered the team place in 4th at their own place. We have been ridiculously unlucky with injuries this season and it has taken its toll.

    All the doom and gloomers need to go back to playing their football manager games as they cannot see the bigger picture!

  5. That email is excellent. I just hope it was written by a twelve year old, hopefully nobody older would be that stupid. Most Mancs I know would swap Bendtner for Berbatov, who cost £30mill.

    A real disappointment tonight. I’m not sure what to make of the goals: perhaps Al should have done better with the first (it was pretty much at him) but ultimately it was a great strike. The second, well. Clichy and Silvestre were playing offside excellently, but Sagna just hand’t switched on.

    Yes, we had worse injuries than Spurs, and probably should’ve snatched the draw, but these things happen. Their keeper played excellently, and we created little of note until the late on.

    Time to move on, and let Spurs relish the fact they’ve beaten us once in ten years.

  6. That defeat hurt like a knife to the heart, just couldn’t believe it, but at the same time i kinda had a gut feeling that spurs would cause an upset because of key players being injured. That strike from Rose though couldn’t be stopped heck even Messi would have been proud of that, but with soo man of our first team missing i think we were very very good, When all fit we all know how devistating we can be, 6-1 to everton which is not a shabby team, 3,4,5 goals a game at the beginning of the season……we destroyed everyone.

    we’ll get there!!

  7. jeessss.. tony ..getting the excuses in with the first line. spuds had plenty out and played a cup semi sunday….bollex…

  8. maverick….Alumina should have done what 99% of keepers do and caught the $%@@@ ball but no….clown has to perform a trick

  9. Colonel Mustard, I’m in between you and Tony. Once Verm went off, we clearly had the worse injuries. How many first teamers were Spurs missing? Lennon, Krancjar, Palacios {self inflicted!!}? Anyone else?

    We on the other hand after a short while: No gallas, no verm, no Cesc, no Ramsey, no RvP, no Djnourou etc etc… I know some aren’t starters, but they’d deputise for the injured players in front of them.

    But it’s no excuse, the second goal in particular could have been avoided.

  10. Ah when we only wanted to express that there is something wrong with the squad
    They call it Doom and Gloom time

    Sir as a striker do you really think Bendtner is that good???…
    Please dont remind me of how old he is

    I know you will defend Arsene and several player till death even though it is not the fact

    I surely wish you were a little bit honest on your opinion


  11. Not tussling for 4th place is already a huge testament of the team’s improvements from last season. Now we need to hire mafia muscle to be ready for next.

  12. All very disappointing but perspective vital on days like this. Couldn’t have imagined such an unbeaten stretch 10 years ago. Probably could have done better on both goals. They defended well but we did look little bereft of ideas until RVP appeared. Possession by itself is certainly a huge skill but something more direct in final third would improve things particularly if we are going to concede sloppy goals (we probably are given predilection for attack over defence-still wonder what happened to Martin Keown following CL run in 1996)
    Anyway much to be grateful for in supporting the Arsenal. I still remember the mid 70’s and wonder what the “wailing whiners” would have made of that Arsenal side. It’s an absolute pleasure watching the finest football I’ve seen from us in 35 years since AW arrived. Would rather be on our trajectory combined with the way we have arrived there than support any other club.
    Thank you Tony and Walter for your excellent insightful opinions and constructive stand versus the relentless negativity of many Arsenal sites.

  13. Denial Sir
    I respect you and this blog

    I dont care when we lose to Man U, Chelsky, and Barcelona
    But to Tottenscum?
    Sir to Tottenscum…

  14. Alcovinco: strikers are judged on goal a game, Bendtner’s is admirable. He’s a great header of the ball, but by no means the finished article. Tonight he suffered from a lack of service, I saw little wrong from him tonight.

  15. Would havr been a different game if we had fabregas song and arshavin, also shame about vermaelen who got injured… Wave your bar scarf with pride, p.s eboue and rosicky are not good enough for arsenal

  16. Not lack off service
    I always say his off the ball movement is worse
    He does not fight for goal

    I dont mean to judge a player or knee jerking
    I’m very sorry if anyone is annoyed
    Is just really…
    Is there really Arsene can do about this injuries?
    It has been problem for 3 season

    Why did not Arsene find replacement for players with long term injuries?

    I’m just dying to know

    I’ve been asking to a couple of bloggers but they just keep saying like it blasphemy to question Arsene and his method
    I’m like a boy who is just so curious about god

  17. first comment here for me. cheers everyone~
    can’t believe how RVP came out guns blazing after 6 months! forget no injury, if he’d have been there for birmingham we’d be in a different place now!
    that aside, i can’t deny that was the most disappointing match i’ve seen in a few years. i can’t bring myself to give ‘arry any credit, so the totts… hating them aside, anyone could tell they wanted it a bit more than us. gomez was fantastic! more’s the pity… but not just him though. even the ref was decent, for chrissake, and i haven’t been able to say that in years…
    two or three consecutive miracles needed to get us back in it now. unlikely, but it’s happened before. personally though, i’ll pin my hopes on next season. very high hopes i might add.
    i think this season should help fix our boys’ laxness during first halves. it’s cost us a helluva lot. sure late goals are exciting, but having some leeway early on is crucial in crucial games during crucial parts of the season, and it’s crucial our team gets used to that feeling i think. or i hope anyway, for my heart’s sake…
    it’s morning where i’m at now, and i just stumbled back from the only bar within 50 miles with the right channel run by another gooner. gonna have to open another few bottles though. history was made today, though not in our favor, so work can wait.

  18. Excellent article Tony and sorry to be a tad pedantic, only it’s “pAedophile” – I only mention it because you’re usually spot on grammatically!

  19. Let the other north London club can have their day. Maverick you’re right, WE WILL GET THERE. The Premiership is not ready for the Arsenal of the next few years. We will pass everyone off the park, out the ground and back home to their beds. Be warned Arsenal are coming!

  20. Sometimes you have to accept that it wasnt meant to be. Could Almunia have done better? Maybe, but it was hit so perfectly that if he tried it again in his life, he would hardly ever accomplish it again. Does anyone remember Neil Mellor who hit a screamer for the Pool against us a few years back, and where is he now? So its just frustrating that these players come up with fluke efforts, against us, and you hardly ever hear about them again (well, apart from Shrek).

    Vermalaen’s injury was also critical as well, and after so many games, he was bound to pull a muscle (a calf strain I think it was). I dont Silvestre played that bad, but surely his anticipation of the ball played for the 2nd goal was very poor, because I believe it should have been cut out, but then Sagna should not be playing them onside. So it was a collection of errors in the end and when you play catch-up away from home, it is extremely difficult without half of our first team.

    To be honest, it would have been an uphill task had we won anyway, because our remaining games are not easy, plus Vermalaen’s injury (amount of games he’s played, it was bound to happen) will most likely mean Campbell and Silvestre will play at CB at Wigan, as Song will be out as well. Chelsea would have had to slip up twice, and with the luck they are getting from referees and linesmen, it would have been hard to see where they would have dropped points, as Pool have been awful themselves.

    One thing I gathered from the game was something that Barca did last week that we never did, and that was work hard to win the ball back. This is something we have to learn really quickly in my view for now and next season. I also believe that we dont shoot enough from distance, and it became too much of keeping possession and looking for the perfect goal. Not all shots will hit the target but I mean, force the keeper into action, and we might be able to latch onto any rebounds that may come.

    The only good news was the return of Robin van Persie, and oh boy, have we missed him. He was like a breath of fresh air and almost changed the game on his own.

    I wouldnt be too worried about Chelsea, even if they should win the title. I read The Times today where they are losing alot of money, especially with their wage bill (around £140m in the last year) and with their ageing players, of which Joe Cole and Ballack will leave on free transfers, and not replacing them with youth. They also paid huge sums in compensation to the managers they sacked, like Scolari and Maureen. Im probably wrong in some of what I’ve said so Tony and Walter who are more knowledgeable in this subject than I’ll ever be can add more to this when they get the chance.

  21. just got to say one thing, i love arsenal, we have had a fantastic season,(does any one remenber hearing every one saying we won’t quailfy for europe next season ? and we were going struggle this season?, well i think we been fantastic, we’ve had more injuries then any other team this past few years, and yet we keep performing good football, we do have some average players(diarby,bendtner,eboue,ro sick y, fabinaski and walcot) (my opinion).
    but people forget what we are having to compete with from the past? and thats a team that went whole season undefeated, players like lungberg bergkemp henry pires and co i believe we’ll never see a decade like that with the likes of adams vieria keown parlour the foot ball we watched arsenal play was unberlieveable, and it hard to get a team as good as that a gain, so keep the faith

  22. I dont get it with you Arsene knows crowd. He is slightly delusional you have to see it as it really is. His first string cant win big games and the second string cant do it when needed.

    He wont cull the necessary players because it would meen him havint admit project youth has failed well he said “judge me at the end of the season if we win no trophys the I will have to admit it has failed” He just wont do it ever.

  23. the only arsenal player we need to get rid of is almunia or atleast have him as backup he is just not good enough. gomes made some wonderful saves today and i dont think almunia would have stopped any of them. Excuse my english is not the best but i will still wear my arsenal shirt at work tomorrow knowing i am gonna be ripped apart. I became an arsenal supporter ten years ago and they are the only team i have supported before i saw arsenal play i didnt even like watching football. i love arsenal so much it feels like i have lost a family member in a horrible accident this evening.
    arsenal till i die

  24. That was a fuckin galling defeat. Its never easy getting beat off vermin. The most painful thing for me tonight is not the scum who chant lies at Wenger or the morons who profess to support our club yet do nothing but run down the players and manager, the thing that hurts most is just how close we are to dominating the domestic scene. I truly believe we`d have won the league this year had we kept Van Persie fit, the last 20 minutes we were so good it was almost depressing, I just kept thinking what might have been. Your blog is one of the few I bother reading and I agree with 90 percent of what you guys write, however we have to admit that we have a major problem winning the high pressure games. Maybe it is a mental problem or maybe it is the constant injury list that robs us of our best players at the most important periods. Either way there are going to have to be 3 or 4 changes in the summer because we have injury prone players and that is not about to change, we have seen the huge impact an ageing Sol Campbell has had on the team, one or two more like him would add a bit of steel when the team is under the cosh. I am convinced our greatest manager since Chapman also knows this and I am also convinced more than ever that he is the right man to take our great club forward, because as I said earlier in this post, we really are so close to being a top, top team.

  25. Tony, you said:

    1. If we didn’t have injuries, we would be top of the league
    2. We will always have injuries
    3. We need to strengthen to cope with the injuries

    These are the things that “catastrophists” have been calling Wenger out on all these years. How can you believe the first three points, and yet believe that Wenger wasn’t negligent for not strengthening this summer?

    We have injury-prone, key players. van Persie has never completed a full season, and yet we relied on him to carry us through this season with only Bendtner as back-up. Gallas is out at least one month each season, and yet we kept him and Vermaelen as our only good defenders. Song has no backup. It was no surprise we failed.

  26. “Bendtner has scored nine in 11 games. I noticed someone saying on this site how crap he is. Basically I will accept crap at that level in the Arsenal team.”

    Exactly. And he’s 19 years old…….would be fascinated to compare him to the young Anelka, who was pretty good.

    As for the Paedophile chants, I’d imagine they are illegal.

    It is called ‘slander’, which is a serious offence. (You could even argue that it is racially motivated, but that’s by the by).

    If the police can pinpoint racist chanters, why cannot they pinpoint slanderous chanters?

  27. the people who complain about bendtner are the one who think drogba is world class (OK he is)Bendtner is better than him at the same age.Drogba was playing in french second division and sign pro at 21,moving in the top league only at 23 ,bendtner is already player Danish player of the year,scoring around 15 goal in the last 2 season in one of the best league in the world.
    Mark Bendy is not 19 😉 22

    still defeat against the sc*m hurt,the only difference tonight ,we seriously lack of pace (running and ball movement).When they attack us ,it was taking few second to them ,we need to be more direct in launching our attack and passing the ball less.Attacking wise Diaby slow down our game way too much.This guy has too much talent without a very fast football brain.

  28. We need strengthening in Midfield. I think the position is referred to as ‘referee’. We need a couple of those and then we will have half a chance of ending the season with a full team and JT will have his ‘netball’ curtailed, and Manure will have a few more reds than they have had, and Chicken shite will not get away with the blatant fouls that they got away with tonight. The chanting is a matter for the club and the FA to deal with.

    I dont care too much about silverware but I do hate being beaten by a Chicken livered team that does not even merit being on the same pitch as the Arsenal.

  29. Hello Tony,
    Like everyone else I’m gutted at the result. I hate when we lose any game. I too will wear my Arsenal shirt here in Edmonton Canada with pride tomorrow.
    Gooner for life no matter what.
    There’s always next year and we will out shine everyone.

  30. to be honest, the result hurts but not surprised. Weakness in the team is for all to see. Yeah, we need 2/3 teams in the ready , just in case. Why not buy the whole of Portsmouth when we need to defend and switch over for other occasion. If they can beat Spurs in 120 min, how can they be bad ? In a do or die situation, it’s about resolution, blood and guts. As fans, are we asking too much ?

  31. And…What if now Arsenal still go on to win the league? Then what will be said?

    And as this day has come it will soon pass….. We will win again and yes we will lose again.

    But I still love my Team… And, I love my manager.

    Tony I think your resolution is the only option….. Laugh at these “catastrophists”… They belong with the Arry Tiny tots…
    I am glad
    Finally, It’s amazing the lack of respect and lack of human compassion the Tottenham fans, Birmingham fans, and Stoke City fans have shown this season. I am glad and humbled to be an Arsenal fan. I don’t feel that way toward any of them. Let them all say it…. It represents who and what they are.. At the end of the day it is does not represent Arsenal or Wenger. Arsenal’s place as a world footballing power has been maintained and will flourish for Years to come thanks to the sole vision and forsight of Arsene. That will be the story! What will disappear are the slurrs and even our endearing catastrophists.

    I actually hope the bloggers like critic, WEG, Alcovinco & Stubby (who I have never heard of here), realize they are powerless to change the current structure of this Arsenal team. Like Wenger said about Cesc; (Paraphrase) You are powerless because you are under contract… Point being no matter how much negativity you have toward Wenger there is very little you can do about it because you are not in charge… And, I will add you catastrophists haven’t even a clue how to run or manage a team… I will bet my house you don’t even have coaching papers… So how is it you know more than Wenger?

  32. So we lost. The spuds beat us for the first time in 10 years. At some point in time, we had to let them win, to give them a siff of what winning against the mighty Arsenal is really like, so in the future they really do compete.

    But I do feel that Harry laid a honeytrap and a few players fell for it, thinking that they would win if they just turned up.

    Hopefully, this win gives the spuds some confidence to beat the Chav’s.

    Bring on Wigan.

  33. Life goes on. I have full faith and confidence in Wenger. I know the squad will be unstoppable next year, and for many years after.
    We still have many things to be proud about.

    As for Tottenham, their chants against Wenger are a disgrace, as is their manager and anyone else who praises him (like Andy Gray, that ass).

    It’s easy to buy your way close to the top. But in the end, Tottenham will win nothing and end up like Portsmouth.

  34. We had another bad day at the office and while the defeat rankles, I hope the players get over it pronto and win all the remaining games.
    A tall order maybe ,but as a ever hopeful Arsenal fan,I wish them every success.
    As the team most likely to drop out of the top 4 at the begining of the season , we have done well so far with all those injuries.Here’s to wishing for a grand stand finish .Come on you Gunners.

  35. That which we call a Rose by any other name would smell as bitter. Ouch that goal hurt. As did the whole game quite honestly. Lots of possession and no cutting edge until RvP showed us what we’d been missing for so long.
    That was equally true of Sol who was a force to be reckoned with. He rammed the insults from the brain dead back down their throats.
    Can’t believe that the spuds have been calling their keeper a pile of manure. We could have actually nicked it bar his at least 3, world class saves.
    For once, no ref complaints which given the performances of the last week from Webb and Probert was a surprise. I thought Clattenburg had a 10/10.

  36. True supporters of the club win together and lose together. Those so called fans who wants big money transfers should support MU, Chelsea or Man City instead..

  37. Hey Guys..
    Please read this dicussion link that I created a year back on BBC. I dont how I forsaw this situation a year back but I always knew that Wenger was against people who would never be happy. (Please note that then people even doubted that we would come 4th)

    I knew it was always tough and unlucky with Arsenal but still anyone who cannot see progress is blind to say the least.

  38. PS: I used to go by the username Wengerthebest in that BBC post.

    But seriously the D&G brigade thinks trophy as their birthright forgetting that who got them into this habit.

  39. Well Endowed, if I may explain

    You have quoted me as saying

    1. If we didn’t have injuries, we would be top of the league
    2. We will always have injuries
    3. We need to strengthen to cope with the injuries

    Which is true, but you are putting an interpretation on this which was not in my thinking.

    The key issue is point two. I think that for last season and the season before the thinking was that this was an exceptional spell of injuries – you will recall the year of the seven left backs.

    And during that time I think the argument was, we are unfortunate, but matters will balance out over time.

    I think now the feeling is that because of the Zero Football tactics of some clubs, the willingness of certain clubs to go in for life threatening fouls, and the speed of the game which tends itself to cause my injuries, the old number calculations don’t work.

    So whereas traditionally we would have said “four forwards, four centre backs” as the basis for the squad, this has now changed and we need six of each.

    That is not moving over to a catastophist theory that says Wenger should have known this years ago – it was unknowable until we saw just how bad the Zero Football teams would play.

    If you take the centre back situation, our positiion is

    First choices: Vermaelen, Galls
    Second choices: Song, Djourou
    Third choices: Campbell, Silvestre

    That is the change I mean. It is a change in relation to the changes in football, not a change in relation to the changes in my attitude

  40. it is a frustating game this morning and what more frustating is everytime Arsenal lose the media here in Australia they showing it on the tv whereas if we win, nothing…but the good things is RVP is back baby….yeah!!

  41. Re spelling of paedophile – really sorry everyone. Obviously wrote the article after the game last night, and clearly my fingers were not right. Maybe they spell it like that in the states? My machine does that to me sometimes! (Any excuse)

  42. Lennon, Kranjcar, Palacios… oh yes, Corluka… waaaah, the injuries. Oh wait, we won.

  43. To all Arsenal supporter in London :
    You all must do protest together in front of AW and Arsenal board, to make them realize they must spend the money for several good player next season, to make them realize that supporter need titles.
    All good supporter around the world do that , for the sake of their love to the club.

  44. not 10 years 11 years. We just need a few signings and we will be the team to beat. Hopefully this defeat has opened Wengers eyes as to what is needed in the squad to sustain a title, cl and even fa cup challenge.I have to say RVP was amasing when he came on, but I still feel like crap this morning after that defeat.

  45. Never mind about the spelling Tony, those *********** fans can not spell it anyway..

  46. Tony, with regards to the centre-back positions, at the start of the season we had:

    1. Vermaelen and Gallas – and Gallas has averaged one month out injured ever season he’s been at Arsenal. Vermaelen was an unknown quality.
    2. Song and Djourou – and Song would’ve been known to be out for two months(?) during the ANC, and anyway, as our only DM, he’s always going to play DM if available. Djourou was out for the season during pre-season.
    3. Silvestre and Campbell/Senderos – there’s no way I’m trusting Silvestre at centre-back. Wenger didn’t trust Senderos beyond the odd Carling Cup appearance. And Campbell has been excellent, but I scarcely believe it was part of Wenger’s master plan to wait until January to sign him on a free.

    So basically, Wenger was prepared to go into a full season with Vermaelen (untested) and Gallas (past history indicates a one or two month hamstring injury during the season), with backups of Silvestre and Senderos, neither of whom Wenger rated. Song would never step into the breach because he’s needed at DM (no cover was provided for him despite the ANC, by the way). Djourou was out for the year.

    And centre-back isn’t a position where Wenger is looking to blood youth players. He’s sent Ayling, Bartley and Nordtveit out on loan and he’s recruited mature players. This was a prime opportunity to buy a centre-back who could also cover as a defensive midfielder. And Wenger didn’t do that, despite having funds from the Adebayor and Toure sales. For my mind, that’s negligent.

  47. I feel proud that we played the better football, despite having our first three centre backs out injured, our 3 best central midfielders out injured (I rate Ramsay big time), our best striker (and the best in the league) on for only the last 20 minutes, one of our starting midfielders having only played 20 games in the last three seasons, four of our starting XI under 22 years of age, and 4 of our bench 21 years or younger.

    I feel proud that this squad has been punching above its weight against far more experienced and more expensively assembled squads than ours, and has challenged for the title until this week, despite being knocked out twice during the season.

    During this time, the club has moved to a new home, the best stadium in England and the richest single source of revenue for any football club in England.

    I feel especially proud that we can congratulate Tottenham for their victory, hold our heads high and loudly claim that I support Arsenal, the greatest club in world sport.

    Long live the Arsenal Football Club!

  48. 6 first team regulars missing for Arsenal.

    For Spurs you have : Jenas, Woodgate, Lennon, Corluka, Palacios, Kranjcar. All first teamers.

    Pretty dull game for the neutral but luckily I wasn’t neutral last night. If Spurs forward line play as well against us as they did against Arsenals 39th choice backline then my Nan could well be on for a call up on Saturday afternoon. 3 points off Spurs and you’ll have to say we have one hand on the trophy.

    Almunia – HAHAHAHAHAHA. Is Wenger going to blot his Arsenal career by NEVER signing a decent keeper? Certainly looks that way.

  49. May I just add that while the chants aimed at Wenger are distasteful, they are not illegal (as mentioned above), unlike the counterfeit money waving at our Ashley Cole.

    How about the chants at Adebayor that were ‘disgusting’ when he was in an Arsenal shirt but fair game now?

    Get your own house in order before you start peering over the fence lads, or failing that just realise that fans have always abused the opposition. The media push fear of paedophiles to the extreme and look what you get, it is the new stick to beat an enemy with. No doubt if Arsenal fans would have thought it up it would be fair game on whoever they chose to target.

    Grow up, get over it, find something nice to talk about instead 🙂

  50. That was nowhere near a brilliant game of football last night, but….
    For those of you who remember the Twin Towers (Radford and Kennedy), could you not see two more possibles in RvP and Nik? The thought of a decent Plan B – those two controlling long balls and feeding them to others more speedy – sent shivers of anticipation through my body.
    And imo Nasri played his heart out, trying (often successfully) to emulate his absent leader.
    This is no time for despair. We may have won f.a. but we’re still the best club in the F.A.

  51. I did once write a rather non-PC ditty about Spurs, which wasn’t distributed too far as it wasn’t appropriate to do so. It was one of those that was put aside, only for use in certain circumstances.

    But if 30,000 sons and daughters of Abraham wish to act like Nazi scum, then here it is, with the blue words paraphrased in apostrophes:

    ‘All good supporters of the Arsenal
    Think Aaron Lennon’s just a runt!
    Robbie Keane is far too fat
    And Defoe’s a ‘flamin’ prat
    So supporting Spurs is just for ‘stupid idjits’

  52. Can’t believe you guys are missing out Sol Campbell. The guy give 10/10 performance, better than the youngsters. Played with his heart and passion which we seem to lack at Arsenal. Please get rid of Almunia and Silvester.

  53. I don’t know how I am feeling now. After the defeat, all feelings seemed and until now seem to come then go away quietly.
    I just wanted to see the whole beloved team smlie at the end of this season, just wanted to feel their happiness… And will I cannot? Love all of you, the young boys I’m always proud of. Love Sol.

  54. Hi Tony,

    Totally agree with you about the growing number of “fans” who seem to do nothing but b*tch & moan & call for Wenger to be sacked. I always ask the same, who would you have as manager?
    But for injuries I firmly believe we would have won the leage twice in the past 3 years! 2008 when we were 4 points off the top having had RvP injured and the Eduardo. This season i’m convinced we’d be top by some distance had RvP been fit.

    I think we’ve done amazingly well this season to keep within reach of the top for so long. I beleive we only need tweaking for next season and we will be the team to beat!

    We need a new keeper. Almunia is a nice chap and a decent shot stopper and he has played his part in keeping us in it this season. But he gets beaten too often by the only shot on target. Plus with the possesion game we play most of the threat the keeper will face is either a fast break or set peices and Almunia is too hesitant to deal with either.
    We need a keeper who will command his area, claim crosses and give confidence to his defence. Almunia most certainly does NOT do this.

    What happens in defence depends on what Gallas decides. If he stays, great, as he can continue his partnership with Vermaelen. If he goes Wenger needs to buy a proven right footed CB no younger than 25. No matter what happens with Galls I think Wenger should give Sol another year contract. He’s worth whatever we are paying him. His experience, his quality and his pressence in the dressing room. We need them!

    We also need a player in the Song / Yaya Toure mould. Someone physical who can play defensive midfield and provide cover at CB.

    We sign Chamakh and I think we could challenge for multiple trophies next season!!

  55. we have too many average players diaby denilson rosicky just to name a few and theo only looks good when you bring him on against i tired defence

  56. Fans have to resist the urge to attribute blame when disappointed- ours is a marathon not a sprint and assuming we shore up some defensive weaknesses, our time will come in the near future- probably the year after next. Yes we are down now- but not out. The comments about Bendtner are irrational- hating Bendtner- what crap- the author should simply grow up or stop supporting football if he cannot control his emotions.

  57. Hi
    Love the craziness of this site, true gooners and very knowledgable. It was rubbish losing last night but if you had to write a story then that is exactly how it would be written!! And how many of the people on this site would take 10 years of being unbeaten, winning the league at WHL, against losing once during that period? I would bite their hand off!! There are so many people who believe buying is the answer when Barcelona have clearly shown that it isnt. Yes they buy, but they have not had to replace an aging stadium in one of the most expensive cities in the world. Balances and decisions have had to be made and quite frankly what Wenger, the club have done has been nothing short of fantastic. It’s clear that attack is where the money is spent rather than defence for the football that we all love. That will change when the debts ease up and more cash is freed up – Wenger will buy when he can. If we cant win trophies then the least we can ask is that the team goes forward, and this team has, in spades. And for neutrals, one of the few teams people would pay to watch.

    For all those catastrophistes, they would get a new manager (who?), change the entire squad and add another 100m of debt!! – crazy and thankfully they are not in charge!!

  58. listen dud, we had several players out no doubt but so had spuds, their best player, lennon, was out so was kranjacar and palacious. Defoe was half fit, woodgate wasn’t their. So it was reserves against reserves nothing more nothing less.

    Wenger has lost it and he is too stubborn to admit it. I give u an example…

    Pat rice: arsene plan A is not working what’s the plan B?
    wenger : plan B is to pass more.
    Pat rice: arsene plan B is not working what’s the plan C?
    wenger: Plan C is to pass more.
    Pat rice: arsene plan C is not working what’s the plan D?
    wenger: Plan D is to pass more.
    Pat rice: arsene u need to be more innovative now.
    wenger: for that i have hired tony attwood. 😀 😀 😀

    U said now we know that injury won’t go, when did we get to know that??? in the middle of this season? in that case wenger shud have bought in january…or in last season? in that case we shud have replaced adebayor and toure.

  59. Two mistakes two goals,
    1st alumunia instead of catching punched the ball badly.
    2nd sagna got confused does inter milan really want him, what amount of money will he get their, he will surely win something their won’t he. I can’t figure out any other reason for his sideways movement rather than moving forward.

    Rest of the team did what wenger asked them to do PASS, PASS and MORE PASS.

    wenger’s 1 dimensional thinking is taking us no where. But he is a great man if he can’t win anything next season he himself will step down.

  60. Sure “Wenger has lost it”. Deary me! That’s just a lazy post. Personally given the injuries that we have had to endure this season I am amazed that we are still in contention with 4 games to go (and we are still mathematically in contention!). We have had no strikers to speak of for the majority of the season and yet we have still scored a hat full of goals. You could argue that Arsene should have recruited last summer in a few areas to add cover but surely no-one would have thought that we would have key injuries to Van Persie, Djourou, Gibbs, Gallas, Nasri, Arshavin, Fabregas, Ramsey, Bendtner, Vermaelen, Walcott, Song, Diaby, Rosicky, Denilson at various times during the season. What do you want us to have? Enough for 3 full teams which would cost a fortune and leave players kicking their heels for large parts of the season. I know nothing about football management so I put my trust in someone who does and he’s just about the best in the business and will no doubt be proved right in time, just like he always is!

  61. Billion dollar question is who will replace him??? Who can keep a midtable team in champions league for 15 years. Who’s out their who can bring the best out of a bunch of unknowns and not only make them superstars but takes another step in keeping them. Who????


  62. @ BOBBY
    i don’t want that, tony is suggesting that is going to happen, i am just countering him. It’s not good to have 6 players for 2 positions. Their must be and has to be something wrong in training methods or medical staffs or something like that, one can’t be UNLUCKY THRICE!!!

  63. Critic. Usmanovs roubles are out there 🙂

    Usmanov who has just paid Bracewell-Smiths asking price for another 37 shares from elsewhere. That being the Nina Bracewell-Smith who has hired a firm to sell her shares, a firm who can sell to whoever they like, including Usmanov. It is a buyers market and it’s looking increasingly like the fat russian slug is going to be pulling the strings pretty soon for you lot.

  64. Tony is hired by arsenal management to pacify angry fans. Frankly, that’s a good move. But like wenger he is running out of excuses…

  65. hey joe…..why don’t u keep urself to CHARITY FC blog, and donate money for those scumbags, cause u gonna need it in coming two years.Let us discuss our problems privately.

  66. Technically you could call Campbell and Silvestre out 5th and 6th choice CBs as Song was preferred to them against West Ham and Barca earlier this season!

  67. hey critic,

    why don’t you just admit that you’re a glory hunter at best and spud fan at worst who spends too much time on an Arsenal blog instead of doing something useful like improving your spelling.

  68. Sorry Critic, I don’t buy into these wound licking sites, I prefer open debate, not blinkered self obsession.

    I couldn’t possibly live with myself if I had to blame everything on someone else the whole time. I only come in here to try and ground you lot of lovable, head in the clouds types.

    As for your Charity FC comment, lets hope that doesn’t come and bite you on the bottom when Usmanov is choosing your new strikers behind Wengers back. Or when Rijkard is being sacked for not living up to Arsene.

  69. Joe, unless you really can tell the future, no one knows if Usmanov intentions are.
    Or maybe if you knew him in person but if that is not the case you speculation what could happen is worht nothing.

    Just ask yourself how long Abramovich will be around to keep you at this level and what will happen when he has enough of putting money in it ? Remember : nothing is forever and this truth certainly goes in the football world.

  70. Speculation is all it is, of course Usmanov is not ‘mah homie’. My speculation is based on this:

    (all available in print sourceed mainly from articles in the daily telegraph, although I imagine you will ‘speculate’ that this paper shouldn’t be trusted where Arsenal are concerned as it has not presented Arsene with the keys to the building yet 🙂 )

    Kroenke tries to lower Bracewell-Smiths price, fails, decides to buy different sports team instead. Now Bracewell-Smith has specifically gone down a route previously vetoed by the board in appointing a broker to sell to the highest bidder and not deal within the club.

    Usmanov instantly goes out and shows he is willing to pay top dollar, buying 37 shares at the £10,500 Kroenke baulked at.

    When you add to this Arsene’s published thoughts on Usmanov, Gazidis’ comments that it is about time there was some silverware and Arsene’s comments that there would be some this year it really doesn’t sound as pie in the sky as some would like.

    If you are going to pull me for speculation then I suggest you ask the same of everyone else who has ever posted opinion in a speculative manner, I’m sure I can find several replies in this very thread! You go as far as asking me to speculate in your own answer, really, what do you want from me Walter 🙂

  71. I remember when untold arsenal used to be a ripping read…now all i SEE ARE TEETH BLEACHING AND INSURANCE ADS….sad to see, sad to see.

  72. Their just keeping in line with the club you know! Modern times and all that.

    Once was a time when a famous ground was names after it’s locality. Highbury, that temple of football, replaced with. . . . . . . The Fly Emirates Stadium.


  73. Well-endowed – it all depends on there being a suitable centre back available. I am not an expert on world football, but I don’t know who was available and who would have filled the gap straight off.

  74. @notlager
    if u have a valid answers for my arguments then i am ready to listen, me a glory hunter???? Just b’coz u guys are not ambitious enough and are ready to accept empty promises every year and guys like tony backing it up with excuses doesn’t make me glory hunter. Make a valid argument and i will listen.

  75. Joe,
    I just think you are jealous of The Arsenal because we can compete with your team without the billions that have been used to buy players.
    And then you even need strange decisions almost every week from referees to get us out of your reach. You won 6 points the last 2 games and with good referees it could have been 1 or 2. 4 or 5 points extra in one week is a lot just at the end of the season. Money makes the world go round you know, Joe. And the more money you can spend… the more things you can buy and most people have their price.

  76. @joe
    u seem to be a good chap. One thing that i have come to understand is that ppl of this blog community wants to remain in fantasy world created by themselves. They point to the fact that even though arsenal is not winning anything they r not doing bad either. Which in my opinion is correct, considering the tremendous negetivity about arsenal in other blogs like le grove. Arsenal are doing pretty fine and every1 is hoping arsenal can turn it around in arsene way, i mean c’mon it will be a greatest achievement by anyone to win something meaningful with a team which we saw from the beginning, proving everybody wrong, The wenger’s way, THE IDEAL WAY. that’s what is every one hoping on his blog and rest are not patient enough to see failures years after years and believe it’s not possible.

  77. critic,

    who cares what you think? You’re not even an arsenal fan, you admitted it yourself. So please don’t poison this good blog with your utter drivel and take the Chelsea fan with you.

  78. Haha.

    Football is a sport lads, I support my team, same one as a lad and I wasn’t jealous then either.

    I wasn’t jealous when we were 2nd division.

    I wasn’t jealous when you were in your CL final.

    What drives me to come back here is whining little maggots like the one who referred to us as Charity FC earlier, or the others that can only speak in forked tongues about Man IOU etc. Those who have listened so hard to Arsene that they now think he actually runs football. Every drop of spittle that flies from his lip seems to be chasing some ‘genius’ comment about how he has been cheated. Those that have to blame everything on a bent ref even though if you trace the actual degree of how dodgy decisions pan out in the end and see that nobody ever really comes out better off.

    I have had it explained in the past that this site is specifically for Arsenal fans to come and fawn over their boss and the gaggle of impressionable children aimlessly bobbing along behind him and I know what to expect when I come here.

    Walter, you are at it agian with this ref nonsense, dare I say speculating about something you cannot possibly know so I will
    choose to ignore that as I know how speculation is looked upon here 😉

    Like I said, I have no jealousy or hatred towards Arsenal, I just in insane need to force something into this site other than pointless ballbiting about nothing subjects. I mean, bugger me, lets start a possession league up so you’s guys can win something hey!

    If you really have something to say to me why not comment on the reasoning behind my earlier Usmanov speculation?

  79. Joe,
    I don’t know if you are a ref but I am. I know the ref world from the inside. I speak with people and as I am a very reliable person and people say things to me they should not tell. I know a lot more than the average football fan. Things told from direct involved people refs, directors, players…

    I know what is going on on different levels and I know how people have their prize or what some even do just to please someone.
    You could say it is nonsense and in that case you can dream on of you perfect world where refs are as honest as can be but then I really think you are putting your head in the sand.
    You say some of us living in a fantasy world but if it comes to refs, you are the one that is living in the fantasy world.

  80. Sorry Walter but that means nothing to me if I’m honest, in fact I find it hard to take anyone seriously who claims to have insider knowledge on things like that and ‘know more than the average fan’. You may have been a ref and I respect your opinions as a fan, obviously a very knowledgable one too but that’s where it stops. If you want to claim insider knowledge and wave it around like some kind of carte blanche to stop people from disagreeing with you then spill the beans mate, names, places, everything you know or don’t mention it again. Simples.

    Why is it me who is in the dream and not you exactly? Because you were a ref? Where have I ever said all refs are honest?
    All I said about refs is that you lot (on this site) rely too heavily on blaming them for every problem/loss/rivals win, it’s funny!

  81. This Joe is a deluded idiot, what the hell does he want. He can piss off with his comments about the Arsenal and should be concerned about finding somewhere to live rather than coming on this site and typing a load of shit, stupid chav.You are clearly jealous of Arsenal and your most probably a glory hunter who started supporting Chavski around 5 years ago. Joe, you should be concerned about which player chavski are going to tap up next instead of carrying on with your failed attempt of trying to insult the Arsenal,you arrogant and envious fool.

  82. Arsenal the greatest ever… In Arsene,in Arsene,in Arsene I trust. Next season you shall see. New goalkeeper-sagna-new cb-vermaelen-clichy-song-diaby-fabregas-chamack-van persie-arshavin…subs-manonne-djourou-ramsey-nasri-bendtner-denilson(next season we will see the new him) once a goon always a goon till the end of time,thick and thin,injuries and debt…Arsenal I love you

  83. @joe
    well, doesn’t it happen? haven’t your team not blamed the ref? and why are you here anyway? nothing else better to do? no cheering your team of ageing oldies? not visiting your team’s blog? come on, we’d like to know why are you here.

    and btw, any chance of your team overhauling the whole squad? blimey your best striker is 32 and who’s replacing him? Anelka? wow… wat a team…

  84. and you have a hell of a captain there… and i think you know what it means… kinking around and kicking around too… i salute you guys seriously

  85. Joe,

    Walter is a referee and you’re only a sad Chav. Like every Chav you live in a bubble that will soon burst and then you have to deal with reality like any other football club in the world. Unlike the policy of your club we at Arsenal don’t change our manager every year or so. Maybe our board and the fans of this site realise that Arsene has done what you lot need a Russian benefactor for. This article and this site is calling on fans not to panic after a day when Tottenham beat us for the first time in 11 years with our squad depleted with injuries or when we were 9 or 11 points behind the league leaders. That’s all. We don’t need pundits or rival fans to tell us how to deal with defeats or how to run our club. Arsenal have shown that we can be independent and competitive without having to follow the rout of Chelsea and ManU. If you feel offended by this you seriously have a problem.

  86. Follow follow follow.

    I didn’t say Walter wasn’t a referee. I didn’t say I don’t accept his OPINION as anything other than that. I would go as far as saying that anyone who accepts a complete strangers unsubstantiated claims on a football blog is insane! No matter how viable they may sound, the derision you meet my claims with is all yours deserve. And around we go again.

    Why the need to call names notlager? It shows your inability to articulate your feelings, makes you look imature!

    If Walter has such information surely it would better serve the masses in the open, or is Walter protecting someone? If that is the case then Walter is part of the problem. So what exactly do you know Walter?

  87. And why do I come here. Pure comedy I’m afraid.

    Pretty much everyone I work with comes here to laugh, except the Arsenal fan to whom most of you who comment are a great source of embarassment, although he generally agrees with the sentiment of the articles.

    As for Chelsea sites of this ilk, I have said many times to come somewhere like this and pine is one step too far for me but it’s fine to come to your party and wee in the punch though.

    I prefer sites where open debate is the order of the day. Where people hate each other, love each other and hate each other again all through the season not bomb shelters where people come to huddle together and weep!

  88. Joe,

    you’re not a good liar. For someone who’s coming on here just for a laugh you strike a sour note.

    But Charity FC. That’s comedy.

  89. What on earth is going on, why are people like Joe and critic being allowed to post their crap on this site, Gods above I love this site because I don’t have to put up with the constant garbage of other fan sites,surly these muppets have a life? surly they just can’t be getting a rise by being totaly piss headed on a site where no one wants them, have they no shame? well I suppose not, I’m glad that I will never be so sad and lonely as to want to do what they do, just a suggestion boys/girls what ever you are go a join a self help organisation or a dating agency, go get a life!!!!

    Now onto last nights game, I thought we were great and played well, you just can’t legislate for a one in a million strike by young Danny Rose, that a part I thought we were the better team by a country mile, it’s just a shame that we never got the ball into the net earlier.

    I expect great things from this team next season.

    Up The Gunners !!!!!

  90. Joe, yes as a ref I am part of the problem.
    And if you search through this site you can find things I have said.
    But I don’t think you are the person to whom I shall tell what I know. I give that honour to the regular readers who come hear and not to those who just come here to have some schadenfreude every time we lose. You just come here to laugh at us. I think you are a person who gets his kicks on enjoying others people misery (not that losing to tottenham means misery – no in fact it is but I and most of us will survive)
    In my country we have a name for that kinf of behaviour and it isn’t very flatterous, but as I don’t find or know the word in English I just leave it like that.

  91. The one game I want us to win and it’s the one game we lose. I HATE Spurs!! Anyway It will be interesting to see how quickly Wenger goes to work in the transfer market because he needs to act quickly as opposed to the dilly dallying he did pparticulary with Chamakah at the start of the season. It’s obvious there are players there that are not really coming on as they should such as Nasri, Diaby, Denilson, Vela and Eduardo. There are others never given the chance i’e Merida ad Wilshire. Some are plain awful Almunia and Silvestre. I hope lessons have been learned because if Wenger is that dedicated to the cause I’d be looking at both Man Utd games, both Chelsea games and both Barca games to see what we can do to bring ourselves up to their level.

  92. to Gooner49 saying who else i’d have instead of wenger – SO many to choose from -Hiddink, Mourinho, Pep Guardiola, Rikjard – the list is endless.

  93. It gets me annoyed when people say “if not for injuries”. When you get down to it, none of the following are unexpected:

    van Persie has never completed a full season for us.
    Gallas has never completed a full season with us.
    Rosicky has never completed a full season with us
    Djourou has never completed a full season with us
    Song is Cameroonian and leaves for the ANC every other year
    Diaby will pick up niggling injuries
    Eduardo will pick up niggling injuries.

    These are observations based on past history, and guess what – they all came true this year as well. What you don’t do in a situation like this is strip the defensive to the point where there’s no genuine cover for the centre-backs (I don’t consider Silvestre to be cover), and no genuine cover for our ONE holding midfielder. Everyone outside of this blog could tell you that sometime in the season, we would’ve had an injury to Vermaelen or Gallas, and we would’ve been in the shitter. Guess what? It came true, and we lost enough points to drop us out of the title race. To go into a season like we did is negligent.

    You lot have your heads in the sand if you believe otherwise.

  94. PLEASE don’t feed the trolls. They’re pretty easy to spot…

    “Like I said, I have no jealousy or hatred towards Arsenal, I just in insane need to force something into this site other than pointless ballbiting about nothing subjects. I mean, bugger me, lets start a possession league up so you’s guys can win something hey!”

    Really, who’d want to bugger you anyway? And speaking of “pointless ballbiting (?) about nothing subjects”…

    Clearly the recent readership increase has brought down the average intelligence and football knowledge of the people commenting. Tony’s words in the article were eerily prescient about the comments that followed:

    “But I think it is time (for me at least) to stop arguing with people who write stuff like that which follows, and just have a laugh”

    I for one quickly found the commentary “give and take” tiresome in the extreme, and skipped down to here to make this comment, and then on to something with a better chance of informing/entertaining me. Watching morons fail to string together coherent thoughts is as bad as going to the dentist.

  95. open debates eh? you just admitted that you like having a laugh at us, well where’s the “open debate” in that? when i am told chavs have no class, i thought they meant the players. it seems that “no class” applies to the fans too… hmm no history too perhaps?

  96. Isaic
    Re the issue of open debate, that is a point that often comes up here, and as the guy who ultimately has the moderation hat, here’s what happens…

    First, the articles are always pro-Arsenal and pro-Wenger – that’s how the site is set up. I did this, because there are 1000 other sites out there, many anti-Wenger. I felt we needed a bit of balance

    Second, I do not cut any commentaries by anyone, unless they are racist, copied from elsewhere, defamatory, or so far off topic it would be pointless to print them.

    Third, I never change people’s comments – which certain sites do. I do not like that approach and will always leave people’s comments as they are written.

    So within those contexts this is a fairly open debate.

  97. @notlager
    if u don’t care don’t follow up with brainless comments. If u have arguments whole blog will listen. But i can understand ur no so brainy and support arsene wenger even if he is wrong. I just want to know what this guy is upto and tony’s interpretation of his mistakes. U don’t have to follow up saying ur the true arsenal fan and a person who sees the other side of coin is glory hunter.

  98. @Jazbo
    get a life dude, if u can’t see other side of coin u must be 10 years old.
    really disappointed that no one had satisfied my curiosity, instead they have ridiculed me. That makes u guys worst than D n G’s.

    I don’t come here for the over-positive, pro wenger, pro arsenal articles which most of the time get repeated. But i think it takes some brain to write something different, making positive out of negative and it’s a good thing pitting ur wits against some brainy folks. Likes of walter, tony, Paul c., rhys jagger etc etc.

    My way of commenting might be not correct but i think i am spot on with my ARSENE’s WAY OF WINNING comment.

  99. from the guardian:

    While it could be argued that the sight of their players and fans celebrating as if they’d just won Big Cup was symptomatic of the small-club mentality that’s dogged this big club for too long, the Fiver does not subscribe to that view. Assembled for a pittance, the Spurs XI (cost: £73.2m) sent out to face their Arsenal equivalents (cost: £30.3m) were obviously underdogs. And with their fourth best player, Aaron Lennon, knacked, hopes of beating an Arsenal side bereft of Andrey Arshavin, Cesc Fábregas, William Gallas, Aaron Ramsey and Alex Song were low. But somehow they prevailed, while their fans endeared themselves to a global audience with several rousing renditions of that song about Arsène Wenger which, they never tire of stressing, is neither h0mophobic nor r@cist. Well done Tottenham fans! Well done!

  100. oh, ok then, tony… sorry for that.. and thank you for correcting..

    not a level-headed teen, I am… but I get your point now.

    and sorry to Joe as well but it ain’t polite too, to barge into someone’s home and take a laugh at them because they have a few broken chairs.

    Arsenal won’t be here today without Wenger… That I see, that I agree.

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