Cesc, the contract, the prediction, the denial, the truth

Yesterday Cesc said he was negotiating a new contract, just one year into his current 8 year contract.

Today M Wenger says that is not true.

Now no one in their right mind sets aside the words of M Wenger lightly, but on the this occasion there is reason to look a little behind the curtain.  As it were.

In the article that appeared on this blog a couple of weeks ago (see link at the end of this piece) we commented that all long term Arsenal contracts were being re-negotiated.  We particularly mentioned the contract of Cesc in this regard.   Now Cesc himself has agreed with our prediction.

That prediction caused a bit of a stir.  No other blog, or website, or newspaper followed it up  – we were on our own.

And in fact the story seemed so far out that even the venerable Gooner News which carries almost all our stories failed to put it up.

The fact is that we are getting good at predicting.  We predicted one week in advance that Ferguson would react badly to having to play Man City on Munich Disaster Day.   We predicted that Arsenal were looking to play games overseas a week before Game 39 hit the headlines.  

And more and more – you get it here first.  Any way the Cesc contract story is on    http://blog.emiratesstadium.info/2008/02/07/all-arsenal-player-contracts-to-be-reviewed/

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