Chelsea v Arsenal: the preview

By Bulldog Drummond

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain recently did an interview in which he said he is certain that there will be no major adjustment this week to Arsenal’s usual style of play. Here’s what he said…

“I think that’s the risk you take when you play the way we play football.  We send a lot of bodies football in a positive and attacking fashion. You do leave yourself at times a little bit vulnerable to the counter-attack.

“As a team we do work on trying to stop that at source. But, as I said, you can’t have everything. We try to take control of games, we like to set the tempo, be positive. We do understand what happened at Chelsea last season. Maybe we have got a point to prove there. We have got to step up in the big games.

“We will definitely give Chelsea the respect they deserve but, at the same time, I have belief in my team-mates and we do in ourselves to be able to go to a place like Chelsea and set the tempo and hopefully take control of the game.

“It’s two good sides. They are going to have their time, we are going to have ours, we just have to make sure that when we do have our chances we make them count.”

Now that was all said before the mid-week flare fest, a game which showed that yes, we can attack and we can score.

The Ox also said that he likes to take the game to the opposition.   “We try to take control of games, we like to set out and set the tempo, be positive, that sometimes means sending bodies forward,” he said. “It’s just important that when we do, we have got people in the team that are willing to take the responsibility of holding back and being there to stop counterattacks. But, yeah, I do love playing in this team, and the style of play that we do, as I think all the players could say. But we do need to obviously be careful and make sure we are defending at the same time as when we are attacking.

“There are certainly some games we would have liked to have won, but the important thing is we haven’t lost and not losing those games I think that can play a role towards the end of the season. You never know how important those points here and there can be especially if you are not losing games – giving yourself a chance to build on that and build to win games.

So is that what we will see against Chelsea?  Attack?  Certainly when we won there just two years ago by 3-5 we did a fair amount of that.

Now Ferguson tried to devise a way to beat Arsenal by never tackling but instead by intercepting passes, and he particularly said of Cesc Fabregas would “twist the pass round the corner then run to get it back on the other side of the defender.”  Since Mr Wenger taught him that, hopefully he’ll know how to get our defenders to stop it.

But we are playing Mourinho, which means defending as a compact mass then breaking on the counter.  So we have to avoid getting caught up field.  We could go for a 0-0 I suppose.  It would at least allow both teams to keep their unbeaten records.

Just as the match this week came on an important anniversary – the anniversary of Mr Wenger outwitting all the journalists salivating on the steps of Highbury, so the match at Chelsea last season was on an anniversary – the 1000th game of Mr Wenger.
Arsenal never refrain from committing to attack, and the Ox’s comments seem to suggest we will hve more of the same.
Diego Torres in his book about Mourinho said he has a special approach for dealing with attacking teams full of talent, which is largely to bore the other side to death by never making a mistake.  Since you can’t make a mistake if you don’t have the ball, you let the other side have it and defend and defend and bore them to death.  If in doubt play two midfield defenders, plus the four at the back.
The point is that we had fun against Galatasary, but you can’t have fun against the Gazprom Siberian Works Team.  Unless…

Mesut Ozil, Jack Wilshere, Danny Welbeck and Alexis Sanchez, all on form?  Santi Caz flittering hither and yon?

On the other hand after the Gala game Mr Wenger was asked if he would change tactics again Gazprom.  “We’ll see,” he said, which is Arsene speak for “yep”.

Here’s what Martin Keown said about Danny after the game…

“The fans already have a special relationship with Danny Welbeck and they’re singing his name. He’ll be realising his career is taking off, he’s the darling of the Arsenal fans. He just keeps making the runs, he’s loving his football, he’s got a smile on his face and the goals keep coming.”

Whatever team Mr W puts out, one thing is certain, Danny will play.

And so will Ozil

[That’s two things – Tony]


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  1. I can only see the game go one way, that’s us attacking and Chelsea parking the bus. If Chelsea do attack I would expect that to be in the first 15 minutes in search of a goal that’ll give them something to defend for the rest of the match. If Atkinson doesn’t intervene, this should be a good match.

    Wenger doesn’t set his teams to throttle the opposition, which I believe brings the best out of the players. Even the not so good players, making them appear to be better than what they really are. That’s the power of positive thinking. His adversary, meanwhile, is a specialist in turning brilliant players into average plodders. If you are going to instruct a player of Mata’s calibre to only run forwards by two yards before turning back to defend then I don’t think you’ll be able to see the best of such a player. Someone said the strange one adopts a small team mentality whenever he faces a big side, something which made him hugely unpopular in Madrid. I have got no reason to think today will be any different. COYG!!

  2. I expect to see the same side that played gala eith Wilshere in for Santi or Alexis.

  3. Spot on Al. They will look to hit us on the break on both flanks when our full backs bomb forward. As the other teams we have played in the Pl this season have, with some success I will add

  4. I think the Galatasaray game showed for the first time the true attacking ‘potential’ of this group of players.

    Pace, power and artistry. A potent cocktail that is very difficult to halt when in full flow.

    Now the difficult thing to judge, well for me as a laymen anyway, is how much of Wednesdays impressive attacking display was down to our brilliance and how much was down to Galatasarays ineptitude.

    A bit of each I would suggest.

    I guess today will more accurately show where we stand.

    I don’t think we have to win, or even draw for that matter, after all we are away at Chelsea who are a very good side and are title favourites, but we do need a ‘performance’.

    Very hard to predict this one.

    A hard fought, honourable draw will do me.

  5. I have been scared of this match since the fixtures were released and would really love for us to win this game although I will still choose winning the Epl and losing this game any day. On a positive note, I dreamed since Wed 9t we will win this match 1-0 to my surprise. I sincerely hope this dream comes true. I’ll be cheering the boys but I terrified. COYG

  6. My purely amateurish observation is that our fullbacks will have to be especially diligent today, they often leave a lot space behind them as they attack and Flamini, if he plays, needs to be more disciplined and protect the back four. I wonder if Diaby is ready for an appearance today?

  7. If i was Wenger, I would play the same side that face Gala with a minor change – remove Flamini and replace him with Calum in the DM area with Hector Belerin coming into the Right Back role.

    Sanchez, Ozil, Ox-Chamberlain

    with this Arsenal would steal a 2-1 win…

  8. “Respect” Oxlade, that’s the problem which the Gunners must get rid off in today’s epic duel at Stamford Bridge. The Blues are not Angles. They are good footballers like yourselves. Gunners, cast away any Chelsea fear that might have possessed you. Be free totally to play your game and become audacious with your touches in front of goal. If need be, turn to become Davids with bigger hearts to kill the Goliaths. I have been waiting for the Untold to come out but they ‘ve just come up. I will republish my starts which I have published on at about an hour ago. All things being equal, Let the boss, please consider these my starts to start them for this Chelsea game. I believe they will spank Chelsea 0-3 Arsenal. My starts: Szczesny…Chambers…Mertesacker…Koscielny…Gibbs. CDMs: Flamini…Coquline. CAMs: Sanchez…Ozil…Oxlade. ST: Welbeck. The Bench: Ospina…Bellerin…Hayden…Monreal…Wilshere…Cazoria…Akpom. Take note of Bellerin, Hayden and Monreal as our full backs cover and center half back cover. While Wilshere is our AMD cover and Cazorla is our CDM cover. Akpom will be our Striker’s cover. Chief Tony, Sir, how do you see these my different but audacious starts? Do you think the boss will agree?

  9. Well it really depends how much we get chomped and they get away with it! We always have a chance. Moreentheho foul counter football specialist.

  10. Wenger -specialist in failure with the FA cup and Maureen successful who??. The game will be won by the more fortunate team – Atkinsons choice.

    Arsenal have to contend with Fabregas who is still an Arsenal fan. It might be something that makes Maureen angry when Fabregas shows his true feelings.

    I’m hoping for an Arsenal win to go with Hamiltons victory in Japan.

  11. The expectations on Arsenal are so low for this game that I can’t remember being this calm before a top team clash ever.

    Come on Gunners, make the pundits eat their words.

  12. Bootoomee for once I totally agree with you and I don’t see Chelsea parking the bus at all , why would they need to ? I will take a 0-1 battering now

  13. Media reporting Arsenal fans letting off flares – I suspect a complete fabrication. All too coincidental in the timing of our club being investigated for allowing fans in to a game with flares. This smells like propaganda.

  14. With this ref – finishing with 11 players , no injuries and a narrow loss would be a good result.

  15. Just don’t lose the game. And if you are going to lose then go down fighting, oh and take out JohntTerry.

  16. Metropolitan Police : “delay is due to understaffing at the ground” – not flares. Media are a fucking disgrace.

  17. Game is going to kick off without all our fans in the stadium – I guess we need to be docked points or fined for Chelsea’s fuck up.

  18. Conspiracy theory: manipulated delay to disrupt ARSENALs rythm.

    We had to warm up twice. That’s not good…

  19. Have Arsenal fans ever used flares at any ground EVER? Why start now very close to home and on the heels of a UEFA investigation of a flare incident in our home ground.

    I find the accusation ridiculous especially with no video evidence. The whole thing just sound too ridiculous to believe.

    jayramfootball @2.08pm,

    That is how low the expectations are! I just hope that Fabregas does not score. The AAA will go bonkers. Much more bonkerer than they already are on the guy.

  20. bootoomee that is the problem its like the bullied don’t find back we are seen as invisible

  21. A close goal kick decision in the 17th minute. Instead of showing the replay to clear all doubts, Sky showed Wenger being told by the 4th official to go back to his technical area.

  22. When Alexis get injured, we can count on the continuation of the call for the replacement of Arsenal’s medical staff and not the amount of kicking that our players get.

    Can anyone see a justification in Cahill’s attack on Alexis’ ankle?

  23. Oh well,. I guess I’ll follow a newspaper commentary. I was tryingt o find a non-English language radio station streaming the audio.


  24. a possible leg breaking …yellow!!!
    hazard dive…yellow to chambers…. nice refereeing !!

  25. Hazard clearly stepped into Callum Chambers path, like Chamakh once did with Arteta. Oh dear, dive by hazard

  26. Daily Mail at the moment. I was hoping to find something like a webradio in Brazil, but my Portuguese is awful.

    Just what Chelsea needs, a penalty.


  27. go to bet365 better than the Daily, then join up on, and listen on Arsenal player.Better than ticker…


  28. Dirty dirty Chelsea. I fucking hate mourinho. Blight on English football. I can’t wait for when he gets sacked.

  29. I’ll look at Bet365. didn’t support Linux last time I looked there. Why people cannot support standards, and only support M$ and Apple, grrrrr.

    According to the Daily Mail, paramedics have gone to Chelsea change room to treat goaltender. There was some mention of blood coming from ear, which could be serious.


  30. Disappointed with our weak play in the middle of the park for their goal…

    Also the ref is a disgrace – Cahill straight red (no doubt).

    Moment that has changed the game in Chelsea’s favour.

  31. Yes Bootoomee, he’s all over the place. And when he’s uncertain he just gives Chelsea the benefit of the doubt.

  32. joke free kick against Chambers – absolute joke – at least 3 the same against Ozil not given.

  33. The refereeing inconsistencies are just completely ignored by Sky Sports commentary

  34. he is such a cunt oscar should be sent off now where the fucks the card?!?? and no quick free kick

  35. Unbelievable ref stops the play in stead of letting us play on after a free kick and then just has a word with Oscar – wtf is going on!

  36. Atkinson the cheat – talks to Oscar about the fouls and does not book him!! The shit that has gone on in this game is a shame on EPL.

  37. My opinion on the 1st half (which I watched listening to my favourite music playlist):

    Arsenal played very well all over the pitch. My criticism of our game will be that we need to shoot when we are within range. You don’t score deflected goals if you are not shooting AND the goalkeepers mess up from time to time with long range shots.

    I am quite happy with the overall balance of our play considering the idiot in charge of officiating the game.

  38. Bet365 requires registration. I don’t like registering for things I seldom use.

    Arsenal Ladies leading Liverpool 2-1 at half time.


  39. Good performance so far – we are creating moments but we look vulnerable and I don’t think we will only concede one goal today. We need to score next (and early) I think.

    Sky Sports continue their agenda of pure hatred on Ozil

  40. @Bootoomee October 5, 2014 at 3:09 pm

    I realize it was a typo, but I had to smile when I seen “At the ned of the 1st half”. Ned is a nickname for people (usually teenage boys) that wear a woven hat (without the pom-pom) all year long. Often found doing really dumb things.


  41. 1- Foul on Alexis should be red, after that Alex was not himslef again, that resulted in him not going to the ball, which they took to get the penalty ( although it should again be a foul on Alexis)
    2- Chambers booked from hazard acting, he was doing it all day long, running to a player, throwing the ball away, and then running at the player to get a foul, then dives.
    3- After the foul in Alexis whixh was not given, Hazard dribbled past Flamini,chambers ( who did nothing cause he was afraid of second yellow), kosienly, where Hazard made the same acting as above, he tucked his foot under kosienly to get a penalty.
    Now tell me pleasea, ww are deluded and we always blame the ref for no cause!!!

  42. Forget the Kos sending off – if the ref had been doing his job fairly then at 0-0 we would be playing 10 men, because Cahill , like many other players against Arsenal, has got away with an over the top studs up shin high challenge.

    Hazard may not have been on after that as Chelsea would have had to reorganise. They would certainly not be having much possession. The game has totally turned on yet ANOTHER clear straight red card not given because the tackle was against an Arsenal player.

  43. Gord no it doesnt,thats for live streaming, go into it then click on the CFC v AFC then if you just go to the window next to the live streaming box click that you can see the match action on a kind of radar, they have a kind of crepe com to.No registration etc. But better than newspaper ticker.But recommend listening to the commentary on Arsenal player.Youre safe to register there!

  44. This is disgusting. The word is gamesmanship. I call it cheating. Jerks. From ball boys to the boys playing the ball to the ref. All disrupting the flow of the game.

    Time wasting at its best…

  45. Throw in the successive could by Chelsea player not punished and it results in yet another game where we are ‘unlucky’. Ref was so quick to give Chambers a booking yet allows Oscar three chances??? Where are these decisions coming from exactly???

  46. And how many times should our counters be stopped by a foul, and no yellow given. If this is the norm in EPL, then why book chambers?

    Answer: Cheating.

    @Andrew, I hope next time we should get a penalty, you come out and say the same, plus Kos was not the last defender, and Cahill is lucky ( Cheating ref) not to be on the pitch.

  47. According to Gary Neville, Atkinson lost control of the game because of the off the pitch bust up between Wenger & Mourhino.

    You see Atkinson is not an incompetent buffoon, he was just distracted by what happened on the sidelines. This is the same fucker who handed Chelsea a last minute penalty kick against Aston Villa last season. It must have been because Lambert looked at Mourhino the wrong way.

  48. jayramfootball

    I hate to say this because it’s tempting fate but ‘we look vulnerable’ ?

    Don’t agree with that at all.

    Apart from the ‘dart’ by Hazard that won the penalty we’ve looked very comfortable.

    As I say, hope I’m not tempting fate.

  49. Even Alan Smith is joining in with the Sky Sports agenda. Must be a condition of the job.

  50. Enjoy the match, Untolders. I can’t stomach watching us get screwed like that. Will just check the result afterwards, which, from what has been displayed by the cheating ref, is a foregone conclusion.

    P/s we definitely played better than them, more incisive runs into their box. Guilty of taking too many touches. Hopefully one of those will fall to a triggerman like Welbeck. Good luck, and catch up in the comments section afterwards.

  51. Well there you have it – CLEAR penalty – Fabregas arms up in the penalty area blocks Wilshere’s shot. Not only is it not given but Sky Sports make NOTHING of it.

    The English game is in the toilet.

  52. The game in which a leg breaking tackle is a yellow, a hand injury stops the game.

  53. No big loss to Atkinson (Romans bum boy) and Maureen. It was predicted on Untold. Another cruise on Romans yacht for the cheats families.

  54. Not watching, but going by posts here pretty much get the picture. Unsurprisingly Chelsea cheats get token cards with a few minutes remaining, damage done already.

  55. Again undone because no defensive midfielder. How many years since Gilberto left?

    Did we register a shot on goal?

    What the hell is Ozil still doing on the pitch? Wenger is brilliant in so many areas but tactics? Never changes tactics to match the opponent which is why against the better teams they seem to know how to Kill our game and generally do. Crikey that should have been 3-0!

  56. I feared the worse but we played well today. can’t beat 12 men and cheating time wasting ref defending them on a counter

  57. Chelsea have had the benefit of the ref. Cahill should have walked but then so should have Konschelny.

  58. 5th Gen Gooner are you watching the game? nothing to do with DM. What has matic done? nothing? they have 8 defenders.

  59. Bloody second goal killed it off, with help from Kackinson.
    beware of the trolls…

  60. Here they come out the woodwork. As if being royally screwed by Atkinson wasn’t enough, we now have to put up with the AAA inbreds spouting garbage. Ain’t gonna hang around for that….see you all after the international break. COYG!

  61. Va Cong – are you watching the same game? 8 defenders and still spanked us. How many shots on goal did we register? how many Chelsea?

  62. Until we shore up the defense we’re never going to beat the top teams who shut us down. No AAA just simple logic!

  63. 5th Gen Gooner,

    Which football team(s) do you manage or have managed again?

    With your insight and hindsight expertise, why not just apply for Wenger’s job already? We are all missing the great contributions that you would be making to this team.

    Come on, send in your application. Your club needs you.

  64. Come on the Chelsea penalty was correct, you have to be a nonce to argue that one!

  65. Bootoomee – We all know we’ve needed a Viera or Gilberto for donkeys! No magical insight just common sense!

  66. This thing is cheating at its finest. Wonder if we get a fair game ever.

    Rotational fouling. Time wasting by the ball boys. Time wasting by players. Leg breaking tackles. Ref running the channels blocking our passing routes. Absolute bullshit.

    We dont need any special treatment. All ask of is a fair game.

  67. This thing is cheating at its finest. Wonder if we get a fair game ever.

    Rotational fouling. Time wasting by the ball boys. Time wasting by players. Leg breaking tackles. Ref running the channels blocking our passing routes. Absolute bullshit.

    We dont need any special treatment. All ask of is a fair game.

  68. Unfortunately a victory for anti football.

    No red for Cahill and a yellow for Oscar only on the 5th opportunity, time wasting when they want. Typical worthless cnut Atkinson.

    Bootoomee – I agree, I was proud of our guys. I was also proud of Wenger when he pushed that classless one during the first half.

    The team played some good football, were not outclassed by the KGB, but the gamesmanship of the latter, while illegal, was significant.

  69. We can defend Wenger all we want but a DM is an area we’ve been lacking in for 5 or 6 years now. Crikey if we had YaYa (and we could have but Wenger turned him down on a trial) we would have won the league last year at the very least!

  70. Hazard fouled Chambers and the PGMOL cheat booked Chambers. The penalty was played for and Hazard got it with a yellow to Kos. The rest of the chavs all wanted to referee the incident and none got booked – par for the cheats.

  71. 5th Gen Gooner..
    and yellow for cahill was red
    and fab hand was a pen
    so it is a fair result

  72. 5th Gen Gooner – if my aunty had balls………..

    The truth is if the officiating was fair everything would be different.

  73. That, sadly was an education. An education that you have to employ rotational fouling…..and know you can get away with it….to really succeed in this league. An education telling us that having a ref in your pay clearly helps as well. Don’t look like we are going to get many penalties,this year either.
    The dark arts are working in the EPL. Wenger is to be applauded for not resorting to such tactics, but sadly, in the corrupt status quo, he will find it very difficult to get the better of the likes of Jose until he does. And as we know, wenger is above and beyond such things.
    The players cannot be faulted. Yes, a couple of individual mistakes….heavily punished, yes, we should be aware of Chelsea’s long balls, but must be very difficult and demoralising to play in a game with the ref showing his corrupt intentions so clearly.
    The media and newly found Cesc wankfest will kick in. Doubt if the media will even mention the fact we should have had a clear penalty. Wenger will be slated for not signing Cesc, ozil will be slated for …in their perception, not doing as much as Cesc. But,in reality, there was not that much difference between the teams today, just one had a bent ref to help them.
    On the evidence of such games, the aaa are right, we will never again win the title under wenger. And we all know why.

  74. @5tg Gen Gooner,

    Their goap started from a foul on snachez, that is simple logic
    Chambers could have stopped Hazard but his undeserved yellow made him pull off, that is simple logic.
    The ball went left of Kos, if hazard didnt want the penalty, he could have avoided kosienly, now that is simple logic.
    There was a handball in their area, and it was obvious again that is simple logic.
    Tactics, oh here come that smart tactics,how could a team score a goal when 11 players are defending, and whenever we get a chance to go forward they foul us, nothing given.
    And how can Chelsea stop our counters (where we should score in such games, just like they scored the second) and still no yellows?
    Had someone fouled fabregas on the secomd ball before lobbing it, wouldnt he be booked?
    Simple logic is you know nothing about football or tactics, and the best you will answer me is by insulting. So please leave this thread you are unwelcome at the moment, am angry enough of what I have seen.

  75. Was the penalty even a penalty? Didn’t look like any contact to me.

    We had more chances to them but everyone will remember the score because of the referees.

  76. 5GG – Can’t really blame the defeat on the lack of a DM. Thought Flamini had a good game and Chelsea had very few chances.

  77. I just want to ask, where were those people defending the chelsea penalty when wilshere was penalised in spurs game?

  78. @Mandy Dodd I think their is a bidding war going on with who gets to pay the ref between the oilers. what do you think? whos paying more?

  79. Atkinson fulfilled all expectations.

    Not sending off Cahill, not booking Oscar on at least 4 occasions, including a possible red for his aerial assault on Kos, not giving an obvious penalty for the Fabregas handball, intercepting our pass as we were building an attack, then stopping the game for a hand injury when we were building another attack. Contrast with booking for Chambers when Hazard deliberately ran into him.

    Also, general tolerance to Chelsea’s repeated fouling all over the pitch. Ozil, Wilshere, Cazorla and Sanchez must be black and blue with bruises.

    I hope that all our England players withdraw from next week’s diversion and I am sorry that Arsene did not deck the nasty little man in the other dug-out.

  80. Pete,

    I know that you are trying to talk sense to 5th Gen Gooner here but what do they say about people who only have a hammer? Look anything that goes wrong with this team must be blamed on the lack of the mythical Monster Defensive Midfielder (MDM).

    Come on, you should know this by now.

  81. @Mandy

    Well put. I would not want our team to resort to the tactics of the classless one – he may achieve results – with the connivance of the PGMO(L) – but I could not support a team like that.

    I am disappointed that Fabergas had anything to do with that scum team, classless manager and dubious owner.

    To win by cheating is not really winning – but then the specialist in cheating would not admit that.

  82. Please fellow gooners, rewatch the match again, and see how we were defending still scard

  83. Even Neville and Souness said that Cahill should have seen red. Souness also added that the foul was deliberate and that he knew what he was doing.

    Just like Shawcross, but I need harfly add that Cahill isn’t “that type of player”

  84. Boo – well, I do try!

    However, I have my troll bingo card out and am itching to get going.

    On that point – my apologies to Andrew. I called him out, amongst many others, for putting the boot in after the Sp*rs game but disappearing after the Gala one. He did actually front up after Gala – I was looking at the wrong thread. Sorry Andrew. None of the others did, mind!

  85. Does make you wonder Va Cong. City when needed resort to similar tactics, and tend to get away with them.
    I use to think it was just bias…but this ref appointment, and his performance suggests it is more than that. Seems the media involved as well. Three key game changing decisions went completely….and wrongly against us, from a ref that even the master of dark arts, Fergie said should not be refereeing Chelsea games.
    Bet we get him in the return fixture as well.
    Keep on about this, but Ivan is an influential man in the game, he should be doing all he can to get us a level playing field.

  86. Sorry about the above,
    I was saying rewatch the gamr and see we were defendung still scared of getting a booking all the time, look how we took away our legs when could have kept it with 50% chance of winning it. We play the game so cleanly we cant win, and we cant go dirty cause the refs will book us on first chamce.

    Lokk at how welbeck got angry and went to hurt Fab in that tackle. Its annoying, we lose our composure and we cant play like we usually do. Whne the ref give us a good game, we play so well, when he doesnt all you see is this.
    Now everyonr will talk on how Morinho is a genius, he is a cheater, he stopped Sanchez at the moment Cahill tried to break his legs.
    That moment was to scare of Sanchez, and it did, he was afraid that he will lose his legs. The first goal shows (in addition ot the foul), how sanchez pulled out not tp get hurt. He is human and that is predictable, but Atkinson are no human neuther that chelsea cheater.

  87. I decided not to watch the match as soon as I knew who the ref was and I think I made the right decision, at least my television is still intact. I have just seen a clip of an obviously angry Wenger pushing the eye gouger, shame he didn’t land a left hook on him but I enjoyed seeing the slimy little cunt being put in his place. Can someone tell me what provoked Wenger to manhandle the cheating motherfucker, to borrow some of Bill of Manhattan’s phraseology.

  88. My view of the game:
    Arsenal tried to play football and Chelsea did for a while, then they decided

    to “harden up”.

    So Cahill attacked Alexis’ ankle.

    So Arsenal “hardened up” too.
    Alexis “flattened” their GK.

    and so it went on between both teams for a while.
    So what did Wenger say to Mourihno as he pushed him back?

    1: So you don’t want to play football eh?
    2: You play rough, we play tougher.
    3: Get the #^$## out of my area.

    I am proud of the team, they stood up to Chelsea, and luckily the ref did not see some of the things done from both sides, else the game would have been played with 8 men each.

    I hope other teams take note, and stop the rough stuff because it might just come back to haunt them. Teams are going to have to learn to fear Arsenal again, and they better start now.

    I cant wait for our winger/striker, Walcott to be back, to bring back another dimension to the game we play.

    Oh, this flare thing? It sounds too ridiculous. I’ll bet they do not find any of the “Arsenal” fans, and if any Arsenal fan was silly enough to do it, well they will have to accept the consequences, their own and the club’s too.

  89. @Mandy

    I agree Ivan should be doing more behind the scenes; but I suspect someone else with deep pockets and a nasty reputation has already been active following the retirement of Red Nose.

  90. The pmog corruption pendulem has clearly swung south. What happened to us today was nothing special it has happend and will continually happen through out the season.

  91. @ Mandy that is the problem how can this be exposed by Ivan? Problem it will come out he is a whinger like Arsene as I don’t think the other clubs he rotational foul us will join us?

    Its sickening and its frustrating watching cheats listening to cheats about tactician football. How Ozil who gets pushed off the ball and say he is such a push over!!!

  92. Agree bjt, but sadly, the Corinthian spirit has long left the game at this level, it is now big business, some very very unsavoury characters attaching themselves to the game. Wenger is still trying to win playing positive football, within the laws….and what once was the spirit of the game. He is becoming increasingly isolated in his aims sadly. And annoyingly,he is not getting the desired results against those who have embraced the more unpleasant side of the game. But guess this is to be expected, no point in paying a ref if it isn’t going to work for you
    Still think that within the next five or so years, all that is happening in the EPL will be exposed though. English football has too many enemies in high places, too much jealousy over our finances to keep this corruption uncovered for ever.

  93. @Mick,
    I will tell you how i saw it,
    Cahill went to brek Sanchez leg (literally on his leg and the ball was behinf him). So the ref went for the yellow instead of the red and morinho was moaning on it. Now this was a message that “sanchez you will get hurt if you try to dribble”, which Wneger had to stand to it to give Sanchez his backing that he will stand by him no matter what.

    Now a simple queation, who is a better dribbler? Sanchez or hazard? Then why cant Sanchez do half of what Hazard do? The seret to winning is here!

  94. Not sure Ivan can expose this public ally, but he is on every committee going, he should be using this to have words behind the scenes, as David Dein did….to a fault.

  95. Wenger was on 4th officials ears when the cheapster tried to bully him. What happened next is what I liked soooo much.

    Mr Wenger pushes that jerk and then moves in for more. Shell shocked jerk points to the technical area, that’s all he could do.

    That was a message to players. Stand up for yourself. That was a message to the other teams that our patience is running thin.

  96. I’ve never felt more proud to be a gooner than today.

    We went to chelsea, we stood up to them like men and battled against them for 90 minutes. At time we battered them and would have won by a few goals if it wasnt for the referees.

    Yes we lost by a couple of goals but we showed the world that Arsenal are back

  97. On BE In Arabic version,

    the expert ref said that the handball on Fabregas was a definite penalty, so the commentator said: oh that could have changed the result of the game.

    And then they showed the Cahill tackle and he said it was a definite red, and the commentator said: oh that could have changed everything in the game, even the penalty couldn`t have happened had the red been out.

  98. A depressing result and Wenger really has not covered himself in glory with the touchline incident or the post match comments. Still it has to be said that two major incidents at key times went against Arsenal today (AGAIN!).

    1) It was a DEFINITE red card on Cahill. If it was not them any challenge is allowed in football.
    2) It was a DEFINITE penalty to Arsenal when Fabregas hand balled Wilshere’s shot heading towards the target

    Neither incidents were hard to call – they were obvious.

    Other incidents happened that Mourinho chose to talk about – Welbeck should have got a red too but that was NOT a key moment. As for the penalty and supposed red for Koscielny, that came AFTER then Cahill incident. Yes Kos should have walked but we would have been at 0-0 playing against 10 men and on top of the game.

    There were really 2 huge key decisions in the game – both went against Arsenal.

  99. A quick scan of the media outlets suggests Chelsea cruised to victory withouut having to put too much effort in. I will watch the match later and make my own mind up. Collymore on Talkshit is being predictably provocative and crirical about Arsenal, presumably to attract as many AAA’s as possible to phone in and sprout their bile.

  100. Until there is fair broadcasting I don’t know how else we can win from its cheating as this cheating everyone is in it together.

  101. The rotational fouling was being commented on by Alan Smith, he was complimenting Mourinho for being ‘clever’. Why is it that this cheating isn’t called what it is! The same with Martin Tyler. No mention of Cahills definite Red and how we should have been playing against ten men. I don’t want to make excuses for losing but it is getting too much now. The ref gave a yellow, so he saw it. Why not a red? As for fabregas handball, if you raise your hands it is a penalty.

    Alan smith then decide to mock us for only managing 2 corners. Well guess what, Cheslea had just 2 themselves.

    I don’t know why we get such unfair treatment in the media, it is as if there is an unwritten rule that arsenal have to be commented on negatively.

    I thought we played well and did not deserve to lose. Had the referee done his job and not bottled the Cahill decision, different result. Fact.

  102. Ok.

    So this is BIG Chelsea who will stroll to the title?

    They got huge help by the ref, a 1000% penalty and red card for us which was not given, we totally dominated their midfield and with a bit more luck would have scored and changed the game despite the ref’s being absurdly shit.

    Oh well, no one expected points in the KGB torture chambers, we can do a lot better and let’s all hope the KGB will lose some points along the way.

    COYG !

  103. BTW – I was really, really happy to see we have “learned” Bounkerinho: he thought he “learned” us, by pressing in our final third and trying to exploit back passes (which are part of our midfield passing game). This is where we were punished in the 6-0 last year. This year – it could be seen Chelsea were trying to employ that same tactic, but it didn’t really work, because:

    (a) we played a lot less back passes
    (b) our lads were very quick on the touch-and-go [except for Santi who had me scared a couple of times in the first half]

    It was obvious we were ready for them; they had nothing coming for them and aside from that penalty (which was due to misunderstanding in the midfield – everybody thought someone else is going to take Hazard) – they had nothing.

    A real shame but we will bounce back.

    COYG !

  104. Also, I have lost count of how many players have been sent off for two yellows after making just two fouls. Yet Oscar was allowed to make four and then a fifth. I honestly do not think one of our players would have been allowed to do that.

    As for the media, they clearly have an issue with arsenal. They don’t even try to hide it.They adore Mourinho for his antics, preferring to bait Wenger. It’s a shame the club and the miseries amongst our own fans don’t stand up to the media.

  105. @bootoomee
    Maybe – if he had been sent off then I would not have been surprised too angry about it.

    The point is that BEFORE the penalty the game should have swung completely in Arsenal’s favour – at 0-0 – because there is no other reason than bias and / or cheating for Cahill not to have been sent off.

  106. I think we played well despite the opposition and the ref.
    Up to the 2nd goal I think we were very much still in it.Would a really Monster DM have stopped that pass ?Or Hazard falling over Kosh ‘s outstreched leg ?
    We just have to shoot more .Was hoping that Ox’s introduction would get us behind their defence , but no go.
    Hazard is a prime cunt and will one day be exposed as a cheat .World class my arse !
    Not too bothered with this loss and hope they all come back well from the break.

  107. @Proudkev

    Its was the same with Company when we played City – foul after foul and no yellow. I seem to recall the same for Milner – 3 horrible tackles before the first red.

    Contrast with Arsenal – Chambers yellow carded for the first foul.

    It happens game after game.

  108. @Proudkev,

    I cant understand how some calls this tactics from Mourinho smart? as we are not allowed to do it. lets assume we can play like that then I can get to understand that its smart from mourinho to use cheating as its allowed. But its only allowed for one team against the other, Wenger could do nothing about it, nothing…

    @ Jayram,
    Regarding Kosienly incident, Hazard was not going straight to the goal, he threw the ball to the left of kosienly and the ball was to his right, then he put his foot under Kos leg to get a penalty. Had he went for the ball, he was not going to be obstructed by Kosienly, watch it again man. plus there was a foul on Sanchez on the build up, and Chambers was on unjust yellow, which made him pull out when Hazard went past him. So I see more helping by the ref to chelsea than Arsenal. Still your point had they had Cahill off, all that wouldn`t have happened.

    Regarding Welbeck Incident, it was a definite red, but lets analyze why such a nice bloke do this tackle? first he was a Manchester player, who usually plays with temper specially when they think they were in unjust situation, he was kicked like 5 consecutive times just before the foul, so he went angry and made that challenge. Is that an excuse of? surely not, but when the ref do what he did, don’t expect all people to just accept it and move on. Of I was a player in the field today, I would have hurt someone as I was so angry. Moreover, the ref took that challenge to show that he is not biased and he just like what they call hardgame, although it was of nothing to our benefit.

  109. jayramfootball,

    I agree with everything you said but I don’t want it be an accepted fact that Kos should have walked. I know that you were being gracious but that is how history gets skewed.

    I agree with your every other point and as you know, that doesn’t happen often 🙂

  110. Mandy Dodd
    October 5, 2014 at 4:25 pm

    Totally agree with your post…just not sure exactly what you want to actually say with your last sentence.

  111. I thought Atkinson had an absolute blinder for gazprom (cheque is in the mail).

    That spectacular to hand save by Fabregas surely shows he has other talents as that ball was goal bound…well not spotted Atkinson.

    Lets not go on about Cahills tackle…red?? NO…its included in the cheque!

  112. its every time, we do this every time, we are cheated, we come here, we get angry, get pissed even more, then we go back to normal. and Arsenal lose points to cheating, and then when Arsenal dont win a trophy for another x years, everyone worldwide blames Wenger. Come on we fans should do something, I dont know but we should do something. Its disgusting!!!

    Some times I just think of stopping watching these games, but then I see myself as betraying Arsenal and Wenger and leaving them alone and giving up. Now we must move on and do something.

  113. I wonder if as per rules Koscielny challenge was a red.

    Hazard is running at koscielny. Hence the last man thing will not apply. Will it??… Walter and co. Correct me here.

  114. Apo, my post at 4.25….. Just saying that we will not be allowed to win this league by whatever the powers that be, not wengers fault, but I know what he is up against.
    In 2008, referees made sure we didn’t win the league. Last winter, we were top and threatening, referees stepped in allowing other teams to kick us off the park, starting with Everton last December, the injuries started piling up.
    For us to win the league, we will have to beat massively resourced clubs over 38 games, and the system that props them up. The refs , even though some are biased, are just pawns, the foot soldiers for those in the background. Wenger seems to have upset a lot of people….or they see him as a potential threat to their interests, if not perhaps yet the oiler teams.
    Some think a DM is the answer to everything, the problem is, early on in games, especially against the big boys, our players regularly get booked first tackle. A beast of a DM would be red carded every game.
    It looked to me that things were set up for Liverpool in a one off last season, they got virtually every decision going, but bottled it. City duly obliged. Looks to me like it is the turn of Chelsea this year. They do have resources, quality, a clever manager…..and today, something else. Something we lack, making life so much more difficult for our boys.

  115. I think Arsenal players should withdraw from internationals this week.

    Just look how many times Ozil was barged off the ball and no foul was given???….And then they day Ozil doesn’t do enough.

  116. Its amazing how Arsenal fans all over the net are saying Kosienly was lucky not to be sent of, Why dont they do this when we are not lucky in the ref front?
    like the Cahill red card? like the Wilshere penalty in spurs? and so on….. you know 7pts to league leaders last year could have been won by arsenal had the ref been good!!!!

  117. The score in the Ladies game against Liverpool ended up being 3-3, and Chelsea won, so we slipped 2 points against leaders.

    The Chelsea goaltender did end up in the hospital shortly after being substituted.

    I think ALL the fans should start yelling bullshit in unison at the next home game when a bad decision by the ref is made. Make it loud enough that it is heard of the babbling of the TV commentators.


  118. Bootoomee 5:23
    Yes, I see it man. I’ll be borrowing a leaf out of your book and also not spend my time arguing with people whose minds were made many years ago. Thankfully many on here are calling the blatant cheating we witnessed today out, so far. But I’m under no illusions it’ll stay like this. Just wait till they have been round lapping up all the toxins from the likes of the DM, talksprout, the sun… they’ll descend on here like a plague. Of that I’m sure.

    There’s something fundamentally wrong with football in England today. To tell me those two tackles on Sanche (midweek and today) did not warrant sending offs is nothing but scandalous. Contrast that with the three reds we have totted up so far. I’m seriously considering if I still want to be part of this charade we call sport. I don’t mind turning my back on football for good ( I love Arsenal that I’m sure it’ll feel like a breakup with a childhood sweetheart but can be done). My biggest regret is getting my 7yr old son hooked on the stuff. I feel terrible about it. I could hear him scream and yell(evidence atkinson was turning the screw), when I went upstairs for the second half, as I couldn’t bear to watch. Maybe it was cowardly to leave the boy watching alone, but I couldn’t trust myself to go through such blatant cheating without doing something I was going to regret later. Besides, how do you explain to a 7yr old that the other team is cheating, but are getting rewarded for it? I wish there was a way to wean him off this stupid sport.

    Props to Wenger for placing that odious little cretin in his place. I don’t condone violence but I would like to think if I were to meet that vile little man in person I would smash his face in.

  119. I didn’t say this, but the boys played well today. From the half I watched and reading the report on, and from the comments from many on here its clear we gave a good account. Shame we were taking part in a rigged contest. Well done Arsenal, proud of you.

  120. From the bosses interview on

    :: on what Mourinho said to him…

    > Honestly I don’t listen to what he says.

    :: on whether he sets a good example…

    > I trust that you will teach me all the moral lessons over the next three weeks and I can accept that. But I’ve been in the game long enough to give it the right weight.

  121. AL,

    Days like this are painful but we make up for it (sort of) on those days that we succeed in spite of the opposition’s dirty tactics and the referee’s connivance. While my nerves would have been grateful for a better officiated FA cup final game, winning the way we did made the victory a lot sweeter.

    Please do not regret introducing your son to the beautiful game of football. Just teach him the rules and to recognise and condemn cheating wherever he encounters it. I am mad on days like this but have never regretted being a lover of football and Arsenal. Something tells me that when you have calmed down you will come to the same conclusion.

    Please don’t give up pal.

  122. Gord @6.22pm,

    Isn’t Arsene the best? I love that quote.

    The same idiots in the media who see nothing wrong with cheating on the pitch (where it really matters) will go on about a very minor and non-consequential incident on the sideline. The boss’s response is just perfect with a tinge of “I don’t give a fuck about what you idiots write”.

  123. @Bootoomee,

    Then go to and see what Wenger has said on the rest of the match, its interesting.


    Although you said Cazorla wasn’t at his best, still he is the reason that back passes wasn`t overly done. he usually got us out.

  124. Bootoomee
    Yes, agree. The funny thing is I was totally expecting what went on today, but seeing it unfold (together with seeing mourinho’s face and hearing the pundits spout their nonsense) is a different proposition and makes me want to pack it in.

    But yes, difficult to break away from it all, especially after reading comments such as the post match comments from the manager today. The guy is class personified.

  125. Bootoomee,”last man last man”- you dound like michael owen, do you even know the rules of the game? There is nothing about last man- its preventing a goal scoring opportunity, and he most certainly did.

    Having said that Cshill should have been off. Atkinson was as predicted by Andrew.

    My mate who was watching on sky told me G Neville said at jalf time that Atkinson got 4 major decisions erong in the first half alone, AND was quickly hushed by the sky presenter.

    so proud of Asene today, pity some of the players will never have his cajones

  126. I agree with pretty much everything here. Did you notice how many times Atkinson actually stopped our play, by getting in the way, so we lost possession. Once on a break he trapped the ball, when it was easier to step over it. Total cheating idiot. How come that weakling Oscar got several warnings, before finally getting a booking after the result was secure. Why stop the play only to give him another warning when we were on a break. Terrible, but totally expected bent performance from shithouse Atkinson. Most of the boys had good games, plenty of commitment and effort. The Scissorsman (Flam) had his best game this season. Well done AW for making maureen look like the prick he is. Rubbish from Sky again, for blanking the Cesc penalty and making light of thug Cahill. All Mandy said yesterday came true. Where do we go from here? (Not with the team, I mean with the cheating and PGMOL agenda.)

  127. I agree that Wenger did not cover himself in glory (jayram 5:14) with his comments. You can’t win by commenting on the money that Chelsea has thrown at their team. The game was between our 11 and their 11. They did foul us and we were hard done by the referees BUT they did take their opportunities and we didn’t… they won at home…we’ll see them and their bus in April.

    I can’t resist though…. Mourinho + 2 billion pounds = victory… fire hydrant + 2 billion pounds = victory ergo Mourinho = a fire hydrant…let’s piss o him 🙂

  128. @InitialsBB
    An “obvious goalscoring opportunity” means that the attacker has the ball at or near his feet, is close to the goal area and is moving towards the goal, and has no more than one defender or the goalkeeper in his way. These are known by referees as the “4 Ds,” and only a foul that has all four must result in a red card.[5]


  129. Yassin

    when koscielny was rounded there was only szch to beat. End of conversation

  130. For the penalty, Koscielny had his leg out but didn’t move it. Hazard made sure he ran into Koscielny’s leg. A red card would have been debateable – the ball was definitely heading away from goal and I am not at all sure it was a clear goal scoring opportunity.

    Re the Fabregas handball – if it had been given, would that have been a red card as it was a denial of an obvious goal scoring opportunity?

  131. What Conversation? You said to Bootoomee:

    “Bootoomee,”last man last man”- you dound like michael owen, do you even know the rules of the game? There is nothing about last man- its preventing a goal scoring opportunity, and he most certainly did.”

    And I Answered to that.

    Now if you want a conversation, go back to what I said above a thousand times and tell me that the yellow card on Chambers was legal, and it didnt help Chelsea get the penalty? Or that Sanchez wasn`t fouled in the buildup, and you know what? lets start like Jayram said, They should have been red carded and the whole game would have changed.

    You know, its the Arsenal fans all over the net that try to look unbiased towards their team and have a well balanced view, that keeps those media slating Arsenal. You know those fans are becoming too biased against their own team!! and you can see how defending this penalty from your side and other people around and not giving a damn about what the ref did is what makes these refs do whatever they want knowing we wont react what so ever.

    Just like the Spurs goal, Wilshere was yellow carded ( according to law it was a yellow card, but surely before it Lamela should have been booked too, but he wasn`t). Had the ref been fair and unbiased ( Even when not applying the law), Wilshere could have stopped their goal with a tackle and take a yellow for it. But you can look again am the only one around talking about it while most Arsenal fans are around the net trying to show they are balanced and saying KOsienly was lucky and forgetting the red card to chelsea and the penalty against them.

  132. Agree with Bootoomee, don’t give up Al, depressing though it sometimes seems.
    Shame we get these refs in England, and in Europe. Maybe someone’s punishment for wenger signing a new contract? We have seen it all before, but the games this season….is refereeing against us reaching a new low?
    Interesting tactic Jose…..we should have finished with eight men,…completely deflecting away from what some of his players did…..sadly, our sheep like media lap up anything he says.
    Think there are people who for their own reasons want Wenger gone…..and I don’t just mean the aaa!

  133. And i addressed Bootoomee so why did you anseer it, hes the alpha male here, dont forget it!

  134. Just finished watching the match recorded – and I wish I hadn’t. Such a referee performance is painful to watch.

    The trouble with the TV transmissions is that they hide away so much from what’s actually happening on the pitch that people who never went to the stadium to see a game with their own eyes have a hard time distinguishing the little details that make the difference between fouls and cheating. Sometimes it takes me 2-3 replays to figure out exactly what went on. But this game was atrocious.

    I mean, really, if they want Cheatski to win, why don’t just award them the title and be done with it. It’s clear as day who’s the refs’ and media’s favorite this year, why this masquerade? It’s screwing up every possible notion of sportsmanship, and the children that watch this game will live with the impression that it’s ok to lie and cheat your way to the trophy, and that you need to be the footballing equivalent of the whores in order to win something. I really don’t like what the game has become.

  135. Thanks Mandy. It’s just that the same thing happens over and over and over….(feels like a revolving door), we know it before it even happens, that you end up asking yourself what’s the point. It hurt, maybe if Arsenal hadn’t played so well today Atkinson’s antics would have been easier to swallow.

    But you’re right, we can’t give up. If Arsenal was being managed by someone else who doesn’t have the humility and class Arsene has it would be easier to quit. But when you look at what he’s had to put up with and how he has handled it all, it makes you feel stronger. Sorry for sounding defeatist earlier…

  136. I have just got back from the game. Not gonna comment on the game but will on the flares

    For those that have been to a game at Chelsea will know that to get to the away section you are channelled through a cordon of stewards and police. Halfway through the cordon Chelsea have two dog handlers, the dogs are trained to detect flares every supporter has to walk past these dogs who sniff away.

    The dog handlers picked up a supporter with a flare and others following on behind realised what was going on and let the flares they were carrying off.

  137. Good game by The Arsenal today. It’s almost impossible to win if every attack is stopped by a foul (or a ref “accidentally” getting in the way), for which the opposition know they will not get booked. It also gives them the opportunity to win the ball back unfairly and launch an attack – something we could not do without getting booked (see wrong booking on Chambers). On top of that, the ref was happy to give fouls every time a chel$ki player collapsed – hazard could have been sent off for multiple, yellow-worthy dives if atkinson wasn’t so bent on cheating. In fair game, I believe we would have eaten them alive – they would have been don to 10 men early in the game, limiting their possession and attacking ability, and with a fair ref, they would have been unable to stop all our attacks with uncarded fouls. We really got nailed by this ref. The margins are really small at this level, and the blue cunts got just enough of an advantage to win it. I pray we get a fair ref when they come and visit us, we’ll eat them alive with the likes of Abou, Ollie and Theo in the side. How Oscar escaped a red is beyond me. No wonder Wenger singled hm out as a serial fouler post match. Guardian MBM highlighted it, saying he was finally booked after his “infinillionth foul”, but not a single match report has mentioned it. All the talk is about Arsenal being lucky to finish with 11 men. From managers to refs, to media, this game is bent, no 2 ways about it. And Arsenal are certainly not part of the old boy’s club.

  138. @Mike_T

    In another thread, I talked a little about flares. To me, they seem to be trivial things to make. I suspect a person could make them in part from things a person would find inside a stadium. But, as I have never made flares, this is theoretical. But, in looking at the chemistry of these things, there are many different ways to make them. So I am going to suggest that the dogs are not trained on all flares, just some.

    I will readily believe dogs could be trained to sniff many things. By way of example, both ferrets and honeybees have been trained to seek out TNT. I am not sure if such honeybees ended up in Afghanistan, but I believe sniffing ferrets did.

  139. I almost gave up Al last season but came back out fighting when I was getting dissed by everton and chelsea and liverpool supporters. This stuff stinks but letting off steam helps!

  140. Va Cong
    Thanks for the encouragement. Just glad we don’t have to face this money laundering project with its vile manager for a while. Can accept a loss but not in this manner, to this classless brat.

  141. Mike T
    Why would they let the flares off, wouldn’t it be wiser to just bin them? I thought the delay was due to understaffing issues (wonder if understaffing is an attempt to bring the wage bill down so as to balance books, for FFP possibly?)

  142. @Al

    Keep your spirits up my friend, we will have good days and bad, and some happy day we will stuff the Specialist in Cheating, the PGMO(L) and and the rest of the tossers they associate with!

  143. Keep strong, fellow gooners. We shall prevail. Surely we can’t have atkinson for their visit to the Emirates, and hopefully for once we’ll be able to field a full strength team in our big games. I believe with the recent HARD EARNED financial strengthening, piece by piece, AW is building the juggernaut that will dominate in seasons to come. Window by transfer window, he’ll add who he needs until he has a set of monsters to gobble up trophy after trophy again. Keep the faith.

  144. Al

    They were well into the area that is “controlled” there is no way back and no where to bin them.

    As for understaffing dozens of stewards line the area through which the supporters walk. The distance from going through the entrance of the cordon to where you get searched is about 20 yards and then on to where the dogs sniff away

  145. Me too AB. It was a battling performance away from home against the best squad in england and the ref. Proud to be a gooner despite this result, nothing to be ashamed of

  146. Bjt/C4
    Thanks guys. I feel better already. Will use the international break to cool off a little.

    Meanwhile, can see the vermin are out in full force on the other thread, but got no desire and inclination to feed them. Anyway, goodnight gooners.

  147. @Al

    From the pictures on social media it seems that the as well flares being let off outside the ground there was also one was set of in the concourse of the away end.(Confirms Gords point about dogs not being able to detect all flares)

  148. Night Al.

    Yep – the AAAA in muted disguise are trying to pollute the site – nothing new!

  149. InitialsBB @8:17 pm

    “And i addressed Bootoomee so why did you anseer it, hes the alpha male here, dont forget it!”

    I am the “alpha male” around here? Really? Thanks for bestowing on me the title, you little, little man.

    Going by your logic (against Yassin for using facts to counter your bullshit), why did you respond to my post then? I didn’t address it to you as the zeta male around here, so why did you respond? You took on a post that wasn’t addressed to you only to then whine when countered by another commenter on the thread.

    Don’t dish it out if you can’t take it little man.

  150. On BBC website now: I kid you not.
    “Shirt-pulls, shoves, clips of the heels – you might think Chelsea were not playing by the rules but, actually, they were”
    Seriously now, what chance is there for Wenger’s brand of football when such utter tosh is fed to the audience and the BBC joins in as Mourinho’s Propaganda Ministry?

    “MOTD2 analysis: How crafty Chelsea upset Arsenal’s rhythm
    MOTD2 pundit Phil Neville expands on his TV analysis of how Chelsea exploited an old Arsenal weakness as they kept up their impressive start to the season with victory at Stamford Bridge.
    There was not much between the two teams in Chelsea’s 2-0 win over Arsenal on Sunday, but what we saw is that Blues boss Jose Mourinho still knows how to win the big games.
    As well as the way Mourinho set Chelsea up and how hard his players worked, I am talking about the little niggly challenges his side kept making, mainly off the ball.
    They were just little things like shirt-pulls, shoves or clips of the heels which did not always result in fouls, let alone bookings, but still stopped or slowed down Arsenal’s attacking momentum.
    You might think Chelsea were not playing by the rules but, actually, they were – which is why a lot of things that were happening at Stamford Bridge were not being given as fouls.
    It is more like gamesmanship, and I would describe it as being cute and clever rather than cheating.”

  151. Sir Alex Ferguson had gone for a picnic with David Beckham and Premiership referee. David Elleray

    They spread the groundsheet on the bank of a river across from a country pub..

    “I’ll get the first round” said Beckham, walked straight across the river and returned the same way, carrying the tray of brimming glasses. Sir Alex was astonished but said nothing.

    They were nicely into the sandwiches when David Elleray announced “The next one’s on me” picked up the tray, walked across the river and returned with the drinks. Sir Alex could hardly contain himself but still kept silent.

    At the end of the meal, with the glasses once more empty, Sir Alex stood and said “Right lads, my shout.” With a look of panic, Beckham turned to David Elleray and said in an urgent whisper “Shouldn’t we tell him about the concealed stepping stones?”

    “What stepping stones?”

  152. @ Percy
    Not sure I’ve ever quoted myself, but like I said earlier:
    “From managers to refs, to media, this game is bent, no 2 ways about it. And Arsenal are certainly not part of the old boy’s club.”

    And also (to quote meself again), another point Phil Neville fails to highlight is:
    “It’s almost impossible to win if every attack is stopped by a foul (or a ref “accidentally” getting in the way), for which the opposition know they will not get booked.”
    This is what really allowed cheat$ki to win the game. In a fair game, they would have been on the back foot from the moment Cahill put his studs through Sanchez’s shin. And even if we overlook that incident, then oscar, ivanobitch and even hazard should never have lasted 45 minutes, let alone 90+.

  153. Oops, sorry for the typo, I meant to write ivanovitch rather than ivanobitch. “v” and “b” are right next to each other on this keyboard of mine, what a coincidence… 😛

  154. very apt coincidence,
    was starting to think the powers that be have decided that chelsea are to win the epl this season sundays game did nothing to dismiss my “feelings”

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