Where is Wigan, how do I get there, what’s this pier thing and who is Eddie Waring?

The Romans built a fort at Wigan.

Thus begin all official and unofficial histories of one of England’s least known shanty towns.

The problem for Wigan was that having got there the pesky Romans took a look and immediately buggered off, leaving the village to the even peskier Northumbrians.  After 800 years they built a graveyard which was considered to be a “Good Thing”.

All of this makes our match in Wigan difficult. If you want to go, there are tickets available.  There are always tickets available.  But you probably won’t find the place because it is not in Wigan at all, as I will explain in detail.

I shall attend to the football in a moment (which is not momentarily – which actually means “for a moment” – I thought you would like to know that), but first Wigna… no Wygon,… Wergan…. Wogan….

Wiogan’s growth over a period of 800 years is considered by town planners in Birtain to be an all time record for development, and every week they meet at Wygon under the Pier to discuss how it was done.  A current popular debate is how the speedy building tactics of the Saxons in Wigann could be used in the repair of the M1 and M25 motorways.

In the 10th century the Icelanders arrived with their volcanoes and all the air traffic stopped.  Most of Wiggan’s streets are named after Icelandic people in the hope of getting a note in the Domesday Book, but as a ploy it failed, the township was towed out to sea and sunk off the coast of Ireland.

In 1246 King Eddie Waring granted Wigan a charter allowing them back into England, and to have weekly markets, rugby league, mud and Morris dancing.  Then they got another charter in 1257 from Henry the Thrid, King of the Twerping Errors which allowed rugby and football to be played on the same park.  This was considered a “bad thing”.

In 1536 John Leyland (and not John Lennon as reported in some history books) moved to the area and started building trucks which were used in the Daff civil war, in which members of the Conservative Party pulled Wigan apart.   Oli Cromwell called Wigan “a very malignant town” and so it was pulled down so that they could mine coal and make clocks.  In 1856 another cemetery opened and in 1873 Wigan Infirmary gained a place in the Rugby League.

In 1937 Wigan became famous when George Orwell wrote The Road to Wigan Pier (the pier was a landing stage on the canal where boats could unload coal and turnips). The book painted a true picture of muck, mud, disease, dirt, poverty and unemployment in the town and brought an end to the hopes of a thriving tourist trade.  Wigan then gave up and became part of Manchester (something for which it was naturally endowed)  and has never been seen again.

Wigan Athletic FC was formed in 1932, following the winding up of Wigan Borough, Wigan County, Wigan United and Wigan Town.  It is the most unsuccessful football club in the history of the mutli-verse.

Wigan Athletic once beat Carlisle 6–1 and this is still celebrated and in 1968  Wigan Athletic were founder members of the Unibond League which is also seen as “A Good Thing”.  They had Geoff Davies who scored 28 goals in one season and is a national hero.  He was “A Good Lad”.

After 34 failed election attempts, including one application to join the Scottish Second Division (you think I am making this up but it is all true – well this bit is, honest) Wigan Athletic were elected to the Football League in 1978 after Southport sank into the sands and has never been seen again.

Bruce Rioch was their manager for 2000/1 but the club quickly realized their errors and got rid of him after half a season eventually getting Steve Bruce.

Wigan Athletic’s stadium holds 25,138 people and is shared with the Wigan Warriors, a ground of 10th century Northumberland headbangers.

The stadium is the only ground in the EPL to have its own hills within it with the height of the ground varying between 30 feet below and 17 feet above sea level, and incorporates mud flats, sandbanks, dunes, knolls and waterways.  A small area of grass can be seen to the south west of  the stadium, but this is up for sale.

Eddie Waring still walks this way (he invented rugby league and played for Wigan for 2000 years before presenting it for another 1500 years on saturdays on BBC, thus ensuring that no football was ever seen on British TV, because football was bad and caused violence.)  Eddie also invented “Its a Knockout” and is considered “A Bad Thing”.

Among other things Eddie said

  • That’s one ton of rugby you’re looking at there… Beef, brains, brawn, muscle…. The lot of it.
  • He’s goin’ for an early bath.
  • Eeee, he’s a pocket battleship.
  • This lad’s a butcher – but I’ve never had any of his meat.

Arsenal’s team this weekend will consist of our reserves, given that we have little chance now of winning the league…. oh hang on we’ve been playing our reserves anyway, so it will be the usual lot minus the latest injuries.

What we do need are pogo sticks so that the players can get around in the mud heap.

The team will be

Pogo Almunia

Pogo Sagna Pogo Campbell Pogo Socrates Pogo Plato

Pogo Nasri Pogo Diaby Pogo Eboue

Pogo Bendtner Pogo Van Persie Pogo Vela

You may be surprised to see the inclusion of a couple of Greek philosophers, but the Lord Wenger has said that it is time to experiment a little and I think this is what he means.

This may of course be total gibberish, but hopefully there is a smile in there somewhere.  And the bit about all the applications to join the league and the Scots League really is real.  Really.

Billy the Dog McGraw.  Publican Extraordinaire.

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35 Replies to “Where is Wigan, how do I get there, what’s this pier thing and who is Eddie Waring?”

  1. well wengers comments are not encouraging yet again.he said at the start of the season that his team must win a trophy,he now says that next season will be a decisive one for his team. he seems to be admitting that we have a problem in defence,well we all new that aw why as it taken you so long to find out. we dont have decent gk on our books,at cb we are woefully weak with probably only tv a cert for next season,gallas could go,silvestre must go and djourou for a young lad is never fit.i have a feeling he will keep sol particalary if wg moves on.i can see in his end of season comments to justify is policy he will probably say we finished third (hopefully)and we were only 10 pts behind the champions whereas last season we were 4th and 18pts behind. for such an intelligent man why cant he see the obvious deficiencies in his squad and does he realise how frustrated the fans are that pay is wages. aw as said many times i cant bring so and so in because what do i tell denilson etc,all the signs are we will not see the replacements to make us a threat in the prem and cl,by is own admission he is not interested in the other cups. he as a squad that is not strong enough and is injury prone,i can see another summer of frustration for us fans as he will probabaly point to wilshere,lansbury,eastmond,jet but my answer is they are not good enough to influence and improve our team.get rid of the obvious candidates and replace with better and no that does not mean living beyond our means in other words do your job better.

  2. Barry. i am starting to think WENGER has become a joke now. Now he’s attacking la liga,someone put a sock in his mouth,i got a message to him,hey arsene we wouldnt end up any higher there than we are here-3rd!they have messi,kaka,cristiano etc… much better players than we do,then he says barca and real are the only 2,if hes talking over the years,then the mans a tool,since the inception of the premier league in 1992/93,valencia have won the league twice,deportivo have won it too,real and barca have basically shared it,theres no man utd there,utd have won 11 titles,thats 61.11% of the titles by the end of this season assuming chelsea win the title,and let me add chelsea who would have had 3 of the other 7 titles are billionaires,valencia and deportivo werent! and blackburn in their day themselves werent exactly missing some change,but remember they won the title on the last day,without the premier leagues and theirs best player,who at that time was mr premier league i.e. whenever he was fit,his team-leeds and man utd are champions!and real madrid and barcelona have several seasons where they werent top 2,many,but here,us and utd were the only teams competing from 1997/98-2003/2004,thats 7 straight season of a two horsed race,then it became in reality,2004/05 to this season only utd or chelsea have won the league,so thats 6 seasons now of no other team winning the league,so someone please tell mr wenger to zip it,he is just jealous that he isnt competent enough to succeed with barcas style football,he forgets cesc fabregas was born in catulunya,his boyhood club-barcelona,his hero- pep guardiola,the club which he was nourished at until wenger snatched him away as a very mature teenager-barcelona,wenger also snatched fran merida,wengers been known for years for snatching kids who get their education elsewhere,gives them some

  3. Just a few questions please to the rose tinters on here. 1) Is it the board that makes wenger not spend the money he has specifically put away for him in the accounts? 2) Is it the board who cannot identify a good goalkeeper? 3) Is it the board who teach our players the tippy tappy passing that seems to go nowhere against good clubs but because it works against lower teams we gush? 4) Is it the board who rest players unecessarily in cup games? 5) Is it the board who think we didnt need any major strengthening in the summer and jan especially ? 6) Was it the board who said this team was 1% away from dominating the premier league last year? 7) Was it the board who guaranteed a trophy this year? * You need to stop blaming those who dont directly affect the decisions/tactics/coaching. 1 man took all the credit for the success, 1 man took all the credit for revolutionising a game and according to some of you building arsenals new ground, their only european success and cup finals etc… Well 1 man takes all the blame for all the current failings & for not adapting to the game when he had a great basis already there and letting my beloved outfit become perenial also rans. The difference between those who here who are negative and those who are positive is becoming faith vs fact. 1 side hope wenger can do something different, We base our pessimism on 5 years of same seasons of no trophies of not building. Before anyone says look at how we have progressed and get any spreadshets out with point per game dont forget the season where we threw it away against birm when contending. Did we get closer the next year? Exactly. Wenger just saw his best chance pass him by. I would be very unhappy now for him to be there at the start of the season. However I accept the board wont get rid of a cash cow so Ill have to wait 1 more season for his farewell. A legend whos memory is tainted for me.

  4. The problem with people here is you are making the usual mistake i.e. assuming Wenger is rational. Some of you think Wenger knows the experiment has failed and he will buy players. Well where is the evidence? Then the usual crew are playing the injuries card for our defeats. If we had VP and Cesc etc we would have won. Maybe but maybe not. At the start of this season I was seen as a “cry baby” by one poster on here cos I said we looked defensively poor despite our early high scoring wins and I said this would be our undoing. My point has been proved that defensively we are just not good enough to be top class. We know the problems, Almunia and the rest of the goalies are crap, a CH pairing that arent matched and positionally clueless full backs. These problems are apparent to all except Wenger. As for some of the players last night we cannot keep players who dont contribute to the team. Eboue again was the usual headless chicken. Anyone who cheers this muppet doesnt know anything about football. Other players who are just inconsistent like – Diaby, Denilson, Walcott, Bendtner and Rosicky need to shape up or ship out. On the bench we have Eduardo who Wenger wont play. Why did we start with just one striker against Spurs? Eduardo looks finished. We need someone to take a cold hard look at the squad and fundamentals like tactics and training. Successful people know how to reinvent themselves as times change. Look at Fergie who has changed many things over the years. He deals with his mistakes. Wenger doesnt seem capable of change!

  5. Some good points made Barry, i agree with some but not all. My main concern at the start of the season was the overall strength of the squad, we sold Toure & he was replaced by the excellent Vermaelen, but why didn’t we replace Adebayor? Wenger made a mistake in waiting for Chamakh for next season, when we needed him for this season. With the ANC happening after the new year, he must have realised we were going to lose Song our only defensive midfielder, yet he didn’t reinforce this area. TTG, we could argue all day on who has to leave, top of my hit list is Silvestre, Senderos & Eboue. I still trust Wenger in the transfer market, recent buys like Vermaelen, Ramsey, Arshavin & Nasri are proof that he still knows his way around the transfer market. He needs to pull a few rabbits out the hat like he used to, Edu, Ljungberg, Van Persie, Lauren, Flamini, Gilberto & Flamini. None of these players were expensive compared to some of the money our rivals were throwing around. My choice (RB) Gregory van der Wiel-Ajax, (GK) Hugo Lloris-Lyon, (DM) Gokhan Inler-Udinese, (LM) Kojo Asamoah-Udinese, (CH) Christian Zapata-Udinese, (DM) Jack Rodwell-Everton & (LM) Eden Hazard-Lille. Wenger has changed the shape of our team with the 4-3-3 system, which leave our fullbacks vulnerable in my opinion especially against a team that plays with 2 wingers, ie 4-4-2. Sometimes Wenger tries to put square pegs into round holes, like when he stuck Bendtner on the right wing, Gallas strong start to the season was due to playing in his favorite position alongside a left-sided CH.

  6. ok final point for the day it was not the defeat at spuds that was the issue but the manner in which the game was lost is the issue. Wenger wants to bring in 3players at the most but there is no specification or nationality. But then the little hope left will be extinguished by mancity as they will run riot and show wenger does not have a complete team and again state this boys are not fit for purpose.

  7. Barry I am not going to block you or stop you posting here, but it does seem to me a little discourteous to post four times on a topic that has nothing to do with my article, which, in case you didn’t get it, is meant to be a moderately amusing skit on Wigan, the town, and the football club.

    You may not have read “Road to Wigan Pier” (although if that is the case, you should, in my opinion) but even so I think you probably could have got the gist of the piece.

    There are hundreds of other articles (including some here) which are on the subject of Wenger and his players – surely it would be better to comment there, or indeed to start your own blog where you can draw in like minded thinkers.

    I am not in anyway saying, “f-off, I disagree with you” but rather, I am asking, did you not consider that normal protocol is to say something that relates roughly to the article in question?

    And if you think the article is pathetic, then you have this huge choice of elsewhere-ness

  8. apologies Tony. thought we could post on anything. will try to keep it related to the relevant articles for future refrences

  9. Ps i did not think the article was pathetic – though cant say the same about the management @ our club though 😉

  10. Barry, if you read all the articles over here you could find the answers. Good luck. 😉

    This article gave me another big smile on my face, Tony.

  11. “You may be surprised to see the inclusion of a couple of Greek philosophers, but the Lord Wenger has said that it is time to experiment a little and I think this is what he means.”

    Well, this can’t be that far off from other blogs who think they know better than AW himself.

    Excellent article, Tony. Billy’s pre-match forays into journalism are definitely a highlight on this site.

  12. Now that is really untold Arsenal. Barry has just let us all know that Man city will be the next champion. Is that going to be the same Manchester City that have spent billions on all those top players and that is 9 points behind us ? And 9 points behind and they have done all the things that Barry said we should have done ?
    9 points behind a team with clueless full backs, worthless goalkeeper, rubbish attackers, not good enough midfielders after spending all those millions and running the club with a debt that never has been seen before in the EPL and this means something.

    I will stop here as I think I have said enough. And if you want more just tell me and I will try to write a full article on this subject.

  13. And no, I am not against buying players but I am against buying players just for the fun of buying players. BTW, anyone wants to buy Berbatov … ?

  14. PS Barry,

    You will probably not want to write back to back nonsense. Keep this in mind as well shorter nonsense is more desirable than paragraph after paragraph of silly nonsense. In fact check your grammar as well because not only was your posts so long and arduous for me to read because it was soooo long and boring I skipped right over it but it made no sense Thus was absolute nonsense. Sorry I already made that point… And you might want to post a new name as well… “Barry” is not an acceptable name on Untold (read the directions for posting!) Finally, you might ask Tony or Walter to give you a better Avatar because and you can check this for yourself no sel-portraits allowed…Ask WEG and Cricket…They do the same regularly and Untold bloggers continuously have to skip over their drivvle as well….

    Good Luck,


  15. Walter, i think Barry has made some very valid points, to a extent i am very much pro wenger but the fact that he is just happy to deliver 3rd and 4th place each season is really annoying. he seems to settle for this place now. I think its time for a change – with Mourinho taking charge at the start of the next season please…otherwise we will have the same excuses which have been fed by this dopey board and a manager who is completely losing it.

  16. Finn that is a much better name than Barry and your self portrait is much bett Barry oops I mean finn. See now all’s you have to do is stay on topic and you will be all set ok Barry I mean finn.
    Now I am confused…Which is it Barry or finn (when in doubt look at their self-portrait)

  17. Hartwick89
    April 17th, 2010 at 2:39 pm I think it is very childish to reply back in such idiotic fashion. You have not even answered any questions posed by Barry or Finn. But stupid i think

  18. What a treat of an afternoon!An unwelcome MFU win. 3 other “games” now on; the “best” of which is B’burn v Everton. If you’re not watching, you’re missing very little.
    BUT one incident that is a real puzzle. Arteta having been fouled by Pedersen, finger pokes him, first on the cheek, and then straight in the eye. No question it was deliberate. Right in front of Marriner and he gets only a yellow? (So does Pedersen)

    Having previously thought that Marriner’s Mum did the footballing world a dis-service by throwing away the afterbirth and keeping the baby, this was definite confirmation. How can refs change the rules Walter?

  19. I haven’t seen the incident GF60 so I can’t go in to this particular but the way you describe it looks a straight red card to me.
    Any player who retaliates is always a red card.

    But I have noticed something the past months-seasons and that is that refs are being praised for not giving yellow cards. And I think this is a strange thing. For some fouls there is apart from the sanction ‘foul’ always a personal sanction for the player ‘yellow card’. But a lot of refs in the EPL don’t seem to give those yellow cards and so you make the game more dangerous and by doing this you help the ‘harder’ players.

    I can not tell that this is on the instructions of the FA or the EPL that refs don’t give much yellow cards (they do like to give them to Cesc and Song btw) but it is strange. I think in most other country’s there is the thinking: you can better give a yellow card to much than one too little.

    And by giving less yellow cards you could end up with less red cards as you slowly move the border line. And then you get these things like you describe and the refs are too scared to produce red cards.

  20. From Barry to finn to Shane….From Ugly self portrait, to silly to suave…. Now if you get one more glass for the other eye you can properly read that the original article was Arsenal V Wigan. I will comment on that Barry OK

  21. Well hold on folks, Barry has asked questions so let’s respond to them:

    1) Is it the board that makes wenger not spend the money he has specifically put away for him in the accounts?
    No. But if you had some money put away for that “special” gift would you spend it all on something ordinary just because some idiot in the pub told you to? Okay, maybe you would. Luckily the manager of our club won’t. Luckily. He has more knowledge of the market for football players than we do. Luckily.

    2) Is it the board who cannot identify a good goalkeeper?
    No. See the above. Who would you say we should have bought? Who was available? And don’t say the typical “Akinfeev and Lloris” answers because they were not available last summer or in January. So who would you say was available?

    3) Is it the board who teach our players the tippy tappy passing that seems to go nowhere against good clubs but because it works against lower teams we gush?
    You are right. Barcelona have shown that tippy-tappy passing is a terrible way to play. They stink and so do Arsenal. Hoof it downfield. That is the way to go. You should be a manager.

    4) Is it the board who rest players unecessarily in cup games?
    Unecessarily? What inside information do you have? Do you see players train? How do you know what is necessary and what isnt? AW was criticised heavily for resting Arshavin against Birmingham and then when he played against Barca he had to come off after 30 minutes injured. Sometimes the manager is in a better position to make squad judgements than we are. Sometimes.

    5) Is it the board who think we didnt need any major strengthening in the summer and jan especially ?
    No, it was our manager. And considering we have been in the race for the League Championship all season he was 100% definately correct in that assumption.

    6) Was it the board who said this team was 1% away from dominating the premier league last year?
    Considering we have been in the race for the League Championship all season in spite of bad injuries to key players at key times (RvP being of course the biggest) he was 100% definately correct in that assumption. This team is not far away from being the best in the League. And we have plenty of money to improve further. And why do we have plenty of money? Because we have a manager who doesnt spent all his money on ordinary players just because idiots in the pub say he should. Luckily.

    7) Was it the board who guaranteed a trophy this year?
    No, and AW didnt guarantee anything either. He said he thought we would win a trophy this season. Please produce evidence of a guarantee. And even if he did guarantee something do you want to criticize the manager for being confident in his team? Or would you rather he said “I think we suck and have no chance of winning anything” before the season.

    Does that answer your questions? That was easy. Gee, did you think you were making some good points or something like that?

  22. Untold really is the Dog’s Proverbial, not only do we have Great articles, but also the likes of Paul C to help clear up the comments too!!!

    Nice one lads.

  23. Wigan is also memorable for extremely soaking deluges, which were maliciously timed a few years ago (I can’t remember which, either 2007 or 2008) for the precise time when marching from the industrial estate which houses the JCB stadium back to the safety of a train out of Lancashire.

    It is also rumoured that Warrington, Widnes and Wigan tried to recruit the 3Ws in the 1950s into the Lancashire Leagues, but that upstart Whelan heard that they weren’t wearing slacks bought in his shops, so he kiboshed the deal at source. He was 8 years old at the time……

    We are now in the seriously silly position that we need to cheer Tottenham next week at Utd, beat Wigan by lots of goals tomorrow as Robin makes up for lost time in aiming to catch Darren Bent as the league’s leading scorer and we may need to cheer on those nasty boys from Stoke as they aim to take a point from a defenceless Chelsea next weekend. In addition, we will need to help the Totts into the ECL by beating Citeh next weekend, which will create all kinds of mixed emotions in North London. All of which could see us one point ahead of the Mancs and one behind the KGB with them off to Anfield the weekend after.

    As M. Wenger said, it’s done except it might not be. But it probably is anyway. But let’s beat Wigan anyway and see what happens next weekend…….after all, if we beat Wigan 6-0, Blackburn 5-1 and Fulham 5-0, we might just catch up the others on goal difference. If we are lucky……

    On a more realistic one, let’s win the game first and then see how many we can score……

    I guess if all those emotions are too much to handle, we must just be thankful for small mercies and get the 7 points necessary to finish 3rd, hope that 12pts might get us second and generally enjoy the last two homes games of the season before going into cold turkey for 3 months………

  24. Tony,
    Sorry to digress but Chelsea away from the Wigan posting but I think this is relevant to our Wigan match: a win returns us to the same 3point gap between Arsenal, ManU and Chelsea which says to me that in the 4matches remaining for Arsenal THER IS STILL THE EPL TROPHY TO PLAY FOR!

    So, Go ARSENAL, GO!!

    It will also be a good idea for Barry, Critic, etc to review their comments on AW and the team. If, indeed, AW and the team had been s**t this season and it is still seriously competing for the highest laurel in the English games then with due respect, ALL the teams, Chelsea and Manu inclusive have been s**t.

    However, because the Arsenal team have a younger average age, it seems to me that of all the s**t teams this season, Arsenal has a better chance for improving in the coming season.

    My view though is NOT that the teams were s**t nut that EPL, was more competitive this year (in ManCity, Totts, Blackburn, Birmingham, Aston Villa and Everton).

    That AW chose to focus on Youth Development in the period he anticipated that the club would be too burdened by debts to hope to rely exclusively on his historic astute purchase of unknown stars to build his team does not mean that now that he has his Youth template in place, he cannot now return to astute purchases to augment the team such that it is consistently as competitive for trophies as it was in the glory years.

  25. Paul C. — Excellent, excellent comment.

    “And why do we have plenty of money? Because we have a manager who doesnt spent all his money on ordinary players just because idiots in the pub say he should. Luckily.”

    So true.

    Also, cheers to the Totts, and please destroy Man U. And I hope you enjoy your time near the top of the table because thanks to ‘Arry’s financial planning, you will soon end up in administration.

  26. Why I support Arsene, and why we should all hold our heads up high:


    Song: “”My message to our fans is: ‘Believe in us. This team will get better.’

    “I am at the right club. Forget Barcelona, Arsenal is the best club.

    “Arsenal have given me everything and I love this place. If I had to leave I would break down and cry. It’s still my dream to win the league here.”

    (It seems to be a recycled article, from a garbage media outlet, but it gets its point across).

  27. Reckpn we will put in a better performance and could well beat Wigan-is there really a pier in Wigan-or only trouble at t’ mill?
    Song will be back next week and we will improve a bit-barring more injuries.

  28. Tony I am endebted to you for the Attwood and (in parts)true history of Wigan and Wigan Pier. I started life in the area, the cultural centre of Britain, (Liverpool being the capital) but, by the grace of God, ended up being `brung up` around the Seven Sisters Road (Holloway road end) where I was taught to read and write ( an don`t it bleedin` show?)
    Now where was I? Oh! yes Arsenal, that`s a place in London where Coronation Street is banned (ain`t it?)

  29. Who is, or was, Eddie Waring? Well, if you`re not in your seventies or born in Lancashire you may not know. Back in the sixties and early seventies here in Sydney my Saturday afternoons were spent listening to Frank Hyde calling the rugby league, no English (soccer) football was available to us then.
    I would have the wireless (as Aussie`s called it) turned up, snags on the barbie and a glass or two, maybe three of four and listen to Frank, especially if he was calling the Manly game.
    Some of the Manly players came from Castleford of even Warrington and Wigan and a guest broadcaster was often Eddie Waring. He sounded like George Formby. Next question, who the hell was George Formby? I give up, don`t you lot know anything?

  30. Aussie Jack

    Actually much of the nonsense reviews on this site done before each match under the name Billy the Dog are based on truths. The Roman fort, the cemetery, the record number of applications for a place in the league. All I do is move things a little – obviously it wasn’t Henry the Thrid, king of the twerping errors but it was Henry 3rd etc etc etc.

    One day, some kid in Wigan who has been told to do an essay on his town, will find this stuff, do the usual cut and paste and present it as the truth.

    And that will be my reward.

  31. @Tony and to earlier disappointed commenter’s – I forgive you.

    Pride and Positivity appreciated in difficult times.

    1st Year Reader and 1st time poster.

    I work in FE Education supporting students in South East London. I see it as my mission to spread the word of the Prophet St Tony the Atwood re The Lords Arsenal and to enlighten the young’uns about their local history read:


    I minister, mentor and patiently explain why they would all be much happier in Life supporting The Arsenal (long term you know it makes sense). Now they – as are you, are armed with the Good Book i.e. Tony’s informative blogs and a map to the Grove, their souls are safe through the knowledge that they are supporting a. the proper South East London team and b. the ONLY proper London club in the top tier.

    The other so called clubs(?) don’t counts as they are either:

    1. Name stealing loud-mouth cheats from Middlesex
    3. An imaginary club created as a work of fiction now upgraded to a means of Virtual Financial Reality hosted via the KGB
    4. A quaint little Sunday school boys outfit from the Surrey Borders, now known as Real Fulham a Royal name for a Royal Supermarket
    5. That team of mockneys from Essex

    LoL @ Tony’s comment about Students copying and pasting omg its so true – it will happen T. mark my words – I only wish I could be there to see it.

    That is all i refuse to acknowledge anything else that happened today.

  32. Well Tony we now know where Wigan is and I`m told they have errected a road sign pointing south, `Emirates`, just so the bus driver will know which way to go. Enough said.

  33. Good and amusing article, well done
    Wigan manager Roberto Martinez will be thrilled.
    Martinez boss has expressed his excitement at the change in mentality he senses among his players this season as they climbed to 12th place in the Premier League table

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