Mr Leavy takes action to save the club’s success

Making some sort of sense of what these Tiny Tott characters say can be a bit of a time-consuming job. Indeed I’ve been working at it all day and I still can’t quite make it work.

Mr Daniel Levy, that jolly nice fellow-me-lad who “runs” (I use the word lightly) one of the more minor footballing clubs in the north of London, said this..”We have achieved too much over the last seven years… to allow this to be overtaken and thrown away overnight.”

So, seven years worth of achievement.   That must be…Well fortunately Mr Levy gives us some clues.  It includes 3 entries into the European Diddly widdly cup for clubs what don’t quite make it into the Champs League (like Milan).  Winning the UK cup for reserve teams, which the Tiny Totts cheat at by putting out their first team (and then holding wild all-night parties because their first team manages to beat our under 9s team in the semis).  Oh yes, and training centre planning permission.

I kid you not – Mr Levy actually quoted “training centre planning permssion” as one of the “achieved so much” things worth noting.So there you have it – 3 trips to Europe, winning the Little Cup, and planning permission for a training centre.   That’s it in seven years.  It is success.

All except one little thing.  It is a detail and I hardly dare mention it, but just for completeness you understand I thought I really ought to add.   You see, the jolly fellow under whose leadership most of this happened – the Euro qualifications, the building of the team capable of beating Arsenal’s children, and so forth – was Martin Jol.  And he was sacked by… Mr Levy.

Anyway, makes you think about Arsenal’s achievements over the same period.   Unbeaten Season, that sort of thing.   Still better not boast.