FA action against Nottm Forest, SFA against Rangers, and then Tottenham

There are two interesting reports doing the rounds today.  One is that the FA have put out a statement about chanting by Nottm Forest fans against Dave Jones who is manager of Cardiff City.  It says, “We strongly condemn any chanting which contains foul and abusive language or is of a homophobic or discriminatory nature.”  They say they are gathering information.

Then there is the story that the Scottish FA has warned Rangers that points will be docked if there is more inappropriate chanting by their supporters.   By this they mean the Famine Song which is about the Irish potato famine of the 1840s and includes the line “The famine is over, why don’t you go home?”

George Peat, the SFA’s president, is talking with the SPL and the police.

Uefa have already punished Rangers for the supporters’ “poor conduct” at Villarreal.

Now let us turn to the action by the police, UEFA, the EPL, Portsmouth FC, and the FA in relation to the appalling behaviour by Tottenham supporters at Portsmouth.   Here it is…

(Quiet isn’t it).

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  1. A judge threw out the child abuse case against Dave Jones saying the allegations were groundless. Eight years later rival fans continue to bring it up in so called “banter” and the authorities are finally pretending to do something about it. So when are they going to do something about what our rivals chant about Arsene Wenger? If it’s supposed to be a joke then I’d like to see someone explain to a victim of child abuse just exactly what is so funny about what happened to them. Or how about explaining the “joke” to Arsene’s own wife and daughter? Of course I can’t defend Arsenal fans habit of calling the mother of whichever fool is the current Spuds manager a wh0re but surely joking about child abuse is beyond the pale.

  2. Ahhh… but Tony!

    Surely you must understand: if it involves politics, or religion, the ‘authorities’ will come down very very VERY hard on the offenders.

    But if it involves ‘queers’ or ‘darkies’?

    Well, ahem, *cough*, we don’t get involved in those types of ‘gutter-level’ disputes here at the ‘authority head-(up bum)-quarters’.

    Just wouldn’t be ‘proper’ you see?

    Turn away, turn away, turn away etc…

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