My boss was right : Alexis is awesome

By Walter Broeckx

My boss was right. Ah, aren’t  they always right you might say. Well let us leave that in the middle. Because my boss has made some mistakes in his life. Like when he decided to support a team like Barcelona. That surely can only be seen as a big mistake. But apart from that he is a nice boss. And him being a politician is maybe also something that speaks against him. But well we all have our defaults.

Now of course I don’t want to talk about my job as you might find a boring. You are here to talk about football. And about football we will talk.

I still remember the day when the rumour of Alexis going to Arsenal was getting to heights that you might say: OK, there might be a little bit of truth in the rumours. In the days before the moaners were moaning about the fact that Wenger was seen in Brazil even enjoying himself when playing some football on the beach. How dare he enjoying himself!

But as usual the moments the camera’s were not in place Wenger was working for Arsenal in silence. And his contact with Alexis Sanchez brought us our little Chilean forward.

When my boss came in to the town hall and saw me he said to me: “Walter I am really unhappy about this. Alexis will leave Barcelona and go to Arsenal. And I am angry because they are willing to let him go”. The news he was getting from Barcelona was that the deal was 100% done. Nothing yet on but he was 100% certain about it. And 200% unhappy.

Now I admit I stopped watching most of other football apart from Arsenal.I had heard the name Alexis before. But I didn’t see him play that much. Looking at his stats he looked to be a good player. But I honestly admit I didn’t see much of him up to that point.  But my boss travels to Barcelona a few times a year and watches them on TV most of the time. So he must know a bit about them.

“Walter,” he said: “I know for sure that Arsenal will love him.  I love him more than Messi (wow!). He is my favourite player for the moment.”  Of course I asked him why is he that special. And he said: “you will see. He is the hardest working forward I have ever seen. He never stops. He always is busy. Always putting pressure on the opponents, always making life difficult for them. And he can score goals. Easy tap ins but also the most beautiful goals you will see”.

My boss was really pissed off about him leaving his favourite team. I don’t know if my boss has found another favourite player yet. But I must admit that all that he said about Alexis was true.  A politician that keeps his promises! Have you ever seen that? Of course they weren’t political promises. It was just his personal view on a football player that I didn’t know.  But as I knew that my boss is someone who knows a thing or two about football and follows it with passion I trusted him.

And when the news became official and after having done my youtube scouting work I was completely convinced that we might have a great player added to our team.  So by then I was really excited about Alexis Sanchez.

And now after Alexis has been an Arsenal player for 3 months I can completely understand my boss. I would invite you to spend 90 minutes of your existence on this earth and watch the Sunderland – Arsenal match again.

And then you will notice that not everything Alexis touches turns in to gold. But if there is one Arsenal player that loses the ball that will chase down the field to win it back it will probably be Alexis.  If there is one player that will chase the ball that goes to the other keeper it will be Alexis 8 out of 10 times. Might be 7 as Welbeck also did a superb job last weekend. But Alexis goes deeper to the keeper. Scares him more. And that lead to our second goal.

If there is one player that will chase defenders and force them to hurry up and make mistakes it is likely that it will be Alexis. And thus creating our first goal. When Mertesacker cleared the ball and pumped it up field Alexis was maybe 20 meters inside our own half. And he then started chasing a lost cause it seems as Brown was maybe 10 metres in the Sunderland half.

Even Cattermole trying to block him without the ball couldn’t stop the little Chilean from running past everyone. I don’t think Brown knew what flew past him when he tried to connect with the ball.  Was it a plane? Is it a bird? No it was Alexis Sanchez at full speed.  And then that delicate finish. It reminded me of Vela with his lovely touch at times.

That he will work hard every second of every game is what made my boss love Alexis so much. And now I completely understand him. He is quick, hard working and very brave if you look at how he copes with the dangerous and reckless tackles he has suffered so far this season. He never gives up and that attitude is amazing to see.

With each game I think to myself: my boss was right. On that anyway. And Barcelona their loss will be our gain he said. Well it sure has been that way so far. Alexis Sanchez is 25 years. So still has a few years in front of him. And we all know how Wenger can improve strikers. Ask Thierry Henry, ask Adebayor, ask Van Persie….

I know it is easy to praise a player when things are going his way. But he will have bad games also. But then we will not call him out about that. Because we know what he can do and what he will do: work his socks off. And that is all I want him to do. And I somehow think that is something he will do. And more.

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  1. You are spot on Walter, Alexis is a truly inspirational player with his incredible work rate and enthusiasm. Hats off to Arsene for bringing him to our club.
    Even the ‘haters’ would have to agree with you today Walter.

  2. Walter I agree 100% with your piece – Sanchez is incredible he’s that rare breed of player who is world class but works harder than any journeyman footballer and in terms of effect on the team he can have the same level of influence as Suarez did for Liverpool last season except unlike nasty Suarez, Sanchez is also that rare thing in football these days – An absolute gentleman not soft by any means and giving defenders nearly a metre taller and 30 kilos heavier such a torrid time they must dread playing against him .
    He leads by example and must by a joy to play with as you can already see the other players have such respect for him – however one word of warning for you Bootoomee does not take kindly to players being singled out for praise as I found out yesterday and you may find him suggesting that you are some sort off AAA ? (I believe the term is ? ) for daring to promote the idea that Sanchez may have something extra to offer that others don’t .

  3. One thing for sure for me..

    I really miss Patrick Vieira or tony Adams play..

    They are a player that work for team..
    N they have a great leadership..

    This day arsenal are more technical not to powerfull …

    Back to alexis..
    The way i see alexis, his very hardworker player..
    But he don’t have a leadership like viera or adams..

    But we are lucky to have him upon the team..
    Hope he can improve more that the way he is right now..
    With Wenger still in the team, I’m sure he will improve..

  4. Mick, sadly many of the haters are fretting that Sanchez is too good for us, and will leave when Wenger…. willingly sells him to the likes Chelsea or City or PSG, or for all I know Liverpool or Spurs at the end of this season. A shame they cannot just enjoy the sublime gift that is Alexis. They of course have every right to their own opinions if they really believe them, but as I say, just a bit of a shame. Why worry about something that will not be happening for some time?

  5. A player that works hard like Alexis puts pressure on the other players to do the same. It is good to have someone like him. It is possible that the others up front are still learning to play at his speed and to be able to anticipate his moves both with and without the ball. One thing about pressing is that it is usually not effective unless done as a team.

  6. Very accurate article Walter.

    The word that best describes Sanchez and his difference to the majority of modern attacking players, is a greek word “μερακλής” meaning ‘devotee’ (with a Passion) of course to the shirt he wares but more so devoted to the correct spirit of football and what is required in team spirit – perhaps thats what AW saw also in him in addition to his output technically on the field.

  7. ” Bootoomee
    October 25, 2014 at 5:18 pm


    I haven’t read a word of the article but I gotta say that your title is absolutely spot on!

    I have only seen Alexis play in the flesh once (Emirates cup vs Monaco) and boy that guy never stops running and chasing all sorts of seemingly hopeless balls. Those who get to see him the flesh more often can testify. He does much more than the cameras show. He is hardwork personified!

    Now, I’ll go back and read the article 🙂 ”

    The above was from the article that 4evered referenced.

    It is comments like his from 3.11pm that makes me go mental with bullshitters and liars who twist the words of others to win Internet arguments.

    I called 4evered out yesterday for calling Alexis team mates “average” but he didn’t say that in his bitchy comment from 3.11pm. If you are going to keep malice and continue to fight lost battles, the least you can do is be honest about those you whine about and not make shit up about them.

    4evered, you are a lying sack of shite.

  8. Mandy Dodd,

    There are those pathetic souls who are always second guessing when good things happen to them. Naturally, they will believe that Alexis is too good for Arsenal and will soon leave but then they will be the first to rend their garments in tears about him leaving. What a sad way to live!

    On the other side are the 4evered types who have to shit on other Arsenal players to praise the ones in good form.

  9. Man City, Liverpool, Tottenham, Man Utd, Chelsea all dropped points while we got an away win after an away Champions league week and three games without a win. I know it was only Sunderland but thats a great weekend for us. I was worried they would regroup and galvanise after their 8-0 defeat. Alexis looks by far our best player, his power, fight & speed our like players from the invincibles. He’s a born winner, hopefully he can pull some of the other up with him and get us on track again. Amazing signing.

  10. He is a bit special and looks very excited to be playing for this team. There will come a time when some of the others return and the side as a whole will hit form – and then I think he will enjoy it even more. I find it incredibly easy to imagine this current Arsenal side to put together a run of form that is as whirlwind and exciting as any that we have enjoyed in the past. We have some excellent players – we really do.

  11. AFternoon all. Excellent article Walter.Alexis Sanchez has everything, including an incredible heart and work rate. Once we get this team out of second gear, our injured players back, the right combinations in place etc I have a feeling this young man will fly. The fact he has adapted so quickly to the physical English game and rash challenges shows his character.Going to be a legend.

  12. Go Alexis ! Go Arsenal !
    Loved him for trying to get Ivanhobitch during the Chelski game ! There ‘ll be chances sooner or later !

  13. Bootoomee clearly you have a selective memory and when it fails you well then you just resort to basic abuse – I warned you yesterday about misrepresenting what people say – here’s my last post referring to your distortion of what i said and proving you wrong –

    Bootoomee my message clearly says ” in my opinion” so cant see how Im dictating to you but again your reaction to anyone who does not agree with your views seems to be to misrepresent what they say as slight not just on you but apparently everyone on this site – so for you once again here is what i said

    ” if we did not have the brilliant (a wenger signing) Sanchez on the pitch we would not have scored those goals he is a gem .”

    nothing about defending or goal keeping just goal scoring ok so please don’t interpret what I say to suit your own agenda – oh and the reason I mentioned him as an Arsene signing is because people criticise our managers transfer dealings

    Following your post today I challenge you to produce the message i posted ” calling Alexis team mates average ” or admit that you were lying and apologise – I basically said what Walter said today only less eloquently – you Bootoomee need to grow up a bit .

  14. Mandy Dodd. Very good comments, as usual. Some ‘fans’ have dug themselves into a pretty deep hole and the only way to get out is to deny anything that could oppose their position. It is a real shame because they are missing out. A crowd of us were in the pub reading a well known Arsenal blog the day after we had won the Community Shield at Wembley and it was a real opener. We were actually laughing at these buffoons who think they are fans. Instead of celebrating the win, they were picking holes and making excuses for Manchester City. Completely weird way to support your club but one wonders how many are what they claim to be. Social Media permits anonymity, so I suspect a load were fans of other clubs geeing up the sad little activists.

  15. Bootoomee
    here’s what you said yesterday shame you dont practice what you preach ?

    October 26, 2014 at 6:23 pm

    I thought your comment was tongue in cheek but apparently, it isn’t. okay, here is my response:

    This site allows all opinions as long as they are not racist, indecent

  16. I also have read the bullshit from some parts where they already predict that Alexis will leave soon. Hey why even not say January already? sigh….
    Oh and he will leave together with Özil of course. Who anyway is useless according to them and we will even sell him at a 10M loss.

    Why do some people need to get unhappy about something that only could happen in one of those computer games that some people like to play… fifa manager of Football 2014 or whatever they are called….

    Man some really can only be happy when feeling unhappy….

  17. Last season they said you can never win anything with Giroud up front. Well we now have Welbeck and Alexis. An Alexis who I start to compare with Suarez but with ethics. Alexis will bite but only in the ball.
    Biting in the ball is a translated Flemish expression by the way. Meaning a player who really goes for every ball and only has eye for the ball

  18. Walter your boss will make a very good scout for Arsenal. He obviously has a good eye for quality – Alexis & you!!

  19. For my visit to the Emirates this Saturday PGMOL chief Mike Riley has decided to present us with a new face: Craig Pawson.

  20. All the Arsenal squad are on long term contracts, which will be extended at the appropriate time.

    Therefore it is Arsene who decides if and when they will be sold, not the media.

    There is very little chance of anyone going until the time is right for the club, unlike Suarez they are extremely unlikely to ‘press’ for a move.

  21. “A thing of beauty is a joy forever” – John Keats.
    We wont have Alexis forever, but hopefully for a good few years….unless something completely unforseeable…..or maybe a Shawcross crosses his path to goal.
    He is going to love all the chances for goals he is going to get here.

  22. We all agree that he is a brilliant signing. His work rate is astonishing. The only criticism that I have, if I may, is that he should pass the ball to the free player just that fraction early. There are times and a lot of times when he has held that ball a little too long and the other players who have taken very good attacking positions, have then been blocked. I am sure AW must be working on that. Can you all imagine when Theo is back and Alexis lets that pass on time? Devastating, is the word that comes to mind.

  23. Mandy and others,
    Why would Alexis Sanchez not stay really long-term with Arsenal?
    He might even finish his career with us, if he is happy at the club.
    The official site said: “We got our man” when we got him to join us.
    He is the first ever confirmed top player to come from Barcelona to us.

  24. 4evered,

    You are a whiny petty bitch who brought a matter from one thread to another unprovoked. But it would have been okay if you hadn’t lied about me in the process.

    You called Alexis’ team mates “average” and that is PRECISELY my issue with you. Go ahead and praise Sanchez, he clearly deserves it and I had praised him before you BUT don’t insult his team mates. That is not too much to ask from an Arsenal fan is it?

    It was people like you who were saying that Ramsey wasn’t fit to wear the shirt while the young man was going through a difficult period. That is precisely what you were doing to Alexis’ team mates with your comment about them being “average”. If you can’t repeat what you said that caused our argument don’t come to a different thread tell lies about me.

    You are a lying piece of shit and you don’t get to tell anyone to grow up if you are still whining (with FALSEHOOD) about me over a matter from more than 30 hours ago. You are the one that needs a lot of growing up to do.

    And please, STOP LYING!

  25. Alexis is a very good player but to say his workrate and quality puts pressure on others to match his standards is fanciful at best. Have you seen the effort put in by Ozil this year?

  26. Excellent article, and I agreed with your boss Walter even before Sanchez signed for us 🙂 I have a confession, I have a soft spot for Barcelona and they’re the only team I follow outside of England. I don’t support them but I do follow the goings on there, primarily because they’re a side that tries to play football and win fairly without parking buses or breaking the opposition’s legs. They remind me a lot of Arsenal, apart from the Busacca incident (not sure if they’re to blame). Anyway, when Alexis joined from Udinese I saw his debut for Barcelona and I couldn’t believe what I saw. He was playing out on the right wing, a position Pedro had made his, and all of a sudden I could understand what the fuss had been all about. He was like that in the next few matches and put in a particularly brilliant performance against Madrid in a copa del Rey match that had Guardiola oozing with praise. You can imagine how mourinho set his thugs (particularly Pepe) to literally demolish the barca players but Alexis kept going back for more it was unbelievable. He may be small in stature but has a lion’s heart.

    I couldn’t understand when they started putting him on the bench, but even then his stats were impressive (particularly his last season where he played virtually as a substitute) that when talk that he was wanted by Wenger I was praying that this wasn’t another vapour transfer. The guy is a true workhorse. Of course he’s benefiting from playing with teammates who play the kind of style he’s used to at Barcelona, and that’s helped him settle quicker. But I can’t wait for the day when everyone is fully fit(if the pgmol allows that to happen), this team will strike fear in opposition’s hearts.

  27. Ray from Norfolk, Virginia

    We should be able to hold on to him now we have increased revenue from Emirates, PUMA, TV money and other ventures, and can afford to pay competitive wages with most clubs. However he could move like others have if offered significantly more money or if we are not delivering on the pitch

  28. Proudkev 6:14
    I did say the same exact line up to a colleague yesterday, all three speed merchants with the pass master just behind them. I’m drooling already 🙂

  29. Craig Pawson, let’s hope he won’t be another East. Would be nice to have one match, just one, where we just enjoy the football without screaming at the ref, for a change.

  30. @zoon,

    Every player has his own style if play, character as we call it. In simple words Ozil cannot be Alexis and Wilshere cannot be a Ramsey. And Alexis alone is not ARSENAL. Its a combination of Alexis, Wilshere, Ramsey, Arteta, Ozil,Mertesacker, koscielny, Szczesny, Theo, Giroud, Gibbs,…..

  31. does anyone on this site do anything about Bootoomee’s abusive behavior ?

    October 27, 2014 at 6:47 pm

    Mind your own business or just plain go fuck yourself.

    Bootoomee – it’s quite simple cut and paste the quote where I say the other players are “average ” then everyone will see im a liar yes ?

    But you cant can you ? booboo because you made it up didnt you booboo ? come on you me up ? cut and paste – lol

  32. First, some football news

    Jon Toral has lost his duck in his loan to Brentford in their 3-1 loss to Bolton.

    The concusion issue has pointed out some failings of substitution policies. According to the BBC, there is at least one other failed policy:
    > Injury-hit Alfreton Town will have to play an outfield player in goal for Tuesday’s FA Cup fourth-qualifying round replay against Lincoln City.


    @OT Healthy Belgian Fries?

    There are two concerns as far as healthy fries go: salt and oil. We generally eat too much salt. As far as oils go, animal fats tend to be saturated, and we want to reduce saturated fats. Hydrogenated oils tend to be high in trans-fats, which we want to reduce. Light unsaturated oils would be preferred. All bets are off if you consider coconut oil, it has significantly shorter lipid chains.

    Some chefs are particular about what kind of potato to use, but I am not seeing concensus. It may be you want a low starch potato, or a high starch potato. A baking potato, or a floury potato should work better than a waxy potato. Another thing to look for, is a soft potato (raw). Older potatoes, and potatoes stored at lower temperatures will develop more sugar, and hence become browner when frying.

    Size uniformity will influence how uniform the fries are in cooking. One description for Beligan fries was to cut uniformly sized potatoes into 1/2 inch thick discs, and then slice the disc into 1/4 inch slices (1/4×1/2xlength parallelpipeds).

    The size of the fry will be important, I am seeing 1/4 inch to 3/8 inch. However, it would seem that Belgian fries are thicker sliced.

    Potato will darken if left exposed to air, washing in diluted lemon juice (citrus) stops this. You do want to wash off surface starch, and you want to keep them cold before cooking. Perhaps a light wash in citrus water, rinse, store in ice water at least 15 minutes, towel dry, spread well on baking sheet and place in self defrosting freezer for 10 minutes to dry some more.

    Deep fried

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    Typically we want a light oil with a high smoke point (above that of the cooking). Refined coconut oil typically has a higher smoke point than unrefined, and probably is above 400F. Coconut oil has a lower molecular weight than most vegetable oils (medium chain, not long chain). apparently talks about double frying. First frying is more important than second. First frying should be done with small batches of fries, to minimize how low the oil temperature becomes. Second frying is nominally just to warm up the fries. Hence, a person should do first fry to the point where the colour is starting to change. Epicurious says 4-5 minutes at 325 for first frying, 1-2 minutes for second at same temperature. The fries should cool to room temperature after the first frying. Toss occassionally while cooling, to keep them from getting soggy. Second frying can be at a higher temperature (to help promote colour change). Historically a mixture of ox and horse fat. Today, a mixture of ox fat and vegetable oil. Apparently serving in a paper cone is important.


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    Some recipes employ seasoning before cooking. I will divide this into salt and everything else. There is little or no point using non-salt seasonings before cooking, it will likely just become burned during cooking. Salt on the surface will tend to draw water to the surface. If we are rinsing starch off the surface and then drying the potato pieces, there is no water to draw to the surface, and salt shouldn’t be useful then. Being a simple chemical, salt isn’t burned by cooking.

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    There only seems to be the one company working on seaweed granules, and maybe they gave up. A piece of dried seaweed in a coffee grinder, and make your own? Try different seaweeds?


    We go to the trouble to wash off potato starch, and then many coated fries come back and add a powdered starch. Go figure. Anything that is vaguely a “flour” could be part of a coating. I’ve seen powdered cheeses added to the flour. Grinding quinoa is a spice grinder is said to work.

    Eggwash based coatings.


    Sweet potatoes, yams (almost same as sweet potato), baby carrot, turnip, parsnip, eggplant, ….

    With the above, you should be able to make Belgian Fries, French Fries, healthy fries and various kinds of alternative fries. Hopefully you now know enough to have most (all?) recipes turn out.

  33. Where is the fun in that Mick?

    I’m 54, and been cooking for 49 years. Only had 5 or 6 recipes not turn out.

  34. More than 33,000 tickets have been sold for the International Women’s Friendly against Germany at Wembley.

    Canada had 29,953 at Commonwealth Stadium for a game against Mexico.

  35. Why would Sanchez want to leave? Arsene has plans for Arsenal, and Sanchez leaving is not in there I’d like to bet.

  36. Bootomee….we all love your erudite and elegant comments here but honestly you are crossing a line with your language and vilification of 4evered, even if he pissed you off royally. We are all brother Gooners here, even 4evered. You can certainly disagree with his allegations and comments, afterall they are only opinions, which he must defend if he wants to be credible. Gowever calling him names and denegrating him is not the Untold Arsenal style nor is it usually yours. PRETTY PLEASE rediscover your alterego which is usually rational, fair-minded and supportive of fellow UA bloggers.

  37. @mick

    I can’t say I know of anything in Indian cuisine which resembles fries (frites, …). I have seen Indian oriented coatings for “fries” (or substitutes). If coating “fries” with something that can melt (sinter) or bond (eggwash), a person could add garam masala or other spice/herb blends.

    QPR beat Burnley, 1-0. The BBC has a picture attached to their story. Doesn’t ‘Arry look happy?

    To me, he looks like he lost his best friend. Maybe his dog died (and the dog’s will sent all the money to someone other than ‘Arry). Rosie? Sorry, I don’t remember the name of his dog.

  38. @mick

    I’ve had “potato chips” (aka crisps?, the things in a bag the Frito Lay and others sell) which had a coating of wasabi. I very much liked them, but I gather the market didn’t (no longer available).

    Market availability is a funny thing. Just because something you used to be able to buy, is no longer available, doesn’t mean it is no longer available. For a while a year or so ago, a store near the farm was selling a pop (soda) flavoured with pomegranite. I had never seen a pomegranite pop before. But apparently in some markets, it sells quite well. It does not sell in the markets I visit here. Which is a pitty, as pomegranite is almost to males, what cranberry is to females. A useful source of polyphenols and other compounds.

  39. There have been things in the news about Gattuso. I remember him playing in Italy, I don’t know that I remember him playing in Scotland (Rangers). But he was a player that seemed to always give his best all game long, every game, regardless of who the opposition was.

    Gattuso and Alexis Sanchez do not play the same style of football, or in the same position. But for me, Alexis Sanchez shares a lot of characteristics with Gattuso.

    The BBC has had news about Gattuso as a manager in Greece/Cyprus the last week or so. First they said he was resigning, just today a new story is out that he isn’t resigning.

    Which is probably a good thing. If he gives even 10% as a manager, as to what he did as a player, he wants whatever team he is involved in to succeed.

  40. If u fellas are thrilled at Alexis’s performance at Arsenal and at some extent, at Barcelona, you should see him when he was at Udinese. He was a one man army. He practically bullied Serie A’s finest. He and Di Natale carrried a team of nobodys to Champions League Twice at the time when Serie A were really competitive. He was regarded the league’s best player when he was there. Was always less regarded elsewhere because of his small stature.

  41. Kudos to the article Walter. Can’t really add anything to it, it’s perfect.
    October 27, 2014 at 6:14 pm
    “Alexis, Theo and Welbeck being fed by Ozil – that is frightening”.
    I think they will end up feeding one another, and all will score
    in a sort of “rotational sense”.
    What’s with the constant bickering? Name calling and such stuff is petty and(think about it) shows the thoughts and content of minds. Just because someone calls you a name does not mean you have to retort. Though I suppose we can only be who we are at that moment.

    Oh Bootoomee, where art thou? Has thou been replaced by a “clone”? We miss your humour and would rather lose your aggression.
    One thing some of us do not realise is, that the team DOES strike fear in the hearts of others, this is why we are attacked like we are, on all fronts. If they did not fear us, why would they bother?
    Just think about that for a moment.

    Concerning Alexis, i hope this man becomes a mainstay at Arsenal.
    Can you imagine Alexis at 35 dominating the midfield or defence(i mean
    when/if he drops back a position due to age)?

    Yea, we are not fully burning yet, but we will get there. Some of us sometimes forget
    and lose sight of the second battle Arsenal is facing. Just think for a moment what Arsenal would be doing if not for these attacks.

    I realise AW’s (sometimes)frustration, because he KNOWS he has a good team.

  42. omgarsenal
    October 28, 2014 at 12:51 am Thanks OMG I appreciate your comments on free speech and opinions – I wouldnt mind if I was saying Wenger Out !
    but all i did was express an opinion and praise one of our players – I too hope the bootoomee that you know returns – hopefully UA wlecomes a variety of views .

  43. Bootomee, you don’t have to go down to 4evered’s level to insult him. Stay cool my friend like you usually do.

  44. Sanchez is brilliant indeed. Why worry about him leaving? How about looking at it this way and think that his being at Arsenal will encourage other great players to join us and the other great ones we already have to stay.

    @Bootooome, I’ve looked at 4evered posts and I can’t see where he calls the rest of the players average. Not sure why you have to resort to offensive remarks but I guess some people like to vent their anger. Sad really.

  45. omgarsenal,

    Thanks for being a fair mediator. It’s noted and appreciated.

    4evered referenced me UNFAIRLY in his very first comment on this thread unprovoked. Why couldn’t he just praise Walter and move on like everybody else? Why did he have to tell lies about me and for what purpose?

    Disagree with me if you want, I am up for it but I don’t tolerate people who go about making shit up about others. You may need to ask 4evered why he had to hold me up as the guy who is against praising Alexis when I never did that.

  46. Chapman’s Ghost,

    Where you able to see where I objected to Alexis being praised too or are you just playing the biased mediator as usual?

  47. @bootoome, the only thing I’m biased towards is the truth. If 4evered said the rest of the team was average as you claim please show it. I can’t see it. Maybe I missed it, fair enough, and I must admit I can’t see why you’d lie about it as it’s easy enough to go back and check posts.

  48. Chapman’s Ghost,

    There are 2 claims here. You’ve ‘cleared’ 4evered of my accusation but can’t be bothered about his accusation that I am against praising Alexis which is the cause of our dispute in the first place.

    That is why you are biased.

    Can you do the fair thing here and clear me too of 4evered’s accusation?

  49. @Bootoome, I never thought you were against praising Alex and I agree that one man does not make a whole team. That was your original point I believe. Fine. I’m sorry but I’m not going to go back through the whole thing again, the thread has now vanished, suffice to say I’m not sure why you started hurling insults about something 4evered never said. Now you appear to admit you were wrong. Fine. 4evered may have been wrong too, the only difference being he didn’t become super abrasive about it. The whole argument though was about you claiming he said the rest of the team were average and he didn’t. I’ll take your word on 4evered’s accusation, foolish though that may be, and he can always argue that one out with you.

    On the whole you usually make well thought out contributions and you rarely use vitriolic language to support them but occasionally if people disagree with you you go into meltdown. Well you’re not the only one, we all lose it sometimes.

  50. Its funny how these little trolls try to vilify Boo.
    Such silly trolls.
    Go on Boo. I found nothing wrong with you calling a liar a liar.

  51. Chapman’s ghost,

    I will continue to be ‘super abrasive’ when some idiot bring up my name unprovoked in the second comment on a thread to lie about me saying what I never said. You keep going on about me being wrong about 4evered calling our other players average which he did but somehow you are happy to ignore his blatant lie about me without any provocation.

    It was convenient for you to scroll through the previousthread to aabsolve 4evered but when comes to doing the same to show he lied about and bore false witness against me it became too tedious and inconvenient. That’s why you are biased. You either stay out of it all or be a fair mediator.

    About my abrasive outbursts, it is not going to stop any time soon against those who make shit up about others and their apologists.

  52. I have to say i couldnt find the word average in 4evered posts. As bootoomee has failed to provide the quote i guess it aint there. Even if it was used, did 4evered deserve to be insulted for suggesting so? Were Alexis’ teamates average against Sunderland? And the elephant in the room-in the context used is average an insult?

  53. InitialsBB,

    I take that like Chapman’s ghost you are on a side and doesn’t care about the blatant lie about me opposing praising Alexis that caused the argument in first place.

    Mighty fair of you.

    BTW, if anyone sullies my name unprovoked I’ll attack them with all I’ve got. Disagree with me but don’t bring up my name as an example of what I’m not.

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