What can we do with Eduardo?

In a couple of weeks time Eduardo will be back in the squad, possibly playing as a sub in the Wigan league cup game, possibly being a sub in a subsequent league game.

Either way, assuming none of the others gets injured in the meanwhile this will be our forward situation

Adebayor, Van Persie, Eduardo, Bendtner, Vela

With as backups: Walcott, Diaby (I still have to keep watching the video of the match in Turkey to believe it, but yes, there he was).

This is, by any stretch of the imagination an amazing collection of players – although it was interesting that last summer a number of commentators wanted us to buy MORE forwards on the grounds that

Adebayor was leaving, van Persie was always injured, Bendtner just wasn’t up to it (I know one moment doesn’t make a player but the pass from B. to A. for the second goal against WHU was a wonderful moment), Vela was unproven, Theo wasn’t a centre forward, Eduardo might not come back at all, and who is Diaby.

The problem is keeping everyone happy. Before the assault on Eduardo he was looking brilliant, scoring some extraordinary goals, and complementing Adebayor perfectly.

And now?

It will mean that from December onwards we can rotate players much more than ever before, and as and when Adebayor hits a non-scoring period we let him sit it out. But whereas Vela and Bendtner would have expected the leading role in the league cup they might not get it.

It certainly is fortunate that we didn’t go out and buy yet more forwards. And indeed the same could be said to be an emerging truth with the midfield – the ceaseless demand for one or two midfielders now looks a little misplaced with Denilson and Song both able to slot in next to Cesc, and Rosicky now scheduled to return in December. Bishchoff is making progress, and there has been wonderful contributions from Ramsey and Wilshere.

And then there is Diaby.  When I saw him, before the assault at Sunderland, I thought he was a magnificent, natural centre midfielder, but when he returned from injury he never quite seemed to have it.  I feared the worst for him after another injury at the start of this season – and that just shows what little I know.   The way he is at the moment, if Cesc got injured you could probably play Diaby alongside Denilson and have a very effective central midfield pairing.

You know, I think this is looking quite jolly.

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  1. I love your blog and this is now the first place I visit everyday because I love the refreshing up-beat positivity about our team, with which I am in full agreement.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. I was right as you are now in coming out later to support any decisions taken by Wenger. He’s been proved right in a way and it doesn’t matter if we go through a bad patch with this set of players. They have class written all over them and above all, they are a TEAM!!!! He knows this team and will most certainly make the right selections when the time comes.

    In Christ Jesus I trust but in Arsene, we have an able manager, one of the best in the world if not the best.

    I for one will sorely miss him when he decides it is time to go. That day will surely come if not sooner, later. I would prefer the latter.

  3. Good article. I am less optimistic of the midfield options though. Yes, we do have Den, Song and Diaby who can play alongside Cesc but who among them can REPLACE Cesc adequately if he becomes injured?

  4. it’s true. right. i think ade up front on his own. all the rest in floating midfield positions behind him. all 5 at once. that’ll confuse them. we’d probably concede a few goals, but surely score more.

  5. Hi, Tony
    Nice blog.
    Mostly agree again, but I suspect Eduardo will not be available for first-team selection till January. Wenger said he’d be in competitive training by mid-November, and I would expect it would take at least six weeks or so for him to get to match fitness, bearing in mind he is bound suffer the odd setback. But then again, knowing Iron Man Eduardo…!

    Stiff competition for places, eh? Whatever next?!

    I think is Cesc was injured, Ramsey or even Denilson could replace him in “lesser” games, but also bear in mind we don’t have to replace him directly – using a combination of Diaby/Denilson/Bendter/Van Persie/Nasri, or even Rosicky if he ever gets fit, would supply the necessary creativity. It just might come from a number 10-type player rather than a midfielder.

  6. I agree FunGunner – no team has a like for like replacement for their star player, because that player would not be content with less than regular starts. Arsene would play a slightly different formation based on the players he has available. Hence why there is no direct Flamini replacement at the moment.

  7. Hey Tony, love your optimism as always.

    I’m quite gutted, although ‘gutted with a smile’, if there is such a thing, by the result tonight against the Tiny Totts.

    Ratboy Bentley really put the smirk about which was rather hard to watch.

    Anyway, main point being, I can’t wait for your analysis!

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