Giroud on the button

By Tony Attwood

Last season there was mass wild ravings from the AAA and their backers in the mass media, to the effect that Olivier Giroud was no good, useless, a waste of space, tedious, pointless and various other things that I’m too busy to mention.

I replied once or twice with an analysis which showed that Giroud’s goal output (or is that input) during his first two seasons at Arsenal was not too dissimilar from that of Thierry Henry and that if Henry had got the same treatment from said AAA and associated turnips, then he would have left and we would not have had the invincibles.

Such figures however are as nought to the naysayers and so the matter rested there, the abuse continued and those few of us interested in facts rather than rampant opinion making based on invented concepts, awaited the start of the new season, only for Monsieur Giroud to fall on his foot and break his leg.  Or something like that.

But seeing how he took his goal on Saturday made me return to this point in my thinking.  Giroud last season scored and scored, without that much backup, while still completing the inevitable two year adjustment to life in the UK..  Theo got injured, Alexis was but a dream in the dim and distant, and the associated argument was that there was no one else to back Giroud up. 

Now of course there is, because apart from the glory that is Alexis and the impending return of Theo, we have Danny – who has indeed done a fine job for the opening of his first season playing in the centre as well – and could play in the forward line in addition to or instead of one of the other three.

And indeed it was that goal on Saturday that made me think of this.  For while the rest of the forward line and shot, shot and shot again, without any reward, Giroud needed but a moment to make it happen.

Somehow he made it look so easy where others had hit brick walls.  He found the position and bang.  Goal.

And I don’t mean this as a way of knocking the others.  Danny and Alexis had played in internationals, Alexis with the added problem of playing on the other side of the world.

Incidentally I have not been to Chile (although I was told it was the next land mass as I looked out of my daughter’s window into the Pacific during the last few weeks spent in Australia), but it appears that the trip from Alexis’ home in London to the training ground is about 26 hours including a bit of waiting time at the airport and a refuelling stop each way.  The poor guy must have been knackered. 

Anyway the reception our Olivier got from the crowd was great, and the performance in the short time he was on was fabuloso.  I am encouraged to repeat my claim of last season – his goalscoring record might well be something to surprise everyone.

Let us hope so.

Footnote: I know my writing is often confusing and difficult to follow so I thought I would point out that this is a piece about Arsenal’s attack and the return of Giroud.  If you want to comment on something else like the harpsichord industry in Mexico, or growing tulips in December, please do locate another more appropriate zone.  Otherwise it makes the conversation very disjointed.

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  1. I love your positive attitude, Tony. Arsenal have just failed to beat a limp ManU in 3 attempts in last 14 months, and you write about…
    I’m confused.

  2. @ Sammy

    There are enough whining, moaners out there masquerading as “supporters” and quite a few unintelligent websistes which massage their fragile egos. If you want to hear people arguing irrationally about anything from the 29 shots we had to the state of Gunnersaurus’ haircut, I suggest you try going there.

  3. That is the attitude you always get on UNTOLD. The Mr. Know all has been clueless for sometime now. They’re probably on a religious retreat or novena now just for them to blast the AST, AAA or Wenger out boys when Arsenal beat Chelsea.

  4. Mike,
    Firstly, I truly admire Tony’s positive attitude, and I think he knows it.
    However, we are in the middle of an unpleasant season. Things aren’t going as planned and I think talking about it in a rational way may help.

    BTW I generally don’t give the satisfaction of a click to your mentioned sites.

  5. Excuisite. There is no other way of describing that goal. Yeah, he made it look so easy. In other words, it was everything but easy. That the other guys didn’t score does not imply lack of effort. OG’s left foot is absolutely lethal is such positions, and his goal proved that Wenger was right about his being ready for action. I saw hunger there, and that can only be a positive for coming fixtures.
    The loss left me numb and saddened. But I still believe we will come good if we address that ever-present knack for attack without defensive awareness. It is costing us too many matches…unnecessarily.

  6. I’ll be at the WBA, unfortunately with the home fans, so can’t show my true Gunner colours. A win hopefully, otherwise I’ll be murdered by the locals (friends).

  7. @ Sammy

    No offence intended, apologies.

    I am, however, heavily depressed as a result of listening to and reading so much garbage. I too never give those sites a ‘click’ but I made the mistake of watching the BBC this morning talking about how well Man U defended (that’s why we only had 29 shots obviously) and also how brilliant they were in attack (clearly why the ammassed an amazing 2 shots on target). We then heard about how unlucky they were to have to start the game without some injured defenders FFS.

    I for one am under no illusion as to why the BBC moved their sports department to Salford. What I find so sad is that people who call themselves Arsenal “supporters” actually believe the garbage the media spout and despite having no initimate knowledge, experience or qualifications in pro football are adamant that they know more about football than the professionals who work for our club. Which brings us full circle back to “those” websites again…………..

  8. @Sammy, I agree with you absolutely about Tony’s positivity. I have personally taken it on board to be as positive about life in general as there is little to be gained from allowing a bad day, or a series of bad days to ruin my general attitude to life. It helps.
    Discussing Arsenals obvious failings exemplified by the last three matches, Anderlect, Swansea and now Man U, may yield some benefits, but it also depends on hoe you go about it. It must be pretty obvious to the players themselves what they did wrong. For some, it is time to bring out the sledge hammer. But I think that can only make things worse, not better. We’ve lost to worse teams playing better than we did yesterday. We lost a match we should have won, to a an old enemy, with a model turn-coat in their rank. So what? Let’s address our problems and move on. And that imo does not mean sack the coach or sell a particular player at the next available opportunity. That would be the sledge hammer. It destroys more than it builds.

  9. In order to comply with Mr Attwood’s footnote, I’ll leave my rant for the other post-game article and here I’ll present Giroud’s statistics so far.

    He has featured in five games in all competitions.

    He has scored three goals. Two goals in the league despite having just 85 minutes of playing time and a wonderful goal against Manchester City in CS.

    With Giroud on the pitch we have conceded just one goal and scored five.

    Giroud was out after he had picked an injury against Everton in August. It’s interesting to point out that all three members of French national team – Debuchy, Koscielny and Giroud – have suffered serious injury problems after joining Arsenal from World Cup. Given that other members of the French national team haven’t had that sort of trouble in their respective clubs, that might imply that we didn’t prepare our players in the right manner after they had returned.

  10. @Stan
    I’m not at all bothered by the last 3 games. It happens.
    I’m worried about the overall trends for the season. 17 points from 12 games. Or the fact that we have conceded 2 goals or more in 9 matches out of 19 played overall.
    I too am focused on the positives of life. But sometimes, it gets a little hard as the negatives outshine the positives.
    Let’s hope for better days…

  11. Being positive in any situation is choice. The same goes for being negative. I have no illusions that for some, following the multitudes can only be wrong. For me, it’s like following the one or two trillion flies to choose sh*t. Afterall, they can’t be wrong.
    @Mike, leave those garbage men to do what they know how to do. The fact is that Man U were lucky and they know it. If we had scored with all the shots on target, the story would’ve been different. They are good at exploiting the other team’s weakness at counter attacks. So let’s make our own luck, by being a little more ruthlessly efficient in front of goal.
    It seemed to me that Welbeck had a personal agenda yesterday. He should have left that for the greater good of the team. Likewise Wilshere. But then, every dog has its day…ours will come when it will come.

  12. Sammy the snake, true my friend, very true . The season so far has been anything but encouraging. But then, the ingredients for being damn good are there and we should find a way of building on those. Your point about this season being ….is totally true.

  13. The return of giroud was the most positive thing about that game.
    He is a class act, we have sorely missed his goals, assists, clever flicks, tireless work rate and team ethic. A lot of his work defending from high goes in noticed by some, but not this observer. All this is quite rare in a twenty plus goals a season player.
    Also, is it just me, or is Ramsey much more effective when giroud is around him?
    Along with sorting out defensive issues, getting these type of players back cannot happen soon enough

  14. being ruthless is what counts. the game should have been over in the first half. i think the problem is not with the defence as much as it is with the attacking play. we finished the last season with only 68 goals. shot conversion ratio was only 13%. that is the lowest in four years. that is the problem. also the amount of clear cut chances that arsenal create they convert even less. cant help but think that many chances to costa or aguero or rvp or rooney would yield more fruitful results

  15. @Josif. Good points man. You figures underscores the importance of OG being fit and firing all season. But it is noteworthy that Koschielny’s injury was a long standing niggle (if I got the info right) and Debuchy’s was probably because refs allowed him to be kicked to a pulp before he fell awkwardly. Giroud’s was an unfortunate fracture, which really had little to do with conditioning. I speak as a layman in matters medical of course.

  16. @Josif
    The last paragraph of your 3.44pm post is typical of the absolute idiotic garbage spouted by so many ignorant commenters like you intent on finding anything to bash the club and Wenger with. None of the injuries to any of the three French players you mention was anything to do with the preparation provided by Arsenal but you try to make it into some sort of negligence thing on the clubs part. Try engaging your brain next time.

  17. Mandy,
    You are quite right. Aron surely works better with OG because he pulls defenders away and creates space for him.

  18. The way Arsenal have become a shambles is not hard to see why. Arsenal under Wenger was always vulnerable to the counter attack. In fact I would Joke a Arsenal Corner kick was a goal scoring opportunity for the opposition. Counter Attack has always been the way to beat a Wenger side. Only before it was much harder to win when the attacking side of Arsenal was so good the opposition could score 3 and still lose. Truth is No one really wants to return to the old Arsenal before Wenger defending your way to 1 nil wins. What we want is what Chelsea and Man City have. Teams that play attractive attacking football but do it without looking vulnerable (well actually City can be as bad as Arsenal if not worse at times just their attack is better) Now I am not going to speculate as to the goings on behind the doors of Arsenals management., BUT from this side I see failure to Keep key players and failure to keep our strengths and this makes it hard fix the weaknesses. When you have to both replace lost key players you can’t focus on fixing what was wrong even before you lost them.
    Had we not sold Sagna to City would we could have brought in a CB instead of Debuchy (well we also let Jenkinson go so maybe we still would need another RB as well anyway, then their is the DM position a out and out DM has been missing from this team for MANY season I do not thing Wenger sees the importance. But it is really not JUST a defensive mid arsenal are missing or sou deb the answer to what is missing in Midfield no what is missing is Vieira the solution of that was Yaya Touré But City got him. another solution is the 2 man team a defensive player that does nothing but defend paired with a Great passer Fàbregas plus Flamini back in the day did very well as covering for Vieira and Gilberto Silva when both were out with injury but that was many years ago Flamini is not what he was or maybe not paired with Fàbregas he tries to do more then he is capable of. NO this team
    Then their is the CB issue we are weak onDefense last season we sold a CB and brought in Chambers But we were no better off then we were last season as we lost 2 Right backs and lost 2. and no disrespect to the young man but Calum Chambers he is not the experienced strong CB Arsenal needs. And you can’t address the weakness of Arsenal’s as a team without cutting some very talented midfield players we have too many of the same type of player non of which are finished products except Ozil of we keep Ozil and one other and cut the rest. I suppose my choices would be Ozil and Ramsey and let the rest go. we would get good money for Wilshere Rosicky was a favorite of mine for years but too many years have gone by to keep him as a player to build around. And it goes without saying if you are a player that when you name comes up people will ask does he still play or Arsenal? you have to go. YES I mean Diaby what the hell is he doing on a Arsenal contract still? do you honestly think City or Chelsea would still have him? (Obi Mikel still played for Chelsea but at least he can make it through one match before returning to the treatment table for 6 months)
    And lastly and I almost hate to post this last on but it has to be said. THE YOUTH PROJECT FAILED bringing young players up to the first team before they are ready is no way to run a team. the list are Arsenal is long and YES it even include 2 successful player Cesc and RVP they did very well in the first team as young player but both also suffered injuries as key times that they should not have had. there are too many games in a EPL, CL and 2 cup competitions for a 17-18 year old player (or any player of that matter) to be expected to play every match yet wenger continues to play players till they break. (Ox will be the next wait and see) now to a older player like Arshavin, Ozil Rosicky and Podolski you have learned the game already and loosing a few games to injury is going to hurt your fitness but not your development but to a youth player missing half a season when your at that key development stage of your career be all the difference. And Asking too much of a young player too soon is what Wenger has become known for. And he puts them out there without the benefit of veteran players with strength and size to protect them as well.

    I feel yes Arsenal need a change but the change has to be complete not just Wenger out as Arsenal could be successful with Wenger’s style of play had they the right players. and management pushing the transfer deals. but at the moment EVERYTHING is wrong the wrong manager the wrong players the wrong owners. the only thing right is the supporters that you see every match that don’t stop supporting the club and the players (even the players that need to go) and Yes even those that support Wenger they are not wrong as on game day you have to stand united (no implication with the team intended) against the opposition until the last whistle but you can do that and still be realistic about what must change if the club is to be success ON the pitch. I will always support Arsenal but when I still can’t stop turfing on the Chelsea match and saying Wow as Cesc Fabergas makes a spot on pass to Costa costa and wonder what if? I want to sing we have Cesc Fabergas again then I remember he is in Blue and We don’t. I want to sign come on down to Highbury and see Thierry henry but alas I go on down to Redbull stadium and see him and Highbury is a condo development.
    It is time to make a turn for the future and stop looking back to what was

  19. @Gunnerdear
    ‘but at the moment EVERYTHING is wrong the wrong manager the wrong players the wrong owners.’
    And, if you are anything to go by, the wrong fans.

  20. Good to have him back. Hard working striker with great team ethic. Took so much unfair criticism from being our only viable option up front for two seasons

  21. @Mick I think Josif is entitled to express his opinions without being subjected to such abuse please.

    With Giroud fresh and raring to go I think our problems will be reduced
    .We might even see Welbs improving his goal tally if the coach plays them together next weekend.I think Welbs is due for a break in midweek.

  22. @Mick, leave that sort of conversation for your parents. I understand that facts are not exactly welcomed at your place and that your type of people prefers discussion in which all participants have the same opinion (which is a bit like mutual masturbation) but you should opt for ignoring my posts then.

  23. @Gunnerdear I can sense the frustration in ur post and I agree with some of ur views but I cant see how Arsenal are in shambles.The team is going through a rough patch but will click again.Surely we cant throw the baby out with the bath water whenever we go through a rough patch?

  24. @Tony,
    A timely reminder in your post, I feel, to all supporters of our great Club….to judge players and Manager in May, not November.

  25. Thanks Tony,

    It was great to see Giroud back on the pitch! He is one of our most complete strikers with great link up play as well as scoring. It’s going to be great seeing the attack with everyone healthy!

  26. Good evening to you Sir, chief Tony. I hope you are doing well this Sunday evening? The problem the Gunners found themselves-in yesterday had been there all along and wasn’t rectified by the boss before we met Man Utd. And if the boss remain adamant by stinging to that his woeful defence line option for the Dortmound game, the outcome of that match may not be different from the one we got in the Man Utd game. Just take a look again at my starting X1 line up which I posted on the Untold website before the boss released his own and compare the two. You will see why the Gunners were not ‘efficient’ in the word of the boss. The Gunners were not efficient in that game because the boss fielded a wrong starts for the game. My starts that I said I posted ahead of the boss’ owns are known are: Szczesny..Bellerin..Chambers..Mert’..Gibbs. Arteta..Wilshere. Sanchez..Welbeck..Oxlade. Guriod. How did you rate my starts in comparison to the boss adamant Monreal at CB? Monreal at CB has become a kind of a curse for the Gunners in two previous games before the Man Utd one. I don’t expect the boss will play him at CB again, haven known his inadequacies in that position. But the boss did. And I think that adamancy by the boss to keep hanging-on to the same failing option transmitted to the mentality of the rest of the Gunners. Hence there mediocre performance as they were shooting the ball to De Geas’ hands, instead of them to be converting their chances into goals by calmly and confidently picking their spots and place the ball. I heard one sheat of a talk that, the boss did not want to play two 19 years old in his defence line. Even in the face of 2 failings by this his preferred defence line of Chambers..Mert’..Monreal..Gibbs. Please chief Tony, did Man Utd played two or three average 19 years defenders or not in the persons of Luke Shaw, Paddy Mcnir and Tyler Blacket? And didn’t they beat us with those youngsters defending? Some of those excuses to defende the boss adamancy are untenable. The Dortmound game on Wednesday is the game we are expecting the boss to start the correct starts that will beat Dortmound on the night to qualify for the nock out stages without having to wait for the result of the game with Galatasaray. So, I expect the boss to study the Dortmound players very well and surpass their own starts with a superior starts that will beat them. Winning the Premier League now has become a long shot for us. But the Champions League could become a short shot for us if we don’t fumble with it.

  27. I agree with Tony’s earlier point – if anyone starts criticising Giroud and / or Wenger they should come on here first and reveal what football club they managed and how that team did

  28. @ nick

    To he fair most fans are judging wenger in may, may 2013, may 2012, may 2011, may 2010, may 2009, may 2008, may 2007, may 2006, may 2001, may 2000, may 1999. All of them the end of a trophyless season. That’s 11 seasons of failure and let’s face it the Fa cup is the only trophy that will stop that record reaching 12 trophyless seasons. I am sorry please name me another Manager in premier league history who has endured 11 trophyless seasons??? I loved the man for what he achieved, but rather like most old age pensioners, he is finding it difficult to produce the goods now. B & Q is calling time to Don an orange bib and point us to where we can find emulsion paint, because he is not going to be able to point us to where premier league titles and champions league trophies are won. Some may be happy with 4th place finish and an fa cup every 9/10 years, but I and many others are not. That is why it is time for those that are unhappy to make their voices heard in every way shape and form that can be possibly sought. Those that are happy with wenger can do likewise, but never be little those that are unhappy, they love the club no less, they just want a new man in charge, there is nothing wrong with that.

  29. @spartan
    If we had kicked the baby out in may 2005 he would have walked with his head held high. But imagine if we had appointed a new manager then say in June 2005 and he went on to deliver 8 seasons without a trophy would you have kicked the baby out during that time? The simple fact is we arsenal supporters want success and for those like me who go home and away we can see that we are already clearly not going to get that in 2 of this season’s tournaments and if we win the champions league (which would be wenger first ever European trophy) then I will be the first on here eating massive amounts of humble pie. The fa cup represents our only hope and if we get an away draw (unlike last season) I doubt we will win that. Remember last season’s fa cup run saw us play all our games at home apart from the 2 at wembley where we.scraped past relegation fodder wigan and hull City, wow that was some achievement. This rough patch has now been going on since 2004 even in 2005 we clearly lost that fa cup final to man united and 0-0 outstandingly flattered us. The penalty shootout win, was simply an extraction of urine.

  30. @jonfromwellington

    So let me get this straight, you really believe that if a supporter wants to criticise wenger he has to have manged a club and won something in order to do so?

    So what does a supporter have to do if he wants to acclaim wenger? Do a holding from his straight jacket, break out of his padded cell at broadmoor and climate 3 20ft barbed wire fences before dancing to land end naked singing I’m a little pixie?? Ffs it’s time to take it on the chin, wenger was a great manager 10 years ago, but he isnt no more. I bet u still think it was a bit harsh to take the Berlin Wall down? Time has changed, so has football. Wenger has simply not kept up. Lots of managers his age have left the game, there is no shame in retirement, in fact I hope he redevelops himself. I wanted him to take over from hill-wood and I would still vote for him to become chairman instead of Sir fish and chips Keswick. But please manage a trophy winning premier league team again? I think not!

  31. And still the garbage comes.

    The only serious issue we have at the moment is injuries. A few bad results and all hell breaks loose. Why do so few people look at the long term, the progress we are making and I am very confident will continue to make. Firing our manager now – i.e. doing a Tottenham – will likely see us achieve the same outcome as Tottenham. Loads of money wasted and consistently outside the CL places.

    Wenger is the man to lead us to success. End of.

  32. The manager will not be fired, so no point in mentioning this, or debating it. It is not going to happen.

  33. It’s amazing how so-called arsenal fans get this crappy attitude by buying into anti arsenal media outlets. It’s almost like the anti arsenalists are winning…
    Go on and cheer for Chelsea if you want to win at any cost.

    This has been a crazy season, look at the table, look at our injury list. We’re literally enduring a perfect storm! This happens in sports! We’re still a much better outfit than Man U so suck it up and find more positives.

  34. Manure could have lined up without Rooney and Di Maria and they would still have found a way to beat this abject,pathetic Arsenal side.

  35. Danish Gooner,

    Sure, I bet LVG even thought about replacing his entire first 11 with academy youngsters. Typical AAA crap.

    And, for the umpteenth time: mentioning 8 years without a trophy equals taking success for granted, and forgetting what a hard work is needed to achieve that level. You all that spout critics must have had instant success in your lives, doing everything right, effortlessly.

  36. @Danish Gooner,
    I wonder what game you watched.
    Apart from the lucky own goal, plus the give-away due to our desperate high line and attacking mode, we were by far the better side throughout. We had more possession, more shots at goal and as so often happens to Arsenal over the years, the MOTM was the opposition goalie.

  37. Danish Gooner – I think there is a problem with your name. The second word in particular. Suggest you change it as it doesn’t seem to fit.

  38. Mick

    This is what Mick wrote in response to Josif’s accusation Arsenal were somehow guilty in our French players’ injury situation.

    ‘November 23, 2014 at 4:55 pm
    The last paragraph of your 3.44pm post is typical of the absolute idiotic garbage spouted by so many ignorant commenters like you intent on finding anything to bash the club and Wenger with. None of the injuries to any of the three French players you mention was anything to do with the preparation provided by Arsenal but you try to make it into some sort of negligence thing on the clubs part. Try engaging your brain next time.’

    Here’s me trying to engage my brain Mick.

    1. Giroud played more games and minutes in the 2013-14 season for club and country than any other field player in any top European football league. Save yourself the time , I’ve already checked .
    His injury was most likely the result of the minutes played , as it has been proven by sports science, football players need adequate recovery time between matches, training sessions and strenght building sessions (weight room).

    2. Koscielny has been suffering from Achilles tendinitis since March last season from overplaying.The only cure for this type of injury is to stop playing ,period.
    Tendinitis is a tricky injury when it comes to football players , because a lot of times the scans don’t show it to be severe enough for a player to be benched, thus the club has to take the player’s word for how much pain he’s in. Usually players feel obligated to play through the pain , especially when they think the club needs them.

    Koscielny and Wenger both realize how important he’s been to Arsenal’s defensive set up , hence Koscielny’s continous involvement and playing with the pain, which only made his condition worse.

    The reason no one can put an accurate return date for him is because of severity of his case and a slow healing process , due to very few blood vessels surrounding the Achilles’ tendon.

    3. Debuchy is a new signing and since I don’t follow New Castle United, I’m not familiar with his stats from last year, and I will give you a benefit of doubt as to what caused his injury.

    Failure to rotate the squad is very much the reason for SOME Arsenal injuries and I firmly believe Koscielny and Giroud are perfect exemples of just that. This falls squerely at the feet of Arsen Wenger , as he is in total control of the club.

    And just in case you are wondering , I don’t want Arsen Wenger sacked or replaced , but he should be held accountable when things go badly just as he should be praised when things go well.

  39. See where you are coming from,Tom. Yes, those two have played a lot of games, so…worryingly has Per. But how on earth do Chelsea keep the older JT going for so long without injury. I would assume he gets more protection than our defenders, he is not an international…..which must help. Is he on performance enhancing drugs , protected by some god of racism and shagger of team mates wives….or,do Chelsea have something we do not in the ref protection and medic department? They hardly ever seem to get injuries.

  40. Mandy
    I don’t know what the Chelsea secret is,as far as players’s fittnes goes ,
    Maybe it’s their style of play. Usually the find themselves on a giving end of hard tackles rather than the receiving one.

    Strictly by the numbers though, Chelsea’s CD pairing of Cahill and Terry played in 185 games in the last two seasons combined, while Arsenal’s Koscielny and Mertesacker in 201 games for the same time period.

    It’s only 16 more games in two seasons, but they all add up.

  41. Mandy

    You do make a good point about Mertesacker. He looks positively sluggish.
    He’s never had any explosive speed or leaping abilities but nowadays he can hardly get off the ground. Having played 62 games last season will do that to a player.

  42. I see a lot of whining sissies and it sickens me. Its all about the return of OG and all most people can remember is how he got his injury! He got kicked or have you forgotten that it was a fracture? Damn! I’m growing older but not wiser – cause and effect and a little more goosebumps to make it emotional. I wish we get out of this rough patch sooner than later. God! And the 1st goal was from an offside position! How many times have we seen that already? God save the Queen in question

  43. Having problems understanding the AAAA ? Soon you too will be able to download the apps that will allow you to read articles on UA without getting pissed off at those who have gone off course and ended up here !
    We AKBs have the superior inbuilt version , so we don’t step on , spread or believe the crap the spew! But many of you seem to have this problem .
    It works on the same principle as shown in this ad for a similar product which has helped many lead a better life .
    Have a look . You’ll be glad you did !

  44. Tom, guess Chelseas players are invariably pretty big guys, so maybe with all things being equal, they will come off best in the average collision.
    Either that or Jose has Delta Force training them in organised thuggery!
    As for Per, I hope wenger assesses the possibility of him getting injured should he chose to recruit in Jan, if we lose him we are in real trouble

  45. Not being negative and all, dont you think we are being sucker punched once too often this season?
    Man U playing park the bus and winning reminds me of Bolton. And we praise this Bolton type of football?
    @BC – I agree with your point of view that a supporter has the right to both criticize and praise the team he/she supports. However, there is the emotional type of criticism that we should forgo. Rave, rant, tear your hair out in private. Think with your head and criticize. It goes the same way when you praise as well! Go crazy privately! When you discuss it publicly, give a thought for what was achieved. One of the issues with our age is that we seek out forums and blogs to vent out our fury/joy.

    This defeat hurt and hurt badly but shit happens! We have to take it in our stride and move on. A lot of things have gone wrong for Arsenal this season. Consider our newcomers- Alexis, Debuchy, Chambers, Welbeck, Ospina. I think Wenger made a statement to the fact that its not easy to settle people when you have so many coming in (referring to Tottenham last year). That along with our injury problems have definitely destabilized the team. Let’s ride it out like true supporters. Things will change!

  46. @Mandy Dodd – there is a huge difference between Koscielny’s and Mertesacker’s summer on the one hand and Terry’s and Cahill’s on the other.

    Koscielny is a Frenchman and was involved in French national team during World Cup. They reached quarterfinals. So, he didn’t have too much time to recuperate.

    Mertesacker is a German and was involved in German national team during World Cup. They went all the way to the top. So, he had even less time to recuperate.

    Cahill is an Englishman and England suck so they failed to progress from their group.

    Terry is a racist and they don’t have their national team yet as certain Austrian painter failed to create one for them about seventy-five years ago.

  47. Hey good news about getting the Giroud article on – its great to see this website getting the recognition it deserves :)!

  48. Being beaten and losing are different. Man U won but didn’t beat us. We were much better than them and only Dean let the win. Without the benefit of bent officials most teams would not have a cat in hell’s chance against Arsenal. Our football is superb and our players become household names after having the Wenger coaching.

    At the United match, I had an annoying prat behind me going on about the ‘Fabregas hole’ I wish this guy disappeared up Fabregas’s arsehole. He was anti Wenger and as expected blamed everything on Wenger. I always comment on the officials and could see Dean cheating as expected.

    It wasn’t always the case of bent officials. Wenger’s arrival has wound them up somehow. It may be an old boy network from the continent driving the agenda. Then again it could be the geographical miracle that merges one remote part of Asia minor with Europe.

  49. Giroud back is a massive plus, between his goals, his hold up
    Play, and his assists he offers so much, and Ramsey will benefit greatly from his return, and talking about the Utd match if anyone moaning about our performances chooses to watch the full match minus the goals I think they will see that it was possibly the best performance of our season, with a tweak at the back and more performances like that we will be good for the rest of the season.

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