After a match like this it is easy to be a supporter

By Walter Broeckx

I will not deny that we had a poor start to the season. I will not deny that the matches since Anderlecht were not idea in terms of the results if nothing else. Because I thought that we played rather impressively against Manchester United but we were wasteful with the chances that we made for ourselves. And add to that a ref like Dean and you can get the door smashed against your nose like it happened last weekend.

In terms of football we were excellent in that match apart from the finishing. But of course when you lose that match this is forgotten and people forget it in their hysteria about the result. From the moment I officially knew it was Dean I had already accepted that we would lose the match against Manchester United. For me even a draw would have been a good result. The way we played I thought the only just result would have been an Arsenal win but you don’t always get what you deserve in football.

So just as after the Anderlecht match (where a wrong decision set Anderlecht up for a come back) and the Swansea match the internet was flooded by people who were screaming in high voices about sacking the manager, telling us how many players were not good enough. The usual reaction you get from people who call themselves supporters but who in reality are not supporters.

Untold however always sticks to what we believe is the right thing. We can say: we think that player A should have done better. But we don’t go saying things like player A is rubbish, I wish he would get cancer, I hope he gets his leg broken and can never play again,….  Alas there are people claiming to support Arsenal who do such things. We try to block such things on Untold. Because we believe it is completely counter productive to show hate against our players. We will keep the hate for ex-players who have put knifes in to our backs or in to the back of our manager and club.

But as long as a player is wearing the shirt from our great club Untold will be critical at times but we also will forgive him his mistakes as we (well at least those of us who write for Untold) are of the believe that no player makes a deliberate mistake or will deliberately want to hurt the team. And we will support him. Most of all in his darkest days. When a player has made a terrible mistake he will feel down. And I really believe and that is also based on what I have heard from talking with professional football players during my life; that feeling support in such times will be beneficial for a player.

So being critical for a player is acceptable as long as it doesn’t turn in to hate. And that is something we see too much on occasions on the internet.

And of course some people project their hate on the easiest person to do this. The manager. Yes Untold Arsenal supports Wenger. We have always done this and even when he is gone we will still defend him as the best manager Arsenal has ever had. And we will show that he was the one that has kept this great club near the top with no money,  while building an amazing stadium and having to survive an unseen economic crisis, house market crisis, banking crisis (which all had an effect on football and Arsenal) and having to fight against clubs that are supported by rich man with deep pockets who disrupted the football world.

But each time we don’t win a match the haters come out. And then go away when we win. Come out when we drop a point and spread their hate. And moving the goal posts….

For many years they have been saying: we will never win anything again under Wenger. And they rubbed that under our noses each time when we lost a match. Told you so they said. And they found themselves pretty smart and said what a bunch of deluded people we at Untold are. They in their wisdom could see what we couldn’t see. They could see we would never win anything again under Wenger. Trophy hunters….

And of course I do admit that I also want us to win each and every trophy. But I just hope we win it; I don’t demand to win it.

But since we did win things again under Wenger they realised that they looked a bit foolish. The FA cup win was suddenly not the trophy that they wanted. Or the win was being discredited. And winning the CS like we did was also rubbished. Now the CS was not a real trophy. But if we hand’t won it you can be sure that they would have trotted out the ‘we will never win anything under Wenger ever again’ lines. And they would talk about failing when it matters.

So Wenger made them eat their words. Made them look foolish. In fact Wenger did to them what he did to the journalists on his first day at Arsenal. And since then the hate against Wenger is alive in media circles. And after being made look foolish by Wenger lots of our supporters now have the same almost pathological hate against Wenger.

This hate goes so far that some of them really want us to lose any match and if possible with a big score line in their hope that the person responsible (Wenger) will be fired.  What they don’t realise is that with their hate against Wenger they also are developing in hating the club itself. Because when you want your club to be heavily defeated you are no longer a supporter. And then it is better to be honest about it and just let it go.

Let other real supporters who want what is best for the club take your place. Let others who really want us to win each match but will not turn against our own when we don’t win take your place. I’m sure it will benefit you as you will no longer will feel the need to be down all the time and float between wanting us to lose and wanting the board to sack the manager. Psychologically it will do you at lot of  good if you could let it go and become a more happy person.

And it will give us who just want to support not only in good days but most of all in bad days also more chance to support our players, manager and club when they need us most. In those bad days.

Today it is easy to be a supporter. For the umpteenth time having qualified from the group stages (something not even the great Ferguson could do) in the CL after having beaten Dortmund then it is no reason not to cheer for the boys in red and white. But remember next time when we drop points that those moments define if you are a supporter or not. Not today. And I know that some of you are very unhappy with our latest result. Shame on you for calling yourself a supporter.


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77 Replies to “After a match like this it is easy to be a supporter”

  1. Agree with you , Walter , these are NOT really Arsenal supporters , but are agent provocateurs . Their mission is to mislead and misinform the gullible and the weak minded with rehashed rumours , innuendos and outright lies .
    They try to suck out all the positivity of the true fans . The good news is that on this site it doesn’t work ,as there are too many AKBs ,and who don’t fall for this cheap shots .
    You AAAA types can try and suck all you want , but you’d probably get lock jaw !
    Try huffing band puffing and blowing instead ! It worked well for the big , bad wolf !
    But then again this is Untold Palace , not a straw house and we ain’t porkers !

  2. These real surporters will they spend £1000s of hard earned pounds every year turn up to the games in all sorts of weather , spend hours just travelling to the ground. Or maybe they’ll just sit at home and watch on live stream

  3. There is no one to replace Wenger. for me, he is still the best manager out there and easily beats the “chequebook” managers who throw money at problems.

    That said, something needs to be tweeked as the team is missing something this season.

  4. Is there any evidence showing that these so called ‘loyal ‘, local fans spending thousands of Pounds , to watch the Arsenal , in rain , hail and snow , really exist?
    Or are they as I suspect just prats and cunts who just come here to bullshit us ?
    Or are they at the pub spending their dole money ? You know , the money that hard working people pay as taxes ,so that these low life scum can feed their family .
    You KNOW my answer .

  5. Brickie have I hit a nerve oh dear , listen you keep banging out your crappy jokes pretending your some great surporter ( at best your a fan ) and leave the supporting to the the people that matter ie paying customers you vile little man

  6. Hold on AB. Are you saying only those who can afford to go to games are “proper” supporters?

    Shaky ground mate.

  7. Firstly it was a very good display on Wednesday. Solid defence and it was good to see Sanogo score but frustrating that he picked up an injury. Sanchez was his usual explosive self, a fabulous signing. I hope that that display will mark a change in our fortune in the league and we can at least ensure fourth or a higher finish.

    Yes we may have outshone Fergie in qualifying for the next stage but you seem to forget that he won the trophy twice. I’d rather have that myself. I know it’s great to have this 17 years in a row CL appearance but there will come a time when it sounds a bit hollow unless we actually win it. I don’t think it’ll be a positive boast any more if it becomes 25 years in a row and we still haven’t won the thing. Here’s hoping we get an easy draw in the next stage.

  8. Oohhh, I hate to disagree, wait, no I don’t.

    How elitist are you?

    Some people struggle to to heat their homes and put food on their plates, are you saying your love of the club is greater because you have more disposable income?

  9. I total agree with you Walter, real arsenal fan will never talk like that. Manager like Wenger will be hardly to find, If it true that. We must not act like silly and disrespected Mourinho i hate that man with passion no respect for Wenger i know he hates him because for the achievements Wenger received. Wenger made the journalist and Mourinho to eat their words saying arsenal will never win anything under Wenger. We won two trophies this year. Mourinho did not a thing !!!! Guys let us support our team whether bad or good.

  10. I may not be a supporter who buys season tickets for arsenal games, but that is because I don’t live in the UK. However, I buy jerseys and other AFC merchandise and I haven’t missed any arsenal game this season. If the team plays well, I’ll applaud them. If they don’t, I’ll criticize. If they keep making the same mistakes that cost us games we otherwise should have won, I’ll criticize the manager because he is responsible for correcting recurring mistakes. If a player is not following the instructions of his manager, it’s the manager’s duty to either substitute him or drop him entirely from the starting 11. There must be disciplinary measures in every organization. Wenger is undoubtedly the most successful manager arsenal has ever had but he is human, not perfect, and makes mistakes like everyone else. No problem with that. The problem is, he has refused to learn from those mistakes. I’m not talking about spending huge sums of money on players. I’m talking about tactical decisions and addressing glaring shortcomings of the squad. Ray Parlour who played under Wenger recently came out to say that Wenger is doing the same things that they used to do in their days. Football has evolved but Wenger hasn’t. Every team now knows how to play against Arsenal. Why is this? Because Wenger doesn’t tweak the system a bit to suit the opposition. We have become the laughing stock of the EPL. I love Wenger, but I love Arsenal more. As for Untold, you can be a real supporter and still criticize the manager. Call me misguided but if Wenger has to leave for Arsenal’s fortunes on the pitch to change, then so be it.

  11. Just to add, Athletico won la liga with a team that cost a total of 30 million quid. At the time, Arsenal had the third highest player wage bill in the EPL.

  12. So if you pay your cable subscription so that you can watch your beloved team play week in week out, you are a supporter, as you sub fees ultimately ends up also in the till of your club!!!

    But if you are struggling economically to sustain yourself or your family hence tickets and cable TV are an absolute luxury but somehow manage to buy an original kit for your kids…suddenly you are deleted as supporter??

    What nonsense!!!!!

    A true supporter is he/she who believes in the club, its players and the manager…all the rest are just FAKE!

  13. AB

    Talk about up your own arse.

    We are all entitled to our opinions, right or wrong, wise or unwise, but to suggest one opinion is more or less valid than another on the basis of how much money (disposable income) somebody has, is elitist at best, but basically is just plain disgraceful.

  14. Inspiring article keep up the good work. At least i know that when i have read another put down news item about Arsenal i can come back to Untold and reset my blood pressure to its normal level.At least criticism if any should be restricted until Wengers contract is to be renewed.I hate it when my team and that includes the manager etc are put down, it just gives all the opposition (clubs) room to laugh.For me Mr Wenger can stay untill he wants to leave.

  15. cheers AB after 36 years and going to Highbury more times than you ever could have and being a third generation fan and being related to one the founders of AFC, thanks for confirming that Im not a true supporter. Thanks.
    Nicky, hate to tell you mate but youre not a true supporter either must comes as a surprise after all these years.

  16. Good morning Chief Walter and how are you this Friday morning? We are going to miss Jack Wilshere. I pray he will recover quickly as Guriod did. By the way, has Paddy McNirr call him to greet him and say sorry for his unpardonable tackle that has sent Jack under d knife? That Sanchez 2nd half talismatict goal strike is world class. I think the AKBs, IAWT (In Arsene Wenger we Trust) and d AAA are all Arsenal children-(supporters). You know we hv children with their different kind of habits in the family. Some are stubborn, gently and not talented. But I think they won’t wish their father were dead just for another man to come and adopt them. But if their father is under feeding and under carering for them while they are seeing he has d capacity and the option to properly take care of them. They may wish there father go away and leave then to a man that could take care of them. The Gunners Must not take WBA for granted on Sat aftertoon they shld take note of how Chelsea were unable to score them in d 2nd haf

  17. Walter your article is bang on accurate… I mean to see so may writing on various social media that they wish Arsenal would loose X game so Wenger would go…is just diabolical!!!

    What are these people really on?

  18. Kenneth Widerpool

    Do you think I should wait for AB’s blessing before making any more comments?

    I mean it seems he and he alone can judge as to who’s opinion is valid and who’s is not.

  19. A good article with a sensible perspective.

    With our difficult start to the season even UA has been polluted with far too many of the two faced disingenuous AAAA creeps. We have had new contributors from the sinister AAAA supported by the apologists and the brain dead AAAA – and after the loss to the Manures one of the most vociferous and twisted of the disingenuous brigade has crawled out from underneath whatever stone he was hiding under. It is sad that such a group of idiots try to get their kicks from spreading half truths, untruths and misery.

    For the rest of us, Wed night was a super performance, enjoyable for all fans and confidence inspiring for the coming fixtures.

  20. Jambug,
    Hows things mate? Time to face up to it, you have no valid opinion, all that cash you spent going to Highbury and following the lads around Europe doesnt mean anything!

  21. Let’s mention Monreal superb perf!
    I think we are getting a really good third choice CB with Chambers being our fourth, future is bright!
    Have those versatile players will be our biggest strength

  22. @Will, well I think Tony did a whole piece on that and came up with some strange choices, none of which I think would work. I think the only manager who would almost certainly guarantee a continued upward trajectory would be Mourinho. Love him or loathe him he’s pretty successful. Controversial for some I’m sure.

  23. brickfields – some disgusting stereotyping from you here – shame on you

    Or are they at the pub spending their dole money ? You know , the money that hard working people pay as taxes ,so that these low life scum can feed their family .
    You KNOW my answer .

    But I doubt if any of the moderators of this site will pull you to order as you can say anything on here about ” those other Arsenal fans” how actually go to games but god forbid you ask any question about lord all fucking mighty Wenger .

    see you all at Westbrom ?

  24. Well said Walter. All too often Facebook and Twitter explode every time Arsenal drop points, and not with supportive comments, on the contrary. When Arsenal do actually win, social media are remarkably quiet.
    Your statement that many are waiting for Arsenal to underperform, to be able to spit venom and spread hatred all around sounds hard, but is not far from reality.

  25. @Will
    November 28, 2014 at 10:41 am

    I have no answer as AW still has many years ahead to serve and elevate this club to greater heights.

    I am sure when we all invite people to our homes, we don’t ask them or our other friends as to what time a certain group will be leaving! 🙂

    Having said that…there was much talk from the AAA and of course the Media that Klop should do the honors – have they cooled on that idea?? 😉

  26. Kenneth Widmerpool.

    I’m very well my friend. I hope I find you well too.

    I think We’ve earned our stars don’t you?

    I know I have, and I can proudly say I was there when:

    -Anderlecht, Fairs Cup Final 2nd Leg – Won

    -Swindon, League cup final – Lost

    -Ipswich, FA Cup Final – Lost

    -Man Utd, FA Cup Final – Won

    -West Ham, FA Cup Final – Lost

    -Valencia, Cup Winners Cup final, Belgium – Lost

    -Luton Town, League Cup Final – Lost

    -Wrexham away, FA Cup – Lost

    -Middleborough away, FA Cup – Lost (4 nil I think)

    -Swindon away, FA Cup, – Lost

    -Norwich at home, Tuesday Night, 23 thousand fans, pouring rain, 0 – 0 a never to be forgotten night.

    SEVEN cup finals, just TWO wins.

    Best I keep away don’t you think AB ??

    There obviously was some big wins, but by and large over the 20 odd years I could follow my beloved Arsenal the length and breadth of the Country,(from the late 60’s to the late 80’s), there where far more bad days, or results I should say really, than good. But you know what, I loved every minute. I always saw it as a privilege and an honour to follow MY ARSENAL

    Fans today, as us ‘oldens’ like to say, ‘Don’t know there born’.

    Through all those bad times I never, ever, booed players and I certainly wouldn’t of dreamed of trading in the kind of abuse that is dished out today.

    Yes, I think, one way or another Ken, whether I go through the turn stiles or not very much these days, I have definitely earned my right to an opinion.

  27. Morning all

    Bet you haven’t missed me whilst I have been taking a well deserved break in the Canaries where, it just happens the bar outside our apartment is where Arsenal Tenerife are based .

    I have been reading articles on my phone and see that you haven’t all been playing nicely for the lasted weeks.

    No doubt my postings over the few weeks will ruffle a few feathers and a lot has happened over the time of my holiday but one thing that is becoming increasingly evident is that your season hinges on keeping Sancez fit and of course him maintaining his form. Yep that could be said about a lot of players at a lot of clubs but I do wonder what the plan b is if for he in truth is head and shoulders above anything else you have

    Have to feel for Wilshire and agree it was a bad tackle but he clearly has a weakness in his ankles which doesn’t bode well in the future because one thing is for sure his style of play namely his desire to run with the ball coupled with the lack of exceptional pace required to get away from players will mean he will continue to be subjected to tackles, both good and bad,

  28. I suspect it is perfectly possible to go to every match, home and away, in order to meet up with a few friends, have some drinks, maybe even cause some trouble and have a great match day experience. It will cost a lot of money, but does not necessarily qualify you as a supporter of the football club as your basic motives may be little to do with the actual football. It is also possible to spend no money at all on tickets, buy no replica kit, and yet have every waking moment consumed with thoughts of the club and its success – which surely means you are a supporter. And, of course, there are many, many points on the scale between those two examples. Some people show their support by moaning, others by being absurdly optimistic: both positions are down to basic character and have little to do with how much or how little you care. If somebody tells me they are a Gooner then my first instinct is to like them, and I try until it is no longer possible to find room for their various viewpoints. For myself, I love the club, think the current manager is pretty good, suspect he will leave someday, and will hope to throw my support behind his successor. I quite understand that others have different opinions, but would just wish they didn’t force those opinions on sites that are set up to be resolutely supportive and positive.

  29. Mike T

    Apparently we’ve been a one man team for the last 15 years my friend.

    Broken record or what.

  30. So tiresome listening to people spouting on about how great a supporter they are when they can’t even be bothered to turn up Once in a while , poss aimed at those who live near London and yet still can’t seem to manage it .

  31. Ken I generally have a spare ticket please let me know if you’d like to make a game and I will try to assist

  32. foreverheady

    Nicely put sir.

    This is the point I particularly liked:

    “I quite understand that others have different opinions, but would just wish they didn’t force those opinions on sites that are set up to be resolutely supportive and positive.”


    I concede I am very pro Wenger and Arsenal. I am not blind to player or managerial shortfalls but wish, vehemently, to focus on the positives, no matter how difficult that may be at times. But that is why I come here, because this site is set up precisely for people with that positive mind set. I mean, it openly states as much at the top of the page.

    And yet people with an acutely, diametrical opposed point of view, come on here and expect to be greeted with open arms. It isn’t going to happen.

    For this very reason I would never ever visit sites such as Le grove. Why would I? I can tell from what I read here that we have absolutely nothing in common, and my views would be treated with, at best contempt, but must likely with the kind of foul abuse they aim at Wenger.

    I would be idiotic to go there and then cry like a baby when I get it in the neck. Wouldn’t I?

    Just like those that come here and cry like babies when they get a bit of abuse. That too is just plain idiotic isn’t it?

    As they say, if you cant stand the heat keep out of the kitchen, or as I prefer to say, fuck off back under the rock from which you have crawled or words to that effect.

  33. Mike T

    Plan A is Wenger and Plan B is Wenger..

    By the way this is what Klopp said..
    “Arsenal have one of the best coaches in the world and I’m also at one of the best clubs in the world”

  34. AB

    How do you like to be addressed in real life?

    Is it God or just plain old Jesus?

    I mean you wouldn’t want people thinking you where getting all self important or anything would you?

  35. Impressive Jambug! Many dont remember 20,000 fans at the games, it was horrible to see it and the teams we put out.
    What was it like at that Swindon cup final? Must have been horrible.I didnt recall you being at the Fairs cup 2nd leg, must have been amazing, that scuffed up pitch and coming back to nick it.
    The other games and pain we talked about earlier this year.Valencia, my god what a painful one that was.
    Do you remember us losing to Swindon in dec 79 in the league cup,(was it the quarters?) 1-1 at Highbury then bloody losing to them 4-3, I couldnt believe that a team like that could mess it up, especially with Brady. What a player. I kept looking at the paper trying to fiddle some idea of away goals, that we might have got through.And that blood FAC Wrexham game, I knew that was going down the kasi too!
    Like Nicky said AFC a roller-coaster.
    Nah, you still have no valid opinion youre just a fan not a supporter. 🙂

  36. AB thanks for the offer, will you pay my ticket into the UK as I dont live there anymore?
    Perhaps that doesnt make me English any more too?
    You seem to show off a lot re your tickets and the season tickets letting us know at all times.Ive supported the club over three hundred times in the past is that not enough all apologies.
    What a lot of attention youve got today, which seems like it was the plan?
    Thanks but no thanks.Youve won Im only a fan and I bow down before your superior qualities as a supporter.Strange you come across as being a teenager.
    That all the attention youre getting from me. Regards to Old Groover.Was it you that threw the wine at the Man U game?

  37. I still haven’t worked out whether I am an AAA (or an AAAA) or just someone who loves his club and gets angry when it doesn’t do itself justice. And I don’t know whether I’m a good or a bad fan. I hope I’m the former but I know I harbour some dark thoughts about the Club and the Manager. And I do in fact realise what Walter suggests I don’t realise: “What they don’t realise is that with their hate against Wenger they also are developing in hating the club itself.” Maybe that’s right, maybe many of us don’t realise but, as for me, I am fully aware of it and it makes me sad. It’s true, I am prone to be a glass-half-empty person generally so my pessimism tends to beat my optimism. Perhaps that explains my negativity re Mr Wenger. But somewhere in the way he runs the club (and is allowed to run the club) I worry that our Manager sees his personal mission (to play in a certain way) as more important than adjusting a few things in the squad and on the pitch that , based on how most champion teams have achieved success, would probably get us closer to the top. I worry that Teams that win or really challenge for the very top honours have a balance of attack/defense and technical/physical that we don’t. What leads me to fan dispair is that Mr Wenger feels the club I support is his to do with what he wants. And what he wants isn’t what a significant proportion of the fans want. So do we all just give up on a club many of us have supported for many years because one man has all the power. I don’t think so. If he insists on leading the club down the same blinkered path with the same unaddressed and unresolved frailties year after year then he’s got a fight on his hands. Cos while some have grown to hate the club, partly as a result of Mr. Wenger, many other “moaners” still love the club very much and will not give it up just because they have fallen out of love with Mr. Wenger.

  38. Kenneth Widmerpool

    The League Cup Final against Swindon was the first Arsenal game I ever saw. I was 9 years old and watched the entire game sat on my dear Fathers shoulders. Funnily enough I remember it quite well, especially the Bobby Gould goal and the Ian Ure cock up that lead to one of there goals.

    I was 10 for The Fairs cup final and only really can remember 2 things, Radfords header and the atmosphere, especially after the game. I just remember being amazed at it all. I watched that match sat on the rail behind the old Half Time Scores panel in the Left Hand corner of the North bank.

    20/30 Thousand crowds was quite common. There where some dark days back then. I suppose it’s not guys fault that they wasn’t there to witness those days, and to see just how far Wenger’s reign has bought our wonderful Club, but they should at least make an effort to find out, then perhaps they would have a bit of perspective and not be quite so quick or harsh in there judgement of him.

    “Do you remember us losing to Swindon in dec 79 in the league cup,(was it the quarters?) 1-1 at Highbury then bloody losing to them 4-3, I couldnt believe that a team like that could mess it up, especially with Brady.”

    That must be the one I referred to as – Swindon away, FA Cup, Lost. As I remember they had a really short striker (I know who it is but I cant remember his name) up against our tall centre half (again this old brain is struggling to recall but it was probably Willie Young but I’m really not sure) and every time the ball was there to be won he gave away a free kick, un fairly I may add. It was a nightmare.

    And another thing..back then it was always bloody raining, or freezing cold, OR BOTH.

  39. For goodness sake, can we stop using attendance at the stadium a benchmark for supporting the club? There are plenty of reasons why someone can or cannot go to watch a game.

    A supporter as defined in a dictionary is a person who is actively interested in and wishes success for a particular sports team. Can we just use this as a barometer?

    I would love to go Arsenal matches, but my family commitments means I can’t. But it doesn’t stop me from getting sweaty palms when I am unable to watch a game live and good/bad thoughts going through my head.

    Those who say we need to go to the stadium to support the team is pure nonsense. Tell that to those who don’t live in the UK but still show undying passion for the club.

    It doesn’t matter if you have been going or been a season ticket holder for donkey years. What is important is how you feel for the club and when you get anti-Arsenal bashing from non-Arsenal followers, you stand your ground. I am not saying you shouldn’t criticize but do it after you have thought about it under your own terms and not what the media feed you.

    Rant over. Just feeling so sick of seeing their post sometimes.

  40. Fishpie

    You say:

    “I worry that Teams that win or really challenge for the very top honours have a balance of attack/defense and technical/physical that we don’t.”

    That may or may not be true but what is without question is that “..teams that win or really challenge for the very top honours…”

    That by the way is a very short list of 3, Chelsea, city and Utd, have a net spend of OVER HALF A BILLION POUND EACH (in Chelsea and Citys case) over the last 5 to 10 years, and in Utds case just recently fielded the most expensively assembled side EVER.

    Just thought I’d mention it as you seemed to feel it wasn’t even worth a passing comment.

    Oh, and you may of noticed a nice new stadium that cost a few bob. Or did you miss that as well?

    I think it could be you who needs to remove his blinkers as it appears it is in fact you that only sees what he wants to see.

    See it half full you say? Empty more like.

    You really are an ingrate aren’t you.

  41. Jambug,a chance to re-live some pain! The Arsenal goals arent on there, I still recall seeing highlights and Brady running the show,lomng time ago now. Must have been great for them though.
    What about the FAC 84-85 game v York City? Still recall praying like fury that Lukic would save the penalty. Prayers unanswered!

  42. Kenneth Widmerpool

    2 own goals. I forgot that. It does look like it was Willie Young that had the bad day. Still Could’nt make out the little forward I was thinking of. Maybe another game. Memories not what it was.

    Could explain why I don’t remember the York game. I must of been there because around that time I went to 90% of the home games and over 50% of the away games.

  43. jambug,its probably better to not remember the cup game v York!I worked with a bloke who was a York fan and went to the game, said it was the match of his life. Those kind of cup games seem to have gone really, the cup used to be magic,(pain).

  44. Jambug,are you saying nobody has the right to question Wenger because he was at the helm of affairs when Arsenal acquired the Emirates? I don’t know about others, but for me, why i’ve lost confidence in Wenger is not because he hasn’t spent 300 million on player recruitment. After all, we can stay here and talk about how he is not spending money buying players, but we don’t really know if the money is there do we? We are not board members or accountants for the club. But what we do know is Wenger has a philosophy which is beautiful by the way, but won’t tweak it a bit to suit the opposition. Mistakes that CAN be corrected without spending a dime have been made time and time again. He knows he can’t be fired because he has achieved so much for the club. That’s why he has become too stubborn and arrogant. Deep down within me, i don’t want Wenger to leave, i just want him to acknowledge that he is human and make mistakes like every other person does. When has Wenger ever taken responsibility for a poor showing? He always says, “we believe in what we do”. I have a soft spot for Wenger, but I’m confused over the words “Arsene” and “Arsenal”. Wenger IS NOT Arsenal,and ultimately my support lies with the latter.

  45. sorry i meant to say “I have a soft spot for Wenger, but I’m NOT confused over the words “Arsene” and “Arsenal”. Wenger IS NOT Arsenal,and ultimately my support lies with the latter.

  46. In which other industry is a manager openly mocked and castigated for running his business at a huge profit and making the brand almost treble in size during his tenure?

  47. Mistamonn

    “Jambug,are you saying nobody has the right to question Wenger because he was at the helm of affairs when Arsenal acquired the Emirates?”

    I got this far and feel of my chair laughing.

    ..acguired the Emirates? Honestly are you for real?

  48. @Mike T

    Re your comment: –

    “one thing that is becoming increasingly evident is that your season hinges on keeping Sancez fit and of course him maintaining his form.”

    The necessity of keeping Sanchez fit was not really helped by your thug Cahill – was it?

  49. Very good discussion.

    What is a supporter?
    The word support is a generic word that has a very simple meaning. If you ‘support’ Arsenal Football Club, then it is the whole thing you support. You cannot possibly describe yourself as a supporter if you spend most of your time criticising the club publicly and calling the clubs employees insulting names.

    Therefore, going to matches does not make you a supporter, you may be a fan.

    What is a fan?
    You go to Music concerts,shows and the like because you are ‘fans’ of the artists, not neccessarily because you are supporters.

    There are a lot of misguided fans who think they are supporters. These fans troll Internet blogs and pick holes in the club and their employees. They may also be heard on pnone-in shows slagging off everything about the club. Sometimes they claim they go to games. These ‘fans’ will find reasons to complain when we win and blame our victory on there being something wrong with the other team. When anything negative happens to the club, they stick the boot in.

    These are not supporters, however much they try to convince themselves they are.

    PS: Even when we were pretty hopeless and during Gerorge Grahams seasons where we played some dire football, finished mid table and were the lowest goalscoreres (40 goals I think), I still ‘supported’ the club.

  50. Jambug.

    “And another thing..back then it was always bloody raining, or freezing cold, OR BOTH”

    Yes it was!! The cold concrete terraces we stood on would result in us freezing and I can remember now how I used to stand their stamping my feet to try to keep warm.

    Modern fans have no idea what it used to be like or some of the shit pitches and shit football we had to watch. Those moaners wouldnt have lasted 5 minutes.

  51. It’s commendable that this site is so positive and looks to always support the club but if some fans want to criticise then surely that is their right

    Sometimes by stepping back and assessing a situation one can look more objectively at things and then try to improve the situation. There are certainly things at the club that could be looked At and assessed to improve the playing side of the team

    Ultimately by looking at the negatives of the club one can then begin to improve these negative aspects and make them more positive. ignoring negative aspects is negligible and creates a negative aurora around the club.

    Most fans that criticse aren’t negative anyway they are just frustrated that we are not maximising our potential

  52. You AKBs really rock ! Had a good laugh at your comments, thanks !
    Its normally my practice never to engage those AAAA types, lest I too get infected with their terminal pessimism , but shit head has been on my case for some time and payback was long overdue.
    For some its a sin to be happy and positive just for the sake of it . Try not to knock it and see it for yourself.
    ( You know I’ll be posting positive quotes and jokes soon !)
    What next ? Only English owners/ shareholders for the EPL ? Good luck with that !
    When the time is right ,I’ll be attending ALL the home games ! Just after two of my kids become doctors themselves and the other is head hunted by some multinational company .
    It called good parenting when you provide the launchpad for your kids to soar .So forgive me for not being there ( as a true supporter!)as my energy and monies are being put to better use (for now).
    And Arsene will still be manager when I do come over !
    Up the Gunners !

  53. How NOT to be a supporter.

    Arsene Wenger says: “Szczesny hasn’t trained, Mikel Arteta is out and Yaya Sanogo has problems. Welbeck will be checked. He had a swollen knee so he wasn’t available for Dortmund. Walcott has a groin problem that he came back from England with. He is not available. We have been unlucky with injuries. What can you do about it? Not a lot.’

    Now those comments seem reasonable. Szhezzer was injured when he collided with Gibbs (courtesy of Fellaini), Theo was injured with England, Wellbeck got a knock on his knee and Arteta pulled a calf muscle towards the end of the Dortmund game. And we all know about Jacks injury. We lost Giroud to a freak knock against Everton and Debouchy landed heavily on his ankle. So yes these are obviously unlucky injuries. Or so you would think.

    Well not if you are a SUPER FAN who writes a blog and Knows Best.

    According to that Wood of LG, these injuries are all Arsene Wengers fault:

    QUOTE: “Now here’s the crazy thing. To play under a Wenger regime, you need to be tough. So, so very tough. Because his methodology doesn’t really work in a way that suits athletes needs. So if you know, as a manager, your methods cause injuries, DON’T BUY INJURY PRONE PLAYERS. The Walcott injury is another strange one. I don’t know what’s gone on there, but it’s easy to blame England. We’ve seen how poorly we’ve brought back players. Particularly him. Wouldn’t surprise me if he went there in a state. Like Ozil and Laurent did.I can’t imagine what the backroom team think when they read stuff like that. It must be so depressing. Because there is always something you can do.”

    So there you have it. All our injuries are Wengers fault. This from a bloke that is never shy to demonstrate his lack of football knowledge for a click.

    I honestly don’t know what to say, it is just bizarre. Incredibly, his readers agree with him. Who are these people?

    Somebody help me out here, I understand they don’t like Mr. Wenger but this ridiculous hocum. If you want an example of what a Shit fan is and the perfect example of what a supporter is not, look no further. And he claims he goes to every home game, despite getting home and away mixed up. Someone is having a laugh.

  54. A golden oldie .

    Two men, both seriously ill, occupied the same hospital room. One man was allowed to sit up in his bed for an hour each afternoon to help drain the fluid from his lungs. His bed was next to the room’s only window. The other man had to spend all his time flat on his back. The men talked for hours on end. They spoke of their wives and families, their homes, their jobs, their involvement in the military service, where they had been on vacation.
    Every afternoon when the man in the bed by the window could sit up, he would pass the time by describing to his roommate all the things he could see outside the window.
    The man in the other bed began to live for those one hour periods where his world would be broadened and enlivened by all the activity and color of the world outside.
    The window overlooked a park with a lovely lake. Ducks and swans played on the water while children sailed their model boats. Young lovers walked arm in arm amidst flowers of every color and a fine view of the city skyline could be seen in the distance. As the man by the window described all this in exquisite detail, the man on the other side of the room would close his eyes and imagine the picturesque scene. One warm afternoon the man by the window described a parade passing by. Although the other man couldn’t hear the band – he could see it. In his mind’s eye as the gentleman by the window portrayed it with descriptive words. Days and weeks passed.
    One morning, the day nurse arrived to bring water for their baths only to find the lifeless body of the man by the window, who had died peacefully in his sleep. She was saddened and called the hospital attendants to take the body away.
    As soon as it seemed appropriate, the other man asked if he could be moved next to the window. The nurse was happy to make the switch, and after making sure he was comfortable, she left him alone.
    Slowly, painfully, he propped himself up on one elbow to take his first look at the real world outside. He strained to slowly turn to look out the window beside the bed. It faced a blank wall.
    The man asked the nurse what could have compelled his deceased roommate who had described such wonderful things outside this window The nurse responded that the man was blind and could not even see the wall.
    She said, “Perhaps he just wanted to encourage you.”

  55. Wert: I don’t think your analysis is complete. First, there are many sites that are forums for anti-Arsenal debate, so there really is no need to spill onto this site just to be anti-Wenger or anti-Arsenal.

    Second, this site puts forward a lot of evidence, not just opinion. We have published hundreds of referee reviews, we have analysed hundreds of journalist reports, we have looked at numerous transfers, and from these we have produced theories.

    Anyone who comes back and considers our evidence and seriously either explores errors in the evidence or conclusions, or alternatively produces counter evidence on the same scale, we publish and debate. What we don’t publish are commentaries that just say we are wrong, or abuse or analyses that go off topic.

  56. Tony

    I totally understand what you are saying and respect all the work you guys have done and I do agree with a lot of it

    My point is we are always able to improve as people and as a football club. But to improve one must first acknowledge our weaknesses in order to improve and grow

    I agree many fans are abusive, but there are some that just want the club to do everything they can to kick on and reach their potential. Wenger has given the club a fantastic foundation to build from that is for sure

    Keep up the good work 🙂

  57. @Brickfields Gunners
    November 28, 2014 at 4:04 pm

    So eloquently put…and the thing is – 100% spot on!!!

  58. @Brickfields

    I still enjoy all the jokes, but the story “A golden oldie” was very moving – one could just see it happening.

    Unfortunately for the AAAA and their apologists – they may be physically sound – but some things they cannot see and their powers of understanding are even less.

  59. I am probably not a really true Arsenal supporter……………….

    ………but, when Wenger goes so do I (almost certainly).

  60. I think it was the self expectation beginning of the season set the horrible response by the fans when Arsenal lose. Arsene never buys more than three first team new signings every season. The theory of team efficient suffers when more than three signing mix together is obvious every season when other teams buys whoever they can get their hands on. Totts really wasted the Bale money, Man Utd spend and spend but still unstable, Sunderland last season bought 13 new players and almost relegated. This season, the three signings for Arsenal were excellent. But I knew that was not enough for him personally for him to create the team he really wants. Just wait for next season, the team will be awesome. Three more excellent signings, plus new players on second season and the young players getting better. Ox is benefiting this season from the cautious pick by Arsene last season. Who said that man is not a genius?

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