Champions League update and possible opponents

By Walter Broeckx

So who can we meet… and who not if the CL groups as they now stand were to be the final tables in each group?

If that is the case Arsenal would be second in our group so we have to see at the other top teams in the group to see who we might get from the draw.

In group A we now have in first place Atletico Madrid and in second place Juventus. Juventus still could get over to the first place if they win their last match at home against Atletico Madrid with more than 1-0.

So from group A we could see: Atletico Madrid.

In group B it could be Real Madrid. They are far away from the rest. An interesting note is that Liverpool must win their last match against Basel at home to qualify for the next round. Otherwise they will be send to the Europa League. Unless Ludogoretz Razgrad win their last match at Real Madrid.

So from group B we could be drawn against Real Madrid.

In group C we have a very tight group. 3 teams that could be top of the group yet. Bayer Leverkusen(9pts), Monaco (8pts) and Zenit St. Petersburg (7pts) can all still win their group. Any team winning from those 3 will qualify. If Leverkusen can beat Benfica who are out of everything it seems they will finish top.

As things stand now we could face Bayer Leverkusen.

Group D is the group of Arsenal so we will not be drawn against Borussia Dortmund. Which is a pity.

From group E we know that Bayern Munich will win the group. Manchester City needs to go to Roma and win their match over there to make certain of a place in the next round.

So from group E our next opponent could be once again Bayern Munich.

In group F we have the decision on who will be top of the group on the last day of the group. PSG is in pole position right now but they have to go to Barcelona on the last day and a win from Barcelona could turn the top positions upside down. Anyway not really teams to look forward to meeting in the next round.

As things are now we could be drawn against PSG. But would miss out on Barcelona.

In group G we have Chelsea that has won the group. So we will not meet them in the next round. This means that we only have 6 possible teams we could face.

In group H we see that Porto is out of reach of the rest of the group. This is a group in which every decision has been made already with Shakthar Donetsk in second place.

So from group H it could be Porto.

If we put them in one list we could face these teams:

  • Atletico Madrid (or Juventus)
  • Real Madrid
  • Bayer Leverkusen (or Monaco or Zenit)
  • Bayern Munich
  • PSG (or Barcelona)
  • Porto

I think most will agree on who not to meet in the next round but I think there are still a few interesting teams that we could beat to progress to a next round. And there will be very tough teams finishing second in their group. So in a way it doesn’t matter that much. You only need a bit of luck to get us an interesting draw.

If I could get myself a favourite draw I would go for Bayer Leverkusen. Only two hours away from me by car… Oh yes I sure would go for that draw and get me some bratwurst on the way also. I suddenly feel a lot for supporting Bayer Leverkusen in their last match at Benfica.

And the stadium of Bayer Leverkusen has been extended to some 30.000 seats as before it was only some 20.000.  So who knows Arsenal supporters might get a few more tickets than we got from Anderlecht. And maybe my supporters’ club could get a  few. Now look what is happening, I’m already getting excited before we know we can play each other.

But of course we will update on this when we really now the final standings in each table and we really know who we can meet in the next round. Anyway I hope by then we will have a lot of players back so we can pick our strongest team at that moment.

Anyway it is always nice to just be able to see at possible opponents. Something Manchester City and Liverpool can only hope for to be able to make up lists like that.

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19 Replies to “Champions League update and possible opponents”

  1. This is what makes CL special and I will never knock coming in 4th. The magic of playing against the best of Europe. That is not to say I don’t want to win the EPL. I very much want to win that over CL. To me, finishing 4th is no different to finishing 2nd or 3rd, you still end up without a medal.

    Those who cry we will get RM or BM and get stuffed, show some back bone and cheer the team. I believe our off days are behind us. Time to reign in some good fortune. We have already started with Dortmund, let’s continue with WBA!

  2. I had trouble with a Man Utd fan today when I told him the club he supports will be playing their UCL match tonight at the Old Trafford against MK Dons.
    Moral: you don’t value what good thing you have until you lose it.

  3. We will get Bayern or Real Madrid. But so what, you have to play them at some time.

    Who are the idiots who think finishing top gurantess you an easy game? You could get Barcelona or PSG for starters. Or Arsenal and Man City…!

  4. Just to add some meat on the bones to the debate about where you finish in the groups and what happened next, since the change in format in season 2003/04, Arsenal’s is as follows:

    2003/04, topped group, beat Celta Vigo in 2nd round before quarter-final loss to Chelsea;
    2004/05, topped group, lost to Bayern Munich in 2nd round;
    2005/06, topped group, beat Real Madrid in 2nd round on the way to the final;
    2006/07, topped group, lost to PSV Eindhoven in 2nd round;
    2007/08, finished second in group, beat AC Milan in 2nd round before losing to Liverpool in the quarter-finals;
    2008/09, finished second in group, scraped past AS Roma on penalties in 2nd round en route to the semi-finals;
    2009/10, topped group, beat FC Porto in 2nd round before losing to Barcelona in the quarter-finals;
    2010/11, finished second in group, knocked out by Barcelona in 2nd round;
    2011/12, topped group, lost to AC Milan in 2nd round;
    2012/13, finished second in group, lost to Bayern Munich in 2nd round;
    2013/14, finished second in group, lost to Bayern Munich in 2nd round.

    In summary, on the 6 occasions we topped the group, still failed to progress past the 2nd round on 3 occasions; when we finished 2nd on 5 occasions, we were knocked out 3 times in the knockout round, which seems to suggest that it is hit and miss; besides, if you want to win the competition you have to beat the best at some stage, and even the so-called ‘smaller’ teams are tough to beat at times…

  5. As it stands now, we could play a tough team at the next stage regardless of our position in the group and that is the test of strong character of a great team. Arsenal only needs our united support rather than criticism of Wenger.

  6. Barca, Real, Bayern, PSG………
    The only one that matters right now is WBA.
    File the CL away ’til next year chaps and let’s climb the table that matters most.

  7. Vikrant Dogra

    Good work. Alas it proves no more than 1st or 2nd, it’s a lottery.

    Still, we know those that are so inclined will still use 2nd spot as a stick with which to beat Wenger with.

  8. Would love to meet Real Madrid. if basel can give them a headache why not the sexy and fluid gunners.What would the Tots and Manure want to meet??????

  9. Chief Walter, let us not be panicked should the Gunners be drawn against any group stages winner. I have a hunch this season will come with a difference for us as Lady Luck will pair us with either Bayern Leverkusen, Monaco or Zenith. If peradvanture Lady Luck decided otherwise, the Gunners will still prevail on whoever they are given. This is the Gunners’ year to clinch the much awaited giant trophy of Europe to take their rightful position among the elites of European clubs. On our visit to the Hawthorns tomorrow, the Gunners must bagged some 3 baggies after the duel has ended and come back with them to the Emirates Stadium for us to rebehold them again. The Gunners must play the high pitch symphony number they played against Dortmond’s heavy metal on Wed to also drum out any noise the Baggies might make on the lunch time of Saturday.

  10. It’s a cup competition. It doesn’t matter in the end. Anything can happen. I say bring it on because I know that on our day we can beat any team. We just need a little luck just like any other team in a cup competition.

    If anyone is in doubt they need to go back and watch Chelsea v Bayern final of 2012. Anything can happen.

  11. @Gunner6,
    Your view only emphasises Arsenal’s achievement in qualifying for the CL year after year.
    Our great Club must be the envy of
    most of the EPL.
    There is nothing like pitting your talents against the best in Europe.

  12. Walter , you ARE the real Arsenal supporter as you are willing to travel thousands of miles to see the team you love . And to so many different countries and knowing so many different languages.
    And you are always positive ,which should be the hallmark of all true fans . Some you win ,some you lose ,but undivided love and real support for the team in good as in the bad , distinguishes you from the rest .
    Some clown or other may disagree , but then , fuck ’em !
    You rock , my friend !
    You get my vote !

  13. I will personally pick Bayer Leverkusen because I want the Arsenal fans get the chance to witness another German club fans how they support their teams through thick and thin.

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