Champs League kickabout, and the AAA being set up for attack by media

By Bulldog Drummond

Arsène Wenger has revealed the latest team news ahead of Tuesday night’s game against Galatasaray in Istanbul saying “To make it as simple as possible, I have 11 experienced players and six young players on the bench. That means I have nothing to hide. Debuchy is back and will play, Szczesny is back in goal, Mertesacker, Chambers will play because Gibbs did not travel, Bellerin at left-back. Then you have Oxlade-Chamberlain, Ramsey, Flamini, Podolski, Sanogo and Campbell.

“The players who needed it stayed behind – like Cazorla, Sanchez, Gibbs, Giroud is not qualified and Welbeck, who could have travelled but recently had a little knee problem, so took advantage of that to rest him.

Sanchez had a groin problem for some time, and he has played 27 games. Cazorla has played many games, it is more just the number of repetitive games we have.

And finally, Jack is only out for three months, and has had no setback.


Bellerin, Mertesacker, Chambers, Debuchy


Oxlade-Chamberlain, Ramsey,

Podolski, Sanogo,  Campbell.

So we don’t have to win, but a win would be nice, and could actually be important if the other result goes our way.

As for the beach: Chuba Akpom,  Gedion Zelalem,  Stefan O’Connor, Ainsley Maitland-Niles, Glen Kamara and Alex Iwobi.

Meanwhile the big issue of the day is the Train Station Boo, which has taken on mega proportions.

One of the many factors ignored by the Anti-Arsenal Arsenal groupings who want Arsène Wenger to leave the club today, if not yesterday, is that their allies in the media who now publish their views on a daily basis will desert them, the moment Mr Wenger decides to leave.

We can see what will happen because it has happened so many times before.  There is the encouragement to make banners, hiss, boo and hurl the sort of abuse that has been the preserve of Man U supporters in the past.  Then having exposed themselves the AAA find their allies turning against them.  The fans are criticised and called mindless and stupid by the people who egged them on for months and years.

Meanwhile Mr Wenger will go in his own way in his own time, when he is ready to retire, but the press, which has so utterly ignored that Arsenal are the FA Cup holders, and that Mr Wenger has a far higher win percentage than Herbert Chapman, George Allison and Tom Whittaker, will come down on Arsenal fans, once again tarring us all with the same brush.

This huge outpouring by the media will then add to the difficulty the club already has in contemplating a new manager.   As it is, other managers look at the club with disdain, over the way Mr Wenger is treated in the media and by some fans, and the way in which the club is treated by the increasingly dictatorial PGMO.   As one source said to me, “They look at Wenger’s years at the club, at the 15 years in the knock out stages, at the Invincibles, at the three league titles and five cups, at the two doubles, and all done while building the new stadium and having no money, and they say, ‘And they want him out!?’  What chance will I have?”

Of the booing Mr Wenger said, “It is not wearing me down, not at all,” in the subsequent press conference.  “We have to cope with that. We are professional footballers and football people, and I am a competitive person. What is important is the next game, and responding in a strong way.”

Indeed some of the papers are already backing off a little.  Preparing the new ground the Guardian has commented on the coverage (including that in the Guardian, of course)  “A small group of drunk, disappointed men venting their feelings on a train: this will do for now.”

And here we go with the 1984 style change of direction, “…is it right to abuse Wenger on a train back from Stoke-on-Trent? Answer: of course not. This is the kind of treatment football should reserve, in extremis, for its real bad guys: the dishonest, the greedy, the unscrupulous. Wenger, by contrast, is a workaholic who cares only about the club and his players. His team are FA Cup holders and through to the last 16 of the Champions League, while the club is financially set thanks, in part, to Wenger’s own unstinting efforts. Abusing him now, and with such bile, feels a bit like like whining at your parents for only getting you five, not six, everlasting gobstoppers, the behaviour of the Veruca Salts of the the footballing world: shrill, entitled, stomping their tiny feet over perceived inadequacies of the in-house chocolate waterfall.”

The article even tries to trace the history of booing managers back through the ages, although gets rather lost in doing so.  But never mind, it was a good try.

But they are back on track with this:

“What exactly is it, in any case, that Wenger is supposed to have been out there winning over the last eight years of cautious financial management? More Carling Cups? More player of the months? Manchester City, Chelsea and Manchester United, all of whom have billionaire-backed spending power, have divvied up the league between them in that time. Similarly since Liverpool in 2005 only Barcelona, United, Milan, Internazionale, Chelsea, Bayern Munich and Real Madrid have won the Champions League, with only Inter, arguably, bucking the era of the super-spenders of the modern game.”

And that’s the point Untold makes all the time.  Arsenal has built a stadium, and done so without state aid in the style of Man City and WHU) without the oil money (in the style of Chelsea and Man City), without going bust (in the style of Leeds and Rangers in Scotland), without sinking out of the Champions League for four seasons and signing the morally unacceptable (in the style of Liverpool), without getting it all totally screwed (in the style of Man U) and without looking like stupid prats (in the style of Tottenham Hotspur).

I’m not sure if I agree with the Guardian’s conclusion that “It is simply the fact that sustained mid-range relative achievement is boring,” because I haven’t been bored.  I was bored beyond belief in the latter Graham seasons, and although happy indeed that we won the Cup double, even the first Cup Final against Sheff W was tedious.  As for the league, it was horrible horrible horrible.  And Rioch’s style didn’t do it for me either.

So, the AAA will be hung out to dry by the media, and forgotten, and then we will go off again.  But who on earth will take the job?


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137 Replies to “Champs League kickabout, and the AAA being set up for attack by media”

  1. The U19s have won their game against Galatasaray by 3-1. Well done lads! Now to follow the immortal advertising words “Rinse and Repeat”.


  2. It almost makes you feel sympathy towards the AAA, when as you state, they are hung out to dry by the very media who have encouraged them in the first place (I said almost!).
    What makes me sick though is to see one of Wenger’s chief tormenters, Gary Lineker, now trying to claim support for Wenger. Especially after mocking him previously (when he fell) and indeed enjoying the Stoke supporters abuse of him in the same match last season.

  3. I guess that I do not have anything original to say about the disappointing and inflammatory stuff that seems to be engulfing the club at the moment.

    One thing that I would like to say though, and it is not original either, is that I enjoy the UA Posts for their reasoned, mature and reflective take on events that concerns many of us.

    So, thank you for today’s Post — not all is lost.

  4. Micko,
    I fully agree with you.
    Last season or the season before Lineker tried to make a fool of Wenger and now is tracking back.
    I don’t believe him at all and he is one of the reasons I no longer watch MOTD even.

  5. The Guardian only printed such an article because the majority of Arsenal fans, who actually support the manager, were disgusted by the behaviour of those idiots at the station. It was clear that Arsenal fans were disgusted by that, and The Guardian is just riding on the wave of whatever the popular opinion is, they’re completely happy to stick the knife in at other times.

    Anyway, here are some ideas for banners.

    “PGMO: Not Fit And Proper”

    “PGMO: Professional Games Mafia Organisation”

    “PGMO: Bringing The Game Into Disrepute”

    Although I wouldn’t be surprised if the club was punished for any sort of protest against the PGMO.

    And we’re still waiting for Taylor to be demoted.

  6. “It is simply the fact that sustained mid-range relative achievement is boring”. What a load of bollocks. Wengers has met or exceeded expectations every season he’s been in charge. How is that ‘mid-range relative achievement’?

    I suppose The Guardian would be happier if we spent hundreds of millions and milled around in mid-table like Liverpool and Man U. After, big transfers is exciting, isn’t it? And if you aren’t winning the league and the Champions League, you may as well be floating around in mid-table, isn’t it?

  7. Excellent post as always. How on earth can these people not see that they are being set up? The criticism of the media is not out of love for our fortunes. They HATE our guts! And these AAA people swallow the media’s agenda?
    They are knocking our haeds together and they are sitting back and laughing their heads off! Imagine Lineker, the guy that reminds you of the charming looks of the old fabled fox, putting a word in for AW! How touching! With all the dogsh*t he’s been saying about us and our manager on prime time tv.
    The fact is that he and his sort hate anything Arsenal with perfect hatred. Nobody should believe anything they say. They will stop at nothing to destroy all we stand for. It is up to us to see to it that they fail.

  8. I would love to see the AAAA being attacked by the newly emerging and rabid AAAAA , then in a perverse feeding frenzy attacking themselves !
    WOO HOO , HOO !
    And what a sight it would be , blood all over ,and the property prices falling ! There’s a killing to be made !
    In the real world Arsenal supporters will be cheering their players on to win in Turkey .Maybe also wanting Anderlecht to ‘improve’ their points tally !
    Walter , guys , I’ve done my part for this CL game!May even go in for some extras !You others better observer your rituals as well .
    Up the Gunners !

  9. Micko, Walter, Stan – some thoughts I had in the last few days as well – the media all of the sudden playing “let’s protect Arsene”, “let’s all have a go at Man United being so rubbish”; it’s all bullshit.

    Now they want to portray themselves as the responsible adult; “what are they doing to Wenger?” (tsk tsk tsk).

    Fucking assholes, it’s 95% your fault; you wanted to sell papers; you started the fire; now you are selling papers by showing the “disrespectful, hand-biting ungrateful supporters of this god-awful club, Arsenal” – all so transparent really.

    I fuckin hate the media.

    I do hope that once again Arsene will make them eat their words, and worse.

  10. Wenger picked Oxlade-Chamberlain to go to the press conference with him, a sign that he’s coming up in the pecking order? It will be interesting to see where he fits in when Walcott is back to full fitness. He’ll be playing in midfield today, behind Campbell. Our right hand side should be very tasty.

    Also, Wenger named four of our young players who are close to the first team: Akpom, Zelalem, Maitland-Niles and Stefan O’Connor. No mention of Ajayi, Hayden or Crowley.

  11. I look forward to seeing our boys doing their stuff on the turf in Turkey. A good game, a win and a star or two discovered? Go guys! Up the gunners!

  12. The abuses, the jeering, the yelling and the booing have been hurled at the boss at the train station in Soke City. And the boss had taken them on his chin. That unfortunate incident has passed away and we don’t wish to see another repeat of such unpatriotic behaviours again. The AOBs are not the only ones that felt bad and disappointed on the Stoke result which did not go for us. Even the AKBs felt equally bad and disappointed too. I also felt bad and disappointed as the Gunners failed to cancel out the 3 goals deficits and go ahead and win the game. But what can I do? I have to painfully take it on my chin. Moreso as the Red Devils triumphed over the Saints yesterday night to move to 3rd position in the table. I said to myself, this is the Gunners position which they have gifted the Red Devils. If the Gunners had taken a point at the Liberty Stadium and beat the Red Devils at the Emirates Stadium in a match the Gunners so dominated and created so many scoring chances but played them all to the galley. Also if they have taken at least a point at the Britannia, the Gunners would have been the ones that will be sitting 3rd in the table by now. While the Red Devils will sit in the 6th position. I think the Gunners must henceforth be articulated in their upcoming games to avoid remaining rigid while others are moving forward.

  13. It somehow doesn’t seem right that those AAA morons who now beat Wenger with every available stick enjoyed and reveled in the successful trophy winning occasions of his stewardship. Their selective support should exclude them from deriving any enjoyment from Arsene’s many achievements.
    When Wenger finally departs it is going to be sickening hearing all those pundits and journalists who have been castigating him for years suddenly writing glowing epitaphs for him as they surely will. Two faced arseholes to a man the lot of them.

  14. Everyone is now changing directions. Two days ago Wenger was a turnip who no one in their right mind would support, today he is the man who has transformed football in England (which is of course true).

    Even the Bleacher Report is being positive.

    Now that is frightening.

    Oh and by the way, we have just installed new software that should make Untold properly readable on Android phones. Sorry it has taken so long.

    History site has it too.

  15. The French have a saying which in English reads “The more things change, the more they stay the same”.
    Each season of late, those fickle followers of little faith(I won’t call them supporters) call for either Wenger’s head or pinpoint a player or two on whom to spout some bile.
    If we could research the Invincibles’ season, I’m sure that at some time there was moaning and criticism.
    There is a hard core of attenders, mainly at the Emirates unfortunately, who, in their nature, simply have to find fault
    with something. If Arsenal won every game played, these folk would complain about the Emirates’ catering.
    They fail to understand that (a) Arsene selects the best eleven from his squad and (b) every player does his best on the field of play. New signings are introduced with the best intentions, bearing in mind fee, wages and most of all, availability.
    Fair criticism on anything is perfectly acceptable, provided it is directed on the finished article…..this means you wait until the season’s end before reaching a conclusion. In the meantime, 100% support for Club, Manager and all who wear the shirt is the only course of action.
    Those who cannot wait should follow another club because ArsenalFC have no place for you.

  16. Gary Lineker should take his Arsene support/defence, bend over and ram it up his own ass. After he and his ilk have been goading on the vast but moronic AAA wing for years he now has the nerve to want to play the rational adult mediator?

    What a hypocritical douche!

  17. Heh, why is the bleacherreport article getting so much coverage and praise? It says nothing that Untold, among others, hasn’t been saying for years.

  18. One thing that they forget is, Wenger is the TYPE of manager the club owners want, and any new manager will be pretty similar, that is unless the club changes it’s ideals and vision.

  19. BTW, this mood swing is surprising. Let’s see how long this goes.

    Did that hypocrite complain about time wasting. Hahahha. When he does it, its tactics. When someone slaps that same tactics on his face…..go cry

  20. Hello, anybody here?
    what the heck happened to untold?
    is this the new design? Awesome!

    I love it 🙂

  21. You got the new article there???…

    I am stuck at old style cos the new article is not updated. Will check again.

  22. Quincy,

    You just beat me to it. That was a complete rip-off of Untold Arsenal!

    I wasn’t impressed though. Just like Gary “The Hypocrite” Lineker, Bleacher Report have been notorious spreader of disaffection amongst the Arsenal ranks and disser of Arsene Wenger.

    What I get from the article, is the fact that the journos who are always writing nonsense about Arsenal and Arsene know better. Not the least surprising but interesting nonetheless.

  23. Yyeeaahhh. New site for android. Awesome.

    Hope that old ad bug doesn’t trouble me.

  24. I agree with the point that the media will turn. They will do what they can to damage Arsenal. I disagree with the boring point. Over the last 2-3 years our football has been boring. The endless short passing going nowhere has been painful to watch. Still, that’s subjective of course. Boring to one person can be different to another. As for the booing of Wenger, he only has himself to blame.

  25. Oh, by the way, the much exalted Bleacher Report article got this bit wrong:

    “Ultimately, the naysayers will get their wish. But they should be careful once they’ve helped get Wenger shoved through the exit door or simply convinced him to walk though it under his own power.”

    Nah, no freaking way.

    When Arsene leaves, it will be into retirement or because his employers want him gone. As the latter is very unlikely, I am going for the former. What is absolutely certain is that Wenger’s departure is never going to be decided by some boobs whining about paying to watch the team and not getting the results they want like their money cover any type of result or that anyone is forcing them to.

  26. Jayramfootball,

    Welcome and thanks for your contribution.

    Mr “I-Want-Arsenal-to-Lose-Badly-Just-to-Spite-Wenger” himself!!!

    Shouldn’t you be in some Internet sewer right now posting furiously about arsenal losing so that Wenger can get sacked?

    It’s a game night, duty calls!

  27. Lineup from

    Szczęsny, Debuchy, Mertesacker(C), Chambers, Bellerín, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Ramsey, Flamini, Podolski, Sanogo, Campbell


  28. aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

  29. Man..what difference a well taken goal does. Ramsey impressive defensive tackles.

    Go Rambo. Go Gunners

  30. Am i in another universe by accident? The commentators are pretty nice to Arsenal tonight, and the ref too. Or am i imagining it.

  31. Our movement is great tonight. The transformation from the defence to attack is the key for a team with so much pace and attacking talent like ours.

    Poldi’s left foot is…wow. If it was attached on Welbeck’s body, Danny would be the best striker in the world.

  32. in in therrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Fuck off Stoke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. RAAAAAAAAAAAAAMBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! WOW! This shot could have been only better if the ball was filled with Ryan Shawcross’ testicles!

  34. Ramsey has consumed a bottle full of “magical Ramsey potion”

    Man of the match already.
    Ox gets the deputy Man of the match.

  35. After the 2 freekicks he has taken today, Ramsey, I doubt anyone in the team would say no if he stands over the ball to take free kicks.

  36. 3-0 at half time but it could have been 6-0.

    Keep it tight at the back boys, you will score more. Just keep it tight at the back.

    What a half! Absolutely enjoying it.

  37. I just looked over at the BBC coverage (I’m reading the commentary), and they started out with the same crap, getting all their AAA buddies to send in their stupid comments. But, as the game progressed, they actually had to start saying something nice, and it looks like they are having problems finding real Arsenal fans to send in twits (to the BBC twits).

    It sounds like Podolski is trying to break the woodwork again. And I hope the news papers have a pic or two of Ramsey’s second.


  38. @Gord.


    Check out some vine. That was a laser guided missile.

    It wasn’t hit and hope. It was just #no words. Just watch it.

  39. Hahahahahahahaha

    Yeaaahhhh. Zelalem and Niles.
    Awesome. Show of faith. Show of strength.


  40. When you look at the players I don’t think they could believe what they had just seen, especially as tjay pointed out, Senogos !!

    His jaw simply dropped to the flaw.

    It’s so easy to go over the top in the moments straight after a goal such as that, but I honestly think that’s one of THE best goals I have EVER seen.

    Stunning, simply stunning.

  41. Watching the game here in Norway, and at half-time the only thing they had to say is that Galatasaray is rubbish… If Arsenal is 3-0 up at half time that is the only explanation they can come up With… What about giving us the credit we deserve. PS 3 more in the 2nd half and a Draw in Dortmund and we are top of the Group 😉

  42. @Gord,

    Got booked for telling the ref to stop bending over for Sneijder every time he puts his hands up

  43. Thanks Jerry. I was going to guess dissent.

    Sure a lot of young people on the field now.


    & come on Anderlecht.

  44. Anderlecht tied it up. 🙂

    Mind you, so did Liverpool. Bleech!


    & come on Anderlecht.

  45. good stuff, smart attacking in the first half and a wonder goal and solid defending in the second…come on Anderlecht.
    COYG! Aha and Amen!

  46. @Gord,

    If you still didnt see Ramsey second goal, get to Arseblog live blog. He put a link to that goal.

  47. Well, I was hoping for 3 braces, and we got two. Too bad we lost the clean sheet for Szczesny.


  48. Special mention. Niles. Composed game. Zelalem. Sat back and did just enough. Ox. Power packed.

    Go gunners

  49. Excellent performance tonight from the lads. Would like to have seen Ramsey stay on as he’s confidence has been knocked recently and he played a blinder in the first half. Good to see Podolski get a couple of clinical goals, definitely the best finisher we have.

  50. @bootoomee
    Silly boy.
    Good performance tonight. Really confident and assured.
    Didn’t deserve to win the group after the Anderlecht collapse so we will have to hope for a kind draw in the last 16.

  51. Merts had a good game, he needed it tonight. It was never a free kick that they scored from!

  52. I am enjoying the sorrowful whining on ITV as one of their darlings just got dumped out of the CL by the almighty Basle.

    Let’s us remember this when they denigrate AW’s achievement of regularly qualifying for the CL group stages as well as the knockout stages. Liverpool were out of CL for 4 years and on their return, they got stopped by Basle.

    One would think that the boneheads would look at this and say, hey maybe Arsenal’s regular qualification for the CL and its knockout stages is not to be denigrated but one would be wrong.

  53. Excellent result, very good first half with excellent goals. Nice to see Ramsey and Podolski on the score sheet! Well done the team.

    Jayramfootball – creature of two faces – when you use the Anderlecht match to run down the team you won’t forget to mention the ref & linesman – will you!

  54. It’s also worth noting that regular second round qualification enables the PL to have 4 teams in the CL!

  55. Jayramfootball,

    I don’t read your comments here anymore but I have made it my pet mission to always let everybody who read your comments know that in other to get Wenger sacked, you repeatedly wished Arsenal to lose badly. You are not a supporter of Arsenal. Supporters don’t wish their team losses, talkless bad ones.

    I don’t want to read your comments but I shall follow you everywhere you post on Untold Arsenal to let the world know who you are: A Two Faced Traitor.

  56. Jamie Redknapp oh so pissed, he is hurting and if one could catch his thoughts, “oh my beloved team are out.”

  57. The suckers are almost in tears on ITV about Liverpool being dumped out. Adrian Chiles even apologised to his “viewers for not being able to bring them another great night of triumph from Anfield”.

    What the fuck!

    These hacks would be chuckling and smirking if it were Arsenal. I thought we are an English team too?

    What the hell!

  58. Great result.

    Echoing a few lads in saying how great to see Ramsey and Podolski play so well.

    Podolski really kept going to the end. Think he was really trying to make a point, and I think he made it.

    With the players we have up front still difficult for him to break into the side, but ???

  59. Am I right that Liverpool now has to play Thursday night, too? Beautiful…keeps their schedule full with meaningless games.

  60. As soon as it became apparent that Arsenal were not going to score 3 in the second half, the BBC felt obligated to start throwing the odd bit of crap in about Arsenal not being good enough. Dorks!

    When Flamini was taken off, he was still at 100% in passing.

    How did Campbell look?

    And the subs?

  61. One of the best things about tonight is that we will get some respite from the numpties. Or absolute f*cking idiots as I prefer to call them. I am going on Saturday and am looking forward to joining in a “One Arsene Wenger” chant.

    Ramsey’s 2nd was jaw-dropping. And the others weren’t too bad either.

    And fair play to the merry band of gooners who travelled out there. Audible!

  62. Pete, I don’t know where I seen it (BBC?), but the AAA was at the game with a Wenger Out banner.

    Maybe they’ll drown when crossing the Channel.

  63. @Gord

    Campbell did not really impress, tonight. He was OK but didn’t create much himself but relied on Ramsey. Zelalem was OK, too. He tried a couple tricks to get open. Nothing came of them but he made the effort. As for Niles, he was reasonably solid. A couple of scrambles in the box in the second half that were just short of comical, though.

  64. How many years of qualifying from group stages is that now? I’ve run out of fingers to count on 😛

    Rambo – not bad for a player who some of the banner wavers wanted rid of 18 months ago.

  65. Gerrard diving after the keeper clearly got the ball, looking around at the ref cheating bastard!

  66. As usual the fastest after match report (apart from is on line at Untold Arsenal.


  67. Thank you for the read, guys. Enjoyed this. First things first. Although I was dejected with whatever happened at Stoke, nobody ever deserves such treatment. And the fans who boo publicly forget the contributions of this very person. Sincerely hope good sense dawns on these folks. After all we all support the club Arsenal & want to see it do well. This behavior will certainly never help!
    Coming to the match today, it was a pleasure to see our team play so fresh & without any inhibitions. Princes first goal was typical of him. A high powerful boot to the top of the nets! 2nd one was a sly one from Ramsey, where he kept his head & tapped it in. But the third one was special for more than one reasons. For one, we scored one from set piece. For another, this was one of the best goals I have seen for a long time now. No surprise that Ramsey has found his form since the goal at Stoke! Just one word for that. Splendid. After the Turks pulled one back through a splendid free kick courtesy Sneijder(although I believe we were hard done by with that foul call on BFG), Poldi ended things the way he started. With a peach of a one two one.
    Whether we came first in the group or not is no big deal. Full marks to our lads for putting the effort out there. Including the youth products. Proud of you all. Proud of my club. COYG… Always!

  68. @yassin

    nope, I’m a very very different one, I’m not a fan of the arsenalfantv guy either.

    ohhh, and I also just realized that ramseys second goal was with his left foot.

  69. @Tjay,

    Sorry, my bad. Its just he looks like you, and I remember his name was TJ. Sorry again.

    Left foot, stopped in the middle of the shot, to make a perfect Bergkamp goal. F*ck Yeah!

    Come on Ramsey, get back ro form man, we need you!

  70. WOW what a result and what a performance, really, by everyone involved.

    I thought the Ox was immense in this central midfield position; his attitude and raw power helped him take away a lot of 50-50 balls. Sanogo was also good with his movement and vision, I think that he has a bright future ahead of him. Of course Poldi with his super strike in the first half, but really a lot of hussling and tussling, holding on to the ball in the face of pushings and physical challenges – this is what I’m talking about !

    And of course Rambo, was everywhere, passing, tackling, shooting inter continental ballistic missiles, you know, the usual stuff.

    Let’s just build on this, use this result and performance to get the spirits up !

    We have Newcastle the giant slayers up next – let’s keep it up !!! COYG.

  71. Good post. Victory at Istanbul much reliefed after bad result at Stoke. Hope the boys keep the momentum against Newcastl.

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