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  1. Abhishek Kumar

    Hey Tony. Where do the Arsenal youth and ladies team play till now. I mean if you can just tell me as I know nothing about the Arsenal grounds except for Emirates.

  2. Tony

    Arsenal Ladies play at Boreham Wood FC

    The reserves play at Barnet FC

    The youth team play at Arsenal’s training ground, I think, and I believe that only parents and officials are allowed in – but I am not sure of the details. I have not been to one so I can’t say.

    As I have said many times, if you are able to get to any reserve or ladies games it is worth it. Reserves are free, ladies are mostly £3, and of course they don’t just play in London, you can go to the away games if they are nearer you.

    I have often had people say, “I can never get a ticket,” and yet they won’t join a few friends and myself watching the Reserves or Ladies play an away game in the midlands (where I live) or go to a home match.

    But it is fun – a totally different atmosphere, very relaxed.

    I’d say the same of the pre-season games, like Barnet. Great fun.

  3. walter

    And now put pressure to give the game live on arsenal TV ?
    I always try to watch to the womens cup final on TV when it is shown on the BBC. And must say as a ref I do on occasion some womens football but what Arsenal play is somewhat different from what we have over here.
    A friend of mine has known a girl that went to Arsenal Ladies for a season but never got even close to the first team as they were on a very high level compared to here.

  4. Tony

    Walter I have a feeling that next season ESPN will be showing Women’s Cup matches from an earlier round, and I think they might also be showing the Super League which runs through the summer (March to October) next year.

    So, if that gives you a way in, yes there will be more on TV

  5. walter

    I think the last years the women FA cup final was on the BBC. I dont think our sporting channel will give the ladies league. But who knows maybe next summer to fill up the big empty hole?

    I can in fact enjoy a good lady’s game. A bit more slow then the men but you can see some good games. Hope this doesn’t sound to sexist, if this is the correct name in English.( Just hope I haven’t said anything wrong by using this word)

  6. Tony

    Your English is spot on as always Walter

  7. walter

    I was lucky this time as it is the same in Dutch.

  8. Mare Street Gooner

    Hey Tony,

    Great blog, I’ve been reading for awhile but have never posted before.

    Anyway a couple times it’s occurred to me that maybe Ladies’ football is a more accurate representation of how the league would look, without the silly money and financial doping that permeates the men’s game.

    I notice of course that we’ve been absolutely dominant for a good few years – presumably due to the same scouting, training, and tactics that are meant to exist throughout all level of the club, from first team through to reserves and youth.

    However I don’t watch the Ladies’ game – (I plan to, however as it’s not televised it’s difficult to access) – so I can’t verify this idea. What do you think? Is it a reasonable hypothesis? Or is the Ladies’ game actually just as full of financial inequality and other shenanigans?

  9. Lanre

    Tony, man city match preview please. Let me rephrase that Tony. ex-gunners city match preview please.

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