Arsenal – Qpr : Alexis the top class man, Giroud the stupid man and Atkinson the usual rubbish himself man

By Walter Broeckx

The starting team for the match was Szczesny, Debuchy, Mertesacker, Monreal, Gibbs, Flamini, Rosicky, Cazorla, Welbeck, Alexis, Giroud. And on the soaking wet beach we had Ospina, Bellerin, Chambers, Coquelin, Walcott, Podolski, Campbell.

So for the first time Rosicky in the starting line up of the PL this season if my memory serves me right. Monreal taking up the place of Chambers at central defence and so Mertesacker could play on his favourite right hand side.

A bit of left and right football in the opening minutes with no ream really putting a lot of good passes together. Maybe adjusting to the wet conditions was needed.

But when Arsenal put up the pressure it resulted in a some situations in the QPR penalty box. A few shouts for a penalty and finally the ref could not but give one when Traore clearly brought down Alexis.  Alexis himself to convert it but Green saved the shot and could put in corner.  In my part of the world they always say that the fouled one should never take the penalty himself. An old football law that wasn’t respected and so we had to start again after some 9 minutes.

Arsenal now pressing QPR back around their penalty area. Lots of pressure and some corners but not really open chances. The weather conditions not really helpful as some balls zipped on the turf and were slightly over hit. Welbeck then being pulled back but ref Atkinson didn’t want to give Arsenal a second penalty.  A few shots from distance went harmlessly wide and over.

A bit later Welbeck was pulled down outside and now the ref gave the foul and a yellow against Ferdinand. It needed a good save from Green to deny Giroud from the free kick.  Arsenal pushing forward but lots of QPR bodies, legs, arms, heads in the way to stop the shots from Arsenal.

The pressure had to pay off and when a well worked attack found Gibbs he crossed it and Alexis could head it in completely unmarked. You could see he was happy that he had made up for his earlier penalty miss. 1-0 to the Arsenal after 37 minutes.

QPR then tried to do something back and after a free kick the ball was headed wide from an offside position but the flag stayed down. On the other side the assistant wasn’t that lenient when Giroud broke free.  The half time score was 1-0 to the Arsenal and that should have been a higher score based on the way the game went.

The first thing of note in the second half was Traore who thought for a moment he was still an Arsenal player and gave the ball straight at Rosicky.

Then Giroud lost his head and gave a QPR defender a head but after he was pushed. What an utterly stupid act and now we had to play with 10 men for the remaining 35 minutes.  Stupid, stupid, stupid.  Not just for this match but now he will be out for the next 3 matches.  And with the busy schedule he made a easy looking match in to a hard working match.

The first chance after that fell to Arsenal when Gibbs had a low cross but the QPR defence could block Alexis.  Alexis proving his worth a few times when he brought the ball out of the defence from Arsenal. A curling effort went wide but a bit later he saw Rosicky joining in the attack and Tomas took the pass first time and his low shot couldn’t be stopped by Green. 2-0 to the Arsenal after 65 minutes.  And what a way to come back from Rosicky!

Arsenal was remarkably able to hold off the pressure and carved out some great attacks but they came to nothing.  Per being kicked in the penalty area and again Atkinson found nothing of it. That was a clear penalty ref.   On the other side Debuchy clearly played the ball but Atkinson pointed at the spot. What a difference a penalty area makes one could say. Austin converted the gift and made it 2-1.

With some 8 minutes to go Rosicky was taken off and Chambers came on.  And with 3 minutes remaining Coquelin came on for Welbeck. QPR now piling on some pressure but Flamini on hand to stop a corner before the goal line.

4 minutes of extra time and QPR shouting for a penalty again but santa Atkinson surely had given them enough presents.  But you never know with him of course.  And then again Alexis showing his class when he recovered a ball and drew a foul on him.  A last foul from Coquelin that made some nervous moments but the free kick went over wide.

A game we should and would have won comfortable turned difficult because of Giroud losing his head and Atkinson once again showing that he doesn’t like us and giving QPR a non-penalty to bring them back in the match neglecting 3 clear penalties on Arsenal players before.

I think Wenger will have a strong word with Giroud who made this match much more difficult than it needed to be and with the busy schedule we could have done without being physically tested like that.


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  1. Giroud is stupid cos he do not read UA.
    all arsenal player should read UA befor every game.
    thank Walter.

  2. GoingGoingGooner
    it takes a lot of courage from ref to be a professional.
    but fuckhead aDkinsoh is not.

  3. GoingGoingGooner
    yaeh. gibbs fault look more like a penalty then NOT PENALTY in hundred years from debuchy

  4. GoingGoing Gooner
    Sub clause 8B – Arsenal player involved, over-rules all of the normal interpretations of the laws.

  5. Will the disciplinary committee or whatever it is called look at Ferdinand and ban him for 5 games!!! ….remember Song getting a ban.

  6. Everyone wants to play, which is a good thing.

    > Arsenal midfielder Tomas Rosicky, speaking to BT Sport: “It was my first start of the season and I wanted to show the manager he could use me more. We dug deep and we won the game and it’s a very important stage of the season, so we’re pleased to have won.”


  7. Walter was Giroud really stupid or is this the natural human reaction to being continually denied justice?

  8. Has anyone seen a deserved red card given (Giroud) as well as a yellow for simulation (Onuoha)?

  9. Atkinson was right to send Giroud off, he failed to notice Rio trying to strangle our boy. Shit ref, Shit Bt sports what more could one expect gonna ng into the new year?

    Then again, Giroux u did no wrong in my eyes!

  10. Gord.
    Daily mail showing head contact, what next, photos of holocaust victims?

    I’m having a go at the daily racists not you mate.

  11. Daily Mail show picture? It’s doctored. There was no contact. Pictures can be edited easily. Did Daily Mail show hand on Giroud’s neck? If not why not?

  12. @GoingGoingGooner,

    This is what I wrote on the earlier post:

    Please check number 5, it was on slow motion, and even the pundits who were saying it was a foul, couldnt argue after.

    The arabic BeIn had a ref to talk on all matches, this is what he said regarding ours:
    1-Sanchez penalty, correct
    2-No mention of Welbeck penalty.
    3-Giroud red, he said it should have been a red, for the attitude, still there wasa push (yellow and foul) on Giroud before, and Ferdinand should have been red carded too.
    4-Hoiliet penalty, correct (I dont agree here)
    5-Zamora penalty, simulation, and he showed how he tripped his legs on slow motion, it was a simulation

  13. For Gods sake wake up , yes it was a sending of , yes we were by far the better team , and yes they could have had a second penalty but didn’t , three points move on

  14. If anything picture shows Onuoha leaning into Giroud before falling to the floor like he was shot – giving black people a bad name. The cheat dived without injury & didn’t need an ambulance!! It is a shame cheating has got so bad in English football. Giroud was pushed by Onuoha & Atkinson did nothing!! But despite all the cheats Arsenal get 3 points and will continue to win. Atkinson will be punished for his evil.

  15. How come no commetary mentioned this (from the Match Report)?

    > Rosicky made a point of geeing up a crestfallen Alexis, and it took a while for the Chilean to regroup. When he did, a dazzling run took him past two defenders before a slide-rule pass so nearly played in Danny Welbeck.

  16. Hoiliet (the one who dived for the penalty) got a yellow card for a professional foul on debuchy (he was straight on goal, why no red walter?)
    Then he made the tackle on Per in the penalty area, followed by the tackle on Sanchez seconds later, still no second yellow. He went then to dive to get them the penalty ( the ball went to his right, he still ran towards Debuchhy leg and fell before contact)

    Although we won, am still frustrated at how we are so OBVIOULY cheated!

    And regarding Giroud, I think its time he fight back all those fouls the ref dont give him. When the ref starts doing his job (it was a push by the hand before), then I can blame him for being stupid!

  17. And when Rooney, Ferdinand, Costa, and all othrr players get red carded for such stupidity, then I can accept our player being red carded is not Bias and injustice. What Ferdinand did (in front of the ref eyes) was more dangerous and disgusting, and he should be red carded too. But that Atkinson is a cheat.

  18. There seem to be few pictures of the incident. Lots of pictures of that QPR zombie falling to the ground, but so far that Daily Mail picture (which Menace thinks is photoshopped) is the only one which shows the incident.

    If some more pictures show up, it might make sense to go look at them with GIMP or do some image processing.

  19. Surprised that the fouled one took the penalty. That’s unusual for Arsenal.
    We won though, despite the referee
    which is all that matters.
    We have now lost Giroud for 3 games but Ozil,Ramsey, Walcott and Wilshere are nearing return.
    And the Window is about to open!
    The horizon looks bright indeed. 😉

  20. Atkinson was looking right at ferdinand when he sank his claws into girouds neck. He couldn’t have missed that, the cheating scumbag.

  21. Okay, I have seen the number 400 and the number 600 describing today’s win. It is possible both numbers are true, but apply to different milestones. Anyone know what it is?

  22. Everyone has their own opinion, just because some of us still believe in Arsene Wenger don’t mean we’re not a real supporter. I myself has not been satisfied by our performances for the past several years but under such financial limitations, who can replace Arsene and do a better job than him? Easy to throw out names, some names that has been considered such as Klopp, Martinez, Guardiola, Simeone or even Ancelotti. Let’s be realistic shall we? Klopp, is he good enough? Now that Borussia Dortmund has lost key players, like we had for the past several years, but currently Borussia Dortmund is facing relegation whereas we still stood strong at the top 4 and qualified for the Champions League for the past 16 years in a row. Nothing to be proud of really as we haven’t won any major trophies recently but this is just a comparison of Arsene and Klopp. Martinez? Really? Wigan was relegated some time ago under his management. Everton did well, nothing exceptional yet though, but Everton have done well for some time with Moyes also, so is Moyes can be considered a good replacement too then? Answer is no, Martinez and Moyes are not proven managers just yet. Guardiola and Ancelotti? Really? Shall we even discuss the possibility of them signing for us? I believe they are the proper replacement for Arsene but are they interested? Simeone? He’s the proper candidate for me, with limited financial resources he led Atletico Madrid to glories, winning the Spanish Primera Liga, setting out aside arguably the two toughest teams in the world, Barcelona and Real Madrid, but the question is, is he interested? Maybe? Some may say he’s a one season wonder, but is he? Sad to see some of us insisting that they love the club more than others or that they are real supporters and questioning the loyalty of other supporters just because there is a difference in opinion.

  23. Nothing ever seems to come easy for this team! And some of the decisions we get against us are starting to look really ridiculous. The Welbeck hold in the box, you could say “Okay, there isn’t enough to give it”, but the kick on Mertesacker? How does Atkinson not give that penalty, only to give one against us moments later where Debuchy has clearly (and I mean CLEARLY) gotten a nick on the ball. Despicable! But Giroud is a stupid boy. I can see why he got upset the way he was shoved into an onrushing ‘keeper, but he put the result of that game (and our season, if the exertions from today have an adverse effect on us for the rest of the festive season) in real danger by his reckless actions. That’s surely a 3-match ban, one we can ill afford with this packed programme. Good on the lads to see the game out, and I thought we defended well right through the whole back 4. The plaudits will most likely go to Sánchez, but I thought Rosicky was phenomenal! The way he approaches the game, his energy, ability in possession, passing, use of space… He just adds something to our game when he plays, and he clearly plays for the shirt. With the likes of him and Sánchez playing it was no wonder we just set up stall in QPR’s half until the red! Much needed goal as well to see us over the line. Anyway, we need to regroup, recharge and refocus for the West Ham game. I predict a very tough game, and I hope this game did not take too much out of us. But we need some easy points quickly. There is no way we can last the season if we keep having to fight tooth and nail for every single point!

  24. Arsenal fans have a choice ozil or giroud.who should be the scapegoat?surely one not both.ozil never cares,giroud gets red card for caring(perfect role model for ozil),ozil don’t roam and hassle,giroud does that and get mental fatigue hence misses goals.on the other hand giroud is not efficient(score goals as a no 9),ozil is efficient(creates chances as a no 10).giroud is not worldclass,ozil is.i love them both for thier good and bad.giroud should be forgiven,its fury and pressure.players take it differenty,giroud headbutts,ozil gets disinterested,suarez bites.some of us asked for balotelli.

  25. I think Arsenal fans have a choice ozil or giroud.who should be the scapegoat?surely one not both.ozil never cares,giroud gets red card for caring(perfect role model for ozil),ozil don’t roam and hassle,giroud does that and get mental fatigue hence misses goals.on the other hand giroud is not efficient(score goals as a no 9),ozil is efficient(creates chances as a no 10).giroud is not worldclass,ozil is.i love them both for thier good and bad.giroud should be forgiven,its fury and pressure.players take it differenty,giroud headbutts,ozil gets disinterested,suarez bites.some of us asked for balotelli.

  26. The most important thing was the three points – badly needed with our rivals collecting points today. To do so despite a most incompetent ref making blatantly wrong (and potentially game changing decisions) was not a bad performance.

    Until Giroud was sent off we dominated, but after that we were always going to struggle, although at times our 10 still outplayed their 12! We concentrated on defense towards the end of the match, esp after the atrocious Atkinson awarded QPR a penalty after Debuchy made a good clearance – an appalling decision.

    The QPR defender who pretended to be hurt by the mildest of contacts from Giroud escaped a card – as did the thug Ferdinand – already on a yellow – despite grabbing Giroud by the neck. I am not excusing Giroud, – but it did look as if he had fallen for a simulated set up.

    The down side of all this is that we will miss Giroud for the next three games – esp West Ham – a tall team & they will give us problems at set pieces.

  27. BJT, can Sanogo step in? He is Giroud’s height (possibly taller), probably not quite as strong. He seems to be all arms and legs. I guess next on the forward list is Welbeck. Akpom is almost Danny’s height.

    If Diaby was fit, he is also Giroud’s height.

  28. @Gord

    Sanogo could step in, he has the height, but at this stage he is not the all round player that Giroud is.

    I have just watched the Giroud incident again. It looked as if Giroud was not just pushed by Onouha, but tripped at the same time – almost like an instinctive judo move – which is why Giroud went down so quickly & probably was stung when he landed on the pitch – I am not excusing Giroud’s reaction, but I do think he just intended to press his head onto that of Onouha – but he should have realized Onouha would play act.

    Needless to say, Atkinson managed to see the head contact in between two visually challenged moments – the deliberate Onouha judo move and the Ferdinand grip on Giroud’s neck!

  29. We can’t trust the officials to do their job, but there is no place to complain (yet). Does someone have to die because of they are busy playing favorites?

    It might be interesting, to have Sanogo man-mark Carroll. Carroll is a little older, but I don’t know that he is enough to make a difference. Can Sanogo learn enough in 1 day of practicing, to not foul him in the box?

    I was just reading commentary as usual. When I seen the picture in the Daily Mail, I knew there was no way that this card could be argued. I think the fair thing, would have been for the ref to yellow card Onouha, red card Giroud, and then yellow/red card Onouha. Another description (from yours), said that Onouha pushed Giroud into his own, on-rushing goaltender. What is Giroud supposed to do, wipe out the goalie?

  30. @Gord

    There could have contact between Giroud and Green, but Giroud was no longer in control of his momentum – the combined trip and push having tipped him forward at speed. I think Giroud was hurt & that was why he was so angry. Naturally, the idiotic commentators chose not to see the trip – must go to the same optician as Atkinson!

  31. I watched the Giroud incident… I don’t know how many times now – Giroud did NOTHING WRONG in my opinion.

    The ref was looking for something… anything and this is the best he could come up with.

  32. Giroud has his head pushed forward of his chest, he intends to make contact with Onouha’s head with his head. Just setting his head like that is taking an aggressive stance. That he makes contact, could be construed as violent conduct, for which the red card is appropriate.

    The violent conduct doesn’t have to do damage, just look at spitting.

    But, I can remember in martial arts practice, trying to generate as much power as is possible with only 1 inch of “free space”. Putting rather large dents in T&G boards was as far as I got. The amount of room is irrelevent.

    The other player is also at fault. But Giroud earned that red, fair and square.

  33. Nicky 8.38 ” we won though, despite the referee , that’s all that matters”
    Little else needs saying, but why, oh why doesn’t wenger read untold arsenal ref reviews and previews and brief players accordingly. Don’t make atkinsons job easier than it needs to be mr giroud,as this article says, a stupid thing to do which will cost player three games and £150 grand, and the team. For nothing. Ferdinand should have seen a second yellow , but the Barca precedent states opposing players are entitled to grab our players by the throat with impunity.
    I repeat, Mr Wenger, please read Untolds ref stuff!
    As for the pens against us, looks like Atkinson got the one he gave wrong, and the one he didn’t give wrong as well. Does even Atkinson have some shame?

  34. Giroud may or may not have made contact, but it looked aggressive and with intent, a ref like Atkinson needs little more. Yes, we have seen Rooney and countless others do the same , often to our players, and get away with it, but we are arsenal, and that ref was Atkinson. Part of the pre match briefing should have been don’t give this ref an inch, especially if you don’t have to.
    Still, maybe we will see Poldi, hope we see Rosicky as well.
    Giroud seriously screwed up today, glad he has in public recognised it, I think a player as intelligent as him, as wenger says, will not make the same mistake again. Take it on the chin and move on, but FFS, get wise to these refs mr wenger and the players.

  35. UA faithful…….any attempted contact or actual contact in a violent or aggressive manner,is an ejectionable offense and is always punished by a red card.There are no exceptions. However Ferdinand’s hand on Giroud’s neck is a cautionable offense as well….therefore there should have been two red cards issued….but afterall this is the Arsenal!

  36. I think giroud was so wound up that that reaction was almost reflexive. You could see he immediately regretted it as he didn’t even try to milk the ferdinand situation, which he could easily have done. We’re all human and can only take so much, and given what we have seen opposing players get away with against us in recent weeks I fully understand his reaction. It could have been him, Alexis or anyone else reacting that way, the boys have been subjected to some appalling treatment by Atkinson and his ilk. Having said that Atkinson is a complete arsehole.

    I’m holidaying in South Africa, and the damage the media has done has to be seen to be believed. Most will take what they see, hear or read as fact. You hear them even arguing that the commentator said blah blah blah, so the manager got that one wrong! Or they’ll the commentators said there was contact so that wasn’t a dive! Most use the dross served up in the media as the basis of their argument. I had a chat with one who said but the pundits are saying wenger should do this or that so that’s what we should be doing. To most ‘experts’ like robbie savage know it all and should not really be questioned because they once played football so they must know it all. I know in the UK we have people who swallow everything the media throws at them, but the level to which some believe an ex footballer or pundit is always right is concerning. No questioning at all that the said expert might be biased, is towing a party line or may be simply stupid. In the many conversations about football I’ve had it seems whatever I pointed out didn’t really matter as long as the experts’ view didn’t agree with that. And it’s not just south Africans but have met nationals from neighbouring countries while here who hold pretty much the same views. Can’t blame them, they don’t know what a dishonest bunch these pundits are. And the majority of articles are just copied and pasted from the UK papers, although the local media do acknowledge the sources. I really wouldn’t expect a south African journalist to do an investigative piece about the injuries in the league for example, and as such expect them to use a lot of copyrighted material. But to the ordinary man on the street filtering the real facts from the myths is an enormous challenge.

  37. @OMGarsenal,
    Everyone agree it was a red, the argument is was Giroud stupid enough, or was it a human nature reflex to what that player did to him (the foul he made was way more dangerous than what Giroud made, still no foul. Had the ref given it, I am sure Giroud world not have done what he did).
    Still it was a red, and I will still defend our player until others get the same treatment (Adam and Ferdinand).


    Now that was just football, Imagine how they take lies from the media on more important subjects, that causes more wars, hunger and manipulation for money to that elite people up there. Imagine its effect. See where we live? I think Para would agree here. Sometimes ut just frustrates me but what should someone do?

  38. @Yassin
    Talk, talk about it. The more people that wakes up to the fact the more people that can’t be brainwashed any more.

  39. I am disappointed that Giroud didn’t take Onuoha’s head off. The swine tripped and pushed him into Green. Atkinson the cheating bastard saw the foul but ignored it as was expected & gave Giroud a red card. Onuoha & Ferdinand should have also had straight reds one for fouling a goal scoring opportunity & simulation & the other for violent conduct & impersonating Goofy as a football player.

    These cheats will all suffer pain for their deeds. The 3 points we got must hurt their groins.

    When are the FA going to come clean & correct their patch. FIFA are corrupt. We know that because the FA claim to be clean. But the FA are just as corrupt in their appointment of PGMO & their blindness to the cheating.

  40. ‘A game we should and would have won comfortable turned difficult because of Giroud losing his head and Atkinson once again showing that he doesn’t like us and giving QPR a non-penalty to bring them back in the match neglecting 3 clear penalties on Arsenal players before’

    This sentence could be used to sum up 50% of Arsenal games this season and just interchange Giroud for another ( singular or plural) Arsenal player,
    and Atkinson for any other PGMO referee.

    While there’s precious little we can do about referees , the lack of professionalism exhibited by our players on more than one occasion is costing us again and again.

    This should’ve been such an easy win against the worst away team in the PL. QPR almost seemed to refuse to play for the first 30 minutes or so. They were so bad on defence that on The Sanchez goal their back four formed a perfect line .Unfortunately for them ,one not parallel to the goal line but diagonal. Armand Traore reminded everyone why Arsene Wenger got rid of him ,but brought back the painful memories of the 8-2 drubbing at Old Trafford, his last game for us where he was as diabolical as today for QPR.

    The obvious question about penalty taken by Alexis should be why he was the one taking it. Not because as Walter has suggested the fouled player should never take them but rather because there should be a designated penalty taker. If Sanchez isn’t the designated penalty taker then he should only be allowed to take one to increase his goal tally when the game is already decided.
    This is such a basic organizational thing at any level and the club like Arsenal should have this sorted out.

    It is quite ironic this game came on the heels of an UA article , in which Walter concluded that Chelsea players have played no less minutes than Arsenal Players , therefore rotation or lack thereof isn’t the problem for our club. What he failed to take under consideration though, is the fact that Chelsea very rarely have to fight and claw to get or keep the result deep into injury time , the way Arsenal players do most of the time.

    Knocking the ball around and waiting for an opening to add to the score line is quite different than fighting tooth and nail to secure the points.
    The physical and emotional drain Arsenal players put themselves under is by far more debilitating than the one of Chelsea’s.

  41. Tom
    Just read your last paragraph and you’re talking nonsense again, as usual. Arsenal players aren’t putting themselves under any physical or emotional drain, it’s the refs you idiot. We have played with 10 men more often than your beloved chelski this season, due to our players being sent off for the slightest of infringements much much less than what the hatchet men from Stoke and Newcastle get away with.

    Anyone with half a brain (which, after reading your posts all these years, I’m now convinced might not be the case) could see the obvious discrepancies from Atkinson yesterday. To blame the players for that is just utter madness. I’m not insulting you by the way, but just describing you for what I see you as.

    P/s wouldn’t it be easier for you if you just stopped following Arsenal and only concentrate on one team, Chelsea? I’d do that if it were me.

  42. We can go on about the ref’s and like my old comments, its the club who needs to take the fight to the FA etc. The media and the rest will just ignore bloggers like Untold & the others. In situations like the current ones, we have to take our chances, get the goal’s and keep clam. We just worked up and argue with each other.

  43. Just seen the Mail’s picture, yes, a slight contact but that doesn’t prove it was a butt. It could have been head to head with no force. I still believe the QPR player dived to get a fellow pro sent off.

  44. When Rosicky was named as starter,did any true Arsenal supporter think anything other than GREAT!!

  45. Well, if the media looks for an exciting Boxing Day match for EPL promotion, look no further than Arsenal games. What a match! I felt like diving into the TV set yesterday and give Ferdinand and the referee a stunner each.

  46. One thing the commentary team kept repeating ” Arsenal have never lost a boxing day fixture since 1500 BC “.

    They wanted an upset didn’t they….

  47. bob mac,

    As a Gooner who absolutely adore the little Mozart, I was overjoyed to see Rosicky start yesterday. I was mental when he scored. I love that guy, especially the way he bobs his head left and right when he runs with the ball. What a player, what a man.

  48. from where i was yesterday Giroud was stupid. HE hadn’t had a particularly good game but the crowd had just sung his name in encouragement. Whatever the opposition do an intelligent footballer keeps his cool and thinks of his team. The best way to punish Onouha would have been to stay on the pitch and score a goal or two or make an assist – that is Giroud’s job and he is very well paid for it. I was cold and wet and had paid £40 to be there and I expect Arsenal players to play by the rules even if the opposition don’t. Contrast OG12 with Alexis who ran his heart out for 94 minutes and never let the opposition or ref get to him. He is a professional and Ollie needs to look at himself.

    I now hope that Welbeck can step up for the next three games and show us some of the early promise he displayed when he arrived. With Ozil and Ramsey due back soon and Walcott added to the mix M. Giroud might find his self-enforced vacance lasts a bit longer than 3 games

  49. On the basis that Arsene doesn’t condemn his players lightly I think that that his statement that: “It was a deserved red card,” should end all debate on the issue. We played a pretty average game and got the three points. That’ll do, move on and let’s hope for an improved performance against the Hammers.

  50. Al
    In all sincerity, being called an ‘Idiot’ by the likes of you is the biggest form of flattery. Your dilluded mind is the last thing I’d ever want to agree with and I’ll take my ‘half a brain’ over the whole brain like yours , thank you very much 🙂

  51. All in all a good win.Had Giroud kept calm and stayed on the field we cud have scored 2/3 more goals.

    also i hope Rosicky now get regular game time.He is brilliant most of the times.

  52. Team for west ham

    Debucy Per Monreal Gibbs
    Flamini oxlade
    Theo Rosicky Sanchez /Cazorla

  53. BTW Bellerin cus also be given a run tom to help out the defences. The boy shows lots of promise.

  54. Giroud was correctly sent off

    Welbeck correctly didn’t get a penalty

    As we have seen over the past few weeks, diving in football is alive and at a ground near you every week and qpr were no different. It’s what does the fa do about it that needs to be discussed. At the moment they are doing nothing, and if history is going to be repeated, they will do nothing. This will only encourage more diving. Debuchey fell over without much contact in the second half. Per, when kicked and claiming a penalty rolled around, then got straight up when he didn’t get the penalty. Why roll around and grab his leg. I would have booked him for this action.
    The ref was poor but then this is the standard of all refs this season.
    After every match, regardless of the result, we are complaining about the referee.

    The fa need to act. Unless they, behind the scenes, are asking the refs to try and encourage certain teams to get more positive results or hinder others.

  55. And Taylor is really betting on something wonder how much he was paid. That ref is either smoking something or he is in someone’s pocket.

  56. Giroud is not stupid we should really use another decent word there, it was the intensity of the game which got up with him, really a defender pushes you in a coming goal keeper it could have been worse.
    I think that can be known to only who have ever played a soccer match, not to magwampas.

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