The Untold 2014 year review: we’ll never win anything with Wenger

By Walter Broeckx

With the end of the year upon us and after having played our last match of this calendar year it might be a good moment to look back at this year.

It was a typical Arsenal year one could say. Highs and lows. And a year in which the, ‘I know better than you and certainly him’ people found themselves at the ‘I don’t really know that much’ point after a while.

For many years they have come onto Untold. Calling us names. Telling us how deluded we were. They in their far superior way of knowing things could see it. We couldn’t. As we were fools and deluded. They told it hundreds of times. If not thousand times. We would never win anything again under Wenger. And if that was not clear enough they shouted it out: WE WILL NEVER WIN ANYTHING AGAIN UNDER WENGER! Exclamation mark. Full stop.

And anyone who didn’t agree with that or could see it  was just a stubborn old fool like the Frenchman himself. And we were told that those of us who write for Untold were paid by Arsenal to run our blog. Hell, this writer couldn’t even get tickets for the cup final. Makes me smile a bit as it clearly would show that they don’t take care of their personnel that well.

So for years they said that we would never win anything again. And after being top of the league for most of the time till the injuries stopped us we suddenly had our eyes on a trophy. And from that moment on the FA cup suddenly turned in a ‘not that important trophy’. And in a way it is. It doesn’t bring CL football (you know the 4th place trophy) and it doesn’t bring that much money to the bank.

But the way the FA cup was diminished from its prestigious worth was amazing to see. It was pathetic to see. Let me say it clearly. Coming 4th in the league is far more important for the running of a club in the long run than winning the FA cup. Getting both these things is great.

I know we could have won the PL last season if we had been a bit more lucky with some injuries. I have no doubt about that. And that is something I regret a lot. We missed the double by 7 points. Injuries and the regular referee mess cost us too many points. As they have done this season also until now.  So that is a bit of a low.

But I never forget that day in May when I sat in the Emirates to watch the Fa cup final being played at Wembley a few miles away from where I sat. I remember the first Hull goal. It was a bit of a ‘ah f*ck’ moment. I remember the second Hull goal. It was a bit of a ‘oh holy shit, this can’t be real’ moment.  We hung on to it when Gibbs cleared the ball from the goal line to prevent Hull scoring a third.

The ones that had come to Untold to say ‘WE WILL NEVER WIN ANYTHING AGAIN UNDER WENGER! Full stop’ were warming their fingers to repeat their mantra.

But alas for them Santi Cazorla stepped up. And the small Spaniard became a giant on the pitch. His goal was a great goal. One of the better free kicks ever taken for Arsenal and at what a moment it was. And suddenly it felt like ‘we are going to win this today’. Just as I had that feeling when we were 4-0 down to Reading in the league cup and when Theo scored what looked a consolation goal I said at that moment in time: we will get back and win this match. We did. At Reading. And at Wembley.

When Koscielny scored as he usually does in the last match of the season to bring us level it was just a matter of waiting for the winning goal. Should I mention the atrocious officiating of Mr. Probert on the day? Should I mention him being able to deny us four clear penalties on the day? And the media not even mentioning it or just brushing it aside as something that can happen. Four bloody penalties not given to one team! Surely that hasn’t happened ever. And not without the media not making a fuss about it.

But it did. Probert kept Hull in the match till the extra time. And then that one wonderful and amazing moment. Giroud backheeling the ball in the path of Ramsey. I still remember that it was as if his shot only passed the goal line in slow motion. It seemed to last for ages before I could get out of my seat and could celebrate that goal.

A goal that must have broken the fingers of the ‘WE WILL NEVER WIN ANYTHING AGAIN UNDER WENGER! Full stop’-moaners. Alas it didn’t. As they shifted the posts with an amazing ease. The FA cup was suddenly a small trophy and only the PL and the CL count as trophies.

This was to be seen when we won the next trophy that could be won. The Community Shield. And yes I know this is the smallest trophy of them all. A one match trophy one could say. But a match and a trophy that you can only play for on the merit of the season before. And so when you are in it, it is some kind of reward trophy. And when we won it rather convincingly against the current league champions they portrayed it as it wasn’t even a trophy.

But the ‘WE WILL NEVER WIN ANYTHING AGAIN UNDER WENGER! Full stop’ people have been proven wrong this year.

2014 was the year that they should have admitted they were wrong and stopped moaning and started real supporting. But alas as we have found out, they didn’t. Their hate against the man who turned us from a top club in England in to a top club in Europe with no money and fighting the biggest financial doping ever seen was too big to support Arsenal really.

I think Wenger winning two trophies this year has made them hate Wenger more than ever. As Wenger had proven them wrong. And that was something that they never can forgive him. Not even when Wenger will bring them back the league title before his contract ends. And maybe even more.

Well I can tell them this in case they had missed WE DID WIN TWO TROPHIES AGAIN UNDER WENGER THIS YEAR! So stop the moaning and start the supporting. I think you would have enjoyed the winning of those two trophies a lot more if you would have shown real support to our club over the last difficult years. I did, and I still enjoy the wonderful feeling of joy from the day even on this cold winter day.

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79 Replies to “The Untold 2014 year review: we’ll never win anything with Wenger”

  1. I just love u guyzzz … its like you write my heart and that is the only reason I never write …….

  2. I say this and I mean it!!! Untold is the unofficially Official blog page of the few real Arsenal fans out there! I just wish there were more like you guys out there. Spot on Walter! Seeing Arsenal lift that trophy made me believe that truly hard work and perseverance always pays in the end! This season has been blighted seemingly by injuries again, but it can only get better from now! COYG! AFC! I love my Arsenal and Arsene is the greatest frenchman ever!!!!!

  3. I have been reading this blog for 5 years and you guys are true to your beliefs unlike many other blogs out there. On the day of the F.A Cup Final, I was in Lagos for my sister’s wedding and didn’t see the game until the last 10 minutes of extra time. The most poignant moment for me was when Wenger walked through the many hands trying to congratulate him on the win. Victory is sweet when it is done the right way and sweeter when you stick to your principles. Arsenal has a massive financial base to operate from now thanks to Wenger. Also with the addition of players like Ozil and Alexis on a yearly basis, the club is just 2 players from being a very strong European team. Watching Danny Welbeck’s run at the West Ham defenders on Sunday reminded me of Henry and I am sure he will come good at his finishing in a season or two. So congrats to the UNTOLD TEAM. You guys are a true light in this dark world of compromise…

  4. Arsenal won two trowfies at massive cost. Theo was set for a magnificent season, then Clattenburg let Tottenham know they could do this:

    Danny B@stard finished Theo off, and here we are almost a year later, Theo not yet back, and Hull coming down to try give Arsenal the kicking that didn’t work during the cup final. I wonder if Probert will ref the game.

    The trophy deniers consistently fail to factor in the utter contempt that’s shown towards Arsenal as a club, and their staff. Hence, they won’t watch a full replay of the cup final, in order to see the template of how the refs treat Arsenal.

    The kicking of Arsenal’s player’s continues, whilst the truthy deniers fail to acknowledge the miracle, and hard work, that went into winning (a’pot 2 piss in’). Meanwhile, OG12 is treated like a crim, whilst, typically, the ***t who pushed OG into the goaly – got away scot free.
    No commentator, plundit or trowfy denier has connected the opposition ***t’s pushing our players into goalkeepers – as a way of injuring Arsenal’s players. How about the hip injury to Arsenal’s goaly WS1?


  5. Cheers Walter!

    No team wins all the time. Even Bayern Munich missed out on the CL last year. There are good times and bad times. It is a simple truth – but one that seems hard for some to accept.

  6. Walter
    There’s nothing wrong with being ultra positive but the reality is that we’ve won 1 FA cup in 10 years.You are deluded if you think that Injuries and the regular referee mess cost us winning the league.The reason we didn’t win the league was because we were unable to beat the teams around us challenging for the title.In fact we were totally humiliated in most of these games unless you have forgotten.Everton 3-0 chelsea 6-0 liverpool 5-1,man city 6-3.It is ok to beat most of the teams in the bottom half of the league but our team and manager weren’t good enough to beat the big boys.

  7. Well said Walter, fantastic article.

    Long may you guys continue with this magnificent oasis of positivity, support and love, of Arsenal and Arsene.

    You guys are magnificent.

    A belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you Walter, Tony and all at Untold Arsenal, as well as all my friends, and enemies, that contribute to this site, and make it the incredible blog that it has become. 🙂 X

  8. And walter- Not even when Wenger will bring them back the league title before his contract ends. And maybe even more.
    We always had the potential to win the Fa cup as its a 6 game knockout and has been proven by wigan and portsmouth in previous years that it can be done if you get a favourable draw.You believe that we will win the league before wenger goes if it makes you feel better and positive but the reality, unless something drastic changes within the club is its not going to happen.

  9. @Walter, the devil has a lot of followers and a few travel the right way. Morons will be morons and they will call a soccer ball an orange but we the believers enjoy and we are stress free but the Magwampas are always in the sewers and thats what they like smeling.
    I can not imagine that since the start of the season, i have seen twice the Tele showing the mighty Arsenal wining the FA but when the manures won it, it was every after an hour they could show it back.
    @Rantetta i can not imagine those days it was terrible but nobody mentions it.
    Then when i hear mourinhoass talking about not being given a penalty he should watch the FA cup final to know that we have seen worse.

  10. @ Nick Lee
    And you fail to highlights those things that needs to change for, let me say, those of us who are ignorant to your rants

  11. Nick Lee

    If Injuries make so little difference, how come Liverpools dramatic return to eternal mediocrity has been attributed to the loss of just 2 players?

    3 examples over the last couple of days why Referees decisions, or non decisions, can make an enormous difference.


    Moment of madness. Rightly sent off.


    Was ONE yellow card away from suspension. We knew it. The commentators knew it. I guessed the ref knew it, right up until the moment the Ref didn’t Yellow Card him when he shoved an opponent in the chest right under his nose, when I was CERTAIN he knew it.

    Commentators: Van Persie was very lucky there, I don’t know how he got away with that?

    I do, sadly, we all know it has NOTHING to do with luck, and everything to do with it being RVP playing for MUFC.


    Blatantly slaps opponent round the face right under the assistants nose. Absolute nailed on RED card a 3 match ban.

    Commentators: Sterling was very lucky there, I don’t know how he got away with that?

    I do, sadly, we all know it has NOTHING to do with luck, and everything to do with the fact that it’s Sterling playing for LFC.

    It’s bias. It’s agenda driven. It has a MASSIVE affect on the title race. MASSIVE.

    I’m sorry Nick but to dismiss it as an irrelevance is simply wrong.

  12. @Nick lee you said wigan and Portsmouth, which position are they in’ in the current premiership table???
    And for you information the Prof will sign another contract when the recent one expires,so you better shift to mars and come back when he is gone in 10 years time.

  13. “Favourable draw/drastic changes within the club/weren’t good enough unto beat the big boys”.

    A typical example of someone who doesn’t watch matches or read/comprehend Untold’s articles, inc. ref reviews. Or even the piece to which they’re replying.

    Perhaps you’d agree with something written by a friend of UA:
    ‘Why won’t Wenger bung a few brasses in the officials dressing room with a free rolex – it’s what George Graham would have done.’


    That’s a beautiful, loving message.

  14. Arsenal can win more trophies this season in addition to the one they won last season. However, to enhance their capacity of winning more trophies this season, Arsenal MUST get a top CDM to make it 3CDMs at Arsenal. There are Flamini and Coquelin as DMs currently at Arsenal. A CB is not as pressing as a DM. And Arsenal need to sign Cavani. Let me name what the senior first starting X1 of Arsenal are likely to look like in 2 to 3 weeks time: Szczesny-Debuchy-Bfg-Koscielny-Gibbs. Flamini-Coquelin. Arteta-Ozil-Ramsey. Sanchez, as the Gunners standard starters. There will be these other ones for options and cover at defense line: Monreal-Chambers-Bellerin. There is no DM cover available to be named. In the CAMs are: Wilshere-Cazorla- Walcott-Oxlade. In the strikers cover are: Giroud-Podolski-Welbeck. I don’t want Podolski to go on any loan-out. Because he has proved to be the boss’ joker in the Champions League. Anderlecht and Galatasaray are the evidence. Loan outs could come from the host of: Sanogo-Campbell-Gnabry. Because of any sudden cover, no one in the defense should go out on loan. Now let me say the reason why Arsenal should sign Cavani. Man U have Falcao/Persie/Rooney. Man C have top Aguero and some others. Chelsea have top Costa, Drogba and Remy. Arsenal are not at par with those 3 in terms of top strickers and a top DM. Apart of injury problem that plagues the Gunners, the lack of been at par with those 3 has led to the Gunners always trailing behind them in winning the BPL title and even the CL. If Arsenal sign Cavani, they will be at par and could even be ahead of the 3 bigs. So the boss should please ponder over my observation.

  15. @Jambug thanks for highlighting that Van Persie!! Sterling !! really is there anything which will be done as they did to the newcastle man??/ I doubt we are in the devils territory they do whatever they want anytime and how they want it.

  16. Nicky Lee, guess you don’t understand that we’ve actually done much better than we should have done in the last 10 years. We’ve had a severely restricted budget and never had a ‘full quality team’. This has only started changing in the last 2 years, as shown by the talent bought in that time (more needed). If AW hadn’t got us in the CL for half the time then we’d still be seriously restricted financially for another 5+ years. Yes it’s a real bummer that we got to the tinpot cup final and fucked up but plenty of teams do that. I’m expect 3rd in he PL and a serious challenge next year, and I can say that with much more confidence than I ever could in the 70s, 80s or 90s when we could jus as easily ended up 6th-10th. Look at karting, F1, Superbikes or rugby or pretty much any other sport and see how few cash strapped teams have consistently been in the top 25% of their league. We are now moving ahead and you can’t see past the pain of 5 years back… Will AW win the PL before his contract expires, who knows but we will start challenging for it under him and we wouldn’t even be this close if any other manager had been with us for the last 10 years

  17. Nick Lee,
    Chelsea won the mini top 4 league if I remember correct and yet they won fuck all last season.

  18. Randetta
    Last year we couldnt beat any of the big boys is a fact and we got hammered in some of those games that is also a fact,so why do you post that drivel about me not watching those games .I was there and saw it with my own eyes and didn’t enjoy it.The 6-0 to chelsea was like watching men vs boys as we were tacticalt taken apart .

    And andy mack you honestly think we’ve done much better than we should of done in the last 10 years.We have won as much in that time as portsmouth and wigan.with teams that have been lightyears ahead of theirs .
    There will come a time very soon when Arsene will not be able to hide behind the financial restrictions and excuse of injuries, squad depth and wont be able to blame everone exept himself for his failings,and when that time comes in the next couple of years we will be able to move onwards and upwards as a club.

  19. Nick Lee, Stop comparing us with pompey and wigan unless you’d prefer us to be below the PL. Compare us with $ity and Chavski, then take into account the finances lavished on their squads. Compare us with ManU and then take into account their money and favour from the refs. If you want to compare us with Wigan and Pompey then add Leeds to the list of teams not seeing the bigger picture (like you!) with serious consequences.

  20. That’s exactly what I mean. You don’t watch the matches. You don’t read the articles. How comes you sit at Chelsea and can’t see what Andre Marriner is doing, or why he’s even reffing the match, having had a ‘difficult time’ in Europe a couple of days before? You clearly didn’t see how Chelski kicked Ars players from the start, always unpunished. ( and they did it again just a few weeks ago).

    You didn’t watch/see last seasons match at Anfield, where the ref awarded a phantom foul against PM4 in the first minute. The ball was moved 30 yards up the pitch and the resultant goal was offside. And so it continued through the match.

    You didn’t see ManU a couple of weeks ago, where they kicked and injured our players. Unpunished, or even acknowledged (especially by YOU).

    You. Can’t. See.

    You’re simply Anti, innit?

  21. Walter thanks a lot for this.

    They will keep on coming here. They will keep on slandering Wenger and blaming every single thing on him. They will never acknowledge the financial constraints, the injuries, the refs’ bias.

    The first, last and only requirement of a fan, in my opinion, is to support the team. I say that there are 3 irreplacable things in my life: my kids, snowboarding [which I suppose will have to replace with skiing once my bones get too old] and AFC. You can exchange a profession, you can get a divorce, you can migrate to another country. You can even change your name. But you don’t change the club you support, because a football club is not a pair of socks. You don’t change them when they start to get smelly.

    So for all the “fans” or “supporters” who prefer to concentrate on how bad things are, and how much the boss is the root of all evil – you don’t understand what is to support. Especially those who wish us to finish below 4th place, in order to put the club under pressure. You are a disgrace.

  22. off topic, but taylor has appologised to egorinio. is this correct and if so, should all the clubs demand the same when they screw uo everytime?

  23. Can anyone explain why Nick Lee believes himself to be an Arsenal “Supporter” as I can’t fathom that one out at all

  24. Sorry Walter. I should have said what an excellent and rationa article you’ve written but people like Nick Lee tend to amaze me so much I become slightly disorientated.

  25. As far as the ‘beating the big boys’ thing is concerned, I am pretty sure that we have missed out on the league before when we did beat them to Utd because they beat the ‘little boys’ more than we did.

  26. Equating our achievements with those of Portsmouth and Wigan is so ridiculous that it does not merit a serious response. No more words required!

  27. Ranetta I do watch the matches and read a variety of articles on arsenal ,but at the end of the day I make my own mind up. I certainly don’t believe much of what walter writes ,but then again I don’t believe everything that s written in the press(I read the telegraph),but im more entitled to believe a respected journalist who is a professional over a bit part poster of blogs that has a small following and believes in conspiracy theory’s that everyone involved in football Is there do do arsenal an injustice.
    I did watch he 5-1 mauling against Liverpool last year and watched us get ripped apart .You ramble on bout the referee in that game being biased but the reality is that It could of been double figures and were lucky to be just 4 nill down after half an hour.
    If you spoke to any fan of any other team about why we’ve hardly won anything in the last 10 years and blamed it all on referees and injuries he would think, quite rightly ,that you were mad.
    Some referees an pundits can be biased but not all of them are wrong and your right.
    Listen to gary Neville when he speaks on sky. He has played over 500 prem games and coached England so he does know what he’s talking about. He is honest and open about the game .He talks a lot of sense and is right about arsnal and arsene.

  28. Will

    Found them stats yet to back up you ‘Arsenal are soft and cant win a second ball’ claim.

    Oh I forgot, you conceded you was wrong.

  29. One late word on “couldn’t beat the big boys” from Nick Lee. He cites four teams and in fact we beat Everton as often as they beat us (one win each and a draw in the three matches played between us in 2014) so honours even and with Liverpool we beat them twice to their one victory at Anfield.So wrong with two of the four big boys quoted!

  30. I’m enjoying the pundits already giving out the prizes for the top 4 places even before the end of December fixtures. Heard several pundits predicting on BT sports yesterday that Chelsea will win the title, Man City finish 2nd, Man Utd finish third and Arsenal slugging out with Westham, S’ton, Liverpool and Spurs for the 4th place, ultimately prevailing at No 4 becuase “thats’s what Arsenal do”. It’s funny if it wasn’t so freaking irritating! Only 3 points separate Man Utd and Arsenal ! But somehow those pissheads have decided that Man Utd is much more superiour!

    I really hope that we come to an end to these injuries and go on a winning run and force these pundits to eat their words!

  31. Nick Lee….I think you got lost on your way to LeGrove, where criticizing your team and its manager is de rigueur….here we tend to take a more balanced view and so-called ¨supporters¨like you are anathema to our UA philosophy so go play in the sewer with LeGrove plastic fanboys.

  32. strange how the AAA did not see the final with Birmingham as merely an inconsequential domestic trophy, the way they do when we win a pot

  33. jambug, I think Will has given up on the soft theme, he has now switched his main focus to second ball, which we apparently are not very good at winning. We must be patient, I am sure he is at this very moment gathering his evidence to support his claim and will be presenting it shortly.

  34. Jambug dug up some tackling statistics from the website, so I went looking.

    In order to get anywhere, you need to allow javascript from (which in NoScript, means cookies get turned on, maybe it is possible to turn cookies off and have JS active). You go to Fixtures and Results on the main page. The Menu displayed by default, is for the First Team. You can change that to Academy or Ladies. Under that menu, is a Stats Centre, choose that. You are now in the Stats Centre, but unless one now turns on javascript for, you won’t see anything. There are many other sources of javascript for that page in the website, but they are probably irrelevent stuff like Facebook likes and twitter nonsense.

  35. Nick Lee, didn’t we beat Liverpool twice in fa and league?

    your claim about the big teams are all made of grease , how well do we want our boys to perform when citeh and Chelski spent nearly 6 times more than our squad? We are thin as arsenal can’t afford a huge wage bill period.

    If you are so adamant about winning the league, why not just switch to any of the top sides and get a life.

  36. Excellent article.
    Reading it brought the golden memories of the day we won the FA cup after a long wait.

  37. People also forget we drew with city and chelsea at Emiratrs last season and beat Liverpool also in the league.
    especially the draw with city with ozil theo ramsey all injured not a bad results it was.

  38. And we won City in the (not so important if we win, hugely disasterous if we lose) community sheild.

  39. Mick

    I await with a feeling of extreme excitement, magnified just slightly by the thought that we may in fact never hear from him again.

    Ahh, if only dreams came true. 🙂

  40. On another subject my New Year wish would be that Gooners across the spectrum would stop all this pathetic name-calling and accept that everyone is entitled to their honestly held views. That goes for those that write blogs and equally those that post on them. The way the fan base has fractured over the last few years is a huge shame and does far more damage than a few bad results on the pitch ever could. I wouldn’t dream of dictating to anyone what does or does not entitle someone to call themselves a fan or a supporter, and quite frankly I don’t believe that anyone else has the right to do that either. For the forgetful our motto is “Victoria Concordia Crescit” which means “Victory through Harmony”, something worth thinking about as we go into 2015 don’t you think?

  41. Just to reply to some of your posts.. we tend to take a more balanced view. Is that so.You are in dreamworld if your theory on referees is balanced,and i shouldn’t respond to someone who puts a picture of himself on a blog site.You sir are bonkers.
    Sam-To say that the commentators and pundits on BT are a bunch of piss heads.They have played the game unlike some and are some of the most respected people in the game (barring michael owen).
    And Yassin what does We won city mean???Speak ENGLISH ,my 4 year old can.

  42. Nick in 10 years 04-14 we won a league unbeaten, two FA cups, and a community shield, along with other finals including the CL which also is obviously just luck as is a knockout comp once you get past the group stages which we do even when others struggle and fail in easier groups, so guessing the CL doesn’t actually mean anything either really.

  43. Nick Lee

    You said:

    “You are in dreamworld if your theory on referees is balanced”

    Are you accusing ALL the refereeing assessors used by Untold Arsenal, both affiliated and non affiliated of lying ?

  44. Great article Walter, am looking forward to seeing just what we can do for the remainder of the season with a push on 3 fronts, and hopefully building that belief for 2015-2016, come on you gunners!

  45. ob1977 You hang onto your hat and relieve what happened 10 years ago.I sometimes do myself,but i don’t let it cloud my what is happening right now to our once great club which is the present.We are out of the title race and have been since october and that isn’t good enough.In reality either the team isn’t good enough to challenge or the manager isn’t or both.Which is it?

  46. Nick Lee, you lost all credibility in one sentence by suggesting any of the BT pundits or commentators are more than oxygen thieves.

  47. Nick Lee
    “…You are deluded if you think that Injuries and the regular referee mess cost us winning the league.The reason we didn’t win the league was because we were unable to beat the teams around us challenging for the title.In fact we were totally humiliated in most of these games unless you have forgotten.Everton 3-0 chelsea 6-0 liverpool 5-1,man city 6-3.It is ok to beat most of the teams in the bottom half of the league but our team and manager weren’t good enough to beat the big boys…”

    Nick, Wikipedia defines delusion as “…A delusion is a belief held with strong conviction despite superior evidence to the contrary…”

    There is a wealth on info in the archives that proves that referees cost us points.There is also info on whether you need to beat the “big boys”in order to win the title.

    Where’s your research?

  48. Nick Lee,
    How many languages do you speak apart from English? Maybe Yassin has another mother language. I guess Yassin also speaks other languages. So do I. And I know I sometimes make mistakes.
    We could continue this conversation in Dutch, German, French, Flemish and then we will see if you would make any mistakes. So calling on someone for maybe not using the right words in English means you are running out of arguments.

    But I already got that you are running out of arguments when calling OMG “bonkers”.

    Consider this as a warning for further conduct. As in a yellow card from the ref.

  49. Walater i speak german but what has me being able to speak other languages got to do with me speaking english, on an english website, speaking about english football got to do with it.

  50. Nick Lee

    It is an English Language site only by virtue of the fact Arsenal are an English side, therefore English is the language used.

    But as you must be well aware, people post here from around the World, many of whom English will be a second, third or 4th language.

    My mother tongue is English but you would hardly believe it with some of the grammatical and spelling errors I make, but that’s down to my education and being slightly dyslexic as a child.

    I think it very unfair to call someone out for there English without any idea as to there background.

  51. Nick lee you where the person who brought up the so called fact that we have only won 1 trophy in 10 years.
    When it is pointed out that you where wrong as you are a lot of the time that we had won more than 1 trophy in ten years. You choose to ignore the fact that it was you who started the so many trophies in blah blah….
    And here is the the bald face cheek of it when your facts where corrected again you accused ob 1977 of living in the past.
    Do you actualy read what you write?

  52. I wonder will anybody point out to Nick Lee that that’s not how you spell Walter in English.

  53. Nick it isn’t necessarily one or the other, there are many many factors into why things happen, or how they happen, not just the two that you offer. Also my 10 year point was a retort to your what have we done in ten years, a league title unbeaten three cups, and a few finals and semi finals when on a budget is definitely not that slim pickings.

  54. No problem ob1977 nick lee seems to think just because he has an opinion or states a fact that they are always right.
    I also wonder what kind of pleasure he got for correcting Yassin’s use of English.
    As for my correction of he’s spelling of Walter that was a homage to people who live in glass house’s should not throw stones.

  55. Oh the Arsenal haters are here already. Doesn’t it just warm your heart? Telling us the FA Cup is nothing because it’s only six knock-out games. Aw diddums. Is you tenuous grasp on Wenger bashing slipping away? We are already hearing the WOB saying that we’ll only make the top four this year because everyone else is rubbish, and I read that in a comment on Arseblog.

    We must be the only club in the world that, up until 18 months ago (give or take), spent virtually nothing on transfers and yet was still expected to compete with some of the richest clubs in the world for trophies. Walter’s suggestion that winning two trophies has actually made the WOB more desperate and angry strikes me as true.

    And Nick Lee, your arrogance about how someone writes in English when it is not their mother tongue is quite repulsive, have some decency please.

  56. perhaps Wenger-san success also brought problem to Arsenal too. He won most honors during the Internet age and that attracted many new global fans . Perhaps, nick is one of those who followed and didn’t fully understand how the bolts and nuts of EPL and the cruel world of football politics.

    We have a lot of kids think alike located in my town. They played Football Managers and claim to knew how to win games without playing a full soccer mater in their life. Winnjng with 11 is always easy in their mind.

    Most Probably, gooners whom had gone thru the era 1990-95 and 1971-89 would understand where we are now.

  57. Nick Lee just this once please fuck off. This article is here to celebrate Arsenal and you feel the need to come in here with your constant negative bullshit yet again. What kind of mindset do you have where you feel the need to do that? Why not stay on other blogs where people have the same horrible opinion of Arsenal as you do?

  58. My wish for the New Year is for more success for the club and to strengthen and move on to greater heights , under the able stewardship of Lord Wenger the Righteous .
    This no doubt will in turn bring joy , good cheer and satisfaction to the faithful – you know , those who really get behind the manager and players support the club .
    In good times and in bad ; through the building the stadium and in the time of austerity and belt tightening ; through all those injuries , injustices , lying, cheating and manipulations ; until death do us all part, but, albeit briefly , …..only to be reunited in ecstatic rapture and joy in The Arsenal Heaven reserved only and exclusively for the true believers !
    AMEN !
    A HAPPY NEW YEAR , everyone !

  59. Nick Lee,

    Arsene Wenger won the coach of the decade award, so you can put your ’10 years’ crap away. He beat Ancelotti, Pep, Mourinho and Ferguson. And talking about ‘fuck- ups’, I met your girlfriend yesterday. Congratulations…

  60. Last but not the least, Will, thanks for the B , and Lee or Nick, please stick the trophies we won up ur ass and see if u’ll come up with any better than wat chelsea did this year.
    Walter and co., thanks for making reading about Arsenal always fun. I will prefer to be a deluded Arsenal Fan rather than support a club I couldn’t cheer for even if they won the CL. If you don’t understand that u’re not a fan. We’re all somewhat delusional

  61. Can someone from the far right on the site tell me what exactly constitutes being a “true fan”?

  62. When I do move to that great beyond that is The Arsenal Heaven and that fount of everlasting Arsenal love that never stops ,I do hope to apply for the important duty of gate keeper.
    You know, the guy/woman/being that vets all those faithful who seek their rightful place in the promised land.
    AKBs will, well ,sort of just walk through , no questions asked ! No passwords or secret handshakes needed !
    Others of course must prove their credentials ,as we weed out the fakes ,the unbelievers and the outright creeps and jerks !
    I intend to have mucho fun to the amusement of all and much discomfort to ‘them’ of little faith .Very unlike St.Peter at the Pearly Gates who is a sticker of protocols and not at all funny .
    They will of course plead , cajole , repent and soon confess to all their sins , trespasses and misdemeanors, begging to be admitted to the light and to be absolved.
    Those who can be saved will be asked to say a few hundred “Hail Arsenes” and be welcome .
    While those Asinine Anti-Arsenal Arsenal Arseholes will be sent to Lucifer at the Hades Gates with the usual , ” Get the fuck out of here !” ,advice !

    I got this idea from this funny confessional booth clip.

  63. Nick lee my problem is not the type of arsenal fan you are it’s the misinformation you try to pass off as fact. Oh and you denigration of posters use of English.

  64. Far East Gooner, Spot on mate!
    They get a feeling of entitlement because they don’t remember the real bad times.

  65. Fascinating example of the kind of liars and hypocrites that have trolled the fan base above:

    “Andy” the defender of the faithful who’ve we’ve seen attempt and fail to slur any who support the current manager for having hated GG. This is a consistent observation, unfortunately the behaviour of a grown adult. Underlined by the underhanded and graceless lie made upon these pages attempting to taint Paul Davis who has always treated his former manager with the respect they deserve, with the likes of Merson: I don’t know why those who hate their club and no longer support AFC have to lie, but that is why they can be observed to do.
    Very strange behaviour.

  66. Walter/Untold

    The mobile site does not appear to show you’re latest articles?

    A happy new year to all at Untold and beyond too. Here’s to three points away to Southampton, should be a great game of footy! Looking forward to the match.

  67. Nick Lee
    “We have won as much in that time as portsmouth and wigan”

    This is what nonsense gets served up to support an anti-wenger narrative. During the last ten years have those teams had to worry about Champions League mid week games? Have they qualified for the CL? Where are they, where is their level of consistency?

    You go on about ten years as if you expected us to win the PL or the CL in that period. Do you really believe that? If you do, you need your head testing. Since we built and tried to pay for the new stadium , in the same period Man City’s net spend was £350million greater then ours and Chelsea’s £300million. During that same period, you may recall we were selling our best players. This excludes the money being spent by the other clubs around us, Liverpool etc and the European super clubs. So you really do have extreme expectation levels mate.

    The last two years we have started spending, you may have noticed this. Ozil and Sanchez were the big money signings that had only been possible for the likes of our rivals.

    Also, you are correct that cup success can be achieved with fortunate draws. I seem to recall we beat Spurs, Everton and Liverpool on the way to our FA Cup win. But I am sure you will believe whatever you want in order to discredit us winning the FA Cup, as you do us qualifying for the CL season after season.

    You are guilty of getting carried alon

  68. Proudkev.As all you arsene lovers on here tend to only deal in facts ,it is a FACT that clubs like portsmouth and wigan who spend less than arsenal and whose wages are only a fraction of ours have won the same as us in 10 years .FACT.Its not nonsense.It is also a FACT that its our worst start to a season in 10 years .It is also a FACT that everone is to blame for the last 10 years APART FROM OUR MANAGER..
    1.The stadium build is to blame
    2.Injuries are to blame
    3.Opposition players are to blame
    4.Referees are to blame
    5.pundits are to blame
    6.Oil money is to blame.
    You may be happy to in the 4th place trophy every year but surely a club as big as arsenal should be setting their expectations higher than that now but i feel that we need a manager with fresh ideas who’s tactics arent outdated to reach these goals.

  69. Sorry for the late reply, thanks Walter and all who defended me.

    @Nick Lee:

    We won city -> We won on Manchester City. (I write using my phone, and my mother language is not English)

    And by the way, I guess your 4 old year son could have predicted that.

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