The referee table of shame and the ref’s background for the Southampton game

Southampton v Arsenal 01 January 2015 – The Match Officials

By Andrew Crawshaw

Here is the updated table of shame following Walter’s review of the Stoke game
Untold ref Review: Stoke – Arsenal, the Anthony Taylor horror show. “Shockingly bad”.
Twenty two wrong decisions in that game, eleven yellow card or worse and all against Arsenal. Both Assistant referrees started calling correct decisions in favour of Arsenal Still no signs of the mythical “IT ALL EVENS OUT IN THE END”. Of the potential game changing decisions they are now six to one against Arsenal and nearly two per game.

ref table andrew


On to New Year’s Day

Referee – Craig Pawson
Assistants – S Long and S Burt
Fourth Official – R East

Craig Pawson is a Yorkshireman – Home FA Sheffield and Hallamshire – and joined the Select List of Referees for the start of the 2013-14 season. After one game in 2012-13 and ten last season has been busy this year, this will be his fifteenth game in charge, We had him at the Emirates on 1 November for out 3-0 win against Burnley.

Untold Referee Review : Arsenal – Burnley

72% overall performance, bias against 84/16 and two wrong Important Decisions (second yellow, red card, penalty or goal) when in Min20 Boyd deliberately handled the ball in their penalty area without it being called. This should have resulted in Boyd being sent off as it was at least a yellow card (he had already been booked in Min15) if nor a straight red. However no points were lost as a result of Mr Pawson’s negligence and we emerged comfortable winners. Mr Pawson was not helped by Mr Bryan in particular (Assistant 1).

Somewhat surprisingly Mr Pawson hasn’t featured yet in a Southampton game.

S Long, has only been paired with Mr Pawson once this year – the Season Opener between QPR and Hull but has appeared with Michael Oliver in our 2 – 2 away draw to Liverpool

S Burt, has not yet worked with Mr Pawson this year but again is no stranger to Arsenal. He was with Lee Mason in out 4-1 victory over Newcastle and with Mr Oliver in the 1 – 1 home draw with Spurs (Mr Pawson was fourth official).

2013-14 Season

Mr Pawson refereed 10 matches in the Premier League, none featuring Arsenal and only one with Southampton – their 2 – 2 home draw v Stoke on 8 February.

2012-13 Season

Mr Pawson took charge of his first Premier league game on 2 March 2013 when he was in charge for Swansea City v Newcastle United which was not subjected to a full referee review.

In Conclusion

1. There is still very little data to go on and certainly insufficient to make any meaningful predictions.
2. His red and yellow card numbers are in line with the other Select Group members but that is merely a comment
3. In the one Arsenal game he has refereed his performance was again typical of the normal refereeing performance, 72% overall which is in the minimal acceptable category and an obvious handball missed. Demonstrating either a lack of confidence or a knowledge of what he has to do to progress up the refereeing ladder.
4. He failed to call fouls on defenders on a consistent basis – these should always be given.
5. It will be interesting to see how he gets on with his second Arsenal game and that should give a lot more confidence for predictions on his performance in the future.


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28 Replies to “The referee table of shame and the ref’s background for the Southampton game”

  1. Nice report Andrew.

    From (slightly edited):

    Patient: Doctor, I have a problem. I feel unhealthy and depressed. Doctor: You should cut down on drinks. Patient: I don’t touch a drop.

    Doctor: You should cut down on smoking. Patient: I don’t smoke. Doctor: You should stop taking drugs. Patient: I don’t do drugs.

    Doctor: You should cut down on womanizing. Patient: Haven’t touched a woman in my life.

    Doctor: No wonder you feel unhealthy and depressed! Get yourself a drink, learn to smoke, do some drugs, and find a couple of girlfriends!

  2. Mandy, your right. Gary Cahill is untouchable. Not only did he kick Harry Kane while he was prone on the ground, he stamped on his leg as well. He committed 2 red card offences in the space of a few seconds. To think he won’t be punished just shows how bought the FA is. There is no other explanation.

  3. @Andrew,

    Thanks for keeping up the count, it’s sad that the numbers seem to only continue to get worse!

    @Mandy and Gianni, it is ridiculous what Cahill has been able to get away with this year. That’s at least 2 red cards and 6 games that should have been missed! Can’t believe people can still argue that ref decisions do not affect points/league standing.

    OT: But unfortunately, looks like Podolski is leaving for Inter Milan. I don’t blame him and hold no grudges. Wish him the best of luck and hope he does well (except when facing Arsenal)

  4. He was also had a late and dangerous challenge on Rose when he scored, so that’s three reds missed for one player, in one game.

    All is well in PGMO lala land.

  5. Gianni,
    I didn’t see that before and this is disgusting what Cahill did. His kick in the back of Kane is sickening. Remember what happened to Neymar in the world cup and how his career was almost ended. How can any sane person tell that Cahill was trying to kick the ball as the body of Kane was clearly between the ball and the foot of Cahill.
    This is utterly disgusting.

  6. Cahill….has escaped at least three reds this season, and counting
    Jose’s moaning,has some effect

  7. That’s right Walter. It’s pure frustration from letting Spurs put 4 (and then 5) past Chelsea’s defence, and Cahill is out for retaliation.

    He has just kicked the ball with his left foot so he knows where the ball is, yet he kicks Harry Kane in the back with his right foot. Then the ball has clearly gone out of play, but Cahill wants to make another play on it so he can stamp on Kane’s ankle.

  8. Gary Cahill should have been off against Arsenal.
    He should have been sent off against Hull City.
    And he should have been sent off against Tottenham.

    That’s 3 matches I can remember off the top of my head.

  9. Fred……wtf are you talking about you nitwit…..get a brain before you try and type anything in the future!

  10. The inconsistencies in this league are sickening. First Tiote kung fu kicks Sanchez. We were told the ref was partially sighted and didn’t see the incident, or he’d have been off. Why then did the FA not punish him retrospectively? Then Cisse and Shelvey get punished retrospectively for incidents wich the refs missed. Now Cahill doesn’t get punished for a much much worse incident than the two above. What the hell is going on??? Yet when we ask these questions we get called deluded.

  11. @ AL,

    well said.

    its seriously at the point of what the fUck?!? i love arsenal ever so much, otherwise i almost feel a fool for still buying into it all….football has some serious problems….

  12. Cahill wtf? How. Much has chi ski paid the refs? No wonder they have no money to buy players!!!!!

  13. Is anyone here concerned that Arsene admits to a decimated squad for the Hull game and yet Podolski passes a medical with Inter and Yaya is in talks with Bordeaux?

  14. My biggest problem isn’t the kick, it is that no media pundit or journo will not show Jose the incident and openly question him.

    Jose is a proven liar yet no-one will go after him.

  15. Depends on what the plan is 5th Gen. Personally, I like Poldi and would rather him in the squad, but guess a player like that has a right to games, and Sanogo needs time on the pitch to build up confidence and sharpness.
    If loaning those two out is to clear the decks for others to come in, perhaps in positions where we are vulnerable,fair enough, but if they are farmed out with nobody coming in to strengthen our injury hit squad, I would be somewhere beyond extremely concerned
    I hope the club are not being too over optimistic with injuries and returning players when calculating squad depth…..with our luck, we loan out Poldi, then instantly lose 2 or 3 who can play in his position to injury. This is a cycle we need to get out of

  16. The media are too much in awe of Jose, but if he has another season of underachievement which hopefully he will, that could change

  17. I don’t believe either AW or Podolski really wanted a loan, I think that result was driven by the media.

    And in the news this morning, the next drive is on. What does AW do with the FA Cup and Leaague Cup games? He plays other players. Including goaltender. Szczesny is not playing in the FA Cup game. What does Daily Mail do? It’s the first step on the way out. It was irrelevent how well or poorly Szczesny has been playing lately, the goaltender for the FA Cup game was always going to be the next ranked goaltender fit to play.

    But going back to Podolski, he always seemed to have niggles. He was ready to play, no he isn’t, he got …. And I think that is what “drove” this last one on him in the Mirror. He didn’t leave the grounds mad at not being chosen, he left the grounds frustrated at picking up another niggle. Which the media turned into another story, and Bob’s your uncle.

  18. On Podolski.

    I was very happy when we signed him but not as happy as I would have been had we signed him about 5 years previously. To be brutally honest Lucas is a bit too slow for the Arsenal pattern and, like Arshavin, a bit too much of a luxury in the PL. Great left peg, fantastic for team spirit, good song but will do much better in Italy.

    I fact he is the reverse of Gervinho. The crowd adore him, sing his name even when its Alexis scoring the goals, but he flatters to deceive and I suspect that is why Wenger let him go. Gervinho, by contrast, ran and ran (often without much end product), became the butt of the boo-boys, and his confidence disappeared. Both of them can now ply their trade in Italy where its all a bit easier and good luck to them.

    Let’s try not to ruin the next one we get eh fellas?

  19. I think that’s a fair assessment of Poldi Blacksheep63,he certainly could be dazzling one week and invisible the next, a shame really.He certainly brought a lot to the table re team spirit as you wrote, who knows perhaps his frustrations could swing the other way, certainly those with the power to unify can also break and separate.But that’s spec.and not a statement.
    Probably after not being selected after the Gala game he must have thought “what do I have to do?”.He certainly had a blistering game versus Gala.
    I think he was also under a certain amount of pressure to play first team football from Löw, and the national team set up is a very big deal in Germany, much bigger than in England.
    I would love to see the whole team fit and play together for a long run,hasn’t been much of chance for that this season.I can`t recall such an odd season feels like we’ve havent got going yet.

  20. The refs are not only unfair to Arsenal. If u check the record of refs in games of Chelsea, man city,lvpool, man utd and others this season , you wil find out that they are treated unfairly too. Everything just balances out. No ref is against Arsenal , city chel ,manu or anyone . Its just normal. Stop creating the “us against the world mentality”

  21. So Josh,
    can you prove the “everything just balances out”?
    How many seasons of study did you do to come to your conclusion?

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