Transfers and Hull

By Tony Attwood.

So it seems we have made or are making or are about to make our first signing in terms of Teddy Bishop from Ipswich.  It is not announced yet, so this could be another total error in reading the ancient runes and tea-leaves on my part.

Man U want/wanted Bishop but the story being told is that Arsenal won.  He’s only made his debut this season with Ipswich, so if the readings are right, he’ll probably appear in next season’s league cup for us.   But still, he’s 18, and we’ve played 18 year olds before – and he is said to be costing £10m, which could again imply a more immediate deployment.

Elsewhere on the silly roundabout of the long delayed but now open window we have

  • William Carvalho from Sporting Lisbon.
  • Edinson Cavani from PSG (must be true it is in the Excess, sorry Express – but really?)
  • German goalkeeper Loris Karius from FSV Mainz 05 (again really??)
  • Atletico Madrid midfielder Mario Suarez
  • Everton midfielder James McCarthy

Lukas Podolski has gone, leaving a really good message for the fans – a really great guy, and I wish we had seen more of him.  Yaya Sanogo loan discussions are ongoing.

In other major news Caught Offside has “50 Really Hot Women In Football Shirts” and “Weirdest celebrity football fans”  In short all the things you don’t get on Untold.

And the man who broke the security at Southampton to confront the manager with the traditional abuse normally reserved for the aaa, was after all a Southampton fan.   Mr Wenger dismissed the incident saying “he was just a kid” but it turns out he was 25 years old (going on 12 presumably, considering what he did).   He lives in Lymington.  Which is in Hampshire.

Moving on to today, Mr Wenger said that, looking back to Wembley, “It was nice to see our fans happy, it shows how big the club is when you win. It’s a great remembrance but we have a big job to do on Sunday.”

“What is for sure is we have room for improvement and we have to manage to do that quickly.”

Steve Bruce did a Arry by saying that he would “count up the numbers” before selecting his team.   It didn’t really cut it when Arry said it, and it won’t really with Steve.

Huddlestone and Quinn are back but Robertson, Rosenior and Ramirez are out.  Jelavic, who couldn’t play in the Cup Final is of course no longer cup tied.

Hull have won two of their last three.  For the last eight our results are five wins, two defeats, one draw.  Could do better, but not bad.

Bulldog Drummond is down the pub

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Rangers current position is the envy of many English Premier League clubs

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  1. The match officials this afternoon are
    Referee – Robert Madley
    Assistants – Gary Beswick and Stephen Child
    Fourth Official – Anthony Taylor

    Let’s hopr that Mr Madley doesn’t have to consult with Mr Taylor Who (if I had my way) wouldn’t be allowed in the ground.

    Mr Madley has refereed five Premier League games this year, none involving Arsenal, but including the 1-1 draw between Everton and Hull.

    Last year again Mr Madley fix five Premier League games, none featuring Arsenal. Two involved Hull -the 1-1 draw between Hull and Cardiff and the 6-0 thrashing that Hull gave Fulham.

  2. Sorry typing on my tablet, last para should read “Last year again Mr Madley did five Premier League games”

  3. This kid may be different but, should we not be looking at a more experienced pro ?

    You always need youth coming through but it’s always ways a gamble,
    Remember nick Powell ?
    We lost out to united on this one an he has hardly been tearing up trees ,?

    We won the Ramsey one , which was superb, with united .

    I just wonder if the youth policy should not be put in front of what we could do with to strengthen the team right now…

    Could be wrong an young bishop turn out to be next lampard…

    But is he really better technically than what we have in youth / reserves ?

  4. Hopefully a related thought. Former Arsenal youth goalkeeper, James Shea, is to be in goal against Liverpool.

    I think I was up to 4 or 5 crap headlines in the news today, and a whole bunch of transfer headlines. One headline about Arsenal being slow to provide paperwork for Podolski (he has a groin injury again, how he would be playing right away I don’t know).

    Come on you Gunners!

  5. I remember the Taylor ref …
    Had a bit of a stinker I recall, another ref rushed through by rpthe prem…

  6. @ Gord – I serisouly doubt it re Poldi’s injury to be honest … seems more like what I call “an inflamation of the urge/desire gland” (the medical diagnosis when my young son doesn’t want to go to school).

  7. From The Guardian:
    Bellerin, Chambers, Mertesacker, Monreal;
    Rosicky, Cazorla;
    Walcott, Campbell; Alexis.
    Subs: Martinez, Debuchy, Koscielny, Zelalem, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Maitland-Niles, Akpom

    Bulldog is scoring well here I think. How many O’s in Ospina is in dispute, that he is playing net is agreed. As is having Martinez on the beach, just in case. Half the backline is correct (Mertesacker and Monreal). Belerin and Chambers getting more time, Gibbs getting a rest (injured?). Coquelin to be the DM, Flamini joining Gibbs. Cazorla having his ever smiling face in the midfield is agreed by both, Rosicky getting the nod and the Ox in backup, and the Ox joing Gibbs and Flamini. Bulldog got 2.5 of the 3 forwards (Theo and Alexis). Campbell is starting, and Akpom is in reserve.

    There was a blurb in the headlines, about Alexis being either in the red zone, or close to it. Is this an experiment to see how deep his energy reserves are? If so, Maitland-Niles to come on early?


  8. Okay TommieGun, I thought he might have aggravated a real niggle, as opposed to a philosophical one.


  9. Have to say I love this squad, hopeful for some high energy flowing attacking stuff!!!

    COYG let’s do it nice and easy !!!

  10. I didn’t think it was possible, TheGuardian found a picture of Cazorla without a smile on his face while playing.

    4 minutes:
    > …, then Sanchez goes down trying to retrieve the rebound. No penalty, though.

    Really? I’m just reading commentary.


  11. I’m following the Telegraph and Guardian commentaries today. What seems to be happening, is that because Arsenal is controlling the play, they are reducing how often they comment. Makes it seem like the game is boring.


  12. 44 mins: Aluko is caught by Coquelin, and no free-kick is given, rather surprisingly. Sanchez then gets chopped by McShane, and the whistle does go.

    Correct on both counts?


  13. Some new terminology courtest the medja. Hull are planting trees, not parking the bus.


  14. > 50 mins: Ach, nasty collisions between Sanchez and Quinn – the Hull man nipped the ball away from Sanchez just ask he was taking a massive swing at it, so instead of kicking the ball he toe-punts Quinn’s Achilles. No fun for anyone, free-kick to Hull.

    Is description accurate? If so, Hull should get that man off the field and into treatment ASAP.


  15. The 87th minute Coquelin incident was described by the 2 commentaries I was following as a booking, and a red respectively. Blocking with both legs is still a foul, but it not a diving tackle. Feet pointed to make legs as long as possible?


  16. > 89 mins: Oxlade-Chamberlain is down receiving treatment – not sure exactly why, could be the residual effects of that foul by Davies on his knee.


    Congratulations Gunners!

  17. Gord, everyone is on the other post.

    Yes am scared Ox has been injured.

    The first Coq foul was not a red, was a yellow. The second one (by the end) was a definite red, he went with two legs. Still he playes brilliantly.

  18. I sincerely hope we are not signing an 18 yr old for £10m. £1m, then OK, but £10m!!
    An experienced and disciplined ‘ball winning’ central midfielder and a CB are desperately needed in my view – though maybe not a view shared by Wenger.

  19. Just like we only 1 million for Walcott, Ox and Ramsey and if Wenger is willing to spend that kind of money and I said if he will probably be worth it.

  20. Somewhere, I asked the question, is the move of Podolski’s a loan or a sale? In large part, because of the confusion over Lampard, and also because one blog that showed up in Google News searches was consistently saying SALE, when everyone else seemed to be saying LOAN. Well, just now on, we have LOAN.

    Checking the blog in question, there doesn’t appear to be any sign of an article retracting the headline saying Podolski was sold. Maybe later today? Or, are they just going to pretend it didn’t happen?

  21. Gord there was a few other reports saying loan with option to buy. Apparently hes scared hes only the bench again for Inter!! meanwhile hes have atwitter spat with Matthäus.
    source NTV

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