Arsenal sign Vieira II but the news before was not news. But this is.

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  1. Sadly most of the public do believe all of these rumours. You only have to take a look at some of the articles and comments on blogs like JustArsenal to confirm that. I seriously cannot understand how these people are tricked into think we are getting such and such, year after year!

  2. I don’t mind these media muppets throwing names on the table and doing a proper analysis what this or that player could do for Arsenal. I have a managerial mind, attitude and approach to Arsenal and the football world in general. I enjoy the names linked to Arsenal and doing my own little “research” and wondering how certain player would fit in to Arsenal. Financially, considering his squad status and planning for long-term thinking about possible players rising up from the Academy.

    I really hate when the media muppets start spreading lies about “linked” players (dozens of players interest Arsenal, shouldn’t be a surprise) and especially writing and talking rubbish about transfer fees and wages. I certainly haven’t seen any player or transfer contract and I’m 100% confident neither have any of these media muppets. Until the finances are completely transparent as in the REAL sports NHL hockey, the numbers should not be mentioned at all in the media. We all know the professional footballers at the high level earn too much money, but any kind of guessing should be removed in the media.

    I wish one day the football media corporations would recruit smart, intellectual people with language and business skills and understanding of the football world. People who watch at least 15-20 matches every week from around the world and have desire to study football at all levels: finances, regulations, the laws of the game, crime behind the scenes etc. At the moment most of the football media stories are made for the casual pretending “football fans”. There is a great demand around the world for high quality football stories and publications. There’s a massive niche for some people even earn their living.

  3. Powerslave

    “There is a great demand around the world for high quality football stories and publications.”

    That may or may not be true, but the sad fact is there’s an even bigger demand for the type of brain dead bollocks we currently get force fed in the media.

    For some inexplicable reason it seems to be what people like to read.

    Depressing really.

  4. One player who I pressed me as having a terrific potential was Moise Mbende, he is a Cameroon youth international who played for Dirtmund in the Eufa Youth League against Arsenal. A positive giant of a player aged 18 with good speed and the ability to get the ball into the net. Fortunately the twice he did it against our U19s were both from offside positions. A name to keep an eye out for in a year or two.

  5. Oh I hate the way my tablet changes my correct spelling to something totally different! I was impressed by Mbende.

  6. The level of madness in the press is unbelievable; from Sczesney’s dad blaming Per (one wonders where the press located Schez’s dad, did they have to hunt him down all the way to Poland?) to the number of potential signings. It’s crazy. Anyone who believes this nonsense needs their head examined.

  7. I have some concerns over Sunday’s game against Stoke.
    At the very time we have the odd returnee from the sick bay, we are confronted by GBH Shawcross and the grotesque Crouch, the use of whose arms resemble a demented octopus. And there are others probably recruited from Rugby League.
    In the continuing absence of referee protection and Vieira, Petit, Keown and Co long gone, this is not a game for Walcott, Ozil and the like.
    I would start with a fit Flamini and on receipt of his yellow, put Coquelin on. There will be a place for Giroud but no red mist, please.
    The home fans also have a part to play….

  8. nicky

    How are Stoke refereed? Well depends on who they are playing really. I thought I’d make a comparison with the obvious choice, Manchester United.

    This season:

    Man Utd V Stoke


    13 fouls….4 Yellows

    1 Booking every 3 fouls

    Arsenal V Stoke (Last Season)

    15 fouls….2 Yellows

    1 booking every 7.5 fouls

    Well over twice as lenient at the Em’s than at OT. No surprise there then. My hopes are not high that they will be treated any more firmly this weekend.

    NB: In the interests of balance I will say this. I also looked at how United where treated at Stoke on there last visit, to see how it compared to how we where treated, and it turns out they got as bad a deal as we did. Basically as in our game, Stoke got away with murder:

    Stoke committed 18 fouls for 2 bookings, a ridiculous 1 booking for every 9 fouls.

    Man Utd Committed just 7 fouls for there 2 bookings.

    That is actually worse than we got.

    But guess what……yep United lost as well.

    It seems even united cant be kicked ruthlessly of the park and win.

    And these ‘little’ clubs get picked on.

    It seems Stoke where treated with a firm hand at OT, the issue will be, will Stoke try the same at the Em’s as they did at the Britannia and more importantly if they do will they be treated with the same firm hand they where treated with at OT. I fear not.

  9. I just would like to add that lest we forgot, this was NOT FERGIES United that got a kicking at the Britannia, this was a Moyes United, already out of the title race and being un characteristically mauled in the media.

    I doubt very much this ever happened under Fergies tenure.

  10. Jambug are you suggesting that Manu under Fergerson got preferenatial treatment I find that hard to believe.

  11. The game between Stokes and Chelsea may be instructive. Stoke started rough and physical but Chelsea did not give an inch; they returned the favour with their own brand of aggressive physical play. The game soon settled down to a decent level with less of the physical hot-stuff. But, with Arsenal, perhaps the ref will not allow us to hold our own in the area of robust physical play. Yet, the only way forward appears to be not to back down, stand up to Stoke and yet manage to play our game. A tall order but, what else can we do.

  12. greencardusa

    “A tall order but, what else can we do.”

    Try to keep 11 players on the park would be the first priority I would of thought.

    Well, apart from going 3 nil up after ten minutes that is 🙂

  13. Let put in another two footed tackle in stoppage time and keep doing every time we play Stoke.

  14. @greencardusa,

    In the Stoke – Chelsea game, Stoke received 3 yellow cards for 11 fouls and Chelsea got 0 yellow cards for 4 fouls. The yellow cards were in the 19′, 52′, and 89′ minute. A booking every 3.66 fouls, where as Jambug pointed out earlier Stoke were allowed to kick Arsenal twice as much (7.5 fouls per booking)

    OT: Mourinho has been surprisingly charged by the FA for his ref comments.

  15. Jambug
    I agree, our priority should always be to see out the game with 11 on the field and yes a few early goals would certainly help all around!

  16. Is wanting to put in two footed late tackles against Stoke very late in our games Wrong.

  17. Greencardusa/Jerry

    From G

    “Chelsea did not give an inch; they returned the favour with their own brand of aggressive physical play.”

    From J

    “Stoke received 3 yellow cards for 11 fouls and Chelsea got 0 yellow cards for 4 fouls.”

    To be fair Green it doesn’t really sound like Stoke where ‘serving it up’ to Chelsea committing a mere (for them) 11 fouls in the whole game and Chelsea where hardly refusing to ‘give an inch…….with their own brand of aggressive physical play.” ‘ conceding just 4 fouls in the entire match.

    Sorry mate, not picking a fight, it just doesn’t stand up as a good example of how to combat Stoke.

    NB I do hope you got your stats right Jerry as I’m taking your word on this.

  18. I was wondering if it is “allowed” by Arsenal under the PL rules to, for example, send a compilation of video clips of the last match against Stoke to the PL bosses, showing the unpunished actions of the Stoke players, and voice their concerns, in a nice way of course.

  19. Not worried about Stoke, we will beat them on Sunday.
    With players coming back, i think this is where our run may start.

  20. @Jambug,

    Used the stats provided on BBC’s match report

    Not sure how many fouls that were probably missed, but that’s what was reported.

    I think we’ll be able to handle Stoke this time though. I hope Theo gets a chance again if fit, because he could be deadly on the counter.

  21. Jerry – how fast do you think Theo is with a choke hold by Charlie Adams deterring him?

    The only way to win is pepper spray in the referees face. That will be a start. Now the field gets a little even. Now we can beat them playing fair football or playing mean rugby.

    I still think a rugby ball thrown on the pitch will really take the biscuit.

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