Arsenal welcomes… a bald Eagle…. also known as Bielik.

By Walter Broeckx

I do speak and understand a few languages but Polish is not one of them. However someone informed me that an interesting article appeared on the website of Legia Warsaw.

It said:

“Bielik przejdzie testy medyczne w Arsenalu

Autor: Krystian Grzelak Fot. Jacek Prondzynski

Legia Warszawa wyraziła zgodę na udział Krystiana Bielika w testach medycznych w Arsenalu. 17-letni pomocnik uda się do Londynu w piątek.

– Jadę do Londynu, żeby spełniać marzenia. Mam nadzieję, że już wkrótce oficjalnie zostanę piłkarzem Arsenalu – powiedział Krystian Bielik.Bielik trafił do Legii przed rozpoczęciem bieżącego sezonu. Z “eLką” na piersi rozegrał łącznie sześć meczów – pięć w T-Mobile Ekstraklasie i jeden w Lidze Europy. W przeszłości występował w juniorskich drużynach Górnika Konin i Lecha Poznań.”
[Walter – my spell checker has just demanded double pay for that paragraph.  Can I use your credit card? – Tony]
So this should be clear by now I guess. You all understood this? NO? Oh well…  Okay, neither did I so I used Google translate to get me a translation of this. And as I found it a bit funny I will give it to you like it came out on my computer:

Bald Eagle passes a medical at Arsenal
Author: Krystian Grzelak Fig. Jacek Prondzynski
Legia Warsaw agreed to participate in the tests Bielik Krystian medical at Arsenal. 17-year-old midfielder will travel to London on Friday.
I’m going to London to make dreams come true. I hope that I will soon officially Arsenal player said Krystian Bald Eagle.

Bald Eagle went to the Legion before the start of the current season. With Elka” on the chest played a total of six games five in the T-Mobile Ekstraklasa League and one in Europe. In the past, played in the junior teams Miner Konin and Lech Poznan.”

So suddenly the name Bielik disappeared and was translated as Bald Eagle.  And according to Google translate the definition of a bald eagle is : “a white-headed North American eagle that includes fish among its prey. Now most common in Alaska, it is the national emblem of the US. “Some of the most common birds of prey here, the bald eagle, peregrine falcon, and osprey, are fish-eaters, though the hawk owl is not.”

Now tell me one football site where you start on football and end up with a bald eagle? Only Untold.

But let us turn to the message that is in the translation.

The official club website of Legia Warsaw who owns Biliek (or the bald eagle as he will be known at Untold) has said that Biliek is having a medical tomorrow (or today depending on when Tony presses the publish button) at Arsenal.

[Today – we don’t muck about on Untold when there are hot eagles to be dealt with – Tony]

And if the quote on their official website is true then the young man is flying over (like a bald eagle?) to fulfil his dream. And as this is the website of Legia Warsaw and not the one of let us say Manchester City who have no real idea who they sign and how the exact conditions are in relation to how the signed someone so we could believe them.

So it seems that apart from some hidden medical reason we have got our first signing of the winter transfer window.  I don’t think Legia Warsaw would let him go for a medical if there had not been an agreement between the clubs. So we can assume that that part of the deal has been finished.

And as we can see from the quote from Biliek (on the Legia website) he seems rather eager to come to Arsenal. Who wouldn’t be?

The young man came from Lech Poznan this season to Legia Warsaw and played 5 matches in the Polish league and also one match in the Europa league. Biliek is a defensive midfielder. And he is 1.89 meter tall (6fr 2 in) so not really a little boy for his age. And they say he weighs some 74 kg.

So will we have a super bald eagle at Arsenal in the next weeks? The answer to that questions can be found on in the coming days of course. But there might be something more to it than just a rumour about this player. After all why would Legia Warsaw put such a thing on their website if it wouldn’t be true?

Anyway, if our bald eagle Biliek lands at the Emirates in the next days I want to wish him all the best for his career at Arsenal. Looking forward to see some glimpses of this young man in the coming seasons.

I think we could give him is own song… : Why don’t you fly like an eagle like in the song from the Steve Miller band. Arsenal, transfers, Legia Warsaw, bald eagles, Steve Miller band…. completely Untold stuff on a football blog.

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39 Replies to “Arsenal welcomes… a bald Eagle…. also known as Bielik.”

  1. My sister lives about 45 km this side of the farm, at a lake. There is at least one mating pair of bald eagles there (NW Alberta, not quite Alaska). We often see bald eagles at the farm, looking for rodents (mice, rabbits, moaninho, …) to feed on. I guess they like something other than fish in their diet.

    I just looked at, nothing on this end yet.

  2. It is an encouraging sign that AW recognizes where we need to be strengthened. Now if there was just a sign that he realizes that he should be strengthening the current squad, not the one that we will field circa 2018.

    I rate Coquelin and Monreal more than most Arsenal fans. And Mathieu Debuchy is a step above Sagna, IMHO. But with our injury record we need numbers as well as quality.

  3. Sounds like a typical Wenger signing; relatively ‘unknown’, with age still on his side, talented and not for gazillions of pounds. The only difference is he’ll be worth gazillions after a couple of years, but will be going nowhere this time, unlike others before him who thought they had left their DNA elsewhere. Wish him all the best at Arsenal if this materialises.

  4. There is a FA Youth Cup fourth round tie on Wednesday against Royston Town FC at BorehamWood ground. KO is 19:00. If registered in time it is possible he might feature. Entrance to the game is free, worth going to if you can make it. I’ll post a piece after the game hopefully with a confirmed sighting of our Bald Eagle!

  5. Looks like he is going to have to bulk up a bit, however, he seems to have some technical ability.

  6. AL I watched this clip several times last night…he certainly has lots going on this kid…and if this materializes; I don’t think it will be long before we see him having a game or three with the big lads!

  7. APO ARMANI, After watching the clip which you provided, I will say that the young man has an eye for the pass and he’s not afraid to mix it up

  8. “Looks like he is going to have to bulk up a bit, however, he seems to have some technical ability” If a 17 year old that height doesn’t look like he needs bulking up then the chances are he’s already on steroids.

  9. Untold at it’s best. Thanks for an article masterfully written.
    Luckily for us our bald eagle need no aeroplane to fly into London so no story about ‘seen at the airport’ is expected.

  10. Thanks Gord for reminding UA readers that the american bald eagle is actually the North American bald eagle. I have a few around my township in the Laurentian mountains (Québec) and they will hunt even small cats and dogs when they are really desperate but their favourite is trout, fresh water salmon and Maskinonge when they can get them.
    Until it is on it is all media BS Walter but I agree that he might be another Wenger gem.
    Merkin….I know we can trust Wenger to do the necessary in this TW and he has said so on but thanks for your brillant insight into how you think he thinks! Pity you didn’t think it through before writing such sarcastic drivel!

  11. I’m a little disappointed that nobody noticed I had “moaninho” as being part of the diet of the bald eagle. 🙂

  12. A bielik is a bird and also a close relative of the bald eagle… Article makes total sense

  13. British Columbia the verry small bit of land between Washington state and Alaska. Has a fair few Bald Eagles as well. There’s a little Town called Brakendalle where you can walk down the river and see 500 or so Eagles. Although none of them would make a good DM. Ps I tend to enjoy Brickfields input.

  14. @ Gord – we all did – some just didn’t want to touch it ,even with a ten foot pole !
    I on the other hand ,am game and having just read the article was ready to educate the masses , but then also noticed a sly comment , which in my usual classy style , I will choose to glide by with the same ease and classy manner as Bielik does in that clip !
    As for the Moaninho , we all are aware that it is a vile and disgusting rodent native to the Iberian peninsular but has since been found in shores far away.
    It is thought to have swam ashore from burning and sinking ships and that old famous saying ,” Moaninhos , women and children first ….” , is very telling of its nature for self preservation ( and desertion ! ).
    Some scientist believe that it is an alien creature . What , with its big head but small brain ; its bug eyes ; absent ears ; crooked nose ; a wide hideous mouth and it makes a weird matting call which to the untrained ears sound like , ” Nano , nano !” ( This description may be familiar of certain posters here !)
    Its is believed that eaten raw , it is most disagreeable ,but roasted on a spit or cooked over coals , it is quite palatable . When it is well done, it emits a popping sound ( its them eyes !),followed by a sizzling sound – that of its puny brain melting.
    Since bald eagles cannot start a fire ( Smokey would hear of it !), they carry the moanhinos they catch and throw them into cooking ( or smouldering ) fires of the Innuit ,outdoorsmen ,hunters , ice hole fisherman and certain Alasakan Governor .
    Many theorist ( Ok, I exaggerate- one !) believe that the offensive gasses emitted by the cooking of these moanrinhos may be the cause of that unique phenomena known as Aurora Borealis or the Northren lights seen in North America .
    We have reason to believe that if Chelski don’t win anything this season , Roman may cook his prized ‘golden goose’ , and Russia will see their own’ light and gasses’ show – well,his Moanhino is full of it you know !

  15. @ BigV – Thanks for vote of confidence ! I love plaudits . Brickbats ,I send back tenfold !
    It is always gladdening when one’s humourous efforts are applauded ! It is very ‘alien’ to me that people don’t appreciate it and I guess that they must all live pathetic life. And what about their friends and family ( if they have any !) ,it must be a real torture for them !
    Please LIKE and SHARE on your respective Facebook , twitter accounts and pages !
    They more you like it , more bigger ( I hope !) will this years bonus be for me ,you know , from that secret AKBs worldwide fund in Switzerland !

  16. He sure seems to play like an Arsenal player already, mind you, many(so called lower) teams are adopting the Arsenal way of play in order to also compete with the (so called big teams), so it is no surprise.

    But it could be something else, he loves Arsenal, so he tries to play the same way, hoping to go there someday. Your wishes are coming true Krystian Bielik and i welcome you.

  17. @ Gord – Remember I said that I’d get you a good joke to match your wasp story a few days back ? Well here it is , with a sting in the tale !

    WARNING – Children ,don’t try this at home ,or at school !

  18. Wait a minute….

    Are we passing the judgment already. YouTube scouting!! Let’s give him time.

    Provided we sign him, hez not going to start straight away. Hez the one for the future. Hez only played 500 minutes of football(top level) in the polish league. Just enough to show the potential, which our own academy graduates have shown in spades….Hayden and even Niles.

    Let’s give him time.
    A huge potential for holding role nevertheless.

  19. The eagle we call in Poland ‘Bielik’ is a White-tail eagle (Haliaeetus albicilla), not a Bald eagle.
    They look a bit different, and Bald Eagle is not native to Poland (or Europe).

    Enough ornithology 😉

  20. From AW in the press conference: “Boss on Bielik: “He is having a medical today. A fee has been agreed”

  21. Great article.

    As expected, Wenger is not interested in a quick fix and we may actually be witnessing another masterstroke.

    Here is a player who may well put a huge smile on our faces for years to come. I can live with that. At 6.2 and 74kg, this guy isn’t going to get shoved around that easily by opposing tough guys. Having said that, the PL is tough, really tough, hopefully once he takes in a couple of seasons and gains confidence, it would be nearly impossible to stop him and this will make a huge difference. However only time and results will tell

    I am optimistic.

  22. From the video I like the way he doesn’t only play to feet, dictating play by playing in front of the player, clearly shows good understanding especially at 16 at the time.

  23. Unrelated on this article but spoken about by Arsene in an interview where he mentions Bielik, he is acknowledging the definite unnecessary push on Debuchey but refrains (correctly in my eyes) from assuming the intentions or telling the FA what to do as he would only get castigated doing so whereas others would get applauded or or idolised for doing so.

  24. Oh and Walter I love the referencing of Man C in the matters of transfers and hoping this continues 🙂 a bit of fun in the mornings…

  25. I went looking for eagle jokes. It seems that there are 2 eagle jokes in the world, with many variants of each one.

  26. Gord – I noticed moaninho in your list of rodents. There was a cobra in the garden basking in the sun yesterday. It had a 6″ girth & was about 7-8 foot long. It probably is looking for moaninhos too. It slid into a hole near the garden wall. Probably the most beautiful snake I’ve ever seen & I’ve seen a few.

    OMGArsenal – I like your comment to Merkin.

    Com’on baby lets do the twist,
    Biliek’s in the Wenger house,
    He’s doing the twist,
    Making Untold movements & doing the twist.

  27. Oh, Brickfields. I don’t think I would want to get stung in the chest or that other place. I once remember getting stung in the back of the knee before a soccer game. My knee was very sore and swollen after the game.

  28. Menace, you can keep your cobra, thank you. I hope it finds lots of moaninho’s to keep them out of your life however.

    Where I live it is cold enough we seldom see snakes. Southern Alberta (well, south of the Red Deer River) does have rattlesnakes, which are also poisonous. No bad spiders either.

  29. At least we will be able to pronounce his name without blushing too much.
    I’m learning Polish for some months now, and still clueless about how to say Szczęsny properly :/

  30. There was a picture next to a news article of moaninho. I think the article was about his latest problems with gettings fined for talking about referees. My first thought goes back to a scene in Star Wars involving Obi-Wan Kenobi.

    M: You can go on your way stormtroopers.
    S: We can continue on our search men.
    M: These aren’t the fat referees The FA are looking for.
    S: These aren’t the fat referees The FA are looking for.

  31. I thought that it just meant “White”… (bielik/byalik/bialik).

    Bald Eagle it is then !

  32. Gord – January 17, 2015 at 12:18 am – Only Jedis have the power to do mind tricks , and in any galaxy no matter how far ,far away , he would not have qualified !
    A sly , scheming ,slithering , sickening Sith Lord maybe , but never , never a Jedi !
    As for those mind tricks , it only works on the feeble and weak minded, so you really weren’t too far off ! He may have used the old Portuguese hocus -pocus spell !
    Heard it also works on Aliens who don’t have a sense of humour!

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