FA to stop obesity, help children, build pitches and do sensible things. Err….

By Tony Attwood

It’s FA Cup weekend in case you didn’t notice, so I had planned to run this final article before the preview of the Brighton Cup match, on the subject of the FA.

And I am staying with that – but with the addition of a few results.

Chelsea 2 Bradford City 4.

Mourinho said would be a disgrace to lose, before the match, and in the radio interview afterwards said it again.  No one mentioned the talk of the quadruple.  Their team was

  • 01 Cech
  • 31 Christensen
  • 05 Zouma
  • 24 Cahill
  • 28 Azpilicueta
  • 07 Ramires
  • 08 Oscar
  • 12 Mikel (Fàbregas – 70′ )
  • 17 Salah (Willian – 70′ )
  • 11 Drogba
  • 18 Remy (Hazard – 76′ )

Poor Cesc.

We could sympathise, having lost to Bradford in December 2012, although a slight difference was that we lost on penalties in a match that was at the Bradford ground and was in the league cup.  But still it hurt.

Meanwhile Manchester City lost 0-2 at home to Middlesbrough.  All the radio talk I heard as I drove home from an afternoon at the swimming pool with the grandchildren was that it was hard on City because Yaya Toure and Nasri were not there.  I don’t really recall too much media talk excusing our results this season because of the loss of Giroud and Ozil.  And Ramsey.  And Wilshere.  And Arteta.  And Gibbs.  And Debuchy.  And Koscielny.  And Walcott.  I’ve probably missed a few.

Also a lot of excuses made about the fact that Manchester City got back from Abu Dhabi just 19 hours before kick off.  And why Abu Dhabi?  Not mentioned on the radio, but Abu Dhabi is the hub of Ethiad airlines.  Ah.  These sponsors.  Would would you do without them?  In Manchester C’s case, not much

And then there is Tottenham.   They brought on Adebayor on 70 minutes for Soldado, and the crowd booooooooed.  So did that help?  Well, no.  Leicester didn’t score their first until 13 minutes later.  Tottenham lost 1-2.

Could we say that the booing of Adebayor by Tottenham fans encouraged Leicester, or even helped Leicester?  That might be going too far, but certainly it didn’t help.

Adebayor is reported on various sites and by various journalists as being paid £5.84m a year.  His contract ends this summer – Tottenham obviously can’t sell him.  So since signing for £9m in 2012 from Man City he has cost Tottenham about £24m.  All to be booed by the home support.

I don’t ever want to aid Tottenham H but booing your own players never helps.

So its the FA Cup, the FA’s pride and joy.   The FA who persuaded George Osbourne MP the Chancellor of the Exchequer, to talk about their super wonderful plan to build lots of special pitches for children and teenagers.

He spoke…

“I’m a strong believer in improving sporting facilities for young people … Building infrastructure that supports participation in sport is an important part of government’s responsibility to support a healthier and more active society” 

What he thought he was launching was an £8m fund to build 14 new artificial pitches a year.  Two days later Birmingham council started to close 20 of its pitches because of government funding cuts.

And it wasn’t just them.   Knowsley council doubled  its pitch hire cost because of government cuts.  Worcester council put up prices by 50%.   Carmarthenshire council then showed that anything England could do they could do better and trebled the charges.  They’ve since come back to doubling them.  But they put their cricket pitch prices up ten fold.

But despite this, and the chaos caused by their attempt to use money given by Sport England for other stuff on the grounds that the weather was against them (Sport England took the money back and told the FA to piss off), the FA has said it is involved in trying to tackle childhood obesity.

In a nation where 60% of adults are overweight that’s necessary work, but whether we should allow a highly mortgaged incompetent bunch of old duffers into the problem, is another issue.  They also want to sort out the shortage of sports teachers in England’s schools, the training of primary-school teachers and a new programme to play junior football indoors through the autumn and winter.

Meanwhile the government including Osbourne has cut the number of hours of sport that children have to do in schools, and cut all the sport schemes that the previous government had pushed into schools to draw them kicking and screaming into the 19th century.

The FA has called on government to “introduce a comprehensive coach education programme that provides those delivering sports coaching to school-age children with a recognised qualification in working with young people”.

Yes indeed.  Hey ho.   The FA’s PE Unit started in 2013 sending out six (count them)  coaches to develop the coaching skills of teachers.  There are 26,000 schools in England.

Meanwhile the FA is still sponsored by Mars (the chocolate company) Carlsberg (beer), and…  McDonald’s (the obesity company), while £757 million was borrowed to rebuild Wembley.

The only way forwards of course is to get rid of the whole FA organisation, and replace them with people with a certain degree of sense.  Wembley could be sold and the money used to pay off the debts of the FA.

Of course more youth coaches are needed, just as more coaches at senior levels are needed.  But I wouldn’t trust the FA to organise the proverbial in the brewery.

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47 Replies to “FA to stop obesity, help children, build pitches and do sensible things. Err….”

  1. I think Arsenal have just become an odds on favorites to retain the FA cup.
    The only top teams left in the competition other than Arsenal , are Man U and Liverpool and they both face a replay of their fixtures.

    Chelsea made nine changes to their squad and paid the price.
    Although you’ve got to give it to Mourinho, who went and personally congratulated each and every Bradford City player and coach in their locker rooms.
    He also said he and every Chelsea player should be embarrassed.

    City took a little vacation and returned only 24 hours before their game and it showed. They were average at best and Middlesbrough created more scoring chances and could’ve won by a bigger margin still.

    Liverpool looked unconvincing and couldn’t breake Bolton down for a single clear cut scoring chance.

    One other thing worth noting – I wouldn’t expect many decisions going our way tommorow. Looks like the FA wants to bring the ” magic ” of the FA cup back and referees let go a whole bunch of calls that otherwise would’ve gone for the big teams.
    A hand ball and a faul on Aguero which could’ve resulted in two penalties for City , or a trip on Markovic that shouldve resulted in a sending off for Bolton defender and possibly a penalty for Liverpool.

  2. Personally, I think the winner of the FA cup should get a position in the Champion’s League. In fact, the team should be seeded 3rd whilst the 3rd place Premier League team should have to qualify. Just my opinion, mind.

  3. Great FA cup weekend results to say the least! It would be interesting if we get an Arsenal-United FA Cup Final to decide who has the most FA Cup trophies!

    It’s amazing how every article in regards to the City match mention City’s travel for a friendly that was on Wednesday (in fact it’s the 2nd highlight on the BBC report). Seems like a valid excuse, but when City beat Arsenal 6-3 last year, no article dared mention that Arsenal traveled to play Napoli that Wednesday, before the Saturday game. City played away on that Tuesday instead.

  4. Mourinho is a cnut, there’s nothing to admire about anything he does or says, there’s always an ulterior motive behind it. Nice to see them get dumped out, despite the fact that the team he fielded was quite strong even by premier league standards.

  5. I would like to underline what would retaining the cup mean.

    Arsenal would become the most successful club in the competition with 12th trophy. At this moment, we are joint leaders with Manure.

    Arsene Wenger would win his sixth FA Cup which would mean he has won the competition as many times as all previous Arsenal managers in the history combined. Should we win the competition, Wenger would leapfrog Ferguson and Mitchell on the all-time list and become a joint leader with George Ramsay.

    It would be the third time that Arsene Wenger has managed to retain the trophy (Charity Shield 1998-99 & 1999-2000, FA Cup 2001-02, 2002-03).

    It would be the third Arsene Wenger’s double during his spell (Community Shield & FA Cup).

    Arsenal would become only the fourth club in the history to make back-to-back victories in the competition more than once (Wanderers, Blackburn, Spuds).

    Finally, it would build up the winning mentality of the team. Winning trophies on a regular basis would do wonders for young lads like Ramsey, Wilshere, Gnabry, Chamberlain, Walcott, Gibbs and, especially, Szczesny.

  6. My mistake: it would be FIFTH Arsene Wenger’s double as he has won Community Shield and FA Cup in 2002-03 and 2004-05 respectively.

  7. AL,

    You are not easily duped. I like you man!

    Mourhino is a little actor and an attention whore. The whole thing is to get him some positive news coverage for being “classy” and our friend Tom has actually fallen for it. Beauty pageant runners-up always hug and kiss the winners too but I doubt anyone think they have anything other than pure and unadulterated envy and ill-will.

    I’ll take Wenger’s genuine anger at losing anyday over some little man trying to fool the public after his team got humiliated.

  8. Reports suggesting Gabriel has signed for Arsenal tonight with Joel Campbell going the other way on season long loan.

  9. With our players becoming fit, I think we will have a big enough squad to play on three fronts, should we win tomorrow.

  10. There is a really nice thing regarding Gabriel’s deal: he is eligible to play in Champions’ League.

  11. To top it of Gnabry has decleared himself fit :D!

    As for that slime ball Mourhino, well.. The fact that Tom commends his extremely transparent comments says it all. Sadly most people lap up anything that comes out of that absolute pricks mouth.

  12. Rather than congratulating them perhaps Mourinho was just checking who had actually just knocked them out !!!

    Apparently in his post match interview he kept calling them Barnsley.

    yep, you certainly do ‘have to give it to Mourinho’.

    AS I keep saying, some people really should do some research before they open there mouths !!!

  13. I don’t know if the Charity Shield counts in a double. Anyway, there may still be permit issues with Gabriel.

  14. “Although you’ve got to give it to Mourinho, who went and personally congratulated each and every Bradford City player and coach in their locker rooms.”

    You know what they say,

    A con trick is only as good as the mugs who believe it.

    I give you Tom.

  15. @Quincy – why shouldn’t it be counted as a part of a double?

    It’s a trophy like any other Supercup in Europe.

  16. I just meant when people talk about the double it’s usually only the league, Champions League or FA Cup.

  17. Yes, it’s true but I don’t it’s fair to those who win it. It’s a trophy and unless mathematics say otherwise, if you won CS and FA Cup, you won two trophies. 🙂

  18. Brilliant article, Tony.

    The hypocrisy of the government and their complete lack of care for the kids of this country is shocking.

  19. A good article and a timely reminder that those in charge of football do not have the knowledge, interest or enthusiasm to develop the game or even maintain the present inadequate status quo.

    Re Mourinho – was he being disingenuous? 🙂

    Either way it was good to see that slimey rascal lose!

  20. I said it before and I will say it again, That little piece of shit Mourinho does nothing classy or with genuine intentions. Everything the snot-nosed prick does is for his own agenda. It’s as plain as the nose on your own face. The only stupid assholes fooled by that motherfucking charlatan are the British media who lap up his fucking bullshit as if it was titty milk and Tom, Need I fucking say anything more ?

  21. Bootoomee
    Mourinho classy?

    When did I ever say that?

    I have always thought you had more in your brain pan than your little side kicks Al and Jambug, who have the attention span and the memory of a fruit fly. I hope I’m not wrong 🙂

    I wrote a lengthy post at the beginning of last season about how I felt about Mourinho and his come back to the PL , as the result of all managers voicing their delight with him coming back( including Arsene Wenger – talking about disingenuous). And you, Al , and Jambug were all delighted with my take on Mourinho, which was factually based and very critical.

    The three of you were practically falling over each other to express you approval with my post . Well , my position hasn’t changed a bit.

    For clarification purposes , Mourinho’s move of congratulating the Bratford players had nothing to do with class , but rather more with what I have always said about him – manipulation and gamesmanship of which he is a master.

  22. Bill from Manhattan

    Oh Bill ,here you go again.

    I think I might’ve figured out the reason for your constant anger.
    It’s your co-op , isn’t it 🙂

  23. Tasos, Josif, et al

    While Arsenal.com has nothing specific about the trade of Gabriel to Arsenal (and one still wonders about this work permit), there is news of sorts there. Joel Campbell has a tweet up, which talks about a new adventure.

    > Joel Campbell excited about his new challenge

    I would imagine that the Villareal needs a striker, and I suspect it is news about Gnabry being close to back that someone posted, that made that possible, as it doesn’t make sense to swap a forward for a defender. And I imagine the whole thing is dependent on the work permit. It’s the government which gives the work permits, isn’t it? Or is there some way that the ones with money could pay so that Arsenal doesn’t get the work permit?

    He is a younger (24) defender, so is this just a loan swap? How many more years will we get out of Mertesacker and Koscielny? I don’t see any indication that they are even remotely on the way down or out. While Chambers has played some games in the centre, I don’t know if it is yet decided where he should eventually play. It seemed like Monreal did okay in the centre, but would he play there by choice? Monreal and Paulista as the second choice centre backs? Hayden to work his way in, if possible?

    Gabriel Armando de Abreu, where does Paulista fit in?

    I don’t know where Sports Mole is getting this, but they think (or maybe it is the pen that is thinking?) that Joel Campbell is going to sign a new contract before going out on loan.

  24. Wow @ 7:59pm

    “The only top teams left in the competition other than Arsenal , are Man U and Liverpool and they both face a replay of their fixtures.”
    As in: Arsenal will have an “easy run in the cup” again like last season?

    “Chelsea made nine changes to their squad….”
    At some stage Arsenal have had to play without 9 players due to injuries, so cry me a river

    “Although you’ve got to give it to Mourinho, who went and personally congratulated each and every Bradford City player and coach in their locker rooms.”
    Only because he couldn’t gouge out their eyes…

    “City took a little vacation and returned only 24 hours before their game and it showed.”
    Poor $ity.

    “…referees let go a whole bunch of calls that otherwise would’ve gone for the big teams.”
    But of course! There’s no way $ity and chelsea would have lost to the minnows…

  25. @ wengerson
    January 25, 2015 at 6:50 am

    A bad performance by the Ref will surprise no one here.

    I am no fan of Maureen but he could so easily done a sulk. Give him credit he did not do that.

    chelski’s defeat has to be the upset of all time. Back in 1933 when we lost to Walsall it was at their ground as other cup up sets have been. This was at home and 2-0 up at half time.

    Who would have thought the game would go to a replay never mind a defeat.

    But before we gloat too much we have still to win at Brighton.


  26. I dislike Mourinho as much as any Arsenal fan- primarily because of his lack of respect for our club. However his lack of respect for Arsenal is wholly down to Wenger who allows Mourinho to bully him.

    Mourinho is a professional, a winner, loved by his own. Disingenuous or not, he knows exactly how to ‘play the game’, what it takes to win, a modern day pro. Well done to him for congratulating each member of the Bradford squad and staff. Genuine or not he knows how to generate goodwill from the public and the media. Our manager could learn a lit from him

  27. ThomB he congratulated them to take attention away from his stupid statement before game of humiliating before loss. He disrespected them calling them Barnsley there is no praise there. Just full of specialist in diversion tactics. Maureen the Ho is what he is attention seeking Ho to the media like a bitch he is. When things don’t go his way he throws the toys out. It was signs of frustration no signs of gamesmanship he has no class like Wenger Who has witty comments and plays beautiful attacking football nurturing the youth.

  28. Wengerson

    “Wow ! ” is truly the right response to a comment like yours.

    How in the hell does one extrapolate what you have from my comment is beyond me. It really takes some skill to do that 🙂

  29. Tom

    “side kicks Al and Jambug”

    I think you’ll find a few more than just us 2.


    Jammy J




    Va Cong

    In fact, you may of noticed how just about everybody on Untold at one time or another disagrees with you.

    The question is, where in your hour of need are your little sidekicks. I thin k we all know who we are talking about.

    They’ve gone suspiciously quiet these last few days.

    I still haven’t quite worked out whether you still babbling on inanely is something to be admired or pitied.

    Going by your ever more desperate posts I would suggest pitied.

    Coloria @ 7:37

    “I am no fan of Maureen but he could so easily done a sulk. Give him credit he did not do that.”

    How do you define ‘done a sulk’ ?


    January 25, 2015 at 7:58 am

    “his lack of respect for Arsenal is wholly down to Wenger who allows Mourinho to bully him.”

    I think such a sweeping, disrespectful statement requires some explanation. So could you please explain how you’ve come to that conclusion, and more to the point, what exactly you think Wenger should of done. Gone round his house and punched him on the nose perhaps?

  30. All I will say is lets be calm and save the taunts for after our game. It will be tough. Brighton will have encouragement after watching yesterdays results.

  31. Let us not assume that we are in he fifth round. Let us give due respect to Brighton and play well enough to beat them first.

    In the meantime, talk of retaining the FA cup is premature and dangerously complacent.

    Take yesterday’s events as a warning.

  32. ThomB

    To this from you:

    “his lack of respect for Arsenal is wholly down to Wenger who allows Mourinho to bully him.”

    This from Macolm x Via Brickfields:

    Brickfields Gunners

    January 25, 2015 at 6:18 am

    “The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses.
    (Malcom X)”

    Although of course I respect the fact that Malcolm x was referring to much more weighty subjects than football, the principle remains.

    It is not WHAT Mourinho says, as it was not WHAT fergy said, it is HOW IT IS REPORTED.

    Anything said by anyone is at the mercy of the media.

    To the same words the media can add ‘gravitas’ or ‘derision’ depending entirely on there point of view.

    Simple example:

    When Ronaldo was getting some particularly close attention, Fergy said Referees should protect skilful players.

    The media, ‘en Masse’ got behind fergy.

    Whenever Wenger goes down that route, the media, to a man, call him a ‘whinger’

    Whenever fergy had a rant in the media he was ‘playing mind games’

    Whenever Wenger did like wise he was either being ‘wound up’ by fergies brilliant mind games (are you beginning to see how it works) or, here we go again, he was whinging again.

    It works exactly the same with Mourinho.

    No matter what he says it’s treated with respect, or at least given the Monika ‘mind games’

    Conversely if Wenger responds then he has been ‘wound up’. Either that or, here we go again, he’s just whinging.

    Wenger cant win. It’s impossible.

    Is saying nothing an option? Hardly. Sulking? Coward? Cant deny it?

    So he HAS to respond. Or is that ‘bite’? Or is it a whinge?

    All this has NOTHING, I repeat NOTHING to do with what is actually said and EVERYTHING to do with how it is reported.

    We all know how much the Media love Mourinho and hate Wenger so it’s hardly a surprise as to which one comes across the best in said media is it.

    The media can make or break powerful political leaders, so it’s hardly a push to see how they can manipulate the standings of mere football managers is it?

  33. In response to some of the above , Mourinho is Mourinho and to be taken with a pinch of salt.
    The community shield is a charity match , generally used as a pre season friendly .
    Someone asked who would want to buy Wembley ? Effectively any Eastern European or Far Eastern conglomerate that could see a profit in knocking it down and building luxury apartments , something that the local council would probably favour.
    And today’s tie is not to be taken lightly and has become a must win game.

  34. porter

    “And today’s tie is not to be taken lightly and has become a must win game.”

    Isn’t every game a must win for Arsenal, and how have yesterdays results changed todays requirements one iota?

  35. jambug (@10.10am),

    Good points and very well made but the moment I saw “his lack of respect for Arsenal is wholly down to Wenger who allows Mourinho to bully him.” I know that ThomB is a media drone without original thought. It is one thing to make the wrong-headed assertion about players but saying that one manager “bullies” another is idiotic.

    I have always admired your patience and willingness to engage the slow-witted mob that frequent this site.

  36. Thanks Boo

    I always try to maintain this sites principles of debate, using opinion, allied with evidence, facts, and statistics, wherever possible.

    When I get frustrated is when people see this as some kind of oppression of ‘there’ opinion. It is nothing of the sort.

    What I am trying to do, must of the time, is to encourage people to ‘back’ there opinion, supersession, whatever, with evidence, facts ad statistics.

    Sadly, and tellingly for me, they more often than not singularly fail to provide any such material.

  37. I used the term to illustrate that this is not a game to throw too many team changes at it. I think Sanchez needs to step down but I don’t think he will see it that way and others that are carrying knocks should be protected but that’s as far as it should go. Every game is played to win or at least should be , but with yesterday’s results it’s important not to go out and have a little of the bragging rights for a week or so.

  38. @AL
    I wish we go on to win FA cup for this alone;
    “Arsenal would become only the fourth club in the history to make back-to-back victories in the competition more than once (Wanderers, Blackburn, Spuds)”.
    The fact that Spuds name is listed there says enough.

    If it is true, i am sad to see Campbell go on loan. He does not seem to have impressed enough in training, OR because of the forwards we have he would not get game time, so it is probably the best option to give him game time, especially CL game time perhaps.

    AW’s job is hard really, he has to try and provide for all eventualities. Imagine having to calculate a scenario each for every one of his players, and try to prepare alternatives. All this taking the players interests and needs into consideration. I would say because of Arsenal’s policies, he is probably one of the only managers who does that, the rest may well not take the players interests into consideration at all.

  39. Jambug your geography is appalling! didn’t you know Barnsley was a suburb of Bradford City adjacent to Man City. 😉 Nice competition for those that can take the heat without the extra midfield PGMO crow. Tom’s sidekicks missed the return flight from Abu Dhabi & are thumbing a lift through Quatar & Saudi.

    ThomB – Mourninho cannot succeed without another mans wallet. He is cunning but not sufficiently intelligent to cope with his lack of foresight.

    John – we retain the FA cup so we assume we are at Wembley & everyone has to try to take our cup away.

  40. I think the FA are on the right track.
    This befuddled call for more pitches aka Workhouses for the poor matches the extremist neo-Dickensian ideology/philosphophy/religion* that they choose to believe in sounds like Progress to me! The kids will be stiching and sowing footballs for twelve hours a day and if that doesn’t help to tackle obesity I don’t know why will 😉

    “infrastructure? Eh? What’s that? What value could it possibly have? Who needs things like the National Grid, Schools, coaches, pitches etc. Sod that marlarky, where’s my rent from the paupers?”
    Wrote George Osbourne in his GCSE Geography case study.

  41. Newcastle won it twice in 1951 & 1952 . I have this ongoing argument with a Geordie now residing here in Malaysia, that the ball had crossed the bye line (in the 1952 final vs Arsenal ) shortly before it was crossed over for the Chilean George Robledo to score very late in the game .
    This despite me not being born till 5 years later !

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