Manchester Accountants v Arsenal: a tale of two systems

By Bulldog Drummond

Manchester Accountants is part of a financial organisation which aims to spread its cultural and economic influence worldwide.

It already has bases in Australia, New York and Manchester, and is now looking to move into phase two, which involves taking over disused and abandoned venues built for the world cup, and placing teams there.  Brazil and South Africa are currently top targets, and it is believed that negotiations are continuing.

Part of the group’s aims are classic accountancy ploys – pushing regulations to the limit to see what will happen vis a vis the authorities.  But there are predictions of an easy ride in both South Africa and Brazil.

Arsenal work on a different model.  While financing based on oil and gas consumption will come to an end either due to rising sea levels or the end of production, Arsenal’s model is one of self-financing and self-sustainability.  It is also interesting to note that the Stadium Wenger is built on one of the higher parts of London, although ultimately as the gas and oil continues to be used, it could end up on the shores of the Thames.  The stadium has been designed so that windmills can be built around it, in the eventuality of the oil running out.

So to the match of two totally different economic systems.

Proving that we are not the only people who lose players to injury Manchester Accountants player, a Mr Nasri injured himself carrying his wallet, while Edin Dzeko is doubtful as he is still looking for his.  “I gave it to my banker,” he said plaintively, “and now I can’t find him”.

Sergio Aguero and Vincent Kompany will start presumably, having had last weak on the beach.  (Funny thing this letter “a”).

Mathieu Debuchy and Mikel Arteta are obviously out, and Kieran Gibbs remains a doubt, but Calum Chambers is back off sick leave.

According to the press (when they take their very rare breaks from rampant anti-Arsenal hysteria) this is David Silva vs Alexis Sanchez.  Actually the BBC point out that they are “on the same pitch” which is by and large going to be helpful.   Alexis has 12 goals and seven assists in the league this season, more than any other player.

So now of course we have problems.  Huge problems.  Mega problems.  I mean where are we going to put Mesut Ozil, Aaron Ramsey and Theo Walcott along with the Ox, Santi Cazorla and Tomas Rosicky.

We drew 2-2 with the accountants on the banks of the river earlier in the season,  Last time we played them we were top of the league and lost 6-3.  What completely stunned and shattered the anti-Arsenal mob however was to find out that it only cost us three points.  Strange that.

So, looking at the ups and down, Manchester Accountants are unbeaten in their last five games against us (we’ve lost two and drawn three) and we have won only one game in the last six at the stadium conveniently built for them by the UK tax payer.

But there have been six sendings off in the last nine between the two.  Unfortunately, noting the Untold ref preview, it looks as if there could be six more today, and all of them Arsenal players, which would result in the match being abandoned.

However Manchester Accountants last three games have been a win and two draws and they lost at home to Stoke.  (Funny that isn’t a headline like Arsenal losing 3-2 away to Stoke is).

As for us, our run of the last six in the league is, drawn one, lost one and won four.  You’d never know it.

Although Arsène Wenger has said Krystian Bielik goes into the first-team squad and so becomes part of the 25 he won’t play today.   (Interestingly he said, “It’s an awful lot of money for a player if he doesn’t succeed. If he does succeed, then it’s cheap.”)

Incidentally, on money, Our Thierry said Sánchez was our best buy in recent years.  Mr Wenger said that on a cost base valuation Laurent Koscielny (who wants his own song) is the best, saying,  “It is difficult to compare Koscielny with Sánchez,  all the signings we made last summer were good. Sánchez is one of the better ones but you have to consider the price you pay, as well, to decide that because we paid good money for Sánchez.”

Quite honestly I don’t know who Mr W will pick (so no change there).  Here’s a selection…


Bellerin Mert Kos Monreal

Coquelin Cazorla or Ozil

Theo Ramsey Sanchez


On the beach: Szczesny, Özil or Cazorla, Chambers, Hayden, Flamini, Rosicky, Campbell, the Ox, Akpom, Gibbs – although it is possible Gibbs could be fit and could start…

98 percenters punt of the day: ‘Arsenal to make move for £45m-rated Cavani’

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123 Replies to “Manchester Accountants v Arsenal: a tale of two systems”

  1. I enjoyed the humour in this article. Thanks.
    In terms of the sentiment I fully agree. I despise the way Manchester City and Chelsea have just bought success and are allowed to operate on an un-level playing field. However , it’s not going to change until the locusts have moved on to another area of society to drain more money from people.
    Once football goes back to being a sport instead of show business, it will become interesting again. As it is it’s just a bit of a joke, like WWF Wrestling. Fixed for entertainment, TV drama and of course money. Did anyone see the ridiculous player of the year awards. Saw it while channel surfing and thought it was the oscars or something. Utterly ridiculous.

  2. Football sold it’s soul to the devil. For things to get back to normal again we need someone like Wenger heading Fifa; then football will go back to being a sport again. Till then, just a pipe dream. Of course there’s a much better chance of finding the lochness monster than for Wenger to be invited to the current Fifa setup.

  3. While we are abhorring the money bags sponsored clubs. We should equally remember that the world is ever moving forward in all human endeavours. And if we don’t move with the trend of the moving forward, we could be left behind and could be languishing behind. So let us soft pedal on Man City and Chelsea in particular. If we can’t beat them, let us join them. The over praising of Sanchez is bothering me a bit. Everybody is suddenly over praising his exploits on the field of play. I know he has remarkably done well for Arsenal. But that doesn’t make him a Messi or Ronaldo yet. This over praising may put pressure on him in his games and thus caused him to become goal shy as he thinks of all eyes and all thoughts are on him when he is playing. Was Giroud not on the same score sheet with Sanchez by this time of the season last year. Giroud got to a total of 22 goals last season. And he wasn’t praised as we are now praising the 18 goals so far of Sanchez. Infact we were often condemning Giroud. Count me out. It is now that we have realised his importance and contribution to Arsenal last season. Arsenal did not win the league title last season because they were not serious with their games at some stages of the season. I am still insisting on a 4-3-3 playing formation for our today’s match with Man City in this format: Szczesny;Bellerin;Rhinosacker;Koscielny;Gibbs.Flamini;Cazorla;Coquelin. Walcott;Giroud;sanchez. Bench: Monreal;Chambers;Ospina;Ozil;Ramsey;Oxchambo;Akpom. Those on the bench will all start our away FA Cup tie to Brighton.

  4. “Mathieu Debuchy and Mikel Arteta are obviously out, and Kieran Gibbs remains a doubt, but Calum Chambers is back off sick leave.”
    The humor’s grand, but (to state the unstated obvious,) this is a problem that your humor sheds, but doesn’t quite laugh away.

  5. Taking about money-Arsene needs to show he’s worth his 8 million per annum and that he can coach his team to a result today. I’ve never known another set of supporters to bleat on about money like the Arsenal fans.

  6. RedandDread

    Is 8 million too much or not enough?

    To be honest I can’t tell what on earth you are bleating on about, although it sounds suspiciously like money.

    And there you are bleating on about fans bleating on about money.

    Oh Joy upon joy, I’m so glad you’ve turned up to add you wonderful brand of insightful comments.

  7. I suppose now RedandDread has arrived we can expect his little mate Nick Lee to make an appearance.

    He’s supported Arsenal since the 70’s don’t you know !

  8. I wouldn’t worry about the if we run out of oil, I am quite sure they are in advanced negotiations for a fracking scheme under the city of Manchester, especially the Salford area.

  9. Not that long a go the media made a great play with mancs supporters returning tickets for their game against us at the Ems because the tickets were too expensive.

    Today I came across this quote:

    ‘A 2007 Premier League fan poll found that fans thought views at the stadium were second best in the Premier League after the Emirates Stadium.[46] But the stadium had a problem common in modern stadia; the atmosphere was rated as second lowest in the league by City fans.’

    The quote is from an article about the oil stadium. here is the link to it:

  10. Some humourous facts and comments and of course my ‘take’. This was sent to me by a ‘fan’ from Belgium !

    If you yelled for 8 years, 7 months and 6 days you would have produced enough sound energy to heat one cup of coffee.
    (Hardly seems worth it.) My wife has heated an entire Starbucks!
    { Some of ‘them’ have been going on and on for close to ten years !}

    If you farted consistently for 6 years and 9 months, enough gas is produced to create the energy of an atomic bomb.
    (Now that’s more like it!) I’ve dropped a few hydrogen bombs in my time!
    { Ditto !’ They’ are stinking up the place !}

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  11. RedandDread – the bleating commenter. Has no sheep so bleats on behalf of imaginary ones.

    I’m hoping Wenger’s decision to play Ospina comes off. The attack seems good but there are a few not ‘match fit’. It is critical we keep a clean sheet so that Chezney gets smoke in his eyes. I would love the DJ at Wenger Stadium to play ‘Smoke Gets In Your Eyes’ for those who can’t see the effect smoking has on sportsmen.

    Come on you Gunners!

  12. @Brickfields

    2 points. Is there a reason why the heart could squirt blood 30 feet? (What is barometric pressure measured with water.)

    Colorado celebrates a day, which has a name of Mike the Headless Chicken day. That chicken lived for 18 months after having its head cut off. It’s in Wikipedia and elsewhere.

    I am not sure how it compares, but I believe gastrocgnemus tends to have the highest fraction of fast-twitch muscle cells. Or, I remember wrong.


  13. Courtesy The Independent. Bulldog comes close again.

    Arsenal: Ospina, Bellerin, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Monreal, Coquelin, Ramsey, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Cazorla, Sanchez, Giroud

    Subs: Szczesny, Gibbs, Chambers, Flamini, Rosicky, Ozil, Walcott


  14. Nailing my colours to the mast and, for what its worth, that is the team I would have picked – although the entire bench can consider themselves a little unfortunate one way or another. Feel free to berate me at 5.50pm – but at least no one will be able to accuse me of being a Hindsight Herbert.


  15. Manch€$t€r Accountant$, I like it, I’m stealing that 😀

    People forget that we out-played the Accountant$ at home this season, and they were lucky to get a draw. Apparently the Accountant$ are at a big disadvantage because they don’t have Toure. Cry me a river 😀

  16. Probably was a yellow , but , how many times after 1 1/2 minutes has there been a warning.

  17. Get a message to the away fans, they need to sing “Where were you when you were sh*t”. That will shut up the “Champions of England” crap.

  18. Neither the Guardian or Independent have anything remotely like a tackle on Ramsey in their commentary.

    Mind you, neither has mentioned a card either.

    The Independent has predicted that Wenger will have his coat brought out, so that they can all have a giggle about him putting it on.

  19. What’s the difference between koscielny foul and kompany foul???

    Why no yellow for kompany???

  20. I finally did find out it was Koscielny booked at 2 minutes or so, for what I still have no clue.


  21. The Independent skipped 7 minutes of game after the goal, and when they did come back, they mentioned Wenger has his coat, but no story. Dorks!


  22. How come Company did not get a yellow?

    Com on lads, don’t relax, keep playing like you started. Good defending and wait for break.
    Worries, we go two yellows already.
    Yes, Company got one now.

  23. Can someone describe Ramsey’s yellow? As near as I can tell, that was his first foul of the game.


  24. Kompany should have been off, that penalty was not not even an attempt to play the ball and should have been a yellow. But instead we have two players on yellows for their first fouls. I think Dean had no choice but to give that penalty as the ball was miles away from the foul. Had the ball been closer we might have heard the usual kompany got some of the ball crap.

    Gary neville has well and truly reverted to type, complete tw*t.

  25. Can somebody please tell Kompany that badging into your opponent is a foul. I can’t understand his complaint from being booked for his knocking Giroud over just as he did to cost his team a penalty and a goal.

    Great game so far. Dean still doing okay so far, in my opinion.

    Come Gunners, let’s see the remaining 45 through with 3 points!

  26. Oops. 🙂

    The Guardian was whinging that Kompany shouldn’t have been carded, as shoving a player is allowed in the laws of the game. The Independent is still skipping 5 or so minutes between updates, that don’t cover what is happening. The BBC coverage (for me) is limited to their brief (no muppet) commentary, which also had the pre-game and has the in-game stats. Every once in a while, the BBC turns on some kind of javascript crap, that means I get nothing from their muppet stream.

    But, Looking at the stats, ManCity is running the game and Arsenal are leading because of tactics.


  27. Deans been okay EXCEPT the two bookings.

    I concede that Kos’s foul was a booking but as said above, how many times is that just a talking to?

    Scholes would NEVER of finished a match had he been judged so.

    Stoke would finish wit 8 men half the time.

    Ramsey booked for his first foul.

    As I said on another thread, it’s not that by ‘the letter of the Law’ the decisions are wrong, it’s just that ‘the letter of the Law’ is not applied equally, across the board.

    Those bookings will come back and bite us on the bum, you mark my words.

    But apart from that Deans been okay, but they are 2 important bookings.

  28. Still trying to comprehend what i saw. Did Mike Dean really give us a penalty? Im certain pigs will fly.Are we sure this is Mike Dean and not his clone?

  29. Can’t believe Dean awarded Ars a penalty, even though it was obvious.

    Ramsey’s booking and other decisions shows that our players can’t be too careful – in that Dean will do all he can to turn it around.

    Stay strong Arsenal.

  30. I understand Koscielny yellow. But can’t understand Ramsey yellow and Kompany non yellow!!!

  31. Excellent team performance so far . No outstanding players but just a solid away performance against a big team. Still trying to figure out how Kompany is still on the pitch – he wasn’t booked for the penalty???? Swearing and shouting at the ref constantly? He should have been sent off by now.

  32. Kos was booked because the City cheat pushed the ball past & went over his outstretched leg. Foul but not a card – particularly after allowing advantage.

    Kompany should have been carded same as Kos for the penalty but wasn’t. His card would have been red but Dean is a cheat. We know that. Rambo was booked for fuck all!!

    There have been so many fouls by City that have not been called. Every time they tackle to take the ball they kick player first.

  33. jambug,

    It is DEAN that we are talking about here. Giving 2 yellows to our players and giving us a deserved penalty is more than I expected from him. Let’s be grateful for little miracles like this. If he doesn’t get worse in the second half, a big IF, we might just take the 3 points today.

    On to the 2nd half.

    Come on Arsenal!!!

  34. And the usual commentary bollocks…

    Arsenal are defending deep, definitely it has to be Steve Bould.


    Yeah….blame Mr Wenger for all thats gone wrong and praise Bould when all goes well..

  35. Guys, relax – all it means it that allegedly, if there was such thing as refs being paid, Roman paid MORE this year.

    Obviously this is all us making assumptions (rolleys).

  36. watching an NBC stream and the twat keeps saying an “Arsenal player” draws the foul like we are cheating. No, Man City are doing the rough stuff. Komapany should be off and showered now and so should Ferdaniho.

    Guess you can’t expect too much against a team who are allowed to openly break the rules.

  37. That passage of play is what pisses me off. Alexis has the ball near their corner flag and because of fannying around we end up passing it back to our keeper and losing the ball.

  38. Hahahahahahahaha


  39. According to the BBC stats at this point. ManCity have committed 10 fouls and have 2 cards. Arsenal have committed 4 fouls, and have 3 cards.

    It all evens out in the end.


  40. It would seem The Guardian is listening to you Will. They have said almost nothing about Ramsey allgame, and then this:

    > 82 min: Ramsey is down with knackerdness. He drags himself off the floor eventually to defend a City corner.


  41. i tink arsenal still to soft…..)))
    what a game…!!!!!
    what a lesson …..!!!!!
    AAA go…find a new cave….

  42. What the heck is going on with Cazorla? Best player of the month, for the EPL and not only Arsenal. Ozil has got a hell of a challenge there.

  43. How to go Arsenal!

    The Independent has got to be the laziest football commentator in the UK. Why even bother.

  44. I think that Coquelin just sealed his place in this Arsenal team today. He was great and so was Bellerin but Santi Cazorla is the undisputed MotM. But kudos to the entire team.

    What a game!

  45. Brilliant!!!

    Great win & 3 priceless away points!

    Our away fans were super – really kept the pressure on the dancer.

    Well done the team, the manager! and the away fans!!

  46. Beautiful team performance. If Chelsea did that , the aaa/media wankfest would never end. Santi was incredible. Ospina secure. Bellerin was sensational. As for coq, he should be sat down after the game and offered a very good contract, he has made a serious statement today. He has played well in recent performances, could be what we need?
    Hope they meet some proper fans at Manchester Picadilly train station this evening.
    Even the aaa will be happy, we have given their favorite team a huge advantage in the title race
    Very very well done boys.

  47. So it comes to pass pass pass & pass again that the Arsenal despite the crow Dean & yellows that were not warranted Arsenal win against the top 4 to put paid to another media headline.

    I’m still hoping for cheat crow Dean to get hurt because I hate Riley & all his crows.

    Can Arsenal win the league? Yes we can! Yes WE can.

  48. We didn’t give dean the opportunity to screw us today. It may look like he had a good game but Gord’s stats show what was going on; 3 yellow cards fro 4 fouls, while City get 2 yellow cards from 10 fouls!

  49. And I thought we were playing in the Emirates. Credit to the away supporters, they out cheered the home fans.

    Oooooooooooooospina, i just love it!

  50. please please watch the video of that game Arsenal and keep watching it all week and every week. That was brilliant.

  51. Even the aaa will be happy, we have given their favorite team a huge advantage in the title race.


  52. “Mike Dean on the spot as always. Undoubtedly one of the best referees in the premiership” They kept complimenting him throughout; you can tell what the subject of the meeting before the game would have been about haha – what a joke.

    But enough of that… SO PLEASED WITH THIS WIN – COYG :D!!

  53. The whole team should be proud of themselves/

    Everyone played there part.

    But Santi, oh Santi WHAT A PERFORMANCE !!

    Alas it comes to something when you’re thinking to yourself, yeah, the ref had a decent game and then you see we committed just 5 fouls for 3 bookings.

    That is simply a remarkable statistic to overcome and keep 11 on the pitch.

  54. I lost track of the number of times the commentators mentioned either how we often concede from headers or how poor we do against the northern teams. According to Gary the reason is because Arsenal dont show them enough respect. Complete prick!!

  55. I am so thrilled about this match.

    Really, I don’t give a shit about the media, and saying that we don’t beat the big guys, etc. It’s all bullshit and 3 points are 3 points everywhere.

    It’s what we did and how we did it. It was not aestheically pleasing – it was emotionally pleasing. Everyone pitched in; putting in a shoulder or turning their backs to a kick and fighting for an aerial duel or a header or something. It was all there – we don’t give a shit it’s your home ground, we are not afraid of you, and we will fuck you up. And fuck you up we did, you filthy rich oil boys.

    Mind you – nothing was complicated. There was one incident when Rambo tried a backheel flick, which didn’t work out, but that’s pretty much it. The rest was simplicity at its best. And yes, Santi is back, and he is a genius. No less.

    Of course good word to Le Coq and to Bellerin – who epitomize in my opinion this new revival of putting in the graft and hard work. And Ospina, who sadly for Schez, looks like he might hold on to that starting berth. He made everything look so easy; so non-chalant. There is no drama with this one. I love it.

    I have to say (and I’m going on a stretch here) – it WAS DEAN. And we got quite a lot of calls which I would not have believed we would get. Really. In the second half almost every push on Alexis was called, which was the first time this season any ref paid him the respect he’s entitled to. And the yellow card for Aguero, and the card to Fernandinho (who was, like Kompany, supposed to get a 2nd yellow).

    My point is that maybe, if we actually play a bit harder, refs will treat us better. Look, if they are bent, then my theory is shit. But if they are just biased due to media influence, etc., then it might work. We are always berated for being too soft. So percievably we fall down too easily, hence not getting calls. Maybe if we just play more like bad-asses, we will get more calls because when we fall it won’t be perceived as a softy falling from a non-challenge…

    Just an (optimistic) thought.

    COYG !

    Let’s build on that now.

  56. TommieGun – They are bent!..But despite that we were awesome. Arsenal were different class.

  57. A small number will be bent, some are biased, some are neither, just ambitious, which usually means keeping on the right side of your boss. You have to do the right things for those FIFA badges. It seems very few are none of the above sadly

  58. So no ref conspiracy, money lost out this time and the team produced a diligent tactical display. Wow, who would have thunk that all it would take was a great team performance and good tactical decisions by the manager.

  59. Or an unbaised performance by the ref (as close as possible for Dean)
    But it just shows what the team can do if a ref comes close to been unbaised.

  60. RedandDread, coming back from the dead,
    Why does Wenger make 8 million, he said,
    so Mr. Wenger puts Man City to bed,
    but RedandDread, who is not Arsenal’s friend,
    tries to take another shot at Mr. Wenger since he was listening to the voices in his head!

    Seriously though, what does it take to enjoy a great win without talking bad about his tactics or even acknowledging the bad refereeing standards in most of the big games! Just because Arsenal won does not mean Dean was great!

  61. A very good and satisfying win and I have no complaints with our team – only praise for them all – outstanding !
    Wonder really who put out that team – AW ? Nah ! Heard from the ‘experts’ that he is clueless and does not do tactics ! Steve Bould ? Maybe !
    I think it must have been them smart alecky types that infest this site ,that choose this team and set out the tactics ! Probably after much consultation with ‘knowledgeable’ pundits , unbiased jurnos and other garden variety experts ! And probably after a straw poll !
    Am just surprised that they aren’t on here claiming credit for the win . Or am I wrong and that have they gone into hiding with their feet in their mouths and
    choking on their own bile ? Sweet thought !
    WOO HOO, HOO !
    Up the Gunners !

  62. You guys know nothing! Piers Morgan knew all along how ARSENAL should play & tweeted instructions to Wenger.

    He who knows all about guns hence Arsenal, roses hence English cricket & motor cars hence he is an exhaust pipe, vented his spleen about ‘Wenger out’ has now found truth & shut his north & south.

    Isn’t it great to belong to the mejia!

    Learn Piers learn. Even Lord Alan Sugar bows to Wenger as being the best manager in the Premier league.

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