Brighton v Arsenal, played at Falmer (near the sea)

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Welcome to the FA Cup fourth round clash between Arsenal and Brighton at the Amex Stadium, brought to you by Arsenal’s Official Car And Van Rental Partner Europcar.

The Gunners take part in another stand-out clash in this season’s FA Cup, this time travelling to the south coast to face off against Chris Hughton’s Brighton. 

Though the Seagulls have now won two on the bounce, they’re still languishing just above the relegation zone in the Championship, contrasting vividly with Arsenal, who are banging on the door of the Premier League’s top four.

Arsene Wenger’s side dispatched the top flight’s reigning champions Manchester City at the Etihad last time out, with a resilient and disciplined display earning them a credible 2-0 victory.

For the trip to the Amex, Wenger may consider handing starts to the recently-returned Theo Walcott and Mesut Ozil, as he seeks to get his squad ready to enter the defining stages of the 2014/15 season.

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30 Replies to “Brighton v Arsenal, played at Falmer (near the sea)”

  1. Defending their first trophy since 2005.

    They had to get the 9 years without a trophy in the commentary albeit in a clever way, lol.

  2. I hope we win the cup, so next year they can say… defending their second trophy since 2005.

  3. How is that not hand to ball ?

    The ball was going past him at nigh on shoulder height, his hand comes up and stops the ball.

    How is his hand not in an unnatural position.

  4. Jambug, how does Michael Oliver normally run around a field? Michael Oliver thinks that is a natural position for your hand. 🙂

  5. I’ve heard at least 3 guys on BT Sport saying Brighton should foul us.

    “….put Chambers in row Z” was one comment.

    Yes, you may want Brighton to ‘press’ harder but these guys are not even making a pretence of what they want………KICK ARSENAL OFF THE PARK.

  6. Who is the co commentator on BT? He’s really annoying, all he says is ‘get the ball down the channels’. Sounds like Savage but he’s BBC isn’t he.

  7. Mick

    If it sounds like that idiot Savage. Looks like that idiot Savage. Irritates you like that idiot Savage. Then it probably is that idiot Savage. And yes it is.

  8. 4th round negotiated against Brighton and Hove Albion, their ex-Spurs coaching manager, BT Sport’s ‘experts’ and the ref, 2 pens not given, 1st Brighton goal had a foul in the build-up, the more things change, the more they stay the same and all that…

    Anyone else notice the reluctance to refer to Arsenal as FA Cup HOLDERS in the media??

  9. Job done, in the draw that’s what counts.
    But it is a shame what Brighton tried to resort to when they thought they could come back into the game, and even worse, our brightest young ref gave them a clear signal they had his permission to kick their way back.
    Other lower division teams have done ok this weekend by playing football, glad for many reasons this Brighton team have not joined their ranks.
    Hope Sanchez is ok, was he limping?

  10. Yes job done and I think we played a good game against a tricky side that wanted and showed a lot of figthing spirit.

    Great, sorry, amazing game for the Roser. Wow. Just everything he did was magical. Sad to read in Eurosport – “Arsenal are lucky Rosicky had such an awful injury record otherwise they would have lost him to a richer club”. What a bunch of assholes. And then they go on and try to put down Kos – “he should be dropped for the new signing”. And I’m like “WHAT?!!?”. Bloody wankers they wrote Cazorla provided the assist for Ozil so it shows you the level of match anaylsis in some internet sites. Disgrace.

    Was very glad to see both Theo and Oz score for us, Rosy’s volley was a peach, as well as the build up to it.

    In the end of the day it was always in our hands. When we played hard and went down to tackles in Brighton’s half, we were clearly not in any danger. When we kindov let it go a bit we were pushed back and it showed (without the Coq to deflect any unwanted visitors from our own half).

    Some conclusions (some good some not so good) –

    1. Rosy should feature in more matches.
    2. Theo has his shooting boots back on.
    3. Chambo is not in a good place in my humble and sad opinion. He doesn’t seem to decide what he wants to be – a physical defender or a positional defender. At the moment he is doing neither. And since speed cannot be taught, and since we have the Bellerion Jetfighter 2000 flying at mach 3, he is not suitable to play RB in my opinion. A loan perhaps ?
    4. All of our goals were beautiful, it seemed like we just wanted to score nice goals this afternoon. When we played forward we seemed unstoppable – and no “kicking off the pitch” would have worked. We just outmuscled and outjumped and outran them.

    A great result especially in light of some other “big” clubs disgraceful exits.

    COYG !

  11. Yes, Rosicky was amazing. Take Cazorla out, TR takes over with a stunning performance. Will be very hard to drop him on this form.
    With a new defender on the way, who O know nothing about, but still, things looking good for us. Looks like a very solid squad of players

  12. Mandy Dodd

    I do not think this is the best first choice 11 Arsenal have ever had.

    But in my humble opinion this is THE best squad Arsenal have EVER had.

    What you think?

  13. Jambug – probably the most complete squad. Needs a little tweaking but Wenger knows what he’s doing. Or should that have been Bould knows what hes doing LOL !!!

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