FA CUP : Brighton – Arsenal 2-3 Arsenal march on in the FA cup

By Walter Broeckx
So Arsène Wenger made a lot of changes to the side that beat Manchester City last Sunday.
The starting line up was Szczesny, Chambers, Koscielny, Monreal, Gibbs, Flamini, Walcott, Ramsey, Ozil, Rosicky, Giroud
On the beach : Martinez, Mertesacker, Bellerin, Coquelin, Cazorla, Alexis, Akpom.
Szczesny came in for Ospina. Mertesacker and Bellerin dropped to the bench and Chambers and Gibbs started. Monreal partnered Koscielny in the centre of the defence. Flamini came in the place of Coquelin as defensive midfielder.

Mesut Özil started in the place of Santi Cazorla. Thomas Rosicky also started and so did Theo Walcott.

Yesterdays results showed that in the FA cup there are no easy fixtures and that we had to be up to it from the start. And we sure were up to it. Chambers with a run on the right a low cross, a good control from Theo and a great low shot to make it 0-1 after 90 seconds.

Arsenal in control and putting Brighton under pressure. Winning a few corners from which Giroud almost scored. Just after 15 minutes Szczesny had to make his first interception on a back header from Gibbs.

Theo with a good steal on the other side but his back heel couldn’t find a team mate. But a few minutes later Rosicky found Özil on the edge of the penalty area and the German Weltmeister controlled it left-right-left and Arsenal was 0-2 in front after 24 minutes. A first start for Theo and Özil and both on the score sheet within 24 minutes.

Just on the half hour mark suddenly a chance for Brighton but their forward blasted over after Koscielny had lost the ball in the penalty area. The first time they came close to the Arsenal goal. Arsenal dropping off the pace a bit but a wonderful cross from Rosicky to Walcott made a Brighton player use his hand in the penalty area, the ref waved the appeals away. There sure seemed to be a movement towards the ball from the Brighton defender.

A very accomplished Arsenal performance in the first half leaving Brighton almost no chance at all and a fully deserved 0-2 lead going in for half time tea. Or cappuccino.

At the start of the second half almost a chance for Giroud but the ball wouldn’t fall nicely to him and a defender could head it away. And then Theo was put through but a defender could just get a foot in. And suddenly on the other side a Brighton attacker went horse riding on the back of Chambers so he couldn’t go up and the ball fell for O’Grady who fired it in at the near post. 1-2 after 52 minutes. With all the upsets from yesterday suddenly an easy ride became a bit more difficult.

Suddenly Brighton started believing a bit more in themselves and this is the FA cup so anything can happen. A Brighton player tried to win a penalty from a rather pathetic dive but lucky the ref didn’t fall for it.

Arsenal responded with a nice attack and Rosicky recovered the ball himself just outside the Brighton penalty area, played the ball to Giroud who gave it back and Rosicky volleyed it in the goal. Arsenal again 2 goals in front.

Arsenal dominated the proceedings but didn’t create much chances after that. A hard shot from Theo was well saved but the Brighton keeper. After 70 minutes Giroud and Walcott came off and Alexis came on and also young Akpom came on for Arsenal.

And suddenly Brighton scored a goal when Balduck was released and chipped the ball over Szczesny. 2-3 after 75 minutes.

Özil went off then and Coquelin came on. Alexis with a good run and Akpom saw his shot saved by the keeper. Brighton chopping at Arsenal players and as a result a free kick from Alexis went on the crossbar.

Akpom breaking away but being chopped down by Greer. Some chopping down by Birghton at this stage. And some pressure from Brighton who still had a chance. Akpom again with a promising attack and again some chopping down. And a great save from the Birhton keeper to prevent an excellent goal from Alexis.

And another foul to stop an Arsenal attack. This time the free kick went over the crossbar. And again another promising run from Rosicky with an excellent cross but Ramsey missed his voley.

That was the final ball of the match. Arsenal evaded the upset that has caused a lot of PL teams to lose.

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  1. Thanks Walter. It was a game to just get through, but some very nice performances by our players.
    Rosicky coming good at a vital time of the season, as he so often does. A true gem of a player. Hope wenger let’s him loose when we play Spurs to bring back a few bad memories for them.

  2. Bring on the draw, nobody especially to fear, hopefully avoid the north westerners away, or west brom, Tony Pulis and Anthony Taylor in the midlands, not that I think we wouldn’t beat west brom, but with such a combination, it could come at a cost!

  3. A tricky game especially when we were trying to rest some players and also reintroduce other players returning from long term injury – the latter lacking a little of their normal sharpness.

    Overall a good win and as others have noted Rosicky is playing exceptionally well just now.
    But when will the assholed pundits learn to pronounce Rosicky and Ozil properly?

    Oliver was poor at times & permitted far too much kicking – just another piece of useless fertilizer provided by the PGMO.

    But, a good win; despite Oliver; well done the team!

  4. I posed this to Mandy Dodd on the other thread:

    “I do not think this is the best first choice 11 Arsenal have ever had.

    But in my humble opinion this is THE best squad Arsenal have EVER had.”


  5. Yes Mandy, we love Rosicky and therefore we love football. The media love Jose which can only mean they really hate football!

  6. Seriously what was the ref doing today? One clear hand ball penalty not given to Arsenal and another clear penalty not given when Giroud had his shirt pulled and held for whole 2-3 seconds not allowing to get to the ball for an easy tap in. Then there were two incidents where the defender brought down an Arsenal forward who was through on goal and no red cards? There was even one rugby tackle on Alexis where no yellow was shown. What does it actually take to get a yellow or red card vs Arsenal – maybe it has to be a broken bone?

    Good first half – sloppy second half. Defensively not great again, but Coquelin looked string once again when he came on. Rosily man of the match and pleased to see Ozil so involved and pulling the strings across the forward line.

  7. To win by the odd goal in five, must surely flatter Brighton. Our greater possession was assured from beginning to end, we were a yard faster on the ball and some over confidence was my only worry throughout.
    The rejuvenated Rosicky never ceases to amaze me. Of late, he appears like one of Arsene’s new signings. Long may he continue the industry and energy he has found from somewhere.
    We didn’t see much of Akpom but he looks fast and burly and about to step up to the first team squad.

  8. @ Jambug – hell no … 😀

    But credit to that squad, put in a fight against a team of thugs who were permitted to kick us; we scored 3 very beautiful goals, and enjoyed a masterclass by W.A Mozart.

    Two of our long lost injured stars scored; we rested a few others; all in all, a great day.

    It also showed the lads something: you can never, ever, let your guard down. Whenever we were relaxed and in our comfort zone (i.e. not fighting for every ball, not tackling hard) – Brighton were back in the game. Whenver we decided – and it was a matter of WILL – whenever we decided we are the fuckin Arsenal – then Brighton stood no chance. Simple. It’s a matter of mentality, a state of mind. And when it’s right, no one can stop us.


  9. nicky

    Re Rosicky.

    “The rejuvenated Rosicky never ceases to amaze me. Of late, he appears like one of Arsene’s new signings”

    Just goes to show what a difference an injury free run can do and indeed what we’ve missed out on all these years.

  10. I don’t think we’ve got the most out of Rosicky this season, hopefully he gets a few more minutes in big games, he’s one of those rare players that I can’t remember ever going missing in a game.

    today was a very good result all round in a tricky cup tie, just a shame our defending still looks a bit shaky but maybe the answer will arrive tomorrow

  11. no red cards for 2 tackles by the last defender

    good performance, and a foul on chambers for the first goal (jumped on his back, so he couldnt move his feet, and it deflected off of his knee – dont know why brighton player jumped??)

    alexis got booted around and no protection …

    biggest disapointment was Mr Savage on BT sport – sounded like an angry farmer, and kept screaming ‘foul him’ – what person defends cheating???

  12. Hard to argue with that Jambug in squad terms. Yes, there is no Bobby Thierrymor Dennis, but we have some superb players, and that team, as you suggest had a lesser squad. Especially with the signing most are expecting this summer which will make us much more complete, not that I would indulge in such transfer gossip of course so I won’t even mention his or their names!
    We have some very very talented players, some,a bit unproven, like Bellerin , but it is not hard to see the potential.
    Wish I knew what the Jose media thing really is Dan, he certainly gives them column inches, and I guess they want to be associated with someone they expect,to be a winner, no matter how odious he, and at times, tho not always, his football can be. He is in trouble if he fails to win something major this season, and even if he does, a man who works off conflict has a limited shelf life

  13. Jayram, sometimes, even our players getting broken bones don’t lead to cards, just ask Mr P McNair.

  14. Well today was the 1st game for my under 11s post winter break, very rusty but they have proved to be battlers and really know how to grind out a result. Wé played one of ouf direct opposition and contenders for the league, it was clear my boys had frustrated them wiith 2 nil lead. The mentality of the parents from the opposition was damming. Swearing name calling, This rubbed off onto their kids, one in particular. What followed was vile, their keeper physically assaulted my player. I can’t for the life of me understand why such stupidity should be tolerated?

  15. A parent stormed the pitch in very aggressive manner, and the referee did nothing, all this child safety campaign is nothing more than a farce. It really dawned on me how abysmal grass roots football has become, being a manager for over 6 years it really getting worse!

  16. @dan

    In Canada, they had/have the same problem with parents of ice hockey players so now, no player can participate until his PARENTS, have taken a 45 minute online course on proper behaviour. Furthermore, there are harsh sanctions in place for improper behaviour.

  17. Gooner

    Honestly the system here is in the dark ages, it’s beyond disheartening, experiencing this level of hostility towards children makes my blood boil. It’s hard enough to grit your teeth and do the level headed right thing, the system is very much against retaliatory actions, but fail to bring forth justice to the instigators!

  18. About the game. It was clear that we were a class above the Brighton players but we were quite lackadaisacal the second half of the game. Guys were not tracking back and there many misplaced passes even if a higher than normal proportion of the time Brighton just gave it right back. We were over the moon with our performance against Man City and whereas we deserved our victory today, I would say that I was disappointed with our solidity in the final third (foul on Chamber acknowledged); I would be hard pressed to say that we built on our performance against Man City. I am not sure why this was so – perhaps the poor quality of theopposition but the defensive effort and organisation must become second nature so that in tight situations all our players know exactly what to do without thinking.

  19. Dan

    It has been many years since I was refereeing (late 80’s?). This is in Canada (I’m in Alberta, I was in Edmonton at that time). I can remember being told back then, that if a parent was berating any child (their own or someone elses), to red card the parent. And not restart the game until they left the immediate surroundings.

  20. Gord
    The referee kept stating he will report the incident(s) to the league, now I’ve been asked to forward a report.

  21. Dan, sadly, your situation you describe sounds all too typical. I am sure we could learn a lot from many other countries the way we run grass roots football, our own FA , despite some dedicated individuals in the front line ranks, are clearly not fit for purpose in this, and other areas.

  22. One more game left in Round 4, Rochdale versus Stoke City. And we learn the draw for the 5th game about the same time. Premier teams in the draw for sure are Crystal Palace, WBA, Leicester and WHam. To negotiate replays, are ManU, Liverpool and Sunderland. And somehow out of all that, the damned bookies still think ManU is the favorite.

    Rochdale, like many in Round 4, are in League 1. Stoke City is apparently in the Premier League, and for some reason has an income of 90 million pounds Stirling.

    Looking into the history of Stoke, it seems that farming is present. Supposedly the regional food is the hamburger, which makes me think people raise cattle around Stoke. Canada, USA, Argentina and Australia all raise cattle, and I think they all call “cow farmers” ranchers (isn’t Gaucho translated as rancher?). People ride horses to raise cattle, and so rodeo is popular. All I see about horses around Stoke, is something about hamburger. Well, in order to turn cows or horses into hamburger, you have to spill a lot of blood, and I suppose somewhere along the way bones may break. And this might explain how Stoke can have an income of 90 million pounds Stirling when the best they know how to do on the pitch, is injure and maim.

    So far this season, Rochdale have scored 45, left in 33 for +12. Stoke has scored 23 and let in 27 for -4. Rochdale has scored about twice as many goals as Stoke, and hasn’;t let quite as many in.

    Let’s hope the same happens tomorrow, I really could see the FA drawing us against those rejected rugby players. But, if we do happen to get drawn against the winner of that tie, let’s hope tomorrow is a tie, and then Stoke has yet another game to play after that. And providing Taylor as the referee.

  23. Dan

    I sure hope you get a useful result. I don’t have children, but I don’t see why they should be subject to that kind of abuse.

    If it was a PGMO referee making the report, Mike Riley 😈 might be giving the parent in question a medal. Thankfully PGMO only inflicts its harm on the EPL.

  24. Is my eye playing tricks? Ozzil-San seems to be bigger , he seems to be faster too Can someone help me ?

  25. And in squad terms, Gnabry is back, and Akpom is looking stronger and more confident every time we get a glimpse of him.

    Plus Sanogo got some positive reviews from his Palace game.

  26. Actually I have just done a quick calculation on our squad and I think we have filled up our 25 positions. I might be wrong – did the numbers in my head but if not 25 we are close.

  27. Far East Gooner.

    Ozil has been in the gym (according to reports). He has been weight lifting as I understand things. If this includes doing Olympic lifts (snatch, clean and jerk) or training for those (deadlift, cleans, power cleans, …), he may be a little faster on short distance.

  28. Ok, so far I’m hearing in the media how we hung on for victory, or survived a spirited comeback from Brighton, etc etc. Not according to the match I watched though. That looked quite comfortable; their first goal shouldn’t have stood and had the ref been more strict they might have had a player or two sent off plus a penalty for us. Just like the game at City, the ref was awful but his performance will not be scrutinised because we won. Looking at the stats we had nearly 60% possession, double their shots overall and three times their shots on target. And we’re supposed to have been hanging on.

  29. In the last 15 minutes, Akpom and Sanchez were repeatedly scythed down. No doubt that the ref deliberately avoided a series of potential (second) yellow cards.

    After their second goal, I don’t recall Brighton having a single scoring chance, so we were hardly “hanging on” at the end.

  30. Phil Neville is a first class idiot. He just boasted on MotD that if any players makes the kind of passes that Rosicky made today against him, he’d give them a two-footed tackle. That guy is a proper moron and an enemy of football. I will be surprised if there is no outcry and demand to drop him from BBC.

    If you can’t swear or make threats on TV how can a paid pundit (from our TV license fees) be allowed encourage thuggery in young people spouting the sort of thoughtless crap that Phil Neville does? It was so bad his colleagues on the panel couldn’t believe it.

  31. Far East Gooner.


    Ozil was gone 3 months, which is nominally 12 weeks. If a person is looking to see improvements as quickly as is possible, one probably changes the workout every 6 weeks to avoid becoming used to the routine. You want to be challenging the body as much as is possible.

    If an injured person has surgery, it will be N weeks after surgery, before you can seriously start doing weights. Why?

    Let’s take a standard gym exercise, bench press. Ideally, the prime movers are pectoralis major and triceps. Anterior deltoid should be involved. Lots of stabilizer muscles involved.

    People cheat, especially men. If we arch our back when doing bench press, we can bring into play more of pectoralis major and a more favorable geometry, and what we are doing is not a bench press, but a decline press. Lifting more weight, if the weight gets out of balance more effort is needed to correct, and so we plant our feet, usually wide. And so even if we are coming off a knee injury, we may be applying large forces to the knee because we cheat doing a chest exercise.

    How to stop cheating? Lift your legs up (nominally to look like you are sitting on a chair) and cross your ankles. In this position, it is hard to arch your back, and hence to over stress the knee in recovering from a knee injury.

    We have an athlete who is undermuscled with a knee injury. We want to get him into some Olympic lifting at the end of his rehab, to help him for soccer in general. At the beginning of rehab, we don’t want to do anything leg related. At some point we can bring in the hips, and then all of the legs.

    Olympic lifts need strong rhomboids. Having the athlete do seated rows (with a cushion against the chest), keeps the knee out of the exercise.

    Olympic lifts need strong trapezious. Having the athlete do shrugs in the seated position, will keep the knee out of it.

    And there are lots of others. So the first 6 weeks, a lot of upper body exercises in positions to minimize any possibility of straining the knee. And maybe about week 6, the athlete is actually starting to bulk up a little. Up to then, it might just be learning how to do the exercise. Then the transition to more whole body exercise starts. Focus is still on rehab of the knee, so lower body exercises are not designed to stimulate muscle growth. Upper body exercises can be completely for muscle growth, little or no need to protect the knee any more. Olympics lifts are probably starting, but little or no weight. Mostly just (re)learning technique.

    Now that Ozil is back to playing, his routines will be changed to maintenance and technique. He won’t be bulking up any more until the season ends. He couldn’t do any of this preseason, he had the World Cup. Maybe this next summer he will get some time to bulk up a bit more.

  32. P.Neville is a total WALKER. He is a disgrace.I will be emailing the BBC to complain.This is about his comments on M.O.D.2.

  33. Gord-San,

    Thank you very much of your sharing . I had injury before but my coaches didn’t put me thru regime you mentioned. Perhaps we didn’t have the technology or knowledge here 20 years back when I was competing at national level.

    Maybe proper technique would have lengthen my sports years.

  34. Well done Arsenal.

    MOTD sees Phil Neville raging about Rosicky’s no look pass, prior to scoring the winner.

    Coupled with Savage’s pleadings throughout the match, plundit end by Ian Wrong and Steeeeeeeve mc noManners, there was an ever increasing spouting of vitriol and calls for all out assaults – on Arsenal’s players.

    This is all unbe-fking-leavable!

    Here’s the tiniest snippet:

    All of this, dan@8:49pm, is why parents and their children carry on so negatively, but I don’t need to tell you that…

  35. Far East Gooner.

    I’ve have been involved in athletic first aid in football since the early 1980s. While I am trained as an engineer (materials science and engineering), I had been named an Adjunct Professor Pharmacy at one time. I understand a bit more about biochemistry than my peers. If I can help, I will try. It isn’t always possible to come back from an injury, but many doctors won’t even try with older people. Older, I think they start getting “shy” about mid to late 20’s (of the athlete).

  36. Here’s the MOTD analysis following the highlights. Start at about 1:50min:


    Please, would people here consider writing to the BBC, telling them that their bias and encouragement of assaults on Arsenal’s player’s, from plundits who simply are thugs, is not acceptable!

    Tony, FFS! (It’s not your fault, I’m just pleading with you to find the appropriate people, legal, if necessary, to somehow get these people off the screens/commentary box’s/the earth.

    Lawrenson refers to Brighton ‘giving themselves a chance’ after 75 mins (through persistent and dangerous foul play), with our dear friend Mike Beachball Oliver having let Brighton get away with outrages throughout the match.

  37. Sorry, I’ve only now seen posts by Boo2me, paul the gooner and john, above.

    What/how injuries?

  38. rantetta

    Your question is posted at 12:40am. Tony is probably asleep, and likely so for hours.

    For me, it is only dinner time (6pm in the evening).

    This last game was FA Cup, hence PGMO isn’t technically involved. But, I really don’t think The FA cares any more about referee accuracy than PGMO does (as The FA still deals with PGMO disciplinary measures).

  39. Gord,

    Thanks. I realised Tony’s probably in bed. Doubtless light headed from celebratory jiving and wining an’ stuff. But I’m desperate. So desperate, I hadn’t even noticed that I wasn’t alone in seeing car crash Nev and his henchmen.

    I must admit, I thought Lee Mason was even worse than Oliver, but I guess that’s par for the course. Poor A. Song must’ve thought he was playing for Arsenal, what with being crocked a few times and having ghost fouls given against. Oh how I chuckled, due to remembering his ‘hands, knees and whoop-se-daisy antics from WC2014

    PGMO? FA?
    Same refs. Same shit. The disciplinary stuff counts across the board. i.e.bookings and suspensions active for Prem or FA games.
    Refshite available for Prem or FA games. And Euro, and…..

  40. FACup, ManU is favoured

    Phil McShithead has cleared things up. Because ManU were not eliminted on Friday by losing, and as they have the most impressive roster the world has ever seen; they are now the favorites in the competition. Even though they still could lose in the replay. Any of ManU’s players are enough better than any other team’s players, that even if there is a chance they lose and won’t be in the next round, they are still the best chance of winning.

    It sounds like someone has been drinking too much Manchester water (or something).

    Phil (I wish I was a Mc)Neville.

    If ManU don’t make it, there is nobody left. It must be WHam.

    Gary Lineker: You bet, I know what numbers are involved, I have enough pockets, and I have the right colour for the balls and ink of the numbers. I can produce the FA Cup draw that is wanted, regardless of what is actually drawn. And I can drop the balls actually drawn on the floor, as the BBC has been instructed to not show anything below my waist.

    The number of changes made from the last game doesn’t explain anything: the most changes lost and won.

    Michael Oliver had his usual SHIT game for Arsenal, and at the end of the day the media still says the only mistake Oliver made was a call in Arsenal’s favour. And we’ve know for a long time, that the media muppets haven’t a clue.

    But what is of interest, is the bias and inaccuracy of the non-PGMO assigned referees of any difference? If two non-EPL clubs played, was the same result seen interms of quality of officiating? Were there any EPL clubs playing, where the referee was not PGMO? Did PGMO referees perform differently than non-PGMO referees?

    We so much need a simulator system like the fighter pilots have, to debrief referees.

    Why were you standing here? How did you miss this player jumping on that player’s back in the penalty area? How did you miss this defender kicking out the legs of this attacker in the penalty area. And it just goes on forever.

    Killing all the media football correspondents is probably necessary. None of them are capable of reliably reporting what they seen. I suppose just firing them (and blacklisting them from the industry) is acceptable to killing them.

  41. Phil Neville’s comments On MOTD are not unintentional and in no circumstances innocent, in my considered opinion he draws attention to the skill of “Rosicky and demands that any future repeat of this type of skill should be answered with a TWO FOOTED illegal possible leg breaking Tackle. ”What an absolutely disgraceful comment” Someone please explain to me how I, as a football Coach can give an explanation to my under 12 year old football team, where does the F.A. sport for all fit into his Method of education for young people In sport.
    I will be forwarding my complaint to the BBC and recommend we make as many complaints as possible to remove this Thug for our TV screens and form the minds of our Children.
    BBC Complaints website Telephone 03700 100 222 post PO Box 1922 Darlington DL3 0UR

  42. Walter might comment on this later. Was this the “perfect tackle”, or did he foul Kolscielny?

    > Arsenal defender Laurent Koscielny was tackled by O’Grady in the act of clearing a cross from Inigo Calderon from the right and Baldock missed the target with the loose ball.

  43. I think we went easy on BHA, after all it’s the FA cup and also why demoralise a club like BHA who are struggling? This way (we allowed them to)they showed some fight, and their fans although not happy, are not demoralised.

    If we had wanted to, we could have finished it in the 1st half(4 -6 goals) and “ruin” the match enjoyment for all but Arsenal fans, and probably got some injuries in the second half from disgruntled players.

    This is my impression of the game.

    Still Chel, Manc, Sou and Spuds are laughing their heads off that we now have more matches to play, like the cowards they are. Hah.

  44. There is a cultural art in UK to make or create talking points, especially in talkshows, or in groups, where one person is singled out for “attack by the others”, someone says something they should not say, veiled comments with double meaning, downright piss taking etc. etc. It seems to be a part of the culture, and I was ready to fight until i realised it was not meant personally. Just look at the many talk shows etc, all called “good clean fun”. Arggggg. Now u know why i do not watch TV.

    It has a very unpleasant taste about it and like the bullies at school who never got their head kciked in, they continue to do it in grown up life, no wonder it perpetuates through most of the children, much like the very subtle racism on much of TV and media too.

  45. Re the squad argument (Mandy, Jambug) we have had a few better squads, including the invincibles and the year afterwards, and including the 2007-2008 squad.

    Re the idiot pundits (Bootoome, Paul) – I think that there is a close competition between P. Neville, M. Owen and R. Savage. Might forgot a few there but those illeterate 3 dimwits really do stand out.

  46. Good idea on complaining about chuckle brother junior, will be doing just that as well.
    The guy is an idiot, I am sure if he tried to nobble Giggs or Ronaldo in such a way in training, he would have been bombed out of Utd earlier than he was.
    People like Phil Neville encapsulate all that is wrong with the game in England.

  47. I’m surprised at all the furore over one of the Neville brothers and his remarks about GBH (I won’t call it fouling).
    Those of us who have played football and now watch the game, have long realised that the two Nevilles, together with the biggest thug of all, Keane, have brought the sport to a new low of criminal behaviour.
    I need only mention the attack by Keane on Manchester City’s Alf Inge and the Nevilles’ assault on Arsenal’s Reyes and Co…..all protected by match officials controlled by the arrogant Ferguson.
    The remarks of P.Neville seem to me a natural verbal follow-up to the way he performed on grass.
    Football media simply could do without thugs like these. TV got rid of the grotesque Gray and Keys.
    The solution is plain to see.

  48. nicky

    Good point.

    It seems it’s unacceptable to even discus sexual acts on a Woman ‘off Camera’, but perfectly acceptable to openly discuss, even encourage, a possible leg breaking, career ending physical assault on a man.

    Double standards?

    Totally unacceptable?

    Absolutely. He should be sacked.

    The thing is Robbie Savage was just as bad, openly saying they should be ‘fouling’ Arsenal players.

    At Half time one of the btsport pundits openly said the defender should of ‘put Chambers in row Z’

    Look, don’t get me wrong, I’m not that petty that I can’t stomach the odd ‘numbskull’ comment, but this is more.

    This is a concerted media campaign that constantly promotes the physical abuse of our players.

    It is usually done under the banner of ‘get in there faces’ ‘Let them know your there’ but we all know what it means.

    But it’s now starting to go too far, if it hadn’t already, with openly encouraging two footed leg breaking assaults.

    As a lesson to all, that this is just not acceptable, Neville should be sacked.

    I wont hold my breath.

  49. I agree that Neville should be sacked. He was a player who made up for limited ability by resorting to foul play, which was tolerated by match officials.

    It is no surprise that his “pundit” views reflect this approach, but it should be a surprise that the BBC is daft enough to pay him to talk such dangerous nonsense on top of the usual shite. If he has any status as an ex-player, over which the FA still has any influence, he should be criticised for bringing the game into disrepute.

    What else is the “Respect” campaign supposed to be about?

  50. Jambug, Rumour has it that Paul Lambert has told his squad that they’re allowed to do anything to our players without more than a yellow card at worst, although he doesn’t want them taking weapons on the pitch as that may be a step too far!

  51. Jambug, with a good summer (1 maybe 2 signings) we should have the best squad we’ve ever had, but not sure it’s quite there yet.

  52. You hear stuff like Phil and your stomach does a 360 on you and churns and throws up all u ate during the match buildup – and then you continue feeling so sick and irritated when u hear his voice that ur belch stinks like his mind – and you keep wondering what went wrong with football? Or if rugby played a fast one on it. If MouRhino could say after the Dortmund defeat that they didn’t foul them enough then u can see that such bizarre playing stems up from coaches that poached to get badges and mentalities that stemmed from watching excessive street soccer and wrestling on the same pitch, so they couldn’t bring their mind to separate the football from the wrestling. So you see, they can’t help it!

  53. Dan – In which League were you subjected to this behaviour? Put it all in your report, call the League Chairman and threaten to take to the County FA if the incident is not properly dealt with.

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