Welcome Gabriel Armando de Abreu

By Walter Broeckx

So after the usual long wait Arsenal.com finally made it known to the world that we have a new player. His full name is Gabriel Armando de Abreu. And that sounds a good name to have to me. It really sounds Portuguese and that is not that surprising as he comes from Brazil. The biggest country in the world where they speak …well Portuguese.

They sometimes refer to him as Gabriel Paulista. That is because he was born in Sao Paulo. And people from Sao Paulo are Paulistas. Well that is what they have told me. It would be the same if they would say that Tony Attwood is Tony Londoner. Maybe he could have posted under that name as a writer. But this is not really the way we do it over here. But it is common in Brazil to add that to your name I have been told. But from having being told you hear the biggest lies is an idiom in Dutch so I just give it for what it is worth.

He is 24 years old as they say but for me this is young. I wish I was still at that point in my life. But time goes by for everyone in the same way so no need to moan about that.

So where does he play? He is a centre back. But apparently he can also play at left back and at right back. So we might have done some good business by not only buying cover or having a centre back but also he can cover right, left and probably he could play in goal also. Never mind that last position but it wouldn’t surprise me.

Another nice note is that because of the free fall of the Euro we now suddenly play a nice sum of money less than we would have had to pay at the start of January. I wonder if Wenger knew this? Wouldn’t surprise me at all.

He played almost every match for Villareal this season and they had a pretty good defensive record. Conceding only 17 goals in their 19 La Liga matches. And being unbeaten for 18 matches. That all sounds like nice music in my ears.

And on Arsenal.com he is saying a few things that really sounds great. Saying how he comes from a small club in Brazil and then fulfilling a big dream playing in Europe. And now making the step to a top team in Europe.

But what I liked most of all is that he sees himself not as THE man but as A man of the team. He seems to think his own person is not that important but the club is what is important. The team is what matters. I would say that is a nice way of thinking.

Now I must say that I have never seen him play in the flesh or on TV. But they said that he is rather quick for a guy of his stature and is a fighter. He is 6ft1in or 1.87 meter as I know it.  A combination of Per and Kos? Sounds good to me.

Other news is that Campbell has signed a new deal and is loaned to Villareal and thus making the opposite move from Gabriel for the rest of the season.

So we have cover in 3 positions by buying one player. An amazing deal I would say. I hope I can get a first glimpse of him next Sunday.

Welcome Gabriel!!! Untold wishes you all the best in your career and we welcome you with open arms.



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  1. The arrival of Gabriel is good news indeed. Especially as he can play in all four positions of the back division.
    Now is the chance for Gibbs to learn from him that the right boot is as valuable as the left.

  2. Welcome Gabriel, or bem vindo as they say in Brazil.

    With Debuchy out, maybe he can make his debut at RB?

  3. Welcome to the Arsenal thou Gabriel da Star!
    I hope by now, we have covered all lacking positions as prescribed by the aaa. Though I doubt if they can ever be satisfied with anything in life.
    We are spoilt for choice in the attack and mid field. Le Coq is turning out to be the beast DM they craved (one with football brain at that) and now Bielik and Gabriel are worthy additions to our defence.

    Has anyone noticed that Arsenal.com listed Bielik as a mid fielder?
    I’m excited with the players we have while wishing Cambell and Sanogo all the best on loan.

  4. Yes, welcome Gabriel! In his official first interview he sounds very determined, while showing plenty of humility. I reckon he’ll be just fine. Also I hope it is true that Arteta has signed a year extension. He is a committed professional and Wenger rates his team contribution. So do I! It has been quite a good week at AFC – just need to totally vanquish pinhead Taylor now.

  5. I believe Bielik is a DM. My concern now is we’re getting light in attack; Podolski, Sanogo and now Campbell all out on loan while Welbeck is injured….

  6. The team is growing, welcome that man, welcome Gabriel, perform well and the crowd at the Emirates will be chanting like a church choir.

    I’m so pleased for Arsenal, and for me to live again through the building of another great team.

  7. Welcome Gabriel!

    I’ll admit I haven’t seen much of him either, but from his interview, he sounds like he has a good head on his shoulder and great team mentality. Looking forward to watching him develop under Arsene Wenger.


    Not so worried about the attacking options. It’s more important for Campbell and Sanogo to get regular playing time now. And if it becomes light, 1 of them possibly could be recalled (not sure exactly on their loan terms).

    In attack we have plenty of options,
    On the wings: Sanchez, Ox, Walcott, Gnabry, other options include Ozil and Cazorla
    In the middle: Giroud, Welbeck, Akpom

    That’s plenty of options to have up front and rotate, when completely healthy. (Welbeck can possibly return by the Spurs game)

  8. thanks walter..Gabriel interview with arsenal.com, sound more of a potential captain in the near future…no many “I’s” in his sentiments but rather “we”…

  9. Watching Tottenham try to throw away their Leauge Cup tie. They’re doing nicely, thank you.

  10. Welcome Gabriel Armando de Abreu to the best club in England 😀

    Jerry, nothing wrong with our attacking options. Podolski, Sanogo and Campbell were rarely used. Giroud and Welbeck should be fine at CF, but Sanchez and Walcott can play there too, with Akpom coming up.

    On the wings we have plenty of depth with Walcott and Ozil returning, plus Gnabry too, and people forget Rosicky can play on either wing or behind the striker, and he was sparingly used in the first half of the season. We have plenty of attacking depth.

  11. @Quincy,

    I agree, I was responding to T2T, that said our options might be light. I think we’re very well stocked up front as well.

  12. Ah, he can play all the positions at the back eh? Lets give the rest of the 3 a rest then.

  13. Gabriel is an Untolder:
    “How influential was Arsène Wenger in your decision to come to club?

    To me it’s something big… I came on his request, on the coach’s request. He asked to sign me and to me that gives me more strength and the will to be able to work. I see that he’s a coach that has been here for many years and this is important, not only for the team but also for the club. This is very important for everyone that works here in the club, to have a coach like this.”

    Nah, eat that you aaaaaaaaaaaaaa 😉

  14. Hello to the Rational Arsenal Supporters and the UA Gang. Not long ago Arsenal were lambasted for selling RVP & not resigning Csec Fabregas and always selling our best players. Its funny how the landscape has changed now with players wanting come and stay at Arsenal, regardless of bigger wages elsewhere. If you look at our squad now, you can only get excited about the players we have. So the question I ask is who would you rather have Suarez or SANCHEZ and Balotelli or WELBECK?. In my humble opinion I think Arsene is always think about how someone can enhance the TEAM as whole rather than an Individual SuperStars that AAA seem to think is the way forward.


  15. It was before the winning of an amazing collection of trophies that God sent a messenger to the Lord Wenger in his Stadium – it was the angel Gabriel. Welcome Gabriel & thank you for bringing the message that our coach is brilliant. You were preceded by a white tailed eagle Bielik, together with the Arsenal supporters and the boys on the field you will have a lot of happiness.

    Time for the Arsenal has returned. COYG

  16. Great news , astute buys ! Just what the Prof ordered !
    Hope they do fit in straight away and start repaying their respective transfer fees .
    The squad is looking more promising now as we go in for a good tilt at honours .
    Up the Gunners !

  17. An interesting fact just seen mentioned by someone: Gabriel signed by Arsenal 6 months after Vermaelen was sold could make his debut for Arsenal before Vermaelen debuts for Barcelona.

  18. Walter

    Another interesting fact pointed out by somebody else was:

    Vermaelen sold for £15 Million

    Out of form and injured anyway.

    Paulista Bought for £11.2 Million

    That useless Wenger really ought to sort his act out.

  19. This guy seems to have all the attributes to make him another outstanding player for Arsenal.

    Can’t wait to see how good he becomes when Arsene has worked his magic on him.

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