FA Cup 5th Round – Arsenal v Middlesbrough The Match Officials

FA Cup 5th Round – Arsenal v Middlesbrough

The Match Officials

Here is a complete list of the officials for all of the FA Cup games over this (extended) weekend. We are game 2.

1 Crystal Palace FC v Liverpool FC Saturday 14 Feb (5.30pm)

  • Referee Robert Madley
  • Assistant Referees John Brooks & Harry Lennard
  • Fourth Official Michael Jones

2 Arsenal v Middlesbrough FC Sunday 15 Feb (4pm)

  • Referee Michael Dean
  • Assistant Referees Stuart Burt & Andrew Garratt
  • Fourth Official Oliver Langford

3 Aston Villa FC v Leicester City FC Sunday 15 Feb (12.30pm)

  • Referee Mark Clattenburg
  • Assistant Referees Jake Collin & Constantine Hatzidakis
  • Fourth Official Roger East

4 West Bromwich Albion FC v West Ham United Saturday 14 Feb(12.45pm)

  • Referee Martin Atkinson
  • Assistant Referees Gary Beswick & Stephen Child
  • Fourth Official Christopher Foy

5 Bradford City FC v Sunderland AFC Sunday 15 Feb (2.30pm)

  • Referee Kevin Friend
  • Assistant Referees Simon Beck & Lee Betts
  • Fourth Official Christopher Kavanagh

6 Blackburn Rovers FC v Stoke City FC Saturday 14 Feb (15:00)

  • Referee Anthony Taylor
  • Assistant Referees Darren Cann & Scott Ledger
  • Fourth Official Andre Marriner

7 Derby County FC v Reading FC Saturday 14 Feb (15:00)

  • Referee Craig Pawson
  • Assistant Referees Mark Scholes & Daniel Cook
  • Fourth Official David Coote

8 Preston North End FC v Manchester United FC Monday 16 Feb (7.45pm)

  • Referee Philip Dowd
  • Assistant Referees Michael Mullarkey & David Bryan
  • Fourth Official David Webb

So we have Mr Dean again!

I will concentrate on our history of him in charge of our cup games rather than league, which we have covered on this site ad-nauseam – type in Dean in the search box at the top right of the site for further reading

To date we have had him as referee in nine cup games since his first appearance in 2004/05. Our record is Won 3, Drawn 1 and Lost 4 (one after penalties) and there have been no red cards or penalties in any of those games.

The Dean Cup list is





Community Shield Arsenal v United

won 3 – 0


FA Cup 4th Round Bolton v Arsenal

lost 1 – 0


FA Cup 4th Round Arsenal v Bolton

draw 1 – 1


League Cup 4th round Sheffield Utd v Arsenal

League Cup Semi-final – Arsenal v Spurs

won 3 – 0

drew 1 – 1


FA Cup 3rd round Leeds v Arsenal

League Cup final Arsenal v Birmingham

won 3 – 1

lost 2 – 1


League Cup 5th round Bradford v Arsenal

FA Cup 5th round Arsenal v Blackburn

lost on penalties 3 – 2

lost 1 – 0

Worryingly we have lost our last three cup games with him in charge all to lower league teams. The 2011 League Cup final against Birmingham ( I remembering him reacting with glee at the final whistle), and our exits in the League Cup fifth round against Bradford and the FA Cup fifth round against Blackburn both in 2013.

Let no-one be in anydoubt of the scale of the task ahead of us on Sunday. We will have to be far sharper and more alert than we have been in both of our last two games. Middlesborough are a good team (probably better than Leicester) and will certainly be ‘up for it’ having disposed off Man City in the last round. They will be ably abetted by Mr Dean who is extremely unlikely to award us a second penalty in two games.

It is also extremely unlikely that Middlesbrough will have a man sent off – it hasn’t happened yet in a cup game so they will probably have a relatively free license to challenge us in any way possible (even if not strictly in accordance with the rules). Arsenal of course will be penalised for breathing close to an opposition player.

Mr Dean is a referee who, on a good day, will produce an average refereeing performance for Arsenal. On a bad day he will be truly awful. I just hope that Sunday will be a good day (but I’m not putting any money on it). If we get a draw I’ll settle for it and will be delighted with a win, however scruffy. Trust me it will be a battle against a fired-up team and a determined referee.


FA Cup anniversary of the day:

  • 13 February 1993: Arsenal 2 Nottingham Forest 0.  FA Cup 5th round.  Cup match 11 of Arsenal’s Cup Double year.

All the anniversaries are shown for the day on the Untold home page

20 Replies to “FA Cup 5th Round – Arsenal v Middlesbrough The Match Officials”

  1. So are you saying our goose is royally cooked? We still have to hope for the best and play with all we can muster. I dont feel we are chasing a lost cause though.

    Our boys must be warriors to know they are going to be messed up and by these dubious refs and still put in their best. They must keep the faith against all odds. We will come good .

  2. Yes I agree. Forget Mike Dean and whatever his antics and antecedents might be. Let’s play our game. On a good day, as we saw at the Etihad stadium, Arsenal can beat anybody, including the referee. Let’s hope we will be at our best on Sunday.

  3. Its obvious that M,Dean is always on the opposite direction when ever in charge of any arsenal match. But the fact remains that if the players count him with the opponent (12 players against them) and play their game without minding who is in charge, I belirf they will win and pass through Midlsbrough on Sunday.

  4. Ok that one did, but a previous one with further views on Riley and the pgmol did not get through?

  5. Whoever is the author of this post, it is worrying to read that he/she would settle for a draw, mainly due to the referee and his anti-Arsenal stance.
    This, in a game where we are at home and against a team from a lower division.

  6. We’ve proved that we can beat the team and the ref when we’re on form, so we just need to be really on form on Sunday. Our home form is really good as well.

  7. A good article depicting the worst of the vipers of Riley.

    It is important for the fans on Sunday to get on Dean’s case right away.

  8. Let’s not start making excuses before we even play!!!
    We often go overboard with the ‘ref will rob us blind’ arguments and loose sight of the vast array of talent we will deploy against Middlesboro.
    Eeyore must be a Gooner and have written this.
    Cheer up, might not happen.

  9. Nice write up with good observation

    it is important for fans that will be in attendance to make their presence count by constituting the twelfth player on the pitch. Someone suggested some days ago that fans should brandish red cards as soon as the referee start misbehaving. Not only will it get to the referee, the media can also not ignore it.

  10. Dean again?

    After reading this article and AW’s comments on Arsenal com, ‘You can’t predict your toughest game’ i am a little worried now that we are not going through on Sunday.

    Is AW trying to warn us?

    I hope my 2 + 2 does not make 4 this time.

  11. para – It is a tough ask to win against a team with nothing to lose supported by a sloping PGMO pitch. I don’t expect Boro to cheat but they will ride on the Dean wave against us.

    We are a better team, with more skill & technique. They are in their FA cup final against the mighty Arsenal with a cheat in charge.

  12. Off topic I read on a previous thread by someone who posted the amount of yellow cards Arsenals opposition got when they next played . Tots play us 1or2 yellows play there normal game against Liverpool and get 7 yellows he said a pattern was emerging with how refs let a lot go when playing Arsenal but ref how they should when not doing Arsenal it would be interesting if a follow up was done Leicester this weekend

  13. Look at it this way guys, either we win and get into the quarter finals or we come second and we all get to lambast Dean on Sunday evening .
    What could possibly go wrong?

  14. Sometimes i do think these “upsets” are “staged” for the media and FA CUP to milk the publicity and claim that the FA Cup is “worth it” after all bla, bla, bla. All for the good of the image of football etc.
    But what do i know eh?

  15. 5th round, not Arsenal. I have no idea if this is a ref problem, it seems unlikely. But, WHam sends a player on (as a sub), and about 10 minutes later this player fouls his opposition bad enough for a yellow to be shown. The player violently disagrees with something, and gets a straight red a few seconds later.

    > 69:24 Dismissal Morgan Amalfitano (West Ham United) is shown the red card for fighting.

    > 69:20 Booking Morgan Amalfitano (West Ham United) is shown the yellow card for a bad foul.

    > 69:17 Foul by Morgan Amalfitano (West Ham United).

    > 69:17 Chris Brunt (West Bromwich Albion) wins a free kick in the defensive half.

    Is this the product of Sam’s sophisticated analysis?

  16. Watching the Frankfurt v Schalke match. The referee does not tolerate any rubbish. Any over the top physical contact results in a yellow card…not a stern (sic) talking to.

  17. I’m glad you mentioned the 2011 League Cup Final. Our own shambolic gaffes aside, Dean’s refereeing was some of the worst ever seen. And his absolute, undisguised JOY at the whistle was a disgusting display of bias. How he wasn’t investigated is a mystery. Oh, mystery solved, the effin’ PMGO. The man absolutely couldn’t keep the smile off his face as Birmingham, or I should say Dean, saw us off. Not again, please. It’s the FA Cup for God’s sake.

  18. We are at home and should do well against Boro . Am hoping for a 2-0 win and no injuries or bookings .Come on guys , do your stuff !
    Up the Gunners !

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