Crystal Palace v Arsenal 21 February 2015 – The unacceptable face of refereeing

Crystal Palace v Arsenal 21 February 2015 – The Match Officials

by Andrew Crawshaw

Firstly the table of Shame – I haven’t seen Walter’s reviews of the Spurs or Leicester games so it is unchanged since last time.  It still makes sorry reading, nearly eight times as many potential game changing decisions against us as for us, and occurring at a rate of two a game.

Wrong Important Decisions Favouring Arsenal Favouring Opponents
2nd Yellow Cards 0 14
Red Cards 3 13
Penalties 3 14
Goals 0 6
Total 6 47
Possible Cost in Points 2 23

On to Saturday and we have


And there it went terribly wrong. I don’t know what happened but we seemed to have looked on to the wrong place and space and well…when things go wrong they just go wrong.


An apology from the Untold team but the ref is for those who have read the article already Clattenburg and not Atkinson.

Sorry for not seeing it right away but Tony was out and I (Walter) had seen it, mailed it but had other things to do so couldn’t login to Untold when it was needed.

Oh well…. sorry again

Untold Arsenal

19 Replies to “Crystal Palace v Arsenal 21 February 2015 – The unacceptable face of refereeing”

  1. Yep! IT looks like Atkinson is giving Chelsea a three pointer v Burnley. Must be some heavy betting to satisfy for PGMO to appoint Abramovic’s favourite son.

  2. OOOps – senior moment – don’t know what happened there

    Ignore the above, Ill do a proper one and get it off this evening.

  3. Andrew I now just have seen that the two matches were on the next line (the one with Atkinson and our match) so probably just looked at the wrong line.

    I rather liked my OOOOOOOOOOOOOOPSINA shout 🙂

  4. OT: Media Humour

    1) Out of all the teams in the EPL, Tottenham have the best chance of beating West Ham this weekend.

    2) Arsenal has pulled out all the stops, and arranged a 45 (forty five) seat train to take by passengers from Manchester after the FA Cup game Monday night.

  5. Menace

    I have no arguments for Will, but there is no point trying to read a thread during the game where he is participating. He is just too negative.

    Too bad you didn’t get a useful reply from The FA. They did fa, and hence lived up to their name. 🙂

  6. I find the ‘possible points lost’ column highly amusing. Why not just calculate how many points we lost this season and puty it there.

  7. Sorry, I dont get the table. When u say favouring opponents, do u mean that they got red cards? Or did we? Also is that from start of the season?

  8. @Gouresh,
    I think the table is listing the actual ref decisions. For the example you chose of red cards, a ref sees a bad tackle, he has to make a decision to either give a red card or not. In many of our games, the opposition will get away with a horrible tackle without receiving a red card (or most times any card). The ref did not give a red card so that’s a mistake that is favoring the opposition. Hope that helps explain it better a little bit.

  9. Little things please little minds so ‘possible points lost’ is meant to confuse those who cannot reconcile chance.

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