Exclusive Vermaelen Interview on Untold Arsenal


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Exclusive Vermaelen Interview on Untold Arsenal

The interview will appear on Friday 30th April

If you are a regular reader of Untold you’ll know that we have been constantly assisted in the past year by Walter Broeckx, a referee from Belgium, and a leading light in the Arsenal Benelux supporters club.

Earlier this year Walter approached Arsenal FC with a request for an interview with Thomas Vermaelen, who is (obviously) a compatriot of Walter’s.

Arsenal were incredibly helpful in arranging the interview, and this interview which was conducted (naturally) in Flemish is now appearing on the Arsenal Benelux web site.

I’m really knocked out to say that Walter has agreed to give Untold Arsenal the exclusive rights to the interview in English and it will be published in within the next couple of days.

The interview runs to around 2500 words and covers everything from Vermaelen’s move from school into professional football, his early days at Ajax, the captaincy there, his move to Arsenal, his relationship with Wenger, and his situation today.

As you can imagine, not every question that was posed was answered, not because Vermaelen hid from any of the questioning but because of Arsenal rules as to what could and what could not be asked.

But even though a couple of Walter’s questions were politely put to one side, and you are not going to find any tactical revelations here. But for anyone who is interested in an in-depth history of one of our players, from the Antwerp to Amsterdam and on to London, this is the article you must read.

We’ll be running the interview on 30th April  – but in the meanwhile I would like to express my sincere thanks both to Walter and the Arsenal Benelux Supporters Club for giving Untold the chance to carry this interview.

20 Replies to “Exclusive Vermaelen Interview on Untold Arsenal”

  1. Tony – you spoiled the surprise!!! You should ahve just posted the interview without any explanation or additional information. Nobody would have known if it was real or not!!! It would have become a viral phenomenom!!! The internet would have been abuzz!!!

    Marketing, marketing, marketing.

  2. i beg my fellow arsenal fans lets forget about buying or selling.The problem i see in the team is injury,mental motivation,and lack of physical strength.look @ Denilson so week but compare him with his pairs @ other clubs the like of Nzonzi.my point is that we should check the medical staffs,physical trainess e.tc why is that an old horse like drogba or lampard can come back nd b physically stong while some one like walcott will play for only 20mins and b looking like a vegetable this boys should b more physical.2ndly the medics should b fired why cant they get our players fit mentaly and physically we fizzled out towards d end of d season wen old Drogba was getting strong young B52 was getin weak.this is my main problem with the club if we correct this we will win all the trophies

  3. hi tony as i said earlier we all know who eduardo use to even nasri use to paint the cities of france with goals why has he ceased scoring y has arshavin played so dullly i belive its a mental problem PLS TONY LOOK INTO OUR MEDICAL TEAM for us to win ntx season we have to look @ all aspect of Arsenal FC

  4. So Tony & Walter,

    It seems that the D&G’s got it all wrong once again! They say we are not a site who has contacts or inside knowledge (I say we with a sense of pride and I know all along!) So we as a fan base of love and mutual respect as a community who have adopted your love for Arsenal and Wenger as stated in the rules of engagement in this site. We have the pleasure of awaiting the spectacular priviledge of this! I say great! So twice in less than two weeks Untold has inside contacts with Arsenal! Hooray! And, I can’t wait…

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