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  1. T-T

    To our junior team? Wtf is happening to our senior team!!

    • Tony Attwood

      T-T as far as I know, before the Monaco game they played 10 games this year and won eight. I’d say by and large they are doing well.

  2. Pete

    T-T – you are on the wrong thread mate.

  3. WalterBroeckx

    Thanks Andrew.
    From my own experience sometimes the teams that don’t do well at all bring forth the best talents. I think it has something to do with building character and never giving up. That is for those who have the character and don’t give up.

  4. porter

    This has been exacerbated by the absence of a true defending midfielder (maybe the position is not ‘sexy’ enough to appeal to young players)

    More likely that Wenger doesn’t want one in his vision of how we are to play. Often it is reported that he likes the players at all levels to use the same system so that they are not out of place if they get moved into another squad . We have not had a real defensive midfielder since Gilberto and even he was more of a deep lying playmaker . To many supporters this is the glaring gap that has haunted the club for many years and despite Flamini’s bluster and Coquelin’s enthusiasm , is still not filled now. The comparison to Kondogbia’s display last night is manifold.

  5. para

    Looks like Arsenal will be buying more players than usual in the next times if the follow on players are not up to scratch, both to refill the academy and for the 1st team.

    Still i cant help feeling that Arsenal are just before a massive change. We’re tread-milling at the moment and it’s time to start moving again.

    Our players need to now take another step up in team spirit and work, and let it show on the field and off. This is the next stage of being a team, a TEAM. We show it when pushed, but it needs to become a natural state of Arsenal.

  6. Groves

    The point that is always lost in analyzing the youth teams is that the league position of these teams and their performance in the FA Youth Cup, etc really doesn’t matter at all. Especially given that Arsenal youth teams tend to feature a lot of players that are younger than the age group and likely a bit behind the others in their physical development. As you say, 98% of the players in these teams will disappear. The point is to be forward looking and maximize the development of the 2%. Zelalem, for example, might struggle physically in central midfield now, but in 3 years he will have caught up and will be better for the experience he is getting now. Meanwhile, the more physical players he is facing now will have fallen by the wayside as they lose that advantage and their technical abilities are found out. I could care less if Arsenal finish in the bottom half of the U18 league every year, if they are able to find one player per year with the quality to make it in the first team they will be doing well. This focus on immediate results and physicality is one of the reasons that players developed through the English system are generally just not up to it.

  7. Dino

    To develop young talents it is very important not to make them go and compete and to put pressure on them to win trophies in the youths categories competitions. Because what’s immportant in the end to develop two or three senior players or to win some u18 or u19 championship? In my opinion it’s more important do educate the players to prepare them for senior teams end win the championships that maters.

  8. GoingGoingGooner


    I agree. The goal of the youth set up is not to win per se but to develop the skills and attitude of a winner.

  9. ThomB

    20 year old Jon Toral on loan at Brentford scored a fine hattrick last night, and looks like a cracking player

  10. porter

    La Masia does turn em out.

  11. ljb

    Ramsey Walcott and the Ox have been as near the Academy as I have.Stop trying to big up Arsenals pathetic youth development neglected for years by Wenger and co.Arsenal paid 15 mill for the Ox and he went straight into the first team squad.Same as Ramsey.And Walcott .Still you won’t correct this propaganda and you won’t publish this comment .

  12. WalterBroeckx

    as I have pointed out with facts your assessment on Özil was crap.
    But I still allowed this comment. Nice of me isn’t it?

    Anyway I don’t disagree with your points. Apart from the fact that you say that Wenger neglected the youth development for years.

    And that is said about a manager that has been castigated by people like you for sticking to his “project youth”??? You say he wasted money on Özil (the popular media propaganda that you obviously believe in) but Özil was the first time in more than 10 years (since building the Emirates) that we bought a top class player. All the years in between people like you will have been crying out loud to buy such players and to stop that project youth nonsense.

    The bottom line reading your comments is: Wenger can do no good. Never.

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