Another Arsenal record broken… looking back at the history of sequences

By Tony Attwood

As you may know apart from publishing Untold, I’m also responsible for the History of Arsenal website.

Aside from the regular articles about past events and players, and the occasional in depth analyses (for example into Arsenal’s involvement in the changes to the transfer rules and the interesting allegations about the re-arrangement of the two divisions in the League in 1919), our biggest job for a couple of years has been a compilation of all the interesting Anniversaries in the club – a sort of massive “On this day” chart – which now covers getting on for 5000 events.

And of course among those events are the sequences – consecutive wins, consecutive defeats, run of goalless games, and the like.

I mention this today because we’ve actually just achieved another record-breaking sequence with the victory over Liverpool – the highest number of consecutive wins at the Emirates – nine consecutive home league wins.

  • 3 December Arsenal 1 Southampton 0
  • 13 December Arsenal 4 Newcastle 1
  • 26 December Arsenal 2 QPR 1
  • 11 January Arsenal 3 Stoke 0
  • 1 February Arsenal 5 Aston Villa 0
  • 10 February Arsenal 2 Leicester 1
  • 1 March Arsenal 2 Everton 0
  • 14 March Arsenal 3 WHU 0
  • 4 April Arsenal 4 Liverpool 1

What is interesting is not just that we have also been winning away, but that we are not utterly impregnable at home – the Monaco match proves that.

Anyway, I thought you might be interested in passing in some of the other sequences in the history of Arsenal, so I have set just a few of them out in date order on the Arsenal History site.

You can find the details here

The anniversaries are housed in month by month files – and please do note they are not complete, and still contain inveteracies and contradictions.  But we’re working through them month by month and every few weeks one of the files below gets a major update.

And here are a few of our classic articles

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And a few of the series on this site….


6 Replies to “Another Arsenal record broken… looking back at the history of sequences”

  1. Just goes to show, this lot could turn out to be a bit special. They certainly seem to be having a lot of fun playing as a team together.
    Overall, a great weekend as regards finishing in the top four with the Spuds, Soton, and most of all Liverpool dropping vital points, almost there on that front. But this team are clearly aiming for bigger things, this season and in future seasons.

  2. Agreed Mandy, this is a good team now with some depth and experience complementing the talent. Yesterday we had far too much class for Liverpool – long may that be the case.

    One other observation – this squad seem to enjoy their football and the style of play, also there is a sense of respect between the players – these “invisibles” all help build a top team.

  3. Tony, according to Bob Wall, Tommy Black kicked an opponent, thus giving Walsall a penalty.

    Herbert Chapman gave Black his marching orders.

    After the Diaby, Eduardo and Ramsay travails,is there any definitive account of the tackle?

    I am a bore!

  4. They certainly do enjoy themselves BJT, just look at their faces in recent matches. Something is clearly developing. Wenger teams may take a while to click, not for him the constant control freak drilling or say a mourinho team, but wenger demands intelligent players who can think a bit for themselves, learn from mistakes, experience things and learn to thrive. But when they do get to that zone, we start seeing what we have witnessed in most games in 2015.
    Interesting article with Per recently, saying how, with Wengers blessing, the players took it upon themselves to change a few things. Seems to be working at the moment–you-need-an-arguing-culture-we-had-lost-that-at-times-10155074.html

  5. Just watched the highlights on Anyone noticed for henderson’s penalty, even giroud guessed it right.

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