Burnley v Arsenal. The Untold Ref Preview.

Blackburn v Arsenal 11 April 2015 – The Match Officials

By Andrew Crawshaw

I am on holiday this week and so this is a much briefer preview than usual.


  • Referee – Mike Dean
  • Assistants – Mssrs Burt and Long
  • Fourth Official – Mr Attwell


The referee for tomorrow, as I am sure you all know, is our old friend Mike Dean.  His past performances have been well documented on this site – just type in Mike Dean in the search box at the top right of the header for a full listing.

Mr Dean’s performances can be divided into three parts, the early phase where he was very good for us, the middle phase when we could do nothing right and the last couple of years when he can still  ‘do us’ at times but for the most part he is tolerable.

This year we have had him for both Manchester clubs, the two-one loss at home to United and our away win at City.  Last year we had him four times with wins away against Spurs (1 – 0), and home v Stoke (3 – 1) coupled with draws at home to Chelsea (0 – 0) and City (1 – 1).  So in the last two years P6;W3;D2;L1 which isn’t too shabby and indicates that we have found a way of coping with Mr Dean.

On the other hand he shouldn’t be taken for granted in any way – he still knows every rule forwards, backwards and sideways and is still quite capable of interpreting them in various imaginative ways.  Our players need to remain aware of this and not give him any opportunities for him to use his imagination so no needless fouls, talking back etc.

Burnley have quite a good record against us down the years but I am sure that in our current form we have more than enough quality to extend our winning run and keep the pressure on the Chavs.  At least one of the Manchester clubs will loose points this weekend as they play each other.  The Chavs are away at QPR and, realistically a draw there is the best we can hope for, more likely is another three points for Chelsea.



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10 Replies to “Burnley v Arsenal. The Untold Ref Preview.”

  1. This weekend, I have decided to pitch tent with fellow london club QPR who are fighting relegation battle. I pray they get something from this match. So all in favour of support for Rangers say Aye!

  2. Menace,
    We are in Bolton, looking after our youngest grand-daughter for a few days, difficult to concentrate on much else, not that I want to!

  3. Hope we get the Mike Dean that can clearly be a decent ref. And hope we are strong enough to thrive, whatever the circumstances, think we will be as long as the team take nothing for granted

  4. The championship is waiting for QPR with open arms to give them a good bollocking. anyways I just bope we win and hellsea loose. I am in India and will be driving back from Mumbai back to Pune today, so most likely will miss the match. Will look for the score and comments here though.

  5. Will have the pleasure to watch Arsenal live with the gooner pals at the pub here in Seattle. Makes mornings a real treat. Especially when we deny Mr. Dean the opportunity to dance 😉

  6. The way to look at this weekend is Arsenal are having Burnley for tea, Queens Park Rangers are going to lunch on Chelsea, whoever wins the F1 in China is already a multi millionaire, whoever wins the boatrace gets a job in the city as easy as the ones who lose, the four legs that survive the 4+ mile Grand National are ridden by jockeys, who risk their necks, & are paid a basic £160.

    With a bit of luck and a good sharp pin many will win a few pounds (while the bookmakers will always win).

    Enjoy the sport whatever is your flavour, & may Arsenal win the double.

  7. Andrew – enjoy your grand children they are like a new spring in the autumn of life.

  8. Thanks for the preview.
    The observed pattern indicates that Smeagol/Gollum has one beady little eye upon Riley’s succession. Hopefully we’ll get Smeagol today! 🙂

  9. Menace

    Yep, a great weekend of sport.

    Football. The lads live on TV.

    The National. Always love a little punt on a Saturday.

    The Boat Race. Always a bit of irrelevant fun.

    F1. Always worth a peek, if only for the first lap !

    But even if I have backed a 40/1 winner in the National it will mean nothing if we don’t win tonight.


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