Eduardo plays, Gazidis is signed, the injured returned, Flamini is a twirp

This week Jonathan Neale forwarded me a great article on the new man Ivan Gazidis and from reading that it seems that everything about him is good. It is doubtful that after all this time Arsenal would have done anything other than get the very man they want, and that could mean some significant success in transfer arrangements, whether it is with younger players or more experienced players.

All of which is very nice, and made nicer by the fact that several players (Ade, Nasri, Sagna) should be back for the game against the Russians.

But what really attracted me yesterday was the game at Portsmouth against WC Milan Reserves. Poor Flamini, only picking up the odd game when they won’t risk the first team. Senderos too is hardly getting a touch of the ball – he played the whole game last night – but that’s not his fault. And then on left midfield for Pottymouth we had Traore, who has been getting some positive reviews – and is, wouldyou believe, a defensive midfielder.

Flamini – you will recall – wanted to go on to higher and better things – well if WC Milan’s reserves against Portsmouth in the UEFA cup is bigger and better, then he got it.

And overall I thought that was that, until I suddenly read on the ever excellent Young Guns web site that EDUARDO played in a friendly against Nottingham Fawcett. According to the web site (of whose news gatheringI am eternally envious) Arsenal put out the Carling Cup team for a game (as a warm up presumably for the trip to the wilder parts of the far north where the polar bears roam, and the icebergs grow and …. sorry, Burnley).

And thus I make my prediction of the week (or put it another way I make a wild guess) that Eduardo might just perhaps could possibly maybe be on the bench for the Carling Cup game. Wouldn’t that be something?

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One Reply to “Eduardo plays, Gazidis is signed, the injured returned, Flamini is a twirp”

  1. While I enjoy reading this shamelessly biased blog every day as an Arsenal fan, I really detest those who have a dig at Flamini at all opportunities. It was part of Wenger’s fault who refused to give him a new contract before the last campaign started. As far as I am concern, Flamini gave us a 100% effort in every matches he was on, we did not match his demand and he left us in good terms.

    I would love it if Flamini is still with us.

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