Almost there, one more win will do it

By Walter Broeckx

After last nights match between Hull (who we will play next Monday) and Liverpool the league table is this

1. Chelsea 33 played 77 points

2. Man City 34 played 67 points

3. Arsenal 33 played 67 points

4. Man Utd 34 played 65 points

5. Liverpool 34 played 58 points

6. Tottenham 34 played 58 points

7. Southampton 34 played 57 points

Now the most astonishing thing yesterday evening when seeing this league table I suddenly realised that this weekend we could be celebrating at least the non-existing 4th place trophy. This could even happen before we play our match. If Liverpool, the totts and Southampton cannot win their match we will be out of reach for them. And even if they win,  a win from us at Hull would secure 4th place. Theoretically they could still overtake us then if we would lose all our matches and they would start winning their 3 remaining matches with a goal difference of 7 or 8 goals each time. So very unlikely.

So can you imagine going in to the last day of the season and don’t really have to worry about will we make it in to 4th place or not? Maybe we got other things to bite our nails for on the last day of the season? But it will not be to just get us in to 4th place this time.

And then we have that other bit of funny thing for Arsenal supporters. Once again it seems that will happen again. Once again our little neighbours stay where they belong: in our shadow. Oh how big the joy on that first match day of February. And yes there was gnashing of teeth in the red part of London. There was the usual outcry from the aaa-types after we lost our local derby. But it seemed that not for the first time the tiny totts put so much energy in that one match (that only counts for 3 points) and after winning that match they were empty and finished. In just 2 months we went from 1 point behind them,  to now 9 in front of them. With a game in hand.

So next Monday could be St. Totteringhamsday. An early one this year compared to some of the last seasons. But for us Arsenal supporters it will be once again a nice moment in our local rivalry.

But one more important conclusion can be drawn from this season as it seems to be unfolding right now. That is that with one more win Arsenal will be sure of entering the CL (last qualification round at least).  That will be 20 seasons of non stop qualification for European tournaments for Arsenal. Not even Manchester United can say this over the same time period. And that is only thanks to one person…yes Arsène Wenger.

He is the man that kept us there. Despite having to do it for some 10 years with no money to spend at all.

And just how difficult that is can be seen when we look at two teams who have come close to making it in to Europe over the last years, who have had a few good seasons, sold their best player for lots of money and then ….wasted all that money on new players and failing to improve themselves as a team with using that money in a good way.

The tiny Totts had one outstanding season with Bale carrying them to fight with us till the last day. The day Newcastle equalised according to the lovable Lord Sugar remember. They sold Bale and then the word was out that they would overtake us because they had bought all those new shiny players that Wenger should have bought. The aaa-cried and shouted but Wenger took his team above the tiny Totts at the end of the season. Since then managers went and came at the training ground of that former Middlesex team but they still are in our shadow. In fact they always come and go at high speed over there.

And let us look at Liverpool. After years of failure (imagine if this had happened to Arsenal) and finishing around 6th place they thought they had the title wrapped up last season. Suarez biting the ball and scoring freely but then it all went wrong when their captain slipped up. They came second, cashed in on Suarez and spend all the money on players Wenger should have bought. That was at least what the aaa was shouting. Balotelli anyone?

And now as things stand now and looking good for the 4 teams in the top 4 and almost being sure of being in the CL next season we can only notice that you can get close one season to achieving this but it takes more than one top player performing on an amazing level for one season to do it year in year out.

In fact what it most of all takes is a manager that is working together with the board to have the long term goal in mind. Our board is working for the long term and has its goal. And our manager is also working for the long term. As he once said that when he stops at Arsenal he wants to make sure that the club is on a higher level than when he came in and that is exactly what he has been doing and is still doing.

How many times have the aaa shouted that we should get Rodgers, Pochettino, Martinez, Moyes and sack Wenger. But where are they all? Yes they can beat Wenger on occasion but the league is a marathon and in the long run Wenger is getting the better of them. Almost each and every season.

Come on Gunners, Monday would be a great moment to celebrate St. Totteringhamsday. Hull will be no pushover as Liverpool just found out. Be prepared and make us proud. And make us happy. 6 more finals to go this season. Finishing second and the FA cup to finish the season would be great for me.

And then bring on next season…I admit that I do have real great hopes for next season. Just avoid the injuries (are you reading Mike?) and maybe this time around we will be having a gap as big as Chelsea has now. This team is nearly there I feel. Just let Wenger do his job and get behind the team even when they drop a point of have a lesser match. This team is close to achieving great things. Real close.

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  1. For the past five or more seasons injuries have been our greatest demon and I think some referees allow our players to be kicked unnecessary and some ignorant pundits feel we are not strong on the ball, they call these nasty fouls professional foul. I have always believed in our team even if they haven’t won. Arsené Wenger has created a legacy for the future and soon it will be very difficult for teams to win us because we will be all rounded and they will hate us

  2. Good one Walter.

    Clinching 2nd and retaining the FA cup will make this season a great one.

    Chelsea ended last season empty handed while merely coming 3rd in the league and no peep from anyone about their season being a disappointment after all the money spent by the Odious One. How this season would be spinned as anything but a good one for Arsenal will be very difficult.

    Come on Gunners let’s finish on a high.

  3. The present Arsenal is pretty good!
    The inclusion of at least 3 key players/positions, excluding the returning loanees,
    will make Arsenal title contenders on all fronts!

    That said, a few mediocre players, at the least 5/6 should be sold in the coming window!

  4. Do they give out a trophy for the runners up ? Or a shinny plaque ? No ?
    At least they will commemorate our achievement of 20 years in the CL ? No ?
    We surely will be getting something for St. Totteringham’s Day ? No ,again ?
    Then we definitely have to win the FA Cup to keep our masses happy ! And to make those other asses , I think it was meant to be masses( but what the hell!) unhappy !
    Go Gunners !

  5. Liverpool were a great disappointment to watch yester night. Some good individual plays but little team cohesion, especially, in the last third. Yet, I could think of only Gerrard and Sturridge as the absentees in the team.

    If Arsenal ever played like that and with no prospect of CL, aaa would literally suggest the firing squad for Wenger and the entire team

  6. Spare a thought for the millions of Arsenal supporters overseas, who follow their heroes via satellite TV.
    They have been so used to watching Arsenal play two extra games in order to qualify for the CL proper.
    This season, there is a clear chance we will qualify by right.
    Arsenal’s success is sometimes tinged with disappointment. 😉

  7. @ Nicky – We overseas fans will not be complain too much – it’s all for the team !

  8. Morning all

    Just to let you know that I am still reading your articles and as concerned as ever as to the take many of you have on certain matters.

    When the season is over and the record book details who did what and improvement or otherwise then I will put my perspective

    Just two things at this stage is that to match your points total for last year you have to win 4 of your last four games.

    The second is that qualification for Eureopean football next season will, I think be the 21st season

  9. I believe that there are medals presented to the runners up in the EPL.

    Ye of little faith we can still win this league – it has not been won yet!
    The Chelsea bus could have a couple of punctures & all hell can break loose.

  10. Good article.


    I think the PGMO have been inflating the Chelski bus when needs required – unfortunately. 🙂

  11. @ menace

    No medals are awarded to runners up in the PL.

    What always fascinates me is that they don’t award runners up medals in the FA cup they are awarded to the losers .this dates back to when it truly was the FA Challenge cup where the previous years winners defended in the final

    You are right re the title not yet being won hence my earlier comment

  12. what the hell is wrong with the press and some morons?When The Arsenal scores one goal and defends it the morons tell us about the boring boring Arsenal and when a certain dick makes 2 substitutes in the last 1 and half minutes after an hours sleep and a parked bus its tactical,why is it like that?A certain moron was fuming after the Arsenal was put in pot 1 in the champions league draw that only first and second teams should be put in pot one,just wondering what does that moron has to say now??What??That he talked to Platini and the cow liked his ideas!!

  13. @Mike T -thanks for that info. Love the eccentric traditions that remain & make history. When Arsenal won the league undefeated I wrote to the FA/Arsenal & asked for a gold PL crown to be made available on team shirts to mark the special event. No chance of it apparently as World Cup winners & Champions league winners have stars.

  14. @ menace

    If you like eccentric ex rules how about the one where in the event of a draw both clubs proceeded to the next round

  15. @Mike T,
    I’m not absolutely sure, but I think the FA Cup losers are given a silver tankard.

  16. @Walter,
    Excellent read as usual! hope you’re correct with Monday being St. Totteringhamsday (hopefully after they draw with City, I want 2nd/3rd to avoid the extra games in August)!

    Interesting read on the finances. The difference in wage bill between Arsenal (4th highest £166m) and Chelsea (3rd highest £192m) is £26m or about £500,000 a week!!

    Manchester City (2nd highest- £205m)- difference of £39m or £750,000 a week

    Manchester United (highest- £215m)- difference of £49m or a little over £940,000 a week

    It’s amazing that Arsenal are still able to compete against these teams with that much of a financial disadvantage. That’s like having anywhere from 2 to 5 more players of Mesut Özil’s caliber.

  17. Nicky

    I think the losing finalists players in the league cup used to get tankards (I think they now get medals) whereas I believe the losing finalists in the FA have always been given a medal

    I don’t think the losing club in either of these two completions get any sort of trophy

  18. Walter thanks for a good read.
    The financial analysis by @Jerry @4:59pm really put the wage table in perspective. Look at how much more the other teams in the top four spend on a weekly basis. Amazing.

  19. Mike T

    Congratulations on winning the double.

    While on a subject of doubles ..,,
    What’s your take on Ivanovic’s “double “studs up rake on Alexis Sanchez Achillies ?

    Do you feel , considering Cahill’s tackle on Alexis in the reverse fixture, these are purely coincidental, or perhaps preordained by Jose to slow Sanchez down.

    And if so , do you believe the side like Chelsea need to resort to these sort of fouls to get a result against Arsenal?

  20. @Tom double? not yet over.

    If Willian was correctly carded & Ivanovic was correctly carded amongst others, there would be a bigger bus at Leicester. Current score 1 all.

  21. I noticed this myself today and it got me to thinking about the ridicule we get for ‘celebrating’ our 4th place trophy.

    The fact is we don’t ‘celebrate’ it, not really. Yes, we appreciate the achievement, and recognise the significance of it, but contrary to popular wisdom we don’t throw a party, or have an open top bus parade.

    Okay, if it’s secured on the last day it is cheered to the rafters by players and fans alike. Only natural for anything that goes down to the wire I would of thought.

    But if it happens with 4 games to go, perhaps even when the players are sat at home, it will be greeted with a satisfied smile. A feeling of pride. The minimum requirement achieved, yet again.

    But as I say, no party, no bus, and certainly no Trophy.

    But oh, how Spurs and Liverpool, to name but 2, would love to of been ‘not be winning a trophy’ in the way we’ve managed to be ‘not winning a Trophy’ these last 10 years.

  22. Terry just scored. No offence to other religions on here, but that man is proof karma does not exist….or maybe is just a long time coming

  23. Good to see you back Mike T, hope all is well with you. Might not always appreciate the team you support, the manager, the captain or some of the methods but always look forward to your astute thoughts on here. You are a Chelsea supporter….with class…

  24. Tom

    I was at the game on Sunday and there is a lot I could comment on but hey no point raking over it. I thought the ref was poor and as I said to my wife at the game he should have booked Ivanovich but he thought he was being smart in calling over Terry to talk to him. a ref should not be managing a game he should be officiating and Oliver is poor he clearly has never played the game and in their haste to fast track him he hasn’t gained the experience and believes his own press


    Thanks for those kind words.

    We could get tickets tonight so had to watch on Sky. I would much rather be at the game if for no other reason you don’t have to listen to the drivel of the likes of Redknapp

    Am now firing a100% so beware I will be lobbing a few grenades in from time to time
    Looks like we are just about over the line and everyone will have a view a bit like a moody black and white movie, some will say it’s wonderful others will say the exact opposite

  25. Mike T

    Thanks for the reply, although you didn’t really answer my question.
    I wasn’t for a second suggesting Arsenal got hard done by Oliver.

    Quite the contrary.
    Chelsea should’ve had the only penalty of the game for the Ospina challenge on Oscar.

    Oliver got that totally wrong and it was a lucky break for Arsenal.

    Also , Chelsea have been the best team in the league from day one and deserve the title, hence my congratulations to them and you.

    But my question still stands.
    Do you believe those types of fouls Chelsea players commit against Sanchez are accidental or not?

    It’s not complicated.

  26. I have no doubt that Ivanovich iknows exactly what he is doing. Some will say it’s cheating and yes it’s deliberate but it’s happened in football since day one and that includes Arsenal although I would acknowledge its not that common from Arsenal at this time
    having said that Sanchez is exceptionally quick with a low centre of gravity and whilst it would be unfair to say he draws the foul his speed of both movement result in him being on the receiving end

  27. Mike T

    I’m going to get my Grenade in first.

    Firstly the team that wins the League is nearly always the best team in the League. More than that they are certainly the most consistent.

    Chelsea meet both those criteria.

    What they are not necessarily, are the most attractive to watch.

    In my opinion that also befits Chelsea.

    It has been said by some that Chelsea are boring. I agree.

    This has upset Jose and his adoring Media to the extent that toys have been leaving prams at an extraordinary rate.


    No way they cry. Jose is a tactical genius, and anyway, it is not his job to entertain, it’s his job to win Trophies.

    Well, that may or may not be the case, but you know what rankles with Me?

    If your going to spend £50 Million a year on players, at least have the balls to try and win games rather than trying not to lose them.

    Is there any other big spending team in Europe that receives the ridicule Chelsea/Jose does? No.

    Jose’s been hated everywhere else he’s been for a reason, despite ‘winning Trophies’

    Manchester City have spent the same kind of money, and acquired more of our players, and yet somehow I cant dislike them, or begrudge them there successes, in the same way I do Chelsea.


    Because they go for it. They try to win every game. Just like United did when they where winning. Like Arsenal did. Like Real do. Like Barca do. Like Bayern do.

    All those teams won/win plenty without resorting to playing like Stoke.

    Jose just cant help himself, and yes despite all the protestations to the contrary, Chelsea ARE boring to watch.

    Oh, I forgot to say, congratulations on buying another trophy.

  28. @Tom

    Re the collision between Oscar and Ospina please see Walter’s take on the subject: –

    @Mike T

    Because Sanchez is quick it leads to him being fouled – yes and no. Your implication could be that because Sanchez is quick he is deliberately fouled – if so I would agree and add that on several occasions he was deliberately taken out, (and not properly protected by the ref). The other implication could be that Sanchez moved the ball quickly and he himself received the tackles intended for the ball – with your very cynical team that would appear very unlikely.

  29. Bjtgooner

    With all due respect to Walter , he’s the only referee I know who didn’t think Ospina should’ve been penalized for his challenge on Oscar.

    Former PL referees Walton and Graham both said it was a penalty.
    Further more, out of curiosity I called a friend of mine in Poland , who is a referee in Polish Ektraklasa( that’s Polish premier League), and another referee who is an active MLS ref.

    They all thought it was a penalty and a yellow card to Ospina.
    Four different referees, from three different FA’s , independently of each other came to identical conclusion.

    Not to mention every pundit and former footballer .

    Regarding Sanchez though, I believe Mourinho instructs his players to deliberately slow him down by any means necessary , not because he’s quick and has a low center of gravity but rather because he is a game changer.

    Incidentally , Ozil isn’t particularly quick and doesn’t have a low center of gravity, yet he gets a similar treatment from Ivanovic including a karate kick next to head , again, because he is a game changer.

    Mourinho has a history of turning hard but honest defenders into dirty defenders( Pepe , Marcello, Coentrao), who after he leaves the club, no longer kick opponents from behind or stomp on their limbs.

    I however understand why this fact might be slightly inconvenient to admit to for Chelsea supporters like Mike T for example , as fine a person as he might be.

  30. @Tom,
    In regards to what Walter said in about the Oscar foul, I could be wrong, but my interpretation was yes it was a foul that occurred, but Oscar was actually offside when going for the ball so it should not have been called. Other sites have said the same thing, and watching the replays on Youtube, I have to agree Oscar was offside. I even posted a link with a video asking Walter the same thing a few articles before.

    Besides Walter, I have not seen any other ref that reviewed the play, actually mention if Oscar was offside or not, they only talk about the incident.

  31. @Tom

    I prefer Walter’s knowledge and explanation to the utterances of pundits or ex PGMOs!

    As for offside??

    I do agree with you re the Odious One’s instructions to his defenders – but not just the defenders – almost all of the Boring Ones tackle with the intention of hurting a designated opponent – to intimidate, bruise and slow down or “nobble” – part of the cynical approach. Something the refs should stamp out!

  32. Jerry

    Whether Oscar was in the offside position or not is immaterial to the Ospina challenge since the linesman didn’t flag for it.

    The correct assessment of the whole play should be ; a missed offside call by the linesman and a wrong call by the referee Oliver.

    Oliver’s handling of this particular situation should be looked at independently from the linesman handling it.

    As far as Oliver knew , Oscar was on side.

  33. @Tom

    “The correct assessment of the whole play should be ; a missed offside call by the linesman and a wrong call by the referee Oliver.”

    Agree re the missed call – the match should have been stopped for a free kick to Arsenal but was not.

    Re the “wrong call by the referee Oliver” – I agree with Walter. You are entitled to your view – but so am I.

    Interestingly there was a very similar situation in the Chelski Leicester match tonight – when Terry collided with a Leicester player just after the latter played the ball – not in the box – but no foul given!

  34. I’m not Walter. But maybe this helps?

    I’ve spent too much time looking via Google at the Ospina/Oscar event. The only language I speak is English, but in English web pages (news or otherwise), it is close to universal that people (who are not referees) think that Ospina fouled Oscar. I don’t see anyone trying to look at this event analytically.

    If the ball is in Team B’s half of the field and a player from Team B is in the penalty area; if any player from Team A fouls this player (who is in an offside position) in the penalty box, the award of a penalty kick (a direct kick in the penalty box) shall be made. There is no need for the ball to be anywhere close to where the foul is.

    I didn’t see the game, or replays.

    If Oscar was in an offside position and the ball was passed forward by a member of his own team, then he should have been called offside at the moment he seeks to take advantage of being in an offside position and the ball is playable. If the ball was played back by an Arsenal player, there is no offside. If the ball is played by a Chelsea player, who seeks to bounce the ball off an Arsenal player; the Arsenal player is not making a back pass and the play should still be offside.

    If the calling of the offside is slow, and Oscar plays the ball and is then fouled by Ospina, the first foul is the offside. And there is no penalty kick for offside. Ospina can be cautioned or dismissed depending on the severity of his foul. Did Oscar at the same time foul Ospina?

    If Oscar was not offside, then the the referee has to judge if only 1 player committed a foul, and if both players committed fouls, which was first. If Oscar fouled first and Ospina fouled more severely; the call should be a free kick to Arsenal, possibly a card to Oscar and possibly a card to Ospina.

  35. WRT who calls offsides

    There are no linesmen (linespersons) any more, there are assistant referees. Offside is not only the jurisdiction of the assistant referees on the side lines. The referee is well within his/her power to call an offside if they feel something is offside.

    Again, I have not seen any video about the incident. If Oscar is offside, there is no penalty. The offside preceeds contact, and hence has to be the initiating foul. There can be cards.

  36. Gord,

    what happened on the play was, Fabregas passed the ball over the top, to Oscar who was in an offside position, who was first to the ball and flicked the ball over Ospina when Ospina was going for the ball, and then Ospina made contact with Oscar

  37. @Tom,

    The situation from my understanding based on Walter’s article is that the ref felt Oscar shot the ball prior to the incidental contact with Ospina.

    So even if there was a foul, the ref allowed play to continue due to the Chelsea advantage, which would have been a goal if not for the heroics of Bellerin.

  38. Well Jerry, I will give my opinion. Walter, OMGArsenal and some others are senior to me, and could call me out for it.

    If Oscar was in an offside position at the time the ball was played by Fabregas, and moved to take advantage of that (even if he moved backwards to be “onside” at the time of contact with the ball), he is offside as far as the play is concerned. There is no penalty regardless of the contact of Ospina and Oscar.

    If Oscar was onside when Fabregas played the ball forward, and subsequently Oscar played the ball, and was then hit by Ospina, _advantage_ should be played. As Bellerin (I believe) cleared the ball, advantage did not happen, and so the referee could bring the ball (and time) back to when he was fouled, and award the foul.

    If Oscar was offside when the ball was played forward, I don’t see how advantage comes into this, as the call is offside.

    Goalkeepers have to expose themselves because of their position. It is very common for goalkeepers to be taught to bring one knee high, since they cannot protect their body with their arms.

    If two players running from opposite directions both jump for a ball and collide, even if both players end up getting injured, it could be incidental contact. It depends on how they launch themselves into the air, and how they behave in the moments before collision.

    That Ospina has one or both knees high at the time of collision doesn’t rules out incidental contact. He is allowed to do his job in a manner which provides for his own protection as long as it isn’t designed to hurt others.

    In terms of Schumaker, which others have brought up. A goaltender is allowed to play the ball as best as he/she can. If it happens that a goaltender happens to try to punch the ball at just the moment an attackers head gets within the path of the fist, my inclination is that the referee has to rules this is just be accident. If after the game the goaltender makes a remark about punching the player on purpose that the referee was to hear, that should be included in the game report, and hopefully the disciplinary committee can act on it.

    And I think that is about as far down my throat I can stick my foot at the moment. Hopefully Walter, OMGArsenal or others can illuminate things further and/or better.

  39. Tom, I’ve been reading some of your comments in the last couple of days and I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you that I really liked what you have been writing. I and others have raked you over the coals when we disagreed or took offense on previous comments you’ve made in the past. I’m sure in the future we will be at loggerheads on certain matters. But in fairness I must say when I agree with what you are saying then I gotta tell you that to your face and not hide and keep my big mouth shut. I could be wrong but maybe deep down inside yourself you really think the way the majority of us feel, But you just love being contrary. I have been very surprised at your recent comments and do hope that it is not a one-off thing. Love you or hate you I can say that you are not a stupid person and have gained my respect. I will say in the future I will try not to be too harsh on you and to do my best to act civilly.Try to keep up the good work you have done recently. HA HA HA HA!!!!

  40. Keep cool Jimmy , it’ll pass .

    I was walking through the local supermarket the other day when I saw a grandfather walking around with his 2 year old grandson. It was obvious that the grandpa wasn’t having an easy time of it, with the siren-like voice of his cherished youngling scaling upwards every time candy or toys came into view.

    The grandfather, however, kept his cool, and intoned softly to the child: “Jimmy, relax, it won’t take long.

    When the screaming didn’t stop, the grandpa continued: “Jimmy, there’s no reason to get angry, try to enjoy this walk and in a minute we’ll be on the way home, promise.”

    When I came out of the store I saw them in the parking lot, the child screaming and the older man still talking softly and quietly to him. I couldn’t help myself. I walked over to him.

    “Sir,” I said, “I have to say you are an amazing grandfather. The way you talk to the boy and keep your calm despite all of this screaming – Jimmy’s a lucky kid to have a grandpa like you.”

    “Thanks,” said the grandfather, “but I’m Jimmy. This little bugger’s name is Anthony.”

  41. Morning all

    Interesting debate re the possible penalty on Oscar

    Just to add to the mix despite what still photos appear to show I recorded the game on Sky and they did their usual freezing the play and drawing a line which show there was no offside

    Irrespective and as Tom said offside was not flagged so that point should be removed from the debate as to what happened next

    When incidents like these happen and a goal scoring opportunity exists the standard rules re advantage are slightly different in that play is allowed to run but if a goal isn’t scored the play is brought back

    One thing I will offer you is that in many leagues in the world the high boot from Willian could well have led to a red card for whilst I have no doubt whatsoever that there was no intent the fact was his actions were dangerous

  42. Running ahead to the review the way we judge the Oscar-Ospina thing is that we look at the first incident: offside from Oscar. And then all what follows immediately is of no importance anymore.
    Oscar was offside and within 1 second played the ball. The match for our reviewer stops from the moment Oscar touches the ball. Offside. That’s it.
    What follows after that can only have consequences on yellow and red cards. Ospina could have been booked for going in hard on Oscar. But not a penalty because the match should have been dead by then (because of the offside decision).

    And no I wouldn’t cry assault if Courtois would have gone in like Ospina did. In fact if you look at the replays you can see that Ospina came in with both arms stretched for the ball but after Oscar got first to the ball he pulled back his arms to avoid knocking him out with his arms. Alas for Oscar because Ospina trying to do this the collision became harder because of now the contact was of a full body and not only the outstretched arms of Ospina.

  43. Mike T,
    Did they use the “millimetre Tottenham line” to show the decision? 😉 Because against Tottenham they showed that Özil was standing offside with 2 cm of his left foot and they decided (so did I) that it was offside and should have been ruled out.
    My TV station that uses the Sky images never showed the line.
    But then again the line is usually focused on the feet of the players and that is not always the right thing to do.
    As Arsenal players are judged on millimetres then I want the same for other players. On the images I have (with no line) Oscar his head and upper body are in front of the Arsenal defenders and so he is offside.

    I copy from the laws of the game (from the Dutch translated version and translated back in English) :
    In the context of law 11 – Offside the next definitions should be applied: “closer to the goal line of the opposition” means that any part of the head, body or feet closer to the goal line of the opposition is, than the ball and the second last defender. Arms are not included in this.

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    “Sister, you know that if I insert my penis in the right place, it can
    Produce life.”

    “Is that true father?”

    “Yes, it is, Sister.”

    “Oh Father that’s wonderful, Stick it in the camel and let’s get the fuck out of here.”

  45. One good turn gets most of the blanket !
    A priest and nun are on their way back home from a convention when their car breaks down. They are unable to get repairs completed and it appears that they will have to spend the night in a motel. The only motel in his town has only one room available so they have a minor problem.

    PRIEST: Sister, I don’t think the Lord would have a problem, under the circumstances, if we spent the night together in this one room. I’ll sleep on the couch and you take the bed.
    SISTER: I think that would be okay.
    They prepare for bed and each one takes their agreed place in the room. Ten minutes later…
    SISTER: Father, I’m terribly cold.
    PRIEST: Okay, I’ll get up and get you a blanket from the closet. Ten minutes later…
    SISTER: Father, I’m still terribly cold.
    PRIEST: Okay Sister, I’ll get up and get you another blanket. Ten minutes later…
    SISTER: Father, I’m still terribly cold. I don’t think the Lord would mind if we acted as man and wife just for this one night.
    PRIEST: You’re probably right… Get up and get your own blanket.

  46. Seek and ye shall find – glory on high .

    A priest offered a lift to a Nun. She got in and crossed her legs, forcing her gown to reveal a leg. The priest nearly had an accident. After controlling the car, he stealthily slid his hand up her leg.
    The nun said, “Father, remember Psalm 129?” The priest removed his hand. But, changing gears, he let his hand slide up her leg again.
    The nun once again said, “Father, remember Psalm 129?”
    The priest apologized “Sorry sister but the flesh is weak.”
    Arriving at the convent, the nun went on her way. On his arrival at the church, the priest rushed to look up Psalm 129.
    It said, “Go forth and seek, further up, you will find glory.”

  47. @Tom and others,
    Please feel free to find another example in the premier league where a referee has given a penalty to a player who has already got his shot at goal away before a collision with a defender or keeper.

    It happens very often and is never called as a penalty, the only difference in this case was the severity of the collision and the vehemence of the commentary which gave it a higher profile than similar instances of the exact same situation that would not usually be discussed at all (and as far as I recall Chelsea players did not even complain until much later after Mourinho started up and they tried their usual tactics against the referee).

    Even better find an example of this type of penalty given by the ex-referee’s now pretending they would ever have called it a penalty!

    It is really an unwritten rule of refereeing in any league, but more strictly adhered to in the premier league than most.

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