Hull – Arsenal 1-3, yes it happened again!

By Walter Broeckx

No changes in the team that started the match against Hull.

According to Koscielny made his 200th appearance so lets hope he can celebrate a good win at the end of the match.

On the bench we had a few changes. Gabriel and Rosicky have a place on the bench in the place of Debuchy and Welbeck. Apparantely both are injured.

The team that started: Ospina, Bellerin, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Monreal, Coquelin, Cazorla, Ramsey, Ozil, Alexis, Giroud. On the bench we had:  Szczesny, Gibbs,  GabrielGabriel, Flamini, Wilshere, Rosicky, Walcott.

Arsenal having lots of possession in the opening minutes but Hull defending with all their players and not much openings in the opening minutes. Coquelin getting his usual wack in the face when he is sandwiched between a few Hull players and Ospina. Huddleston with a hack ball towards his own keeper after a Bellerin cross was the first time Harper had to stop a ball for Hull. Alexis with a good low shot but Harper beating it away. Other than that not much excitement in the first 15 minutes.

Mason judging every touch from an Arsenal player as a foul by now.  Hull then slowly getting a bit more forward and Aluko completely missing his header. Livermore gets booked when he stops Alexis who tried to start a counter.  Huddlestone then planting his studs on the leg of Ramsey. As expected ref Mason didn’t see it.  Replay showing the impact and that should have been card. Our referee predictions already very much fulfilled. Ramey hobbles off and then comes on but looks very uncomfortable. Livermore again hacks Alexis down but this time the ref gives a foul just outside the penalty area. Alexis behind the ball and a slight deflection the wall and the ball ends up in the net. 0-1 to The Arsenal after 28 minutes.

N’Doye gets booked for tripping Monreal. Cazorla then with an amazing left foot long ball to Ramsey. Ramsey turns around his man and defender Brady tries to block the shot with a studs showing tackle but the ball bounces in the net and 0-2 to the Arsenal after 33 minutes. Arsenal now complete in control for a few minutes. After 40 minutes Coquelin and Koscielny to eager to win the ball and Hull can break but Mertesacker is there to clear the danger.

I kid you not but the match reporter in Belgium quotes the numbers from Untold about having more points since the 2009-2010 season!!!  A great attack over a few players Giroud-Özil-Alexis and back to Özil but his shot is saved by the keeper. Seconds later Aelxis is put through by Cazorla but the keeper again saves. And in the extra time of the first half another great move from Arsenal. This time Ramsey puts Alexis again one on one with the keeper. Alexis rounds the keeper this time and puts the ball in the empty net. 0-3 after 46 minutes and Arsenal go in the dressing room with a good lead.

The opening minutes lots of little fouls and not much football to be seen.

Then Arsenal trying to keep the ball in the feet to slow things down a bit. Alexis trying to feed it to Giroud but the ball is too hard and Harper can collect it.   It looked as if Arsenal was thinking of not over committing themselves to avoid injuries as much as possible and monopolising the ball.

Ramsey with a low shot bringing memories of the winning goal in the cup final but it went wide this time.

Then a Mson moment. Meyler going in dangerous on Koscielny with an outstretched leg studs showing but Mason allows the match to continue and Hull can score from the resulting movement. 1-3 after 57 minutes. When Coquelin goes in a duel of course Mason is there to give the foul.

Arsenal players clearly very aware of the danger of being kicked in hospital and being very careful. Özil with a great flick to Alexis but the keeper can stop the cross from Alexis. Again some great play between Giroud and Ramsey but the shot from the Welshman goes wide. Özil showing great skill all over the pitch.

After 67 minutes Ramsey goes off and Jack Wilshere comes on. His first real first team action after being kicked to pieces against Manchester United in November. Wilshere with a first run and being hacked down just outside the penalty area. Hull didn’t like the ref not stopping the match after a clash of heads between Koscielny and Meyler on the other side of the field. How on earth the card didn’t came out for that foul is beyond me.

Wilshere being in the middle of the action right away winning a corner after the free kick is blocked by the wall. Arsenal again in control but the finishing touch from Cazorla is too soft and Harper can stop his effort. Cazorla with a low shot but Harper can block it with his leg.

Walcott came on for Giroud with some 10 minutes to go. A great attack on the right a great shot from Bellerin a save from Harper, Wilshere with the rebound that was going in but a defender stops the effort with his arm but Mason has his hair in front of his eyes and missed. Alexis then missing the rebound. But that should have been a penalty for Arsenal. Mason living up to our preview completely.

Wilshere being pushed and again the ref sees nothing. My match reporter beginning to make fun of the ref now. But every little foul from Arsenal is seen by the ref. Just combed his hair out of his eyes I think….

4 minutes of extra time is being added by the ref. Bellerin tries to set up Walcott but his shot goes wide. Walcott and Alexis break but the Alexis tries the shot himself but drags it wide. If it wouldn’t have been for Mason we would have won with a clean sheet and with at least one more goal from the penalty. But in the end a comfortable win.




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  1. The acceptable face of the PGMO incompetence.

    Not acceptable to the fans – but obviously acceptable to Riley and his FA masters and possibly to other shadowy figures in the background.

    But, despite the PGMO incompetence it was a great team performance, a great win against a team that duffed the Dippers last week and a very valuable three points.

    Well done the team.

    And tonight, a wee dram for St Totts Day & from me no sympathy for those whinging Spuds who were posting on UA the last few days.

  2. Happy st Totts day, now top four a near mathematical certainty …….and top three….at least looking good.
    So we won the game despite the ref, excellent ref preview btw. Some of our play in the first half was art.
    Mason is a disgrace, a joke who should never officiate an Arsenal game again, but we know he will appear again, most likely away to a physical team from up north. The FA EPL and pgmol should be embarrassed a ref performance like that being beamed worldwide.
    But well done Arsene and the team, a great win against a tricky opponent….and then, the other things……

  3. The Daily Mail is claiming that:

    > … When Coquelin goes in a duel of course Mason is there to give the foul.

    was Coquelin stamping on Quinn.

  4. Gord,
    You wont believe what damn lies they are saying, yes he did stamp on his foot, but it was unintentional, and it was after Quin kept dragging him from his short all the way until Coquilen unitentionally stamped on his foot, it was a foul on Quinn and not Coquilen,the replay was so obvious.

  5. Google News is showing 10 hits for Totteringham in the last hour. Including:

    Nettavisen‎ – 30 minutes ago‎ – 26 minutes ago‎ – 23 minutes ago

    I didn’t know St. Totteringham was celebrated by Vikings.

  6. Happy St Totts day.

    Really enjoyable performance.

    Total control from minute one. They had one shot on target for one goal and that was only thanks to the PGMO apologist.

    How was that not a foul?

    We should of had two pens at least. Even without them we still played very well in the 2nd half without putting away the chances.

    Probably the most comfortable win of the season.

    I have to say listening to these guys on SKY is like listening to a broken record, and a very bad one at that.

    If we need 4 players to compete with Chelsea what the fuck does everyone else need?

    Carzorla has been one of the players of the season yet they ask, can he do it at the highest level? Are they being serious?

    Coquelin has been brilliant. Can he do it?

    Ospina has been faultless since he came in to the team and STILL they question him.

    Apparently we need 4 players. A whole new spine !!!! Hmmm, I think I heard some other fool say that the other day.

    I honestly think these people are mad.

  7. Happy St Totteringhams Day to all you spuds & Gooners. It is so sad that you spuds don’t send us cards.

    There were several fouls that were not mentioned one in particular was in the 81st minute a knee on Ozils hamstring. It will flare up in a couple of days.

    Hope the knocks are not serious. We need our players fit for the FA cup.

  8. Gord, cannot speak for Jambug, but I also started celebrating yesterday….but celebrating today as well!
    Look forward to August when the spurs fans and their aaa/ media allies come out proclaiming this could be their year! Then if they get a point ahead of us for some reason at some juncture in time, a shift in the balance of power will be announced. It is all quite hilarious.
    The reality, this summer, Spurs, Liverpool, City and Utd will decimate their squads in a rebuilding program, they will take huge losses, and with all the risks and destabilisation that rebuilding may bring. We should have a settled squad , hopefully no ECL,qualifier and so can steal a march. Of course the parkers of the bus will also have a stable, maybe enhanced squad, but I wonder if refs will be so friendly with them next season……after them making refs look like mugs this season? The boring tag is going to stick, they will hear that every game… will that get to their oversensitive manager….and skipper?

  9. Gord

    If you remember, I worked it all out, goal difference and everything, and despite us needing to lose 5 games by 3 goals, and the Spuds (I must stop being so childish 🙂 ) needing to win all theres by 3 or more, I decided it was best not to be premature, and save it until it is a mathematical certainty.

    So tonight I raise a class and say, Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeers my friend !

  10. Jambug ……………….spot on.

    Arsenal……………..absolutely stunning.

    Totally brilliant performance.

  11. To Walter, Tony, Blacksheep, bjtgooner, Menace, Mandy, yassin, apo as well as absent friends such as Boo, Al and many others……happy St.Totts day. 🙂

    A day almost as enjoyable as the other non Trophy day that we could also be celebrating today, but neither of which we should EVER take for granted.

  12. For those who say that we are not to be taken serious, don’t worry, neither do we take you serious 😉
    Today it is forbidden to moan for any Gooner! Certainly on Untold Arsenal

  13. 4th place already sealed, 3rd place is almost sure, 2nd place grat probability.
    All teams have much more money now, all tried to streghten, so most teams from top lost points, Chelsea won the league because they were both good and lucky. You need luck to win EPL. That luck was cursed when Arsenal started this season with injuries and bad decisions from many referees.
    Now Arsenal is at such level, that they don’t need luck. Today even bad referee could not stop them.
    The way Arsenal now are playing is real Wengerball, an art. So good the are.

  14. @Jambug

    Thanks for that comment & a Happy St Totts Day to all our AKBs!!

    Just hoping we have no serious injuries after that match – the PGMO balloon permitted quite a few thug fouls.

    For now, I am enjoying the moment & will soon be raising a glass for St Totts & all our loyal AKBs!!

  15. I found some Vikings celebrating St. Totteringham above. Here are some news headlines out of Chile (I do not speak or read Spanish):

    En Vivo: Hull vs. Arsenal
    Alexis Sánchez es figura y marca doblete en triunfo del Arsenal
    Alexis Sánchez anotó un doblete en victoria de Arsenal sobre Hull City
    Arsenal derrotó a Hull City con ‘doblete’ de Alexis Sánchez y mantiene lucha con el City en Premier
    Con doblete de Sánchez, Arsenal derrotó a Hull City

  16. Don’t worry Walter, no Gooners will be moaning today, many will be happy with the result and where we stand! As for the others, a proportion of them they are caught up in the near religious cult like ecstasy of a Mourinho media wankfest , they are probably talking in Portuguese tongues

  17. Arsene’s interview is up at Arsenal

    >> on how important it is to score 100 goals…

    > It first shows that we are an offensive team who likes to win going forward. The most important thing is that we feel we’ve made progress since the start of the season, and that people look at us in a different way to how they did in September.

    Which leads into the latest version of the scoring table:

    Alexis Sánchez . . 3 . 0 . 3 . 16 . 1 . 24
    Olivier Giroud . . 1 . 1 . 2 . 14 . 0 . 18
    Aaron Ramsey . . . 3 . 1 . 0 . .6 . 0 . 10
    Santiago Cazorla . 0 . 1 . 0 . .7 . 0 . .8
    Danny Welbeck . . .3 . 0 . 1 . .4 . 0 . .8
    Mesut Özil . . . . 0 . 0 . 1 . .4 . 0 . .5
    Laurent Koscielny .0 . 0 . 0 . .3 . 0 . .3
    Oxlade-Chamberlain 2 . 0 . 0 . .1 . 0 . .3
    Tomas Rosicky . . .0 . 0 . 1 . .2 . 0 . .3
    Theo Walcott . . . 0 . 0 . 1 . .2 . 0 . .3
    Hector Bellerin . .0 . 0 . 0 . .2 . 0 . .2
    Mikel Arteta . . . 1 . 0 . 0 . .0 . 0 . .1
    Calum Chambers . . 0 . 0 . 0 . .1 . 0 . .1
    Mathieu Debuchy . .0 . 0 . 0 . .1 . 0 . .1
    Mathieu Flamini . .0 . 0 . 0 . .1 . 0 . .1
    Kieran Gibbs . . . 1 . 0 . 0 . .0 . 0 . .1
    Per Mertesacker . .0 . 0 . 1 . .0 . 0 . .1
    Nacho Monreal . . .0 . 0 . 1 . .0 . 0 . .1
    Jack Wilshere . . .0 . 0 . 0 . .1 . 0 . .1

  18. Happy St Totteringham day to you Jambug & all Untolders. Looking forward to the Untold banners at the Swansea match.

  19. Menace

    I think Blacksheep is still trying to get a handle on things. Certainly I haven’t done any more work in scribus.

  20. Why do all these stupid whorenalists use “admitted” in articles?

    For example:

    > Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has admitted to Sky Sports that Alexis Sanchez has surpassed his expectations this season.

    Was Arsene Wenger trying to _hide_ this information from the press?

    It just seems to be a really stupid word to use, and it occurs a lot.

    In interviews, they try the dickens to put words into the mouth of whoever they are interviewing. How can they then turn around and use admit? It is (often) their words. I don’t think Wenger falls for this, but others do.

  21. Going through the post game news, worldwide (mostly UK).

    One headline, something to the effect of “are we ever going to get away from the Messi-Ronaldo goal scoring race?”. Hey, we can always hope to replace it with the Alexis-Giroud goal scoring race.


  22. Trivia I suppose.

    The main Arsenal page often has player twits. There is a twit up, that Theo’s twitter account got hacked.

  23. Thanks Jambug, happy St. totts day too to you and all 🙂

    That was vintage Arsenal last night. These relegation threatened sides are difficult to play against. Especially on their own turf, just ask Liverpool 🙂

  24. @Jambug
    May 4, 2015 at 10:50 pm

    Thanks friend…can tell you that I consumed a very large amount of alcohol (have a friend over from NZ) – so was a good party night. One thing is sure THEY WILL ALWAYS BE IN OUR SHADOW!!


  25. WOO HOO , HOO ! Well done guys , you have done us proud . Up the Gunners !
    A Happy St. Totteringham’s Day to all the faithful .

  26. Ho ho ho

    And a happy me day to the all of you.

    Sorry for the late appearance, but I’ve been celebrating!

    I hope to see around the same time next year, if not earlier.

    All the best

    St Totteringham

  27. That was good, I don’t know why Hull had wanted to time waste at the beginning of the match, because when this thing happens from the off, most times, Arsenal scores. Now lets just win our game in hand to make the OT match irrelevant in terms of ManU catching us. By the way, where’s Gnabry?!

  28. @Menace…
    banner will take a while yet, we have to get it designed, approved (by Untold AND Arsenal), made, paid for and installed. Hopefully it will be up for the new season )or Emirates cup maybe)

  29. Gnabry played for the U21s yesterday JohnW, no idea how he did but Andrew C might know…

  30. Loved the first half last night. Brilliant.
    Have to say also that some of Hull’s play was quite disgusting – aiming to injure our players (and completely ignored by the commentators). However the players stood up to it and Kos got his own back too. It’s nice to see the players give some back to thugs that try and bully them.
    Second half was also good but less clinical in front of goal.
    Only downside is that Giroud looks to be running out of steam. Perhaps he will be rested now for a couple of games so he is sharper for the Cup Final?

  31. Happy St. Totteringham day all Untolders!

    That was magnificent display yesterday and if anyone was wondering why Chelsea are often called boring, that is their answer. I am very proud of this team.

    A note of warning to some regulars here who moan when the team wins in a less spectacular manner: please aware that not everyday is Christmas. I hope you stay off their backs when they need to dig in deep and have to produce a less scintillating display!

    Let’s beat Swansea and next Monday and make the OT game a mere formality.

    Come on Arsenal!

  32. Very fitting I think when 1/3 of Hulls players are ex-Spuds that we celebrate St Totteringham day with them on the field 🙂

    Huddlestone; what a butcher!!

  33. @Bootoomee
    May 5, 2015 at 9:16 am

    My thoughts last night whilst watching the game; no wonder Chel$kie parked the busses…they wouldn’t have dealt with us otherwise!!

  34. It’s a fool who keeps on repeating a mistake. 🙂

    I keep on telling you all to turn down the volume on the game and put on your fav instrumental music (vocals distract from game) and watch the game, after all imagine you are at the stadium, you do not have the silly commentary.

  35. Anyway, to the game, I did not think Hull tried to damage us deliberately, except for Huddelstone, and the ref was more inept than anti-Arsenal.

    I actually think we let them score 1 goal, as the lads were catching a breather. Ospina could have saved that goal i’m sure if he didn’t have a little breather with the others 🙂 After all Brucie is very respectful to Arsene Wenger, and the 1 goal gives them a chance to stay up if they beat Burnley, AND if we demolish a team, the next time we play them it would surely be kick them kick them to bits?

    OK OK, a little far fetched, maybe. 🙂

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  37. Yes, we had St.Totteringham come up. I think there is another certainty coming up.

    QPR have 3 games left, with their next game having them visit ManCity. If they lose that game, they are relegated for sure. And don’t they have unfinished business with the FA/Championship? Isn’t it still likely that they will end up in the 1st Division for next season?

  38. Totteringham Trivia

    Since Wenger arrived at Arsenal (in the EPL), Arsenal is the only club in _ENGLAND_ who hasn’t finished below the Spuds at some point. Arsenal’s median finish since Wenger’s arrival: 3rd. Spuds median finish over same timeframe: 9th.

    A partial list of years when some of the current EPL clubs finished below the Spuds:
    Chelsea 2011/12
    ManCity 2000/01, 2003/04, 2008/09, 2009/10
    Arsenal _NEVER_
    ManU 2013/14
    Liverpool 2009/10, 2010/11, 2011/12, 2012/13

  39. Uggh. I reported medians, but not median absolute deviations. The MAD for Arsenal’s 3rd place finish is 1, and the MAD for the Spuds 9th place finish is 3.

    What’s MAD? 50% of the time, Arsenal finish within 1 place of 3rd. And 50% of the time, the Spuds finish within 3 places of 9th.

  40. @ Kenneth Widmerpool -May 5, 2015 at 1:12 pm – Brilliant encore ! More ! More !

    ..”chick, chick,chick, chicken,
    lay a little spud for me
    its happened again after Easter,
    and you’re stuck in the Europa league,
    oh chick, chick, chick chicken
    lay a little spud for me”…

    With all that bloating and much hot air being passed , chances are that the spud pass out ‘well done’ !
    Steve Perryman ? Really ?
    I’ve always think fondly of those ,” Nice one ,Cyril !” chants !

  41. it would have been a glorious scene had Mason been better than his report card showed.

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